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"The Savage"

      by phadaybaz

      (fM reluc 1st)

Chapter 1

Maggie, 16, had come with her family to the new land of America only last month. Times were hard. The savages had turned against them and killings were frequent. The land they bought was on the far corner of the small town, a river running in the forest nearby. Being a poor family, they could not afford slaves and thus Maggie and her little brother had to do most of the chores around the new farm, from bringing water from a stream nearby which fed the river in the forest to helping their father with farming.

One day, while fetching water from the stream nearby, she heard the sound of splashing from the river. Curious, she turned around the bend but suddenly hid behind the bush when she realized that someone was bathing in the river. First she could only see a dark haired head floating on the river, then it turned towards the bank and slowly came out a body so magnificent in body and musculature that it made her hold her breath. He was nothing like any white man she had ever seen. Golden brown skin, long black hair and tall height and hairless body, except for a black thatch in the crotch. just like hers. Since she had never seen a penis before, she was very astonished to see the club of his cock, which was now erect and very hard...fat, with two big globes hanging under it. In her naivete she saw the penis as something which characterized the savage as the reason why everyone thought of them as different... for she was sure of the fact that man standing in front of her was indeed a savage...the heathens who were murdering everyone they saw.

The man reached the bank of the river and looked down at his erect cock and smiled ruefully at it. Then he gently, delicately took it in the palm of his hand and stroked it slowly. Then he walked towards the small cloth on the bank and picked it up. He then began to walk into the forest, making her realize that she was trapped and would be found out if she took even a single breath, much less move. But the man passed by her and sat down behind the bush right beside hers, sat on the ground with his back to a tree and sighed gently. As she watched, fascinated, he opened his thighs wide and slowly began to stoke his erection back to full glory. She watched, mesmerized, as a drop of white gel came out of the head of the cock and watched him lick it from the finger which he brought to his mouth. Then, as she watched, he licked his palm until it was wet and then slowly began to massage the head of his cock, then going down towards the stem, his hand beginning to pump up and down as he closed his eyes and his breathing slowly got hard, as if he had been running. She watched his balls beginning to tighten in the scrotum as he continued to mate with the wind. Soon his breathing became harsh, his hand flying over his cock, until he moaned hard, his face all screwed up. Then suddenly, white cum began to erupt from his cock, up in the air it went, one big fat globule after another, one landing on a leaf of the bush behind which she was hiding. Slowly she plucked the leaf while he was recuperating and smelled the white gel.

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Not satisfied, she hesitantly tasted a little bit of the cum, finding it sweet and salty at the same time, not at all bad. She looked at his penis to find it quite smaller than before, but suddenly felt a pair of eyes on her and looked up to find the savage staring at her. Reflexively she jumped up from behind the bush and blindly began to run towards the farm; fear of death at the hands of the savage uppermost in her mind. What she didn't know was that she had been followed and watched as she entered the house by narrow, angry eyes.

Chapter 2

That night, she was severely scolded for losing the water pitcher, but she dared not explain the reason why it had happened. That night, when she gone to sleep, thinking of the majestic man she had seen, a shadow appeared at the window, a silhouette of a man as he stared into each room through the windows until he found hers. Silently he opened the window and climbed into the room to se the nubile young Maggie asleep on her bed. The long black tresses spread on the pillow, the fair complexion aglow in the moonlight, the sparking blue eyes hidden, but clearly remembered. He silently took out a large white crystal from his bag and held it under her nose. Soon, her breathing quitened and she sighed. He took a blanket draped across a chair and wrapped her in it. Then he hoisted her up on his shoulder and exited via the window, their shadow soon swallowed by the blackness of the forest. He walked through the forest, crossing the river and trees until he came upon a cave in a small hill arising in the middle of the forest. He laid her down on the floor, collected wood and built a fire, lighting up the whole cave from inside. Then he uncovered her, spreading the blanket on the floor, and then transferring her onto it. He silently opened up the front of her dress, revealing a beautiful pair of breasts.

He slowly pulled the dress off to reveal a slim body with curves in the right places, fair, with a dark bush between her thighs. He slowly licked his middle finger and slipped it between the pubic hair to touch the closed mons of her vagina. He slowly entered the lips with the finger and felt the tightness inside her, until he found the maiden-head still intact. Excited, he slowly pulled his finger out, noticing his erection so hard that it was holding the loincloth up like a tent. He then took out a berry from the cloth bag and, opening her mouth, squeezed the berry until its juice went inside. He then sat astride her stomach and removed his loincloth to reveal his pulsing cock. He then took a breast in each hand and slowly began to massage them, rubbing the nipples with his thumbs.

