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"The Hostage" Chapter 6 of 8

      by Maddog

      (intro2 no sex reluc drug bd)

Detective Junior Grade Raymond Biggs has been on the force for 14 years. The first 9 as a beat cop until he received his detective badge. He sort of led a double life. He lived uptown in a pretty depressed neighborhood.

At home, none of his neighbors ever thought about what he might be doing for a living because it was so rare for anyone to actually have a real job. It was just assumed he was making his living off the street or collecting from the government or both. Raymond preferred it that way because it gave him the opportunity to hear about criminal activity that may be occurring, he would not otherwise have privy too. Among his neighbors, he was known simply as Ray Ray.

He had heard about the bank robbery that occurred the day before. He saw the article in the paper and there was a little talk around his precinct. The only description of the 3 robbers was 1 tall, 1 short and 1 a little heavy with a heavy gut. Not much to go on, but, for a fleeting moment it occurred to him this fit 3 of his neighbors, Deeno, Geech and Bird. He shrugged it off because the connection was so thin, he didn't give it much thought, at least not at first.

Ray heard from some of the boys on the street Deeno, Geech and Bird were having a 'Party' that night and it cost $20.00. It was common to throw this kind of party when someone got a new girl to put on the street. This was kind of like a debutante ball, where new girls were presented to the community. Anyone could attend and get a crack at the new girl by paying a fee. Usually it cost around $10.00 to go, but the word was, this one was $20.00.

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The boys that told Ray about the party told him they heard a wild story about this white bitch who made it with Calvin's dog Jake. She was supposed to be some kind of white mega-nympho. That's why the fee was double the usual one.

This triggered a thought in Rays head. He recalled the bank robbers took a white woman hostage. He checked the reports and got the name, Jill Roth, and a description. He decided to attend this particular party. If he can ID this girl as Jill Roth, he will have found the robbers. He wouldn't make the arrest himself. He was going in alone, and didn't want to take any chances. He also wanted to protect his identity as a cop. At worst, he might have a little fun with a horny white bitch on the city's dime.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"What time is it?" asked Jill Roth.

"None of your business bitch," answered Deeno. Still the thought was planted in his head, so, more out of reflex than anything else, Deeno looked at his wristwatch. Nearly 8 o'clock. "Just a couple hours before the party begins," thought Deeno to himself.

Bird walked into the room and looked at Jill. She was sitting on the couch where she had been so wildly screwed the night before. She was wearing the white blouse from suit had been wearing the day before when they 'acquired' her. Bird noted, she wasn't wearing anything else. Jill was pulling the blouse down as far as she could to cover herself below the waist.

"What she gonna wear?" asked Bird to Deeno.

"Hmmm," responded Deeno. "Good questions. Hadn't thought about it. Can you call Gina or Tracy and borrow something?"

"For this?" said Bird. "Ask to borrow clothes so we can have a party with a white bitch? Not too likely."

"Let's look around to see what we got." said Deeno.

All they could really find was the gray suit Jill was wearing when they brought her in. "Maybe we can do something with this." Said Bird. Deeno shrugged his shoulders and nodded in response. They brought the gray jacket and skirt over to Jill and Bird said to her, "Get naked bitch" indicating he wanted her to remove her blouse.

Deeno and Bird stood in front of her with stern faces which indicated wordlessly she had better listen to them or suffer some painful consequence. Jill responded by returning the look with a sneer of her own, but still wordlessly unbuttoned her blouse. In a moment she was completely naked.

When she sat in front of the men completely nude, they threw her gray skirt and jacket at her and Deeno said, "Put this on." After she had on the garments, both men stared at her thoughtfully. Bird looked at Deeno and shook his head indicating displeasure with the result.

Deeno was still thinking and had a couple of thoughts that might improve the presentation. "Come here bitch." Jill stepped in front of Deeno. "Unbutton the jacket." This was a little better. The jacket covered her tities, but, it left a nice revealing white fleshy line from her neck to her waistline. "Better" said Deeno. "Keep it apart, show a little skin." he ordered.

Now Deeno grabbed her skirt waist line and pulled it up from her waist to just under here tits. The hemline moved from just above her knee, to just below her pussy.

"Don't touch me!" Jill shouted to Deeno.

Deeno laughted in response. "Oh come on darlin'. After all we've been to each other last night. You, me, Geech, Bird, Calvin, and Calvin's dog Jake. I thought we really had something special." Deeno said sarcastically.

Jill turned bright red. "It was that damn drug you made me take. You bastards!" she responded. Jill had woken up from her sex crazed drug induced stupor a few hours ago. First she felt really disoriented when she woke up. She was naked and limbs were lewdly splayed out on a strange couch. She quickly recalled she was being held hostage by some bank robbers. Then, more slowly most of the details of the previous evening came back to her.



"You bastards" Jill said again, a little more weakly. Consciencely Jill was giving in to these men because she didn't want them to hurt her. Deep inside her mind, she was surrendering to these men because the she had gotten the most intensive sex she had ever had the night before. Much more than her wildest imagination. Whether she would admit it or not, her real fear was that she may not get any more sex.

