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Welcome to our HOT Sex Stories!

Authors - Send Me Your Sexy Stories. Please, the more sex stories this site has the better it gets.

This section will be devoted to sex stories contributed by our visitors. We invite you to submit your story to us via email and ask that the story be sent as an attachment in text format. You will be given full credit for your erotic sex story and your name will be posted under the title. The stories we are looking for are similar to those posted in the newsgroup Feel free to submit your stories at any time. We will also post photos or other illustrations if you send them in GIF or JPEG format. Hope to hear from you soon.

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sex stories

Role Playing [couple] ... 9/17/00

new Underneath [groupsex] ... 8/17/00

Alumni Cheerleaders Reunion (part 1) 7/6/00

My Sister-in-Law's Vacation 6/26/00

ice (other world sex) 6/24/00

My Neighbor Girl 6/22/00"

Summer Job - a teen teaser 06/21/00

Bath Time 6/12/00

Ice Water 6/12/00

Keith and Gina 5/30/00

By The Little Creek 5/30/00

Best Friends "group fun" 5/24/00

The Therapy Sessions "a little of everything" 5/24/00

Doggie "family friend" 5/24/00

Mowing "young man/older woman" 5/23/00

First Time "gay sex" 4/15/00

Madam Governor Blackmailed to Ball 4/05/00

Pretty Enough 3/20/00

A Horny Patient 3/15/00

My Best Friend's Mom 3/14/00

The Bench 2/18/00

The Expedition 2/18/00

Home Cumming 2/16/00

Caribbean Vacation 2/14/00

Sister-In-Law 2/14/00

Abuse Me Bad "Rough" 1/25/00

A Letter From A Girl Friend 1/20/00

Learning Life's Lessons.. 1/20/00

I Fucked My Married WAF 1/20/00

Zoe's Secret Part 1 "Young Girls" 1/17/00

Zoe's Secret Part 2 "Young Girls" 1/17/00

Sperm Bank 12/28/99

A Day by the Lake "Young" 12/27/99

Mick and Susie - Story #2 12/27/99

Mick and Susie - Story #1 11/30/99

1 True Passion 11/30/99

Domestic Wars 11/30/99

The Room Next Door (F mast, MF, MFM, FF, group) 11/30/99

Doctor Visit 11/30/99

The Fiancee 11/23/99

My Best Friend's Little Sister 11/23/99

House Sitting "male female" 11/22/99

House Sitting Part 2 "mmmm/ female" 4/3/99

New Job "male female" 11/22/99

Judy And Me "lesbian" 11/22/99

Surprised 11/18/99

The Watcher "forced" 11/18/99

Dreams 11/18/99

The Home Cumming11/18/99

The Cathloic School Girl " Young Sex"11/3/99

Andy Griffith " Young Sex"11/3/99

Teenage Neighbor " Young Sex"11/3/99

The Biz Trip " Young Sex"11/3/99

Roommates " Lesbians"11/3/99

Star Dust 11/3/99

The Prunes 11/3/99

The Solution 11/3/99

The Fountain part 2 " great sex " 10/18/99

Alone At Last " from the woman's side " 10/18/99

SPECIAL EFFECTS " rape " 10/15/99

Riding The Javelin " school sex " 10/13/99

The Abductin " captivity " 10/13/99

The Fountain " great sex " 10/11/99

The Gift " nuclear sex " 9/27/99

The Blow Job " a woman that enjoys her cum" 9/27/99

Aaron " young man older woman sex" 9/14/99

Grand Canyon Adventure " group sex" 8/16/99

Office Sex "a work place sex story" 8/16/99

The Neighbors Another swinging story 8/16/99

The Big Surprise M/M F/F True Story of Swinging.

Bisexual Beginings M/M F/F True Story of Swinging.

I Hate Camping

Ms. G. "Sex with my school teacher"

The Pirates

The Nymph

The Host

The Beach

The Formula

The Origins

The Lake

Sexual Youth

Summer holliday at sexy aunty Sue's

Helping a brother inlaw

Mom Helping Out

I Am The Widow Next Door

The Glory Hole At Summer Camp

Sex With Aunt Martha Part 1

Sex With Aunt Martha Part 2

Circle of Three

The Power

The Pool Hall Pick up

Jenny part 1 " Alien Sex"

Jenny part 2 " Alien Sex"

Jenny part 3 " Alien Sex"

Jenny part 4 " Alien Sex"

Nurses " Alien Sex"


Not The Same Old Gym Clothes

The Doctor Is In


Lost Lake

Sea Tale

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