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"The Hostage" Chapter 5 of 8

      by Maddog

      (MF interr oral F/dog)

Geech slid off the couch, leaving Jill in her position with Jake's nose still shoved up her twat. Jill lay her head down on the couch now for the first time concentrating totally on the action down below. She closed her eyes and moaned out loud from the deep canine tonge fuck she was receiving. It didn't even occure to her 4 men were in the room watching the action, nor would she care if she did know.

The couch didn't stay empty for long. Without saying a word or seeking permission from anyone in the room Calvin deceided to make a move. He was really turned on from the sight of this hot white bitch sucking Geech's thick black cock and getting tonge fucked by his dog at the same time. He took Geech's spot on the couch and quickly unzipped his pants and took out his dick.

It was smaller than Geech's. Maybe only half as think and about 7 inches, already at full erection. He waived it in Jill's face and pulled her head onto it. Jill didn't have to be told what to do. She opened her mouth and took the whole thing in, all the way to the base. After sucking Geech's monster, this one was much easier to do.

She learned how to use her tongue between her teeth and the cock and how to relax her throat to take it all in. She also used her hands to rub his balls and the base.

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After taking 4 of 5 long strokes all the way in and out again, she glanced up for a moment and made eye contact with Calvin. She could see the lust in his eyes and he saw the warm glint of love in hers. Not love for him, but love of his cock being pushed into her body as well as the need for the positive response she was getting from his obvious enjoyment of her sucking.

Calvin took a peek over at Jake to see how he was doing. He was still lapping happily with his tonge and snout deep inside Jill's pussy. Calvin noticed Jake's dog cock was fully extended out of it's sheath. It was about 8 or 9 inches long and very narrow. It was like a small spear, thicker at the base, very narrow at the tip, almost to a point. "Jake!" said Calvin. Jake's eyes glanced at his master for a moment, but didn't slow the tonguing he was giving to Jill. "Jake! stop licking and fuck the pussy! C'mon Jake, fuck that pussy! C'mon Jake!"

Jake knew what his master was saying. Not because he understood the words completely. Mainly, he understood he was being asked to stop what he was doing. Instinctively, he knew the only other thing to do was to bury his dog dick inside the sweet hole he was licking, so it was a simple matter to figure out his next move.

He followed his master's orders and removed his snout from Jill. This caused a sad moan to eminate from Jill's mouth as the action down below stopped. She didn't have to wait too long for a new action to occure.

Jake lifted his front legs and placed them on the couch to the right and left of Jill's waist. He rested his head on her back and immediatly began stabbing his pink doggy dick toward her cunt. Jill could feel the thrashing between her legs and spread her knees more to try to assist Jake in his mission. She spread them as wide as she could, lowering her pussy several inches toward the floor without slipping onto the floor completely.

After 4 quick tries, Jake's cock hit home quickly jamming itself to the base into Jill's hungry twat. Just as quickly it pulled out again, then back in again. Jake kept up this rapid fucking motion, at a speed of over 100 strokes per minute, which was normal for dogs. This wild fucking was driving Jill wild.

After only a minute, she experience the first of several orgasims she would have from this single sex act. She was still sucking on Calvin's meat so moaning, again was a little difficult. She let loose a high pitched "Ahhhhhhhhh" which actually eminated from her nose.

Because of the fast action down below, she instinctively tried to match the speed of her sucking on Calvin. She couldn't really suck that fast, but she was bobbing her head up and down as fast as she could. She was taking Calvin's dick into her mouth and throat all the way to the base and back up to the head at half the speed she was being dog fucked. A stroke up for one impalement by Jake and a stroke down for the next. This way she was keeping a steady rythem going. She knew instinctively this was necessary for a quality sex act with miltiple partners.

Calvin was loving this. He didn't get sex very often. When he did, his partner was usually so drunk or stoned the experience was marginal at best. He never fucked a white girl, but always wanted to. (who didn't?). He couldn't remember the last time he was getting such quality action. He was happy his best friend Jake was sharing the experience.

After a few more minutes Jill let loose with the second, even more powerful orgasim. The same high pitched sound came from her nose, but this time it sounded more like "Ah..Ah..Ah..Ah.." as her head so rapidly bobbed up and down. Geech, Deeno and Bird laughted out loud at the sound she was making. Calvin smiled too. Altough she was too occupied to show it, Jill was also pleased by the positive reaction she was getting from the men in the room.



Even though it didn't seem possible, Jake began to pick up a little speed. As is the case with dogs, a bulge formed at the base of his cock. This bulge banged against Jill's clit and, as if it weren't possible, enhanced the fucking she was receiving. After a few dozen strokes more, the bulge moved along Jakes cock from the base toward the tip. Jake banged harder in order to get it into her pussy, which was the canine instinctive thing to do.

