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"The Hostage" Chapter 4 of 8

      by Maddog

      (MF interr oral F/dog)

Jill's mind was totally given over to instinct and emotion. There were no thoughts at all about the significance of what she was doing. None about the possible consequences. None about yesterday, today or tomorrow. The only words that did form in her mind where very simple and basic ones that had to do with sex and her intense desire to get more of it. The Crystal Jade had completely reduced her to an animal. An animal in intense heat. Her mating instinct was out of control.

With her eyes closed, in her drug and sex induced haze, in her minds eye, all she could see were cocks. All shapes sizes and colors. All at full erection. All with an intense hunger for her body and the same hunger in her body for all of them. All at once if possible.

Within a minute or so after Deeno removed himself from her body, she began to move a little. It was her left hand moving slowly to her pussy. She began to gently rub her clit with her fingers. Within a very few moments, she increased the vigorousness of her rubbing, using her whole hand. She added her right hand jamming 3 fingers right into her soaked pussy hole while her left continued rubbing her clit. She began to moan softly.

Deeno and Bird looked at each other in disbelief and smiled. "Jesus" Said Deeno, "I've never seen anything like this before. That crystal jade is some kind of wild shit." Bird just nodded in agreement.

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"She wants more. You ready?" asked Bird.

Deeno looked down at his still naked, but very limp dick. "Not me man" he replied.

Both men shrugged their shoulders and shouted together "Geech! get in here!"

While Jill, Deeno and Bird were having their fun, Geech was in the other room counting the loot from the bank robbery. Geech was an older fellow, and not an educated man. He really didn't have any formal education at all, and could bearly read. It was difficult for him to count the money and divide it up fairly. Even though it was a tough task for him, he was smart enough to realize he couldn't trust Deeno or Bird to do it fairly, so he slowly and methodically processed the money as best he could.

He knew what the three were up to. He couldn't not know. With the noise they were making, he was sure the whole building knew what they were doing.

He felt annoyed when they called his name. He really didn't care much about the sex that was going on. Sure, when he was a younger man, he would have been right in there, but now, he just wanted to count the money. Sure, he liked a nice bitch as well as the next guy, but, wild gang bangs where well in his past. Even though he was annoyed, he decided to answer their call. The bitch did look cute, and it might be fun to have a peek.

"Jesus, what did you do!" cried Geech when he entered the room. He saw Jill spread out naked on the couch masturbating herself in front of them. "You don't want to rape the bitch, that would add 10 years if we get caught!"

"No man" explained Deeno, "This was all her idea! She loved every minuted and she wants more!"

"Right, sure she does you assholes" said Geech sarcastically.

"Deeno's right" said Bird. "I think it's the Crystal Jade. We gave her a little and she went all nympho on us."

"Yeah man" said Deeno. "We called you in because the bitch wore us out. She needs you take your bat and step up the plate."

"I ain't taking no sloppy seconds from you two bastards" said Geech.

"Well, she gives great head! Best I've ever had" said Deeno. He glanced sideways at Bird and winked acknowledging the joke. Both agreed Jill had a lot to learn about blowjobs.

To encourage the act, Deeno knelt down near Jill's head and asked her "You want to give Geech one of your great blowjobs?"

Without opening her eyes, Jill clearly nodded in agreement. It made her feel good to be spoken to sweetly. She didn't get the joke about her blowjobs, and really believed Deeno when he called her blowjobs great.

"You can even squeeze her titties while she is blowing you" Said Deeno to Geech. "Can't he bitch?" now directing himself to Jill. Jill nodded again.

Geech had to admit, seeing her on the couch totally naked and masturbating herself so lewdly, did start a stiring in his loins. He pursed his lips and figured he had nothing to loose. After all, Deeno did praise the quality of her mouth work. "OK" said Geech, "Why not."

Geech sat down on the couch next to Jill. He patted his crotch and said, "OK bitch, come and get it!" Then he raised both arms up and rested them on the back of the couch leaving his crotch easily available for Jill to work on.

For the first time in minutes Jill opened her eyes and stopped working on her cunt. She slowly pushed herself up with her arms and hands. Her joints felt a bit stiff, but, any discomfort was greatly offset by an opportunity to get another cock into her body.

