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"The Hostage" Chapter 7 of 8

      by Maddog

      (M+/F interr oral anal)

Deeno went to the door and opened it. "Ray Ray!" He said as Raymond Biggs entered the room. He shook Deeno's hand while simultaneously handing him his $20.00 cover charge.

"So" said Raymond, directing his attention to the couch and Jill, "This has got to be the hot white super bitch everyone is talking about."

Bird gave a yank on the leash attached to Jill's collar and she quickly stood up and moved in Raymonds direction.

"Mmmm Mmmm" said Raymond. "If she's half as hot as she looks, I'm going to get my money's worth tonight! What's her name." He asked this hoping they would tell him she was Jill Roth. She did seem to fit her description. Size, hair color etc.

"We call her Jade" answered Bird.

"Ha ha" laughed Raymond "That can't be her real name, is it?"

"Naw" answered Deeno, "That's just what we call her. Seems she has a particular liking to crystal jade." now directing himself to Jill he added, "Don't you Jade?"

Jill grinned sheepishly and nodded to the affirmative.

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"She really is cock crazy" said Deeno. Now turning back to Jill he said, "Jade baby, you want to fuck my boy Ray Ray?"

Jill grinned broader and nodded a bit more vigorously.

"You're the first one here man" Deeno said to Raymond. "You can have the first crack at her."

"Mmmmm sounds good" answered Raymond "But I want to hang out a little first. Let things get warmed up." Even though he was really there undercover on police business, he wasn't against taking a crack at this horny white bitch, but, he wanted to take things in first. Maybe find some ID with her name. He could tell her mind was completely toasted. He wasn't too sure if talking to her would yield much information just now.

"Suit yourself" said Deeno. Raymond took a seat on the couch near Jill. Just then, there was anther knock on the door and more guests arrived.

Within a half hour about 30 men had entered the apartment. "Not bad" thought Deeno, "$500.00 and the night is still young." A couple of guys brought women with them. As usual in a party like this, the women were allowed entrace for free. Usually female attendees add to party like these and are always welcome.

Jill stood near the door next to Deeno who was now holding her leash. She was introduced to each person entering. Some of the men smiled and nodded to her. Some reached out and touched her somehow. Touching her arm or the flesh of her stomach or reaching into her jacket and tweaking a nip. One fellow kissed her hand.

She regarded each attendee the same. She was so stoned all she could do was smile sheepishly and nod. She could barely wait to get some of their cocks in her. This was a point Deeno brought up to each attendee and made her giggle a little bit each time.

When the door seemed to stop knocking with new guests, Deeno moved to the middle of the room with Jill in tow. He held up his hands to indicate he wanted to say something and ask for people to pay attention his way.

"Thank you brothers and sisters for coming tonight. We are happy you could come out to meet Jade." The group clapped and cheered their approval. "To get the party rolling, we're going to play a game I call 'Pin the Tail on the Honkey.'" The group laughed at Deeno's play on words.

Deeno pulled a blindfold from his pocket. "The rules are simple. First, I put this blindfold on this Honkey. Spin her around and let her reach around the room. The first person she touches gets to pin his dick in her tail, or her twat or her mouth." The crowd gave a big cheer when they heard the rules. Jill clapped and cheered too.

Deeno blindfolded Jill and spun her around. "OK Jade, Go!" he said.

Jill picked up her hands and began carfully began walking forward. Men in the room rushed to get in front of her. Within just a couple of seconds her fingertips brushed against a large muscualar arm. It belonged to very large man named Isaac.

Isaac was about 6 foot 4 and very muscular. When he got work, it was as a brick layer. He reached down behinds Jill (who was about 1/3 his size by weight) and pulled up her skirt. "I gotta pin that little booty?" asked Isaac.

Bird answered him "Don't worry man, she can handle it. I had some of that yesterday. Bend her over the couch and have at it!"

Isaac lifted Jill up off the floor. Two guys got off the couch to make room for him while he placed Jill bent over on the couch. She was still wearing the blindfold which she or anyone else seemed to bother removing. The thought of being fucked blind was turning her on even more than she already was.



He could hear a fly unzipping behind her. She couldn't help smiling and giggling like a school girl in anticipation of what she knew was finally coming.

Isaac's cock wasn't fully erect yet. He deceided to he wanted a little tonsil action before he would begin to 'pin her tail' in the spirit of the game.

He didn't have to give Jill much instruction. He pushed it cock into her face and Jill took the cue. She turned her head in his direction, opened her mouth wide and took Isaac's tool into her mouth.

Isaac's cock was big like the rest of him. At half mast, it was about 7 inches long and 2 inches in diameter. Jill had to open wide to get it in. She used a lot of salavia and her tongue and gave Isaac some decent head.

Within a few minutes, he was at his full 9 inches and rock hard. He pulled himself away from Jill face, which showed some disappointment. He moved himself to Jill's hind quarter and aimed his rocket right at her poop shoot. He put his massive hands on either side of her waist. She had lost her jacket, but was still wearing the skirt but it was well hicked up.

The room was actually hushed with all eyes on the sex act that was about to happen. Jill looked very tiny next to Isaac. None of the party attendees, including Isaac, was sure Jill wouldn't be split in half.

No one noted the look on Jill's face which had a big smile. She couldn't wait to get this man inside her, in any hole he wished.

Isaac's dick was pretty moist from the blow job he just received. He began pushing himself inside. It took a bit of effort to open her up, but, with just a few seconds, Isaac had the head of his cock inside her.

Those sitting closest to Jill heard her let out a soft grunt.

Slowly Isaac pushed himself inside her. He went in just a few inches then slowly pulled back out leaving just the head in. Again he pushed himself in, this time an inch or two deeper. He pulled out again. A third time Isaac pushed himself in, this time nearly to the hilt. "Shit, this bitch is tight!" mumbled Isaac.

He pulled out a bit more quickly and pushed back in, now fairly quickly, this time all the way. Jill let out a loud moan, much to the fascination of everyone in the room.

Now Isaac was starting to fuck in a regular rythem, picking up speed as he went. This went on for several minutes until Isaac was reaching his boiling point. Finally, he slammed himself in fast and hard one last time and began to shoot into her bowels. Jill, still blindfolded, let out a loud "Oh oh oh oh ohhhh!" and sex juice started dripping down her thigh from her pussy.

After a minute, Isaac pulled his now completely flaccid penis out of Jill's soaking wet ass. Jill stayed in her position on all fours on the couch, still blindfolded with a thin layer a sweat covering her, making her body glisten. A huge smile was on her face. Her hips were swaying slightly just waiting for her next lover to step up.

"Three holes, no waiting gentlemen" said Deeno. "C'mon fellows, who's ready for some of this." With that, Deeno have Jill's upturned ass a loud 'smack' with his hand.

A small man named Joe quickly fell in behind Jill. His cock was rock hard from watching the display performed by Isaac. He quickly dropped his pants, pulled out his completely stiff 7 inch pecker and buried himself into Jill's soaking wet cunt.

Joe didn't last long. He quickly rammed himself in and out of Jill's soaking wet pussy for about 30 seconds before shooting his hot spunk into her hungry hole.

The room burst into laughter at Joes unusually quick performance. Joe responded by raising the middle finger on both hands and holding them up in the air for all to see. "Next" was all he could say.

 ...concludes in Chapter Eight - click here to continue... 

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