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"The Hostage" Chapter 2 of 8

      by Maddog

      (M+/F interr nc no sex ws)

Jill Roth had been kidnapped from her bank by 3 bank robbers. She and the 3 robbers were racing through the streets in a van being pursued by the police in a high speed chase.

One kidnapper, the short one, was holding her tightly around the waist from behind held a gun to her head. The tall robber said, "Well little lady, I guess you will be with us for a while. Let us introduce ourselves."

The beer belly robber quickly interjected "Hey man, the bitch can't know our names!"

"Fine!" said Jill defiantly, "I don't care about your damn names."

"Don't worry," said tall man to beer belly, "You think I'm stupid? I'm giving her our street names, not our real ones." Returning to Jill, he continued, "They call me Bird. The man driving is Geech and the man with the gun to your head is Deeno. By the way Deeno, you don't really need to keep holding that gun to her head. She can't get out of this van while it's moving."

"I know that," said Deeno. "I just like the feel of her ass against my dick." With that Deeno laughed and gyrated his crotch into her ass. "She's just the right size for me." he added. Jill and Deeno were both rather short and his dick did come right up to her ass.

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Jill responded by prying his arm from her waist and stepping away. All 3 men laughed at her. "You guys are sick," said Jill.

"Can't be helped darlin'" said Deeno, "You happen to have a nice ass." Jill had not yet turned and her back was still to Deeno. As there was a bit of distance between them now, Deeno quickly reached forward a grabbed the hem of her skirt and gave a quick flip upward. What he saw motivated him to give out a low quick shout, "Whoa! check it out!"

Jill knew what he was referring to. She happened to be wearing nothing more than the smallest g-string under her skirt. Her entire ass was exposed. She wasn't trying to be particularly sexy. She simply didn't like the look of panty lines on her clothes. She usually wore panty-hose over her g-string, but, that morning her hose had run on the way to work. She took them off when she arrived. She had meant to buy a new pair, but, it was a warm day and it had slipped her mind.

She quickly brought her skirt back down with her hands. "Hey, watchit!" Jill shot back to the peeper.

"Hey, you know something Bird?" asked Deeno.

"What is it man?" replied Bird.

"I think this bitch actually thinks she can tell us what to do." said Deeno.

"Hmmmm.." said Bird, "ain't she in for a surprise!" Both men laughed. The adrenaline in Jill from the kidnapping began to wear off and the feeling was slowly replaced by fear.

Just then, the driver of the van made a hard left without dropping speed. She, Dino and Bird fell to the floor. "Hey man" said Dino to Geech who was driving the van, "Take it easy!"

"You want to get caught by the police?" asked Geech. Not waiting for a reply he continued, "Sit down and shut up. I'll get us out of here."

Jill was laying on her back on top of Dino. Her skirt and ridden up and her G-string was exposed again. Dino didn't seem to mind the fall. "Bird, check this out." he said to his friend referring to the squirming woman on top of him. Both men gave out a laugh. Bird reached over and grabbed Jill be the arm and pulled her off Dino. All three gained their composure and sat down on the van floor.

"Hey Deeno," said Bird, "Got some rope over here. Maybe we should tie her up?"

"Aww, she ain't going anywhere." said Deeno.

"Yeah, I know, but why take a chance. Besides, it could be fun!" answered Bird. With that, Jill began to feel really scared.

"Well, I guess we could tie her hands." said Deeno. With that, the 2 men tied Jill's hands behind her back. Several minutes passed in silence except for the sound of squealing tires. The van pitched back and forth at high speeds as Geech attempted to flee the police. Jill began to feel sick to her stomach from this wild ride.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the van began to slow. "I think we lost'em" said Geech. "Lets get back uptown." With that Geech turned the van northward and continued at a more normal pace.

Jill had never been too far uptown. Once she ventured up to 125th street. She was too scared to go any further. She was also too scared to go there again.

The back door of the van was opened and Jill, Deeno and Bird stepped out. She had to be helped out because her hands were stilled tied. She couldn't be sure where she was but was certain she was further uptown than she had even been.