She dropped to her knees directly in front of Geech and looked at his crotch. Geech was still wearing his black pants from the robbery and his cock was inside. Jill had a momentary look of puzzlement on her face, not knowing exactly what to do. So far, the other men had brought their cocks to her. Geech quickly resolved any puzzlement. "Unzip and go after it bitch!" he advised.

He wasn't wearing a belt, so she reached under his beer belly and unsnapped the button holding up the pants, then slid down the fly. Geech lifted his butt up slightly. Jill took the que and pulled down Geech's pants and boxer underwear down to his knees.

Geech's cock was at half mast, but on the rise. It wasn't that long, maybe about 6 inches, but, it was thick. Nearly 2 1/2 inches in diameter. It looked like a thick black salami. "There it is, go for it bitch." advised Geech.

Jill leaned into Geech's crotch, opened her mouth as wide as she could and put the first half of Geeches cock into her mouth. Geech had to smile just at the sight of this horny white bitch going down on him. She moved her head up and down letting a little of the cock out, the took it back in again. It only took a few moments before he felt her teeth scrapping the sides of his dick.

"Damn" said Geech to Jill, "Watch the teeth." Now directing himself to Deeno, he added "Sure, 'the best blowjob you ever had' my ass. You must have had some piss poor blowjobs before this one." Deeno and Bird started to laugh and the practical joke they played on Geech.

"No man" said Deeno. "She wants to do good, don't you bitch." Jill didn't stop her sex act, but she nodded in response to Deeno's comment. "She'll do better, won't you bitch." Jill nodded again.

"She better" said Geech. "You gonna hurt me, I'll hurt you back" In response to this, Geech brought his large calloused hands down and gave each tit a sharp squeeze. He left his hands on her tits and fondled them gently. "Each time I feel your teeth, you're gonna get your tities squeezed. Do we understand each other bitch?" Jill nodded once more.

"Use your hands bitch" Shouted Geech. Until now her hands lay limply on either side of Geeches outer thighs. "Tickle my balls with one and grab the bottom of my dick with the other. Rub it up and down while your sucking." Jill dutifully complied to these instructions.

Geeches cock was thicker than Bird or Deeno's. It was difficult to suck on without touching it a little with her teeth, but she did her best. "Your tongue, your tongue, use your tongue" Deeno suggested. Jill forced her tongue between his cock and her lower teeth. It forced her mouth open a little wider and it hurt a little, but she didn't care.

"That's better" said Geech. Jill's head-fuck motion picked up a little bit of speed. He still kept his hands on her tits. Partly because they were nice to fondle, and part in keep her in line. He gave them a little extra squeeze even though Jill hadn't used her teeth, just for fun. Jill gave a little squeal.

As Geech and Jill were getting into their sex act, Deeno winked at Bird and left the room and the apartment. Bird figured Deeno was up to something, but wasn't sure what. Knowing Deeno as he did, he figured it would be something outrageous.

Five minutes later, Deeno returned. He wasn't alone. He brought along a couple of neighbors. An old timer named Calvin lived on the floor below with his dog Jake. Like all the people who squatted in this burnt out building, Calvin didn't have much. Just Jake. Deeno and the other residence of the building always got a laugh out of Jake. He seemed to spend nearly all his time licking his cock. They made all kinds of jokes about Calvin and his perverted dog.



Jake was a mix breed and on the large side. Maybe some Labrador, maybe some German Shephard. No one, not even Calvin knew for sure. He was colored a dark gray, almost black and had floppy ears. He wasn't too shaggy, so his pink love missle could usually plainly be seen as he licked himself.

Often Deeno would wonder if Jake could fuck a woman, and, he finally found his opportunity to find out. All he had to do was promise Calvin a little toot of crystal jade to convince him to allow Jake to be used in this experiment. Judging from the look in Calvin's eye while he watch Jill struggle with Geech's dick in her mouth, Deeno realized he didn't have to waste the jade. He could have just offered him a crack at Jill.

Calvin was a typical resident of the area. He was really little more than a bum. If he didn't have this building to squat in, he and Jake would probably be living on the streets. What ever money he can scrounge on the street usually goes to drugs or booze.

After a couple of minutes of watching Jill sucking cock, Deeno turned to Calvin and shrugged. He nodded his heard toward Jill. Calvin nodded back to Deeno. Calvin dropped to one knee and looked directly into Jakes eyes and spoke softly. "Jake, go lick that pussy! C'mon boy, go get it, c'mon boy, lick the pussy." He gave Jake a gentle shove in Jill's direction to help him understand his instructions.