Deeno continued adjusting Jill's outfit. He rolled the waist of the skirt into the inside, bringing it back to her waist and maintaining the newly shorted length. Jill stood still and allowed the adjustments to take place.

"Not too bad." said Bird. "I guess it will have to do."

"Do for what?" asked Jill.

"Shut up bitch." said Deeno. Jill did not yet know that in around 2 hours there would be a number of people, mostly men, who where very interested in meeting her (paying $20.00 a head for the privilege).

Bird got an idea to spruce out the outfit just a little. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a long switch blade and flipped it open with a loud snap. "Come here bitch." he said.

"What's that f...." Jill started to say.

Before she could finish, Bird just raised his voice and spoke over her. "Shutup and come here bitch!" He was just a couple of feet away so she took one step and was standing directly in from of Bird.

He reached down and grabbed the hem of the skirt. He used his knife and cut a slit directly up the middle all the way up to the newly established waist line.

"Nice touch" commented Deeno. Just then, Geech walked into the room. Now directing himself as Geech Deeno told Geech "Look, we dressed her for the party."

Geech looked her over for a minute thoughtfully and said. "I guess I'd fuck her."

"What do you mean by th..." Jill began to asks Geech.

Deeno shouted this time over Jill. "Shut up bitch. You just speak when you're spoken too."

Jill closed her mouth but sneered back at Deeno.

"Well" said Bird, "Things should be starting in about an hour." It was now 9 O'clock. "Maybe we should get her ready."

"I guess. Bird, get the jade." instructed Deeno.

"NO!" shouted Jill. "I'm not taking any more of that damn drug!"

"Shit you're uppity." Said Geech to Jill. "Do you want these boys to smack you around or what? We'll decide what you are going to do or not going to do. You're wasting you time worrying about it."

Jill hated it, but she knew Geech was right.

Bird poured some crystal jade on the coffee table. He then unwraped a straw he had gotten at a fast food restaurant. "Ready" he said.

Deeno grabbed her right arm and dragged her over to the table then forced her down to her knees in front of the table. Bird handed her the straw. "Toot some bitch" ordered Deeno.

Jill put one end of the straw in her nose and pushed the other end into the greenish powder. She moved the end of the straw noiselessly around in the powder.

"Don't fake it bitch, do you think we are stupid." said Deeno.

"You really want me to answer that?" asked Jill retorically.

Very sternly Deeno said "Just snort some bitch. Stop fooling around."

Jill gently inhaled some of the drug. After a few moments of sniffing Bird took one of his massive hands and held them firmly over her nose and mouth.

"What are you doing" asked Geech.

"Stuff works better if you hold it in your lungs half a minute or so" explained Bird. Geech nodded his understanding.

After half a minute Bird removed his hand. "Take another hit" ordered Deeno. Jill did as ordered and Bird held her face once again. They then repeated the process a third time.

"That ought to do it." advised Bird. Deeno again grabbed Jill's arm again and picked her up off the floor and pushed her down on the couch.

Jill was feeling the effect of the drug. It was slowly emptying her mind of any conscience control and replacing it with nothing but emotion and lustful instinct. At first, it was a rather unpleasant feeling as her control ebbed away. Then, after about a half hour, as her instinct took over, thoughts of unpleasantness left her and she was simply horny.

Deeno found Jill's purse and found her makeup inside. He sat next to her on the couch and did his best to make up her face. Deeno was my no means a makeup artist, so she ended up looking a bit like a cupie doll.

"What do you think?" Deeno asked Bird referring to his handiwork.

Bird looked at her thoughtfully. "Hey" he said, "I've got an idea, I'll be right back." With that he quickly left the apartment.

Bird returned a few minutes later and was holding a couple of items. "I borrowed these from Calvin and Jake." he told Deeno. He showed Deeno what he was holding. It was a leather dog collar and a canvas leash.

Deeno smiled and nodded. "Nice touch" he told his friend. Bird leaned over Jill and put the collar around her neck. Then he attached the leash. He stepped away holding the end of the leash.

"Well, I guess we're ready. Folks should start showing up any minute now." said Deeno. "Bird, flip on some music." Bird flipped a switch on a large portable stereo. Loud rap music came blaring into the room.

Geech winced when he heard the music. "You know, other than 'bitch', what we calling this bitch anyway?" asked Geech. "We can't just tell the boys her name is 'bitch', can we?"

"Look in her pocket book Deeno" advised Bird. "Her name must be in there somewhere."

Deeno began to check the purse, but changed his mind. "Naw, we'll just call her Jade 'cause she's such a crystal jade freak."

Bird thought about it for a second, then nodded his head in agreement.

"You like your new name Jade?" Deeno asked Jill. She just smiled sheepishly and nodded. She was too far gone from the drug to care about too much. She would have been just as happy if they just continued calling her 'bitch'. Just then, there was a knock on the door.

 ...continues in Chapter Seven - click here to continue... 

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