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The Doctor is In

BY: R/Dave (C) 1999

From the time he saw his Father saved by the hands of a skillful surgeon, he wanted to enter the medical profession. His family was poor, curtailing his financial options, but his determination and ingenuity exceeded those with similar goals on his educational level, and he soon was offered several scholorships. Accepting the most lucrative, he was pivoted into a new world of challenges that became overwhelming within the first few months. His first reports reflected his disenchantment, and soon he found himself struggling to retain a minimum GPA. His name was Ben - gentle Ben his nickname because of his softspoken demeanor and delicate mannerisms. It was at this point in his life when Jane entered. She was the dominating, yet loving type, and Ben quickly succumbed to her outgoing manner. Never dating much throughout his maturity, he willingly accepted her open embraces and encouragement, not aware of the dark secret she kept hidden until he was hopelessly entranced. One night, while they were parked in her car, she tried to forcibly rape him until she uncovered his manhood. When she first gazed upon his limp member, she began laughing hysterically, and didn't stop until long after he had returned, alone, to his dorm. Something inside him broke that night, and he was changed forever.

The next few days, Ben just lay in his bed with everything including his head covered. Jane had tried to apologize on several attempts but Ben had secured all outside contacts. He felt extremely alone and unaccepted, and longed for the touch of someone who cared. He became more frustrated and withdrawn as the hours trickled by until, on the fourth day, he threw back the covers and jumped to his feet; resolved to embark on a new and different journey. First, he worked in the lab after hours and during his free time on the weekends to develop a serum that would totally relax the human muscular structure, while enhancing the neurological inputs to the brain. After several missed attempts, he was able to create a fairly simple yet potent compound, comprised of a muscle relaxer and stimulants. Although his serum had an extremely limited application, it was applauded by his peers, and he soon found his GPA rising to the head of the class along with his esteem.

The second phase would be far more difficult to develop. He wanted a serum that would temporarily enlarge a select portion of the human anatomy, increasing the size without causing permenant damage. Because of the complexity of the human circulatory system, which the serum would be required to emulate, his progress was slow and filled with disappointments. He continued his experiments relentlessly, forgetting his social committments and all other endeavors, and hid his findings from any curious onlookers. He had no social life, and barely ate enough to maintain his slight figure. It was during a marathon experiment with unlikely compounds, that he found the extract from poison ivy worked. True, the side effects needed to be minimized, but when the extract was injected into part of the human body, for example, a toe, it would virtually double in size instantly, and achieve a tremendous increase in synaptic responses. With further experimentation, he was able to synthesize the same elements, and introduce a third element that would dramatically reduce the amount of time the serum stayed active in the body; from three days to a mere 3-hours. Relieved, he was finally able to sleep soundly, filled with dreams that he soon hoped to make reality.

Sarah was his first. They met in the lab and chatted openly after which they stopped at the local pub. After the second wine cooler, she was no longer able to feel the pin prick in her thigh. The narcotic took effect in about thirty minutes, long after she began had mumbling senseless phrases of scientific jargon in the motel room, and, if his test were proven correct, she would remain lifeless, for the next several hours. Being his first real experiment, he was very careful to note the time of injection, the response time, and any side effects. Carefully, he removed the second syringe from his briefcase, and with one swift motion, plunged it deep into the meatty structure at the base of his manhood. Noting the time in his log, he returned to the bed where Sara lay, and began to remove her clothing.