She looked around and saw burnt out and stripped cars parked all around. The windows of the buildings were all boarded up. There was a strong smell in the air which was a combination of cheap beer, car fumes and nicotine. "Welcome to my nightmare bitch" said Deeno.

"Now what" asked Bird pointing his chin toward Jill.

"Who the fuck cares" said Geech. "We got to divvy up this money here" referring to the proceeds from the days earlier bank robbery.

"I think she likes me" said Deeno. He slipped his hand under her skirt and gave her butt cheek a nice hard pinch. Jill glared at him. "Can I keep her?"

"I don't give a fuck what you do" said Geech "but if she gets us caught I'll kill her then I'll kill you too."

"Don't worry man" said Deeno. "We gonna be real close." Deeno put his arm around her shoulder and give her a hard squeeze. With that the 3 men and Jill proceeded into one of the burnt out buildings.

The door opened easily. There was no lock. Inside there was little light. Only what managed to stream threw the door and the cracks in the walls and ceiling. They headed toward a rickety staircase. "Will this hold us?" asked Jill.

Without missing a beat Dino replied sarcastically "Elevators on the blink. Building super is on vacation. What are you gonna do?" He then gave Jill a little push upstairs.

They climbed three dark flights. Jill could bearly see. She felt sure she almost tripped over someone laying on one of the landings. She didn't want to think about it.

The third floor was filthy like the rest of the building. Her eyes had begun to adjust to the darkness. She could see several doorways. A couple were bearly on their hinges. One doorway was open. It was this doorway the 4 people walked through.

Inside the apartment, it was brighter. There were windows (without curtins of any kind) that allowed in light. The lack of curtins didn't matter because the windows were so filthy, even though they allowed in light, you couldn't see through them.

Jill started to feel the urge to go to the bathroom. The thought of going in this disgusting vile place made her sick. Without thinking she crossed her arms and put one leg in front of the other pressing her thighs together. Deeno picked up on this body language and said, "You gotta take a leak?"

"No, I'm fine." replied Jill. Her leg in front was shaking a little.

"Bullshit!" said Deeno, "You gotta piss, I know you do. Follow me."

Deeno grabbed Jill by the arm and dragged her into a dingy bathroom. He shoved her into the middle of the room and said, "There's the can baby. Do your thing." With that he stood by the door with this arms folded and just stared at her.

Jill surveyed the filthy room. The toilet looked like it had not been washed in months. There was toilet paper so she figured she could cover the seat with some toilet paper. She really did have to go so she thought she would give it a try. She turned to Deeno and said "OK, do you mind! I need a little privacy here!"

Deeno just grinned. "Privacy? Hey, we just one big happy family now. We don't know about privacy." He stopped smiling. "You better listen to me here. You got nothing going for you except your cute ass. You listen to what I say! You gotta piss bitch? Well piss!" It was obvious Deeno had not intention of leaving the room and was expecting a sick little show.

With extreme self-consciousness, Jill proceeded to cover the toilet seat with paper. She reached under her dress and pulled down her g-string being careful to keep her dress down as much as possible. She squatted on the toilet just bearly touching the filthy seat with her ass. She had one hand on pulling down her dress to try to cover and began to piss.

With the sound of her liquid hitting the toilet, Deeno began to smile broadly. Jill glanced over and saw she was having an unusual effect on Deeno. She could see the bulg in his pants growing. She quickly glanced away.

After a few moments she was done and she stood up. She pulled off some more paper and wiped her crotch then threw it in the toilet. Then she quickly shagged up her g-string. "Did I give you a thrill you perv?" asked Jill angrily?

"Baby", said Deeno, "The thrill hasn't begun yet!" Deeno put his arm around Jill tightly and with that they walked back into the living room. They ran into Geech and Bird.

"Are you 2 through fucking around?" asked Geech in an annoyed tone?

Deeno let his hand slip down to Jill's ass and gave the left cheek a firm squeeze. Then he replied, "Man we haven't begun fucking around."

 ...continues in Chapter Three - click here to continue... 

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