The bulge found it's way in, and when it did, the sudden introduction of this extra thickness caused a loud but breif "MMM" to come from Jill's very occupied mouth. From this point onward, it was difficult for Jake to pull his cock all the way in and out because of the bulge. He mightly banged Jill's pussy as best he could. At first just an inch or two in and out. Then, the bulge slowly moved more tword the tip of his dick. As it moved, this allowed Jake's dick to move more and more in and out.

Just about now, Calvin couldn't hold back any more. "I'm going to blast!" he shouted. He grabbed the back of Jill's head tightly holding his dick all the way in her mouth and throat as he shot several hot wads of cum into her belly. This caused Jill to start orgasming herself once again.

The resulting sex juice from her pussy assisted Jake in banging his bulge deeper and deeper into Jill's soft creamy center. Calvin removed himself from her mouth and the couch allowing her to give herself completly to Jake. By now the bulge was nearly all the way to the tip of Jakes dick. He was able to pull his cock out to the where the bulge was just inside Jill's pussy lips, then slam it all the way back in to the base. Amazingly, even with the bulge, Jake maintained the speed he had from the beginning. Few woman had ever felt anything this sexually intense, and it was turning Jill into a complete lust filled wild woman.

She lay her head back down on the now empty couch and surrendered herself completly to this wild dog fuck. She began to cry out loudly with each mighty stroke. The bulge was at the tip now and Jake was fucking her with his full length with this thick bulge making her insane with passion.

She began another orgasm that was so intense she began to cry histerically. Tears were pouring down her face. Between the sobs, she began to speak. First just mouthing the words "Fuck me fuck me fuck me". Then louder "Fuck me fuck me fuck me" then in very short order shouting between broken sobs "FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME". Her shouting became rythmic with Jakes thusts.

Deeno deceided to join in to the chant. "FUCK HER FUCK HER FUCK HER FUCK HER" Then the other three men quickly joined in "FUCK HER FUCK HER FUCK HER FUCK HER". Then they started clapping and laughing along with the chant "FUCK HER FUCK HER FUCK HER"

"FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME" Jill continued to scream as loud as she could.

Finally after a good 15 minutes of intense pussy slamming, Jake started to let loose with his doggy cum. He gave it one last hard slam right up to the hilt and held it there. The bulge would not allow any liquid to leave Jill's fuck hole, but Jill was acutely aware of the cum gushing into her womb. "OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD" screamed Jill as she began the most intense orgasim she has had so far. The waves of this orgasim wouldn't stop. It washed over her from head to toe quickly over and over again. "OH GOD OH GOD" she continued between histerical sobs.

The men began clapping and shouting to Jake. "Atta boy Jake" or "go get that bitch Jake" and so on. Jake didn't really care. He was floating on a cloud now with his cock firmly in a bitch planting his seed. It didn't matter to him the act would or would not produce puppies. He was following his pure animal instict, as was Jill.

After a minute or so, both Jill and Jake calmed down. Jill was still laying with her ass in the air and her face in the couch sobbing softly. Jake still had his tool deep inside Jill. He couldn't remove himself right away as the bulge kept him planted there.

"Howcome he doesn't pull out?" asked Deeno.

"He can't right away" answered Calvin.

"What?" asked Bird.

"He has a knot at the end of his cock that has to shrink before he can pull it out. Hurts him otherwise." answered Calvin.

"No shit?" said Deeno.

"How long does it take" asked Bird.

"Boy, I've seen ol' Jake here stuck to bitches he meets in the park for nearly an hour or so. It's kind of funny watching them walk around with his doggy dick stuck in a bitch hole." answered Calvin.

"No shit" repeated Deeno. Then he started to laugh at the tought this bitch was going to have to stay in that position with a doggy dick stuck in her cunt for an hour.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm" Jill said softly. She knew, much to her disapointment. the wild fucking was over, but she also realized there was still a nice thick bulge inside her cunt along with the hot dog cum that was doing some very nice things to her insides. She began swaying her hips in a small circle causing a little friction deep inside her creamy center that felt extremely satisfying. After a few minutes of grinding, Jill moved her right hand down to her crotch and began rubbing her clit. "Mmmmmmmmmm" she mewed.

"Shit" said Geech "This bitch really can't get enough can she."

"The bitch does present a challenge." Answered Deeno. "Maybe we should throw a party?" Bird, Geech and Calvin smiled at the idea, because they knew to what Deeno was referring.

At this point, Jill actually passed out, but her hips continued their slow gyrations. She was operating completely on instinct.

 ...continues in Chapter Six - click here to continue... 

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