She was wearing some loose fitting jeans, a white pull-over blouse, no bra, and some small cotton panties. Her sandals slipped from her feet without a problem, but removing her remaining attire became a tremendous effort. Without any muscular control, she flopped back and forth like a fish out of water as he struggled to remove her blouse. She could only mutter gutteral sounds in response, which in time, Ben found quite annoying. Finally she lay completely naked on the bed. He face was cute, and her body an average build with small breasts and almost oversized hips. Her physical condition reflected a lack of physical exercise and diet of too many hamburgers. Her nipples were much larger than he earlier envisioned, and her matted pubic hair refelected a problem in personal attention. She wasn't repulsive, yet the blemishes on her skin and the amount of unshaven hair on her legs revealed a lack of care and self-esteem. She had an unwelcomed odor as she breathed that he found quite repulsive. As he fondled her limp body, she stared at the ceiling and occasionally breathed short fast sighs. They were her orgasms; far too numerous to mention. Meanwhile, Ben struggled with his own erection, as he became repulsed by the entire scene. Finally, in one last attempt, he closed his eyes and envisioned Jane giving him head, while remarking how large he was; and that was all that was needed. When he unzipped, he paused in shock. His manhood was huge.

He tried to measure the girth and length, but the itching continued to increase so rapidly that his trembling hands couldn't hold the tape. He had synthesized the extract too completely - and was about to experience the worst three hours of his life. After 15-minutes of agony, he threw himself from the bed and onto the rug where, bucking his hips in a frenzy, he scratched his throbbing log with a never before experienced fury. Although Sara remained immobile, she could see his plight from the corner of her eyes and couldn't help but laugh at the scene being played out in front of her. Ben continued to tear at his inflamed organ; trying everything he could think of to stop the agony including a cold shower, and soaking his member in the toilet bowl. Nothing worked, until, in one last act of futility, he grabbed the needle he had used to inject Sara, dove onto the bed, and jammed it into the engorged glans. The residual compound took effect immediately, and his manhood swayed for a moment and then dropped like a rock, knocking the wind out of him.

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Over an hour passed before he was able to resume some level of stasis. His manhood had grown to a length of over two feet, and, at the peak of the serums' potency, he was almost 16-inches at his girth. His gonads had swelled to the size of softballs, and the veins on his genitals were as big around as a number two pencil. His battered member had a purplish red color throughout its length, and little bumps covered his entire abdomen. With great pains. he slowly put his underware and pants on, and without bothering to lace his shoes, he placed the rest of the periphenalia he had brought back into his briefcase and stumbled out of the hotel room. Sara's naked and motionless form remained on the bed for the next 3-hours. It was with slow and deliberate motions that she was able to don her clothing and leave with some semblance of self-respect. She never spoke to Ben again.

Ben could not be found on campus for the next two weeks, amidst the growing concern of his professors. Hidden in the laboratory, afraid others might learn of his failure, he emerged only when no one present to continue his experiments. It had been a most disappointing failure; yet he knew he was a step closer to realizing his dream. This time, his tests would be far more thorough, and his subject would be far less repulsive in bed. Preliminary concoctions were either too strong, or contained disastrous side effects - one serum was so potent, that one of the squirrels he used to test it with has amazed the scientific community to this day with the size of its tail. Another serum made a test rabbit sleep for over a month with no ill after effects. Finally, convinced that his new formula would provide the desired results, he began to attend classes, and catch-up on what he had missed. Fortunately, while had had been experimenting with his enlargement serum, he uncovered a potion that had the reverse effects, and was able to again astound his peers with a reduction cream that really worked, temporarily. Ben would never have had to work a day in his life if the discoloration side effect could have been resolved. Soon he was on the lookout for his next victim; this time she would be a cute little Asian waitress from the Sushi Bar next to the bookstore.

She was adorable, with tiny pert little breasts, the wisp of a bottom, the cutest little eyes, and an extremely limited English vocabulary. He tipped her very generously that night, and when she was walking home, his offer for a lift was willingly accepted. When the arrived at the hotel, LuLee had tried to flee, but the modified serum worked perfectly. Her legs buckled, but she retained the bulk of her motor control and was able to navigate safely into the room, and assist him as he removed her tiny outfit. She was even more beautiful without her clothes with just the briefest wisp of pubic hair, a firm, tight body, and the smallest nipples he had ever seen. Her olive complexion, the pigmentation of her skin, and the tiny squeeks of her resistence were more than he could handle, and his erection soon followed. He quickly stripped, and injecting the serum into his throbbing manhood, watching it grow to monstrous proportions in a matter of minutes. She tried to scream as he poised his member at the threshold of her virginity, then contorted her face to deal with the pain that would never come. Although his reproductive organ would have pleased a dinosaur in size, in strength it rivaled an overripe banana. Despite his best efforts, he was too limp to penetrate her. At first she maintained her gimace, but after she realized his dilemna, she lay on the bed with her chest moving to the sounds of her silent laughter. With no recourse, Ben did the best he could to conceal his mammoth erection, and left the room in complete frustration. LuLee would regain full use of her faculties within the hour, and stopped at the shrine one her way home to thank her god for her retained virginity. He would never return to the Sushi Bar; but he wouldn't need to as Jane was LuLee's relief waitress.

