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"Thank You America Online"

      by Nutty Professor

      (MF interr oral)

I remember being so excited about joining up for the Internet and getting into a chat room. I was young and I was bored and home for the summer at my parents house. I had just completed my sophomore year of college across the country in the east coast. There I was, 19, young, black, good-looking, at home on a Friday night. This AOL was going to provide me something to do. Little did I know that by the end of the night, I'd want to buy some stock in AOL.

The name of the chat room was BBW4blackmen. I thought, wow, a room with big-breasted women. Of course I later found out that meant big beautiful women, but it didn't matter. I was young and eager to express my horniness to some woman! And if she was big, I was going to ask for the bra size! So, I join the room, speaking to the room, while at the same time checking profiles. I see a lady named, lookin4hardblk1, and I thought to myself that's what I got, a hard black cock. And it was standing straight up in the air when I saw that name. So, I decided to send an instant message.

"Hello," I said hearing the ring as I pressed enter.

"Hello, and how are you?" was the reply.

"I'm doing fine. I'm new to this AOL thing, but I was intrigued by your name!"

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"Well, that's what I like. I like them hard black ones. Are you black?"

"Yea, and you?"

"I'm white, but I love black men!"

"Where are you from?" I asked her.

"Long Beach, CA!"

"I'm from Long Beach too!" My dick immediately erected to full blown and I had to open my jean shorts to give my long cock some air. "What street?"

"I stay off of Atlantic Ave. in northern part, by the car auto spot!"

"Yea, I know where that is. What's your name?"

"Betty. And your name?"

"I'm Tyrone. Well Betty, how old are you?"

"I'm 42! You?"

"I'm 19. Have you ever been with a young black cock before?" I couldn't believe I was that forward. Internet boldness, I guess.

"No. Have you ever been with an older white lady before?"

"I've never been with a white woman before."

"Oh my. Why don't you call me right now, lets hook up!"

She then sent me an IM of her number and I immediately got offline and called her up. She said that she was just hanging around the house with her cat and that she had rented some movies. I asked her if she'd like me to come over and she said sure. Before I ended the conversation though, I had to ask for her bra size. I wanted to start jacking off on the spot when she told me 42G. My young dick was more than ready for action now!

"I'll be right there." I anxiously said as I quickly scurried to my high school car, a Dodge, and then drove on over to the address she gave me. When I got there, I was a little disappointed to see that Betty wasn't a beauty queen. She was kind of big, but then again, so was my dick, and despite her unattractiveness under normal standards, this night, I felt extremely attracted to her. My horny cock wanted her then and there. But I was cool about it.



She walks me over to the couch and is already watching Naked Gun. I love that movie and I ask her can I lay down on her on the couch. From the spot I was laying in I could feel those hugeass tits rubbing against my head. I was too horny now, and although I wanted to get my laughs on watching Naked Gun, I wanted to fuck even more. I immediately lifted the gown that Betty was wearing with no bra and began to suck the big pink areolas surrounding her small pink nipple. I sucked her like a hungry baby, but I grabbed those big tits with each hand like a man possessed. She let out a long wail, and said, "Let me close my blinds."

I let her get up and close her living room blinds so that her neighbors would miss her get fucked by a young black stud like myself. After she closed the blinds, she came back and sat on her couch. I got on my knees on the couch and then lifted up, while at the same time, dropping my jean shorts. She didn't even take the time to examine my black cock or its length before she had it stuffed in her mouth. She sucked my cock so hard and she gave me slight bites, which actually was turning me on. I thought, this fat white bitch is trying to eat my black dick!

"Oh shit. Suck it bitch," I said. "Suck all this black cock!"

"I can't get it all in my mouth." she said as she pulled away for a second, still holding the base with her left hand very firmly. "Damn, this is big!"

"Don't stop!" I said. She immediately went back to her feast on my young black cock. She made moans and sounds as I began to grab my cock at a lower point on the base and removing her hand. She had no idea what she was about to do. After I removed her hand with my left, while holding the base of my prick with my right, I then placed my left hand on the back of her brown hair and began to push her farther down.

"I want all this is your mouth. If you can't take it, I suggest you slow down. I don't want to kill you. Besides, I want to put this in you!"

I guess she thought she was a pro because she kept on sucking fast. She's gonna learn, I thought. That's for damn sure. Just when those thoughts hit my mind, she starting gagging.

"I told you to slow down. Let me sit down on this couch. Get on your knees and suck it slow!"

Upon getting on her knees, I rubbed those big tits as she placed each one on my right and left leg. Damn, they're big. She then lifted her head perpendicular to the black shaft and went straight down in one gulp. She pulled back and gasped. Then she did it again. And then again. Each time, she stayed a second longer to enjoy every inch.

"I want to ride this black meat! Do you have a condom?"

"In my pants. Reach in there and put it on me!"

She reached into my pants and pulled out a condom. "What kind of condoms are these?" she asked as she opened the gold wrapper and pulled out the black condom. "These are nice! I've never seen these before."

"They're for the brothers. Now slide it down my 12 inch pole!"

"Damn, it's 12 inches? You sure you're not underestimating the size."

She then slowly slid the condom down the length of my prick. Her eyes were wide open and shocked as I moved my cock up and down to show her I had some dick control. After placing the condom on me, she slowly squatted above my cock and my tip nudged her hole. "Oh god. Put it in there!" she said. After a minute of her panting as her thighs began to meet my thighs, her pants turned to loud roars. I felt like I was fucking in the jungle as this white bitch tried to punish my dick. Up and down. Up and down. Her fat white ass cheeks were slamming down on my thighs as she kept her legs spread. I began to thrust my big cock into her really hard, so hard that she just held a squat position over me on the couch as I slammed up and down in her pussy. She came and she came and she came. Not me, though. I wanted to show her that black guys have stamina.

I then took her to her room, where I bent her over on her bed. I stood behind her, and I pressed my cock back into her pussy hole.

"OOOH Yeea! Fuck me with that hard black cock! Don't stop fucking me, you young black motherfucker!" She couldn't take all that meat up in her and I began to slam and slam until finally I was ready to unload."

"Turn around!" I said as I strongly gripped the base of my supercock. "Now take this," I said and I moaned as I shot some cum into her fucking face. The cum was so abundant that it filled her face with semen and she had to close her eyes to prevent any cum from getting in there. She opened her mouth and let the rest seep in. After I busted, I went to the living room, picked up my pants, and then said, "Goodbye!" I thought to myself as I let myself out of her house, and Thank you America Online!

- The End -

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