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      by Nutty Professor

      (MF interr rape oral)

It was a long week, Kimberly thought. She had been stuffed with work all week and was elated that the weekend was about to begin. She looked forward to going out of town with her husband and their two kids. She just had a few more things to do on this Friday to be ready to set out and not think about it again until Monday morning. It was about 6 p.m. and the weather was great. It was 90 degrees, finally, after a long cold winter, and the sunshine shined brightly through her office blinds on the 23rd floor.

"Excuse me, Miss. I need to get into this room to clean up." Kimberly heard as she looked up to see the black janitor opening up her office door.

"Could you do this office last?" she answered.

"Okay, Miss. I'll do the other rooms on this floor and come back."

"Thanks." she said, as she began to hurry up in finishing her work.

After another 25 minutes, Kimberly was relieved to be done with the work and was preparing to get out of her office, when the black janitor came back to her office door.

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"You can come in now and clean up. I'm all done in here!"

"No, you're not, Miss!" the black man said with a very serious face.

"Excuse me. I'm finished with everything that I need to have done for Monday morning. The rest can be done later."

"No. You've still got one more thing to do!" the black man said still holding the same serious face.

"What?" asked Kimberly as she began to become annoyed by this 64, 240 pound, black man.

"You haven't sucked my big black cock, yet. That's what!" said the black man, while exposing his long hard black prick for Kimberly's viewing. Her face became red and she stepped back as the black janitor approached her, while aiming this massive thing at her. Kimberly stood petrified by this large black cock. She had never before thought of black men in a sexually pleasurable way. Her parents always told her that she was to be with only white guys and black guys were to only be with black women.

"What do you think this is?" Kimberly screamed at the janitor. "Put that thing back in your pants. I'm happily married and I don't look at black guys like that! I'm sorry for raising my voice, but I have to go. I promise I wont press charges if you let me go now!"

"I know you're not going to press charges." the black janitor said, while slamming the door behind him. "You're going to like this 14-inch black monster cock!"

"Kimberly's mouth dropped when he said 14 inches. She loved her husbands 8 inch ivory prick, but she admitted to herself that there was something appealing about this black guys cock. He was about 35 years old or so, which was about 8 years older than she was. Although she liked the way the cock looked in the janitors hands, extending through the zipper of his pants into the air, she just didn't want that. Kimberly wanted to go home and she suddenly was horny for her husbands cock. He would be pleased by the blow job she was going to give him when she got home, he thought. But the janitor, named Stan, had something else in mind.

Stan walked over to Kimberly, herding her into the corner of the office. He put his right and left hands on Kimberly's shoulders, slowing pushing her to her knees. As he pushed Kim to the floor, Stan's cock brushed against her chin and lips and then was right before her eyes. Kimberly pulled her head back, smacking it accidentally against the wall.

"You're not going to be able to run from this black cock, you white bitch. You know you wanna suck it. Don't front, bitch. Choke on it. Dark meat is good for your pale skin!"

Kimberly knew her position was compromising and she really wanted to scream and bite his dick off. Instead she found herself stretching her mouth wide open to accommodate the thick head on his cock. Damn it, she thought, he didn't even lock the door. If someone comes to her office, she'd be found with, not only a dick in her mouth, but the janitor's big black one at that. She'd be ridiculed, she thought, and she'd lose her nice-paying job. She decided to make it enjoyable so that this guy could cum. She was confident in her oral skills and she heard that black guys wanted white women so bad that she was confident that he would over-eagerly shoot a load in about 30 seconds.

"Give me this black cock." Kimberly said as she pulled her mouth off to catch her breath. Then she proceeded to cover half the length of his massive prick. While doing this, she'd moan and he'd moan and grab the back of her head. He's going to cum soon, she thought. Then I can go home and wash my mouth out! But Stan never came and with each sucking stroke, he pushed Kimberly's head further down his pole until she finally gagged at about the 11 inch mark.

"That's right. You've almost got it all in your throat!" he moaned.

Upset that after 10 minutes he hadn't cum, Kimberly encouragingly said, "That's right daddy, choke me with that big black cock!" Suddenly she felt drips of cum protrude from the penis head and she thought that he might be coming, only to realize that it was only precum. This black bastard is only getting started, she thought. I guess I'm going to have to fuck him!

Kimberly pulled her mouth off of the massive cock and, while holding the penis with her right hand, began to stroke it while coming to her feet. "You've got me into this now, so now you've got to give it to me! I've never been with a black man before, so you'd better be good for your entire race! Make me want that big black cock!"

"You will!" Stan said, while snatching the buttons on Kimberly's blouse apart and instantly focusing on the double DD tits in the tan bra. "Damn it bitch. I'm going to titty-fuck you!" Kimberly looked at the cock and could see it jumping at her as Stan's eyes remained focused on her tits.

"You've got a lot of cock! I think you better sit on my desk and I'll mount you!" Kimberly said, while taking stacks of paper off her desk. Stan hurried to the desk, lying on his back and holding that big black dick with his right hand. Kim pulled her skirt and panties off and hurried to the massive cock standing up from her desk like a desk lamp. She could not believe what she was doing. She was about to let a black man put his penis in her!

Kim positioned herself over the black pole. Oh shit.Its too big. I cant do this. How do you get this big thing in? She felt her pussy stretch around the cock and as she slipped more and more onto all that meat, she felt better and better. She began to bounce up on down on his cock while looking at his face. He wasn't smiling, but had his mouth wide open and was breathing hard. "Give me this cock you black bastard! You want this white pussy don't you!"

Stan looked at Kimberly bounce up and down on his black love tool as she began to expose her breasts by throwing her bra across the room. Kimberly was now bouncing hard and all the way down the long shaft with ease. Her pussy was eating the black cock and his thighs smacked with her inner thighs for some loud sound flesh action.

"I'm bout to cum." Stan said, while reaching to hold the base of his prick. "Get up and lie down on this desk." Stan let her lie back and he released his hand from the base of his massive cock. He let loose a long stream of sperm onto Kimberly's big white tits. Kimberly looked at the black penis as it slid back and forth while softening between her double DD tits. Thank God it's Friday, she thought.

- The End -

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