After two attempts and two embarrasing failures, most would have conceeded; but when desperation is factored into the equation, the entire evolution is never questioned. With renewed vigor, Ben began anew; testing and retesting, trying and failing and retrying for the better part of three weeks. Day after day and deep into the nights, he tried different compounds, and different mixtures of complex compounds in his final effort to succeed. His masculinity was on the line; and he knew the only other option was surgery that could leave him disfigured for life. Finally, after 22-days of late nights, and frustrating days, a combination of inert and active compounds was tried succesfully on three distinct occasions - all with the desired, temporary effects. The test animals were returned to the field from whence he caught them, and he was to spend an additional week observing their recovery for side-effects. It appeared as if he had finally found a succesful combination, and after finals, he would "field test" his serum.

Meanwhile, Jane had been dating a like-minded law student. He had been kind at first, but increasingly became more assertive until their final date when he tried to rape her. In anger, she had ran from his flashy sports car, only to find herself confronted by him on the road home. Fearing for her life, she submitted to his sexual assault. He was somewhat larger than most men, and bruised her genitals repeatedly, while leaving deep claw marks and severe bruises on most of her body. For two days, she didn't leave her room, and on the third day when she finally gathered up enough courage to attend her classes, she used enough makeup to satisfy a circus full of clowns. She also had time to rethink her priorities, and Ben became one. He always had been gentle and kind, and had always tried to please her. Her agression had ended that chapter of her life; but now she hoped to reopen it. One day, she followed him to the pasture outside the south dorm - his refuge when the noise and collective mayhem of the dorms became too much. He would love to study amongst the animals there; many who knew him from previous experiments. Most were willing to forgive, and whenever he rested, he always had a group of critters nearby awaiting his handouts and kind words. She approached him from behind and gently called out to him.

At first he tried to ignore her voice for fear of more humiliation, but, as always, she persisted, and he let down his guard. They talked about everything, beginning with the weather, exams, profs., meals, and finally each other, when she abruptly halted and apologized, asking him to forgive and begin anew. As they prepared to leave, he promised to seriously consider her proposal, and they returned to the campus hand in hand. Ben desperately wanted to prove his formula, and resurrect his failing ego, and the possibility of another rejection from the girl who had almost destroyed him originally was more than he could bear. He would let her down gently, he decided, yet maintain their friendship as he had always cherished her laughter and spontaniety. Jane had other ideas as the confessions of LuLee during an all night retirement party had reinforced Janes' suspicions of Bens' frustration.

With the last final, everyone broke for summer vacation. Most went home, some went on exotic vacations with their parents, and a select few remained behind. Ben and Jane remained on campus; Ben, because of his desire to further his research; and Jane because her Step-Mom had no room for a Step-Daughter in her real Fathers' life. Ben set out on his conquest early Saturday night. He went to a little known all night resturaunt on the highway, and waited for the girls who had danced the night away to appear for a final bite before heading on down the line. The next town was over 30-miles away, and many would try to sober themselves before becoming ensnared in one of the traps set up by the local highway patrol. Sure enough, at about 11 P.M. they various "dancing queens" began to appear. Some were too far gone, and others had not had enough, but by midnight he had narrowed the field to two different ladies, and finally settled on one who appeared quite shy. As he approached her, she remembered him from one of the classes they had together, although her face wasn't familiar. The shared tales of late night studies, and pre-test jitters, brought them together quickly. After a time, she accepted his gracious offer. He paid the tab for both of them, and drove her to the nearby hotel; unaware that Jane was waiting in the darkness.

