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"The Hostage" Chapter 3 of 8

      by Maddog

      (M+/F interr drug oral anal)

Back in the living room of the rat-trap tenement hideout, Geech was sitting and quietly and methodically counting the money from the robbery they just pulled off. Bird was sitting on the couch and was bent over a coffee table. He was leaning forward with his face practically on the table.

As Deeno and Jill got closer, Jill noticed Bird was snorting something up his nose. He was using a dollar bill like a straw and running it along lines or a light green powdery substance that disappeared into the makeshift straw.

"Is that cocaine?" asked Jill.

After a moment, Bird finished a line and replied, "Naw, that stuff will kill you. This is much better."

Jill had never done any kind of drugs, not even marijuana, but she was a little curious. Her curiosity got the better of her. "What is it?"

Geech replied, "It's a waste of good money if you ask me."

Bird retorted, "Maybe for you old man." Bird then directed himself to Jill, "This stuff is heaven on earth. It's called Hot Jade. A buddy of mine makes this stuff."

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"What's it do?" asked Jill.

"Gets you high. A good Jade buzz can last all day. It also makes you horny as hell." With that Bird and Deeno started to laugh.

"Hey, let's give some to this here bitch." said Deeno.

"My name is Jill!" exclaimed Jill.

"We'll call you what we want bitch," replied Deeno angrily. With this he dragged her over to the coffee table and pushed her down on her knees. He pushed her face into the green powder and held it there with his hand on the back of her neck and said "Snort some bitch."

"No" she replied.

"Don't make me hurt you bitch, you do as your told." said Deeno.

Jill could tell from his tone he was not bluffing. She inhaled a little bit of the powder and started to cough.

"Better bitch, but you will have to do better still, now inhale hard and hold it!" yelled Deeno.

After a few moments, she stopped coughing and inhaled long and hard taking a good amount of the powder up her nose. She then held her breath for several seconds. Finally, she could not hold it any longer and started to cough and gag.

Bird and Deeno started laughing and Deeno finally took his hand off her neck so she could lift her face off the coffee table. They started laughing even harder when they saw her face covered with the greenish white powder. She began to wipe her face with her hands.

"What's it going to do to me?" she asked?

"Don't worry baby, we wouldn't hurt you, really" said Deeno. Jill didn't really believe him.

She did begin to feel the effects of the drug. First she felt her ears popped, as if she was in an airplane. She began looking around the room and had trouble focusing. She could see everything clearly, but it seemed odd. She realized things seemed more clear than before.

Deeno spoke "I think she likes it." She had to block her ears because it seemed like Deeno was shouting, but he wasn't. All her senses were hightened. It was a strange feeling.

He was also right about another thing. Jill began to feel horny. In fact, suddenly, she was very horny, more horny than she had ever been in her life. She looked down at her body and notice her nipples pushing hard through her blouse.

Completely forgetting she wasn't alone (or for some reason, not caring, she wasn't sure which) she brought her hands up to her breasts and lightly massaged her stiffing nipples. "Mmmmmmm" she said. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensation. She began to lose herself in a way she never had before. She repositioned one hand to her crotch rubbing herself on top of her skirt.

She had NEVER felt like this before. Oh, she was no virgin. Every other Saturday night she would sleep at her boyfriend Roy's place. Just before they went to sleep she would dutifully remove her panties and spread herself for him under the covers.

In short order, he would slip on a condom and climb on top of her. She would lay still, allowing him to penetrate her and slide his sheathed penis in and out of her. This would last maybe 5 minutes when he would stop for a second, shudder then fill the scumbag with his cum. He would then go into the bathroom to remove the used condom, flush it down the toilet and clean himself up a little. After that they would go to sleep.

No, she was fully experienced in sex, but suddenly, she felt as if she had never had sex before. For the first time in her life she needed it. It was obvious she needed it bad and she needed it now!

Deeno and Bird looked at each other and smiled. They had never seen a response to Crystal Jade quite like this before. They had never seen a white girl take it before either. Bird was already rock hard and ready to go having had stoked up on Jade minutes before. Deeno stuck his face on the coffee table and took a good hit himself. As he brought his face up and said to his buddy "It's party time."

Both men quickly dropped their pants and let their fuck prongs free. They quickly walked over to Jill. Bird put his two hands on her heaving tits. He squeezed her nipples between his thumbs and index and middle fingers. Her tits felt fabulous. She put her hands on top of his encouraging her to rub them harder.

Deeno attacked her below the waist. He quickly yanked down her skirt and g-string and she stepped out of it. He put his right hand to her pussy. She was so hot her hips were swaying backward and forward. His middle finger slipped right in. "Shit" said Deeno, "She's soaking wet. She feels like she has 3 loads of cum in her already."

Because of her swaying motion, she was fucking herself on Deeno's finger. She brought down one hand and put it on top of Deeno's hand to try to force his finger in harder and deeper. "Damn" said Deeno.

Suddenly, through the haze of her brain, Jill became aware that there were 2 exposed stiff cocks in close proximity and she wanted them. She reached out for the two of them and tried to pull them toward herself. "Whoa there little lady," said Bird. "Let's see, how are we going to do this. Wait, I know."

Bird grabbed her hand and led her toward the coffee table. He pushed her down onto her knees and bent her over the table. Taking the que, Deeno attacked her pussy from behind. He dropped to his knees, lined it up and just plunged it in. It slid in easily all the way up to his balls. "Yes Yes, do it too me you bastards." she moaned.



Bird sat on the edge of the couch dangling his cock in front of her face. He gently grabbed her head and pulled her down and started fucking her mouth. Bird didn't know that Jill had never sucked a cock before. She was, however so horny and completely out of her head, that she really didn't mind. It was a cock and this was a way to get it into her body.