Maggie moaned and slowly opened her eyes to see the handsome face of the same savage she had spied on earlier that day. When she realized the dilemma she was in, she gave a horrified gasp and tried to free herself, but to no avail, as she was trapped under him and her wrists were in his tight grip. He waited until she realized the futility of her struggle, then surprised her with his perfect English as he said,

"Fighting me is useless. You can't leave this cave until I let you. You saw me in a very personal act and your intrusion was not welcomed. Now, you have no choice but to let this run its course. I have no other option but to take you, for if I do not, I shall never be able to face myself, the humiliation of not being able to control who sees me against my wishes will make me lose all the pride I have in my masculinity. If you cooperate, I shall take you back before dawn and no one shall know about it. Do you understand?"



Maggie stared at him for a while and then asked, "Take me?"

He smiled at her and said,"It will hurt only hurt a little, as the first time always does, but you will enjoy it. My pride demands that the woman I take shall enjoy herself as much as I shall enjoy."

When she remained silent, the fear giving way to uncertainty, he let go of her wrists, but she did not take advantage of it. He pulled out two red leaves out of the bag and asked her to chew them. When she refused, he asked,

"Do you want to have my child?"

"No, never", she gasped, horrified.

He nodded, "Then eat these leaves, and you shall not have to worry about bearing a child from this union."

Silently she took the rolled up leaves from his hand and chewed it. Acrid taste filled her mouth, but the warning look in his eyes made her swallow the bitter leaves. Although she was still afraid of the savage, she promised herself she would not show her fear. What will he do to me? She worried. As he smiled at her when she swallowed the leaves, she belatedly realized that it could have been poison she just swallowed and was a fool to have trusted a savage. He meant to kill her! But he saw the sudden panic in her eyes and reading her mind, said, "Don't fear me, you won't die. Relax and enjoy."

He slid down from her abdomen, and opened up her thighs. As she watched, he slowly bent his head until it was buried in her crotch. Before she could voice any protest, she felt the tip of his tongue on the lips of her cunt, making her jolt, but then another wave of sensation crashed into her as the tongue went in deeper, and yet another as the tongue began to flick her insides, teasing her clitoris. Then there was no stopping of the waves as her clit was sucked on for the first time. He felt her mons puff up and her juices began to come out, clinging to her pubic hair like little diamonds. He sat up and edged towards her, between her thighs. He took the club of his erect cock in his hand and began to rub it over her vaginal lips. She saw the huge cock teasing her cunt. She wonderingly touched it and then looked up when he gasped. He stood up on his knees and held her thighs as wide as he could and touched the tip of his cock to her cunt. When she realized what he was about to do, she began to pull away, afraid that she would never be able to open up enough to let the nine inch cock inside her.

Sensing her reluctance but too far gone to pull back, her took hold of her shoulders in a firm grip and gave a slight thrust to his hard bunched buttocks. She gazed down wonderingly as half of his cock was inch by inch swallowed up by her cunt, feeling her cunt open up and stretch, and then closing around the intruding column of flesh tightly. She stared up, amazed, to find him staring at her intently. Then he slowly began to chant something indecipherable under his breath. Suddenly, he gave a hard push to his penis, sending it crashing through her maiden-head, tearing it open to let the huge cock in, a trickle of blood pouring around the cock. She gave an involuntary shout at the sudden pain that lashed through her, then moaned anew when she looked down to find the huge cock fully buried inside her. He let go of her shoulder, still maintaining eye contact, and grabbed her buttocks, settling into her more deeply, while she clutched at his buttocks with her thighs. Slowly he pulled out half of his cock to slam it back all the way in. He repeated this maneuver again and again, while she could feel the whole length of his cock touching places inside her that had never been touched before. Gradually his movements gained momentum, losing control when he realized she was chanting "Harder, harder..." in his ear. The feel of the slippery walls of her cunt spasming around his cock made him lose control, his thrusts turning into bone-breaking slams, until, with a shout, he began to reach his orgasm, his semen sprouting out of his cock in a great big flood, splashing on the walls of her cunt, filling her up to the brim, until it began to flow out of her, mixing with the few drops of blood running down the crack of her ass.

It was just before twilight when she silently entered her room through a window. Silently she laid down on her bed. Then, she silently picked up the hem of her skirt and moved it around her stomach. She quietly touched her cunt to find it still puffed up, a bit sore, and still very wet with her juices and his cum. Being fucked thrice in one night was one of the best thing that had happened to her in her life. She couldn't wait till the next time he came after her, as he had promised. Something struck her mind that made her giggle; she didn't even know the name of the man who had just shown her heaven!

- The End -

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