Her name was Claire; it should have been clear for her eyes and skin tones. In the subdued light of the hotel room, he studied her features; a small upturned nose, small yet full lips, high cheeks, fine sandy brown hair, and the brightest blue eyes ever made. She had an average figure, but she kept herself in excellent physical condition, with all of her contours in the right places. Her eyes met his, in a beautiful gaze as the tranquilizer took effect, and she gracefully retired to the support of the bed. He took his time removing her clothes, admiring every inch of her well toned body. Her small breasts hardly sagged as she lay with her arms stretched over her hair, and her ribs were clearly visible through her clear skin. Her hips were perfectly curved leading to the longest legs he had ever seen. There wasn't a trace of fat on her anywhere, and her neatly trimmed pubic hair glistened with the dew of her arousal. He stripped quickly, and pulled out the syringe with a trembling hand; a sudden pang of doubt emerging. Quickly he dismissed the memories of past failures, and plunged the needle into his throbbing member. As he felt the warmth of the injection surge into his glans, he became aware that Donna was moving her hands toward her purse by the side of the bed. As he watched in amazement, she slowly extracted a syringe, and, with trembling hands, plunged the needle into her vulva, before she collapsed; fully succumbing to the effects of his tranquilizer.

As Ben continued to gaze at her, he saw her hips began to undulate in the unique rhythm of copulation. He became aroused and peered down as his organ continued to grow both in size and strenth. At once, he positioned himself over her beautifully reclined figure, and began to force his manhood into her. As his glans passed the flowery gate of her sexuality, he could feel how tight she was, and he rejoiced in knowing that he had finally found the right combination for his formula. As he continued to move within her, he felt the pressure of her love canal continue to increase until, while barely beyond her loving lips, he could feel the softness of her womb. He looked down to see that only his glans had fully penetrated her, while the rest of his manhood was bent in an abstract angle; a tribute to the force he was using. His back began to ache from the pressure, but as he tried to withdraw, he felt her continue to contract squeezing his glans into a ball with a small stem connecting him to the rest of his sexuality. The pain became intense as fear replaced pleasure.

Jane entered the room, as the two lovers remained locked in their dilemna. She tried to analyze what she saw but it didn't occur to her that while Ben had injected a compound to increase his size; Claire, upon seeing Bens' original manhood injected a compound she had developed to reduce her size. It had always worked for Claire before, and she couldn't comprehend why her genitals felt as if they would explode from his pressure. Meanwhile, Ben became disoriented from the pressure around his frenum; while the nerves in his glans became numb. Jane looked at his tormented organ, and saw a trickle of blood drip onto the sheet. This was serious, and with barely a moment to spare she tore the syringe from Claires' hand and jabbed it into the base of Bens' scrotum. It took several moments for the remaining serum to be injected, during which Ben collapsed onto his victim. Jane fell back in terror, afraid she had just witnessed, and in fact played a deciding role in the fate of these two young doctors.

After an eternity, she saw Ben begin to stir; the color of his face was no longer purplish red, but pale white. He slowly rolled off his victim and spied Jane; his eyes first reflected surprise to be replaced by silent gratitude. Both he and Jane let their eyes wander to his discolored manhood. It would take several weeks for him to recover, and Jane would be by his side, attending to his every need. Claire recovered more quickly, and in the future the three of them became fast friends, sharing new adventures, and often reflecting on the night they first met. Never again would Ben feel inadequate, as Claire freely shared her serum with Jane, who in return, helped Claires' breast development with Bens' serum. They all shared their new found wealth together, and can be found splashing in the surf of their own private island off the Mexican Riviera. Meanwhile, the AMA keeps the formula locked in their most secure vault, knowing the majority of the nations' female population would never walk again if the formula were ever released.

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