Jill was bending over at the waist in front of the couch sucking off Geech. She had no idea, nor any interest as to what was going on behind her. Her only thought was about pleasing the man attached to the cock in her mouth. Her little ass was swaying slightly along with her rhythmic sucking about 18 inches off the floor. Just the right height for Jake to comfortably stick his nose in to explore.

Jake cautiously padded over to this odd looking creature. Even though he never seen anything quite like this before, instinctively he knew from the sight and the smell, this thing was for sex. She had very little fur (some on the top of her head and a little tuft around her sex hole) and no tail, but it was unmistakable this was a female in heat. "Go on Jake" encouraged Calvin, "Lick that pussy!"

"Yeah, lick it Jake" added both Deeno and Bird.

Geech was enjoying his position, despite Jill's inexperience. He could see what was happening behind her and found it amusing. He smiled as he watched Jake slowly push his snout directly into her pussy.

Jill was aware of something going on below her waist. She wasn't sure what it was, but was happy something was happening. She was still trying to focus the best she could on providing a quality blow job, but wanted to allow whatever who or what was entering her from behind continue to do so. To enhance the experience, she spread both knees outward a few inches each to allow her opening to enlarge a bit.

Jake took a good wiff of Jill's sex. There was now no doubt in the dogs instinctive mind. This creature was here for sex, and here for him. He pushed out his long tongue deeply into Jill's cunt and took a good taste. The flavor was diffrent than anything he had experienced before, but, still very familier. He had tasted more than a few dog bitches in his time, and this taste was clearly along those lines, but, not exactly the same. It was close enough.

After a moment or two of consideration, Jake began licking vigorously deeply into Jill's cunt with his long grainy dog tongue. Jill couldn't respond much as she was so busy blowing Geech. She did let out a soft "Mmmmmmm" and sway her ass just a little more.

Just about now, Geech was starting to feel the beginnings of an orgasm building up in his balls. By now, his dick was rock hard and engorged to it's full 8 inch lane. It was thick. Nearly 3 inches thick in diameter. Geech moved his hands from Jill's titties and put them gently on his head. As his passion built, he used his hands to assist Jill in moving her head up and down on his boner. He held her head tighter still and made her pick up speed until he was pistioning in and out of her head at a fairly good clip.

As Geech neared climax, he was in complete control of the head-fuck. He was using her head like an extention of his hands as if he were masterbating. Jill just went with it, and allowed Geech to pleasure himself with her mouth. He was slamming all 8 thick inches all the way into her throat.

Jill didn't really mind the rough action. She needed cock so bad, she was more than willing to put up with any level of violence or humiliation in order to get it. She was completely relaxed, which was fortunate as it allowed the deep-throat action to happen without her choaking.

Her body tried to involuntarily moan with passion, but found it difficult with her throat being blocked in this manner. Instead of a steady moan, she let out a sound like "Mm..Mm..Mm..Mm.." as the cockhead rapidly entered and left her throat.

Finally Geech pushed his cock deep into her throat as hard as he could and held her there tightly with his hands, grinding her nose into the pubes just above his dong. His cream shot directly into her belly. As the cock head was so deep into her throat, past the taste buds on her tonge, Jill couldn't even find out what Geeches cum tasted like.

With his throbbing dick impaled in her mouth and throat, Jill began to orgasim violently herself. Sex fluid began to expell from her cunt which was lapped up greedily by Jake who was still at this at his position with his snout and tonge deep into Jill's pussy.

After nearly a minute, Geech pulled Jill's head off his softening penis. There was still a little cum oosing out of the small hole at the tip. "Lick it clean bitch." ordered Geech. Jill was more than happy to do so. This gave Jill the opportunity to finally find out what a man's cum tasted like.

After taking a few moments to take a few deep breathes (she wasn't able to breath too much in the past couple of minutes) she let the tip of her tonge flick out scoop the droplets of cum on Geeches cock-head. Just as she imagined, it was delicious. It was sweet and salty at the same time. She immediately became addicted to the taste and wanted all she could get. She began licking and kissing the cock head taking in all the baby juice she could until there was none left. This actually caused a feeling of disapointment deep inside her.

 ...continues in Chapter Five - click here to continue... 

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