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"A True Story 'Bout Me" - part 1 of 2

      by Anonymous

      (interr oral)

I been enjoying your site while yankin away at my fat dick, but can't find no interracial stuff, so thought you might like to hear bout my life.

I be a large, black man, and my dick is fine. I married, and has a black wife with nice fat fleshy titties, that she love me to suck a lot. Ummmmm....She weigh about 230 lbs., and I love makin her pussy drip, but I practically smothers when she wrap her fat legs round my neck so's I can lick her clit. She a great mother, and don't mind suckin my dick, but can't swallow cause it make her sick. It not easy to fornicate her 'cause she so big. Sometime I can't find her pussy hole, and she get mad. She used to let me squirts my jizzy all over her big titties, but now she don't like that no more.

About a month ago, I meets up with this sweet, tall, large chested white gal, named Maureen. Maureen and I shared a few drinks together, and she tells me she ain't never had a black man, but it always be her fantasy to at least suck a big, thick black cock. She keep lookin at my bulge, and I told her, "Lets get us a hotel room, darlin'."

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The whole time we was talkin, I can see her pointy nipples trying to poke their way through her sweater top. Nice, fine titties, and big thick nipples, just waitin to be suckled. She notice I was lookin, and tells me she a new mama, and still nursin her 1 year old boy. I says, "You gots any left over milk for me, honey?" She just squirmed a little. I swears I could smell her wet cunt juices. Her face was innocent and pretty, with a pouty mouth just perfect for suckin my fat dick, which kept on growin as we talk.

She also be wearing hot red lipsticks, which I would love her to smear all over my bulging ball sac. I keeps using my tongue and lickin my lips just to turn her on, and she gettin really hot.

Pretty soon, she agree to go to a room wif me, and we go to a near by place and gets a room. In the car, she sticks her finger up her skirt between her legs, and gets some slimy pussy juice on her finger, and sticks it under my nose to lick off. I almos shoots my big creamy load in my pant.

We gets the room, me a huge black man wif a gorgeous blond, and I know the people at the desk are watchin us and gettin horny bout it. As the elevator closed, I gave them my big toothy grin. I know they seen my hard cock trying to climb out the top of my pant.

Going up the 4 stories in the elevator, I reaches under her top, pulls out a titty, and sucks her nipple real good. She be moanin. I takes her bra off and shoves it down my pant. I also takes a second to reach up under that little skirt and gets a finger in her wet pussy. She gone crazy.

Once we gets to the room, she start undoing my pant whiles I sucking her pretty nipples, which be nice and hard for me. She one hot bitch, and she freaking out over my big blackness.

She get my pant halfway down, and push me towards the bed to lie down. After I sittin, I lifts her up, and licks her wet clit right from the front.

She stick her pinky up her ass and start moanin somethin awful. I just loves eatin sweet white pussy, and I dam good too. She cum twice, real fast like.

Meantime, my cock is out and standin on end. She just holdin onto the fat head of it, and lookin down at it. I says, "go head baby, you can lick it." She dives right down on it, and licks up and down the shaft also takin time to suck my fat balls. She makin it grow even more! Wow, she really excited and ain't never seen a black dick before. She start working her way down my big pole, and pretty soon have half of it down her sweet, tight throat. All this time, I rubbin her wet pussy around the hole, and up at the clitty too.

I tells her that pretty soon I's gonna go off, and she ask could I fucks her a little first. I said before I do any fuckin, I wants to eat her some. I stands up, and get her to slide to the edge, so her cunt is right there for me. Geeez, it soooooo wet! I kneels down, and begins just lickin in between her pussy folds so gentle. She gonna go off again, I can tells. She keep leanin up to see my big pink tongue on her pussy. I gives her 3 hot orgasms while suckin her clitty, and now she ready to fuck.

I puts her doggie stile, and sticks my fat dick in her pussy from behind. Ooooooh...her cunt is tight, and I know I don't last too long. She is workin some muscles inside that pussy, and it's makin her cunny even tighter than it is.

My cream is ready, and I can't holds back no more. I tell her to roll on her back so I can pump her pussy from the front. She so happy; she do anything. She rolls over and I climbs right on her. My dick was about 9 inches, and she was takin it all. Her titties were bouncin up and down as I pumped away at her. She started rubbin her clit, and seein that just made me spurt! It went up in her, but some oozed out. She was so turned on, layin in a puddle of black mans jizzy. I let her suck my dick a little later on, just so she could remember it well.

Now I goes home to my sexy wife, and I spent about 2 hours on just sucklin her fat titties that night, while she fingered her own clit, and had 3 good ones.

What a great day! And now I gots Maureen's number for next time. She certainly a fine enough gal.

 ...continues in True Story, part 2 - click here to continue... 

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