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"Teaching Can Be Fun"


      (inter, mmmmf, oral, anal)

I was an only child of wealthy parents who were very loving and happily married. When I went to college I didn't know what I wanted to do but I was good in Math and so I graduated from college as a Math major. While I was at it I got a certificate to teach and when I graduated, I taught Math at a near-by high school. I did this for four years until I met and married Brad, and we quickly had three children, two girls and then a boy. We were and are happily married and the children, today, are 16, 17 and 19. I am 44 and Brad is 47. When our son went off to high-school, I looked around for a school where I could teach so that I got out of the house and had a little money of my own. Brad and the kids were very supportive and were happy to see me doing something I wanted.

I got a job at the local college teaching algebra, trig, and calculus to freshmen and sophomores who wanted to go on to a University in Engineering, Math or the other Sciences. To begin, the only teaching openings were at night. I didn't mind at all and my family was very good at cleaning up after they had their dinner as I left home at 6:45PM to teach from 7PM to 9PM. I usually got home about 10PM because there was always some student who wanted to ask about a problem or just needed moral support. Many of the kids at night were a little older, working a full-time job during the day, and married. I liked them because they were motivated more than many of the kids who attended school during the day.

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I had an uneventful time teaching until spring came around. The weather was warm and the kids dressed very casually in shorts and T-shirts. The girls usually didn't wear bras and their nipples were clear thru their thin shirts. The boys wore cut-off pants and shirts so that their arms and most of their legs were bare. Since they were all young and good-looking, there was an aura of sex in the class, even in boring Algebra. Brad and I had gone from sex four or five times a day to sex about twice a month and my sex drive seemed to be increasing while Brad's was definitely decreasing. So all of this skin I was seeing got me horny. There was a big raw-boned man of 25 who took one of my classes. He was a technician at an electronic company in town and aspired to being an engineer. The company paid for his expenses of school providing he got a grade of B or better. He frequently asked questions and was very interested in the course work because it was important to his career. For some reason, calculus was really hard for him and he was struggling to get his B grade. He was very handsome and had a body that would make any woman squirm. He wore cut-off pants and when he sat just right, I could see his huge soft cock resting on his seat. It looked to be eight inches soft, and I dreamed of seeing it hard.

On evening after class, he came to my desk and asked me about a particular problem. I went to the blackboard in back of my desk and wrote down the solution. He didn't get one step that I did and so he came to the blackboard and asked about the step. He raised his arm to the board, and when he did, his shorts raised up a little and his large cock head hung down his leg. I got really flustered and couldn't take my eyes off of his cock. Finally I stopped his talking and told him that with his big cock hanging out I was having trouble concentrating on what he was saying. With that I ran my finger up and down his cock head and he started to get hard. I took his cock head in my mouth and circled his cock ridge with my tongue and ran my hand up his full ten inch cock and fondled his balls which were the size of tennis balls. I told him to please take his clothes off while I went to lock the classroom door. When I came back to this naked Adonis, I told him I wanted his first load down my throat. I said it was months since I had tasted a man s cum.

He kissed me and pushed me until I was sitting on the edge of my desk. As he pulled off my panties he spread my legs and rubbed his huge cock head on my slit. He told me that he knew I wanted his first load in my mouth but he needed to slide into my pussy because he had been dreaming about doing that since he first entered my classroom. As soon as he got his ten inches into me I had three huge orgasms, when I usually only have one. He said he was about to cum and I quickly slid to my knees on the floor and opened my mouth as he put his cock on my tongue and started to cum. Each shot went into my mouth and he came so much I had to swallow him halfway thru his cum but I got all of his load down my throat. He then took off my clothes and started to play with my breasts. I have DD titties but with three children they are droopy. He took each tit in his two hands and sucked each nipple for about five minutes while he continually told me how magnificent my titties were and how he was a confirmed tit man. He got in back of me so that he could put his hands under my arms and hold each breast up. He told me that it felt like each tit was about five pounds in weight. As he did that, he slowly slid his monster up my cunt and pushed me over and started to slam into me fast and hard. He said he loved to watch my titties flop back and forth as he fucked me and I told him I wished he could do that forever. He gave me his second load of the night deep in my cunt and then had me lie on my desk as he watched the cum slowly ooze from my pussy as he licked and sucked my clit like a popcicle. After about ten minutes of his heavenly tongue, he stood up, slid his cock into my very wet cunt, and slowly fucked me for about twenty minutes. When he was ready to cum, he pulled out and shot a fairly big load of cum onto my titties and then he rubbed his load on my breasts until it was dry and then fell on me and sucked my nipples for about ten minutes. I told him that I just had the best sex of my life and I wanted him on a regular basis. He said he would fuck me after each class we had, which was three times a week. The next class together, it was all I could do to get through the class without showing everyone that I would do anything for my Greek God (he was Irish)!



The next night I had an algebra class and I must have had a glow about me from my previous night s fucking because one of the boys came to me after class and said I looked like I was happier than he had seen me the whole year. When I asked him what he meant, he waited until the room was empty and then told me that my nipples were jutting out like I was very aroused. When I looked down I had to admit he was right. He boldly asked me if he could help me and I coyly asked what he meant. He told me that he fantasized about playing with my big boobs since the first night of class and he would love to see my breasts. I told him to lock the door and I would let him look at my titties. I asked him to help me with my top and unsnapping of my bra and as he did this I could see his hard-on jutting out and I asked if I could see his cock as he looked and played at my tits. Soon he had me leaning over my desk as he slammed into me from behind. He too liked to see my bouncing titties and he laid across my desk and had me climb on top of him. He slid in me and then slammed me while my titties flopped on his face. He sucked my nipples and fondled my tits until he shot his load deep in my cunt and then we lay on the desk to rest. Being 18, he was hard again in about three minutes and I told him I wanted to taste his load in my mouth. He sat in my chair and I knelt in front of him and sucked him to his next orgasm. While I sucked him, he pulled and twisted my nipples almost until it hurt. But I loved it and he rewarded me with a thick load of man-juice. He had to leave but not before we arranged for him to fuck me after each algebra class. This meant every Tuesday and Thursday I would be fucking my 18 year old single man, and Monday, Wednesday and Friday I would be fucking my 25 year old married man. The very thought of all that got me very wet as I drove home to my family. I laughed to myself because I was wondering what I was going to do on week-ends.

My life took on a new dimension with all of my fucking and I began to dress with more revealing clothes and never a bra or panties but most of all I went through an attitude change. I looked at the men on campus with a thought of what it would be like to fuck them. When summer came there were a lot of young men who took a math course as a make-up requirement to get to a four year college. At my first algebra course in summer school, there was a very tall black boy of 18 who was going to a big university on a basketball scholarship. He needed to pass this course to graduate from high-school and this was vital to his getting into the university he wanted. He thought he was hot-shit, and I guess he was, except he wouldn't study or do his homework in my course. At the first mid-term test, he failed and I told him he could kiss his scholarship goodbye unless he started to take this course seriously. I guess he finally got it because he came to me and asked me if I could come to his house and give him special help for which he would pay me. I didn't need the money but I hoped my lessons might include much more than algebra. The next Saturday I went to his house because he had told me his parents worked on Saturday and that we could spend the whole day learning. I sure hoped so. I fucked a black student while I was in college and the thrill of doing something so bad was exciting. I felt the same way here.

I wore a top that almost had my tits falling out, especially since I was braless. I put on short shorts with no panties. I figured that if this outfit didn't get him, nothing would. We sat