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"The Hostage" Chapter 8 of 8

      by Maddog

      (M+/FF interr oral anal)

During the commotion, Raymond Biggs made a move. He scanned the room and noted a woman's purse in the corner. He guessed it belonged to the white woman. He quietly moved himself into that corner and snatched the purse when he thought no one was looking. He reached inside and found a wallet which he slipped into his pocket.

He drifted into an empty room where he quickly examined the wallet closely looking for ID. Sure enough, he found an some credit cards and an employee ID showing her name 'Jill Roth.' This was the proof he needed to show Deeno, Geech and Bird was indeed the bank robbers and possibly kidnappers.

Raymond moved back into the living room to rejoin the crowd. What he saw made him laugh out loud. Bert Jones brought one of the few girls with him to the party. It was his main girl Ernistine (together they were known in the neighborhood as 'Bert and Ernie'). It was well known that Ernie was AC/DC. She loved woman as much as she liked men. She was just as eager to check out the new white meat as much as any man in the room.

Bert had replaced Joe behind Jill and was giving her the thorough fucking Joe had failed to really do. Ernie was sitting in front of Jill on top of the back of the couch with her feet on the couch cushions. Her skirt was hicked up and her big black twat was fully exposed. Bert was holding Jill's face tight between her legs forcing her to use her lips and tongue on her hot pussy. Jill had never had sex with another woman before, but she didn't seem to be complaining about it.

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Jill was completely naked now except for the blindfold that no one seemed to want to bother with. With the each firm and steady thrust by Bert's cock, Jill's face would be forced rhythmically into Ernie's pussy.

All eyes in the room were glued to the freaky threesome. Raymond took advantage to quietly try to sneak out of the apartment. He wanted to call into the local precinct as soon as possible to report his findings.

He had the door open when he heard a voice close by obviously talking to him saying "Where you going man?"

Raymond turned and saw Geech turning to him and smiling. Geech added, "Don't you want to take a crack at this bitch?"

Thinking quickly, Raymond said, "Oh sure man, I just wanted to get a little air. You know, it's getting stuffy in here."

Geech sniffed the air and said, "Yeah, maybe it is. Don't bother me though. Why don't you go in there and get you some, then be on your way. If you gotta go, you should at least get something for your $20.00."

Raymond thought for a minute. He had to admit, Jill was hot. This did give him a good excuse to lay one into her. If it came up later he took part himself in the gangbang, he had a good excuse. He could say he had to, because he was undercover. Besides, she's blindfolded and has no idea who is fucking her.

Raymond nodded to Geech. "I guess you're right man," he said, "Don't mind if I do take a piece."

He was watching Bert and Ernie's action and they seemed to be building to a crescendo. Ernie was holding Jill's face hard into her crotch. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was open and she was breathing heavily.

Bert was pounding Jill's fuck hole pretty hard. His face was covered with sweat and you could tell he was nearing a climax.

The three bodies seemed to hit it together. Bert gave one mighty last slam into Jill's hole and he started shooting into her red hot womb. This caused Jill to get off as well. Her mouth was very busy in Ernie's sloppy twat, but you could clearly hear her trying to shout "Mmm mmm mmm mmm mmm" which was somewhat muffled. Her body vibrated with the orgasim.

The vibrations from Jill's vocalizing into Ernie's cunt was enough to put her over the top. Ernie's body began to quiver along with Jill and Berts.

After another 30 seconds, Bert pulled his now flaccid cock out of Jill's dripping hole. Raymond, eager to get out of there decided he had to make a quick move.

As soon as Bert stepped away, he pushed past the crowd. He grabbed the dog leash around Jill's neck and pulled her face away from Ernie. Then he pushed her on the couch onto her back (He guessed she was ready for a change of position). Two guys sitting on the couch had to move quickly to avoid Jill crashing down on them.

Raymond dropped her pants and pulled out his nearly fully erect cock. Raymond was 8 inches at full erection and a full 1 1/2 inches in diameter. He got very few complaints about his cock.

He quickly spread Jill's legs wide apart and buried himself in her right up to his balls into the blindfolded woman's sex hole. Jill gasped at the prompt and firm sexual attention she was getting.