In this position, she started pistioning her body forward and backward. As Deeno's cock was sliding out of her pussy, Birds was sliding in and vice-versa. This went on for several minutes.

Despite her feelings, because of her lack of experience, she gave Bird only a so-so blowjob. She didn't apply much suction and Bird could feel her teeth on his dick. Looking for a little better action, He said to Deeno, "How about swapping sides?"

Deeno looked at her pretty mouth and said, "Sure, buddy, no problem."

Jill gave an objectionable moan when the two men pulled out of her at the same time. She stopped complaining when the men quickly switched sides and resumed fucking her. "Wow man" said Bird, "She is really loose. I can bearly get any traction" he complained.

"Well, what do you expect with that needle dick of yours." replied Deeno. Birds dick was longer than Deeno's. About 9 inches to Deeno's 8. But it was also narrower. "If her cunt won't do, try her ass." suggested Deeno. Bird nodded in agreement.

He took his sopping wet dick out of her pussy. He spread her ass cheeks with his hand, quickly put the head on her bung hole and pushed. It easily went in half way. Bird pulled back a bit and pushed again. This time he got 3 quarters in. One more try and he was in all the way.

Jill had never been ass fucked, but, in this state, she didn't care. In fact, the new feeling was incredible. After only a few strokes she began pushing her ass backward hard to meet his strokes. "Now, this ain't bad." said Bird banging her bung hole.

Deeno quickly nodded in reply. He was a bit busy himself because he began to realize why Bird didn't want to continue in her mouth. "Hey baby" he said to Jill, "Try to keep your teeth often my cock. Also, suck it in. It feels good when you suck. Use your tongue, use your tongue"

Deeno's words reached her brain, probably only because they dealt with sex and that was all that was on her mind at the moment. She attempted to make the necessary changes in her technique. "That's a little better, but I can see we have work to do here" said Deeno. Jill actually glanced up lovingly at Deeno for just a moment in response to his kind words. She endeavored to earn his praise by concentrating on giving him a good blow job.

"Shit" grunted Bird, "I'm going shoot! I'm going to shoot right into this bitch's ass". Just then, Bird let loose. Jill had never felt anything like this in her life. Just as Bird came, she started coming too, and coming hard! She thought she had had orgasms before with her boyfriend Roy, but it was obvious to her now, she didn't even know what an orgasm was until that moment.

She had a little ass, like the rest of her (her hips measured only 32 inches in diameter), so it couldn't hold that much. As Bird was still spewing his spunk, some of it leaked out a little. It mingled with the juice flowing out of her twat as she had the first real orgasm in her life.

Bird slid out his now limp dick, he gave Jill a quick but hard crack on her right ass cheek with his large hand. He smiled because he could see the red outline of his hand on her ass. None of this seemed to slow her down on the blow job she was giving Deeno. It didn't even hurt. She just felt a nice warm tingle on her butt cheek that was slowly turning back from red to alabaster white.

Noticing her lower extremities were now free, Deeno decided it was time for a change of venue. Her sucking technique was improving, but it still needed work. Deeno though maybe he would give her a cucumber to practice on later. "Enough of this Bitch. Just get on your back."

Jill moaned sadly having to give up the prize in her mouth, but she dutifully lay down on the couch and, without any further instruction spread her legs as wide as she could.

Deeno lay on top of her missionary style and slammed his dick into her cunt as hard as he could. Jill immediately wrapped her arms and legs around Deeno trying as hard as she could to pull him inside her. She closed her eyes and allowed the passion to overtake her. She had never been taken by a man like this before. She had never been aware of every feeling in every cell of her body.

All her senses were on fire! She loved the stink of Deeno's sweaty body on top of her. The sound of her pussy getting banged. The sight of this mans dark skin in contract with her whiteness. The taste in her mouth left behind from his meaty member. The feeling on her skin from this man rubbing against her stomach and her tits not to mention the amazing feeling of his jackhammer-like cock banging relentlessly into the center of her being.

She needed this man's (any man's) cock inside her like she needed air to breath. She bit her lower lip lightly and felt a tear come from her left eye and slide down her cheek. It wasn't a tear of sadness or mear happiness. It was joy. In her life she had never felt such pure joy. She was completely lost in this amazing feeling. The only other thing in her mind was a desperate hope this feeling would never end.

Deeno was enjoying this bitch's cunt. Her pussy was nice and wet. His dick slid it like they were made for each other. He couldn't remember fucking a bitch so hungry for his cock. He couldn't bang her hard enough. She forced her hips up to him just as hard with every stroke.

Of course, with this intense strength of fucking, Deeno couldn't last that long. Within only a few minutes he had to shoot his jizz. He jammed his cock in as hard and as far as he could and shot hard deep into her hungry womb. As soon as he did so, she began to come again. This time, her orgasm was even harder than the last one. She began to cry out and cry tears at the same time.

"Shit bitch", gasped Deeno as he was coming, "Don't cry, you got nothing to be sad about. You are a great piece of ass. Believe me, I know. You got nothing to be ashamed of."

Deeno was wrong. Jill's tears came from a feeling of pure joy. A feeling she hadn't known much before. There was some sadness, but it due to the realization their fuck session was over.

Deeno pulled himself off of Jill, but she simply lay where she was. She didn't move at all. She just lay there with her arms and legs spread lewdly. Her hair was splayed out all over. Her eyes were closed and she felt as if she were drifting on a cloud. There was a small damp puddle on the couch just under her (now formerly) private areas made up of well mixed sex juice.

 ...continues in Chapter Four - click here to continue... 

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