Raymond pumped her fast and hard. Within a few strokes, Raymond's cock reached it full length and hardness. He was in a hurry, but he had to make it look good.



He banged Jill's hole steady for nearly 4 minutes. He could tell Jill was enjoying it because he see the look for pure sexual joy on her face, even if he couldn't see her eyes.

He really had to love the look of extacy on her face and, in his lust made a quick decision. He felt his cock starting to throb and knew he was about to cum. He pulled his throbbing dick out of her hole and moved it upwards on her body. He began to shoot his creamy wads of spunk, and the first volley landed right on her sweet tits. He kept quickly moving up her body and unloaded the rest of himself on her face.

Jill loved the feeling of the hot sticky liquid on her body. Her hands automatically went to her titties and vigorously rubbed in Raymonds baby batter into her soft flesh. She then moved her hands to her face and began pushing the white liquid into her mouth, licking and sucking her fingers, trying to get every drop.

Raymond yanked his pants up and secured them. He quickly stepped away knowing someone would promptly be taking his place. He was then able to casually step toward the door and slip out of the apartment. Once he was away from the crowd, he realized the local precinct was only a few blocks away so he walked there to file his report.

Meanwhile, back at the party, things were moving along nicely. Loud rap music was blaring from the stereo. People were enjoying crystal jade (that they could purchase from Bird) along with other drugs as well as some warm inexpensive champagn that Geech provided for the festivities. There was a lot of laughing and dance, and, of course, quite a bit of fucking.

Ernie, plus another female party attendee had joined in the orgy. Both women was completly naked and taking on all comers. Even though both woman were getting action, they were still secondary to the main event which was Jill. Most of the guys in the room was saving themselves for a crack at this crazy white nympho.

Jill was still on the couch and wearing nothing but her blindfold and the dog collar and leash. Men were handily using the leash to pull her around into any position they wished. He was taking in cocks two at a time. One in her mouth and one in her cunt or her ass.

As soon as one man on either end shot his wad, he would step away and quickly be replaced by another. Jill was cumming almost constantly. She was completely out of her mind with sexual lust. Whenever her mouth was free (momentarily) she would shout out "FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME!" and when she did, there would be a loud cheer in the room.

This went on for what seemed like hours. Jill had no sense of time. Only hot sexual blind lust.

Around midnight, Raymond Biggs' report was acted on. A team of 20 policemen converged on the apartment and kicked in the door. They didn't need a warrant because the building was condemned, and the people inside were squatters.

"Police! Everyone Freeze!" shouted a burly police sargent. Ten uniformed cops tumbled into the room, almost at once with their guns drawn.

Much to her dismay, the two men fucking Jill pulled out right away. (after all, few things make your dick go limp like someone shouting 'Police')

A few people jumped out of windows, but most of the people in the room stopped what they were doing and froze, not wanting to provoke the police to do anything too drastic.

One officer stepped over to Jill and tapped her shoulder (she was still blindfolded and could not see) "Are you Jill Roth?" He asked? Her mind was numb from the sex and the drugs. The police officer kept tapping "Miss, are you Jill Roth?"

The tapping continued, but oddly, the officer said "Miss, you're next, Miss, you're next." and this continued for a moment. Jill began to get her bearings a little. She reached up and removed her blindfold and turned to look at the person tapping her shoulder.

The man tapping was a black man in a police uniform. His name tag said 'Raymond Biggs.' "Miss, he said, the tellers waiting. You're next. It's your turn."

"Thanks" Jill murmured to him. Jill turned her head back and realized she was in fact next in line. She glanced up at the clock and noted it was 3:01. She stepped up to complete her daily banking transaction.

As she walked out of the bank, she noted 3 black men in maintenance uniforms working on the a window in a corner near the door. The small fellow's name was sewn into his uniform shirt. It said 'Deeno'. The older one's shirt said 'Geech'. She couldn't see the shirt on the tall one, but noted a tatoo on his arm that indicated he must have been in the navy. It was the naval emblem with an anchor and some rope emblazoned with a large bird.

As Jill was walking out of the building all three were 'checking her out' as they do with most decent looking woman. Deeno looked at Geech and shrugged his shoulders as if to ask "What do you think about her?"

Geech responded by shrugging back as if to say "I dunno." The three men got back to work.

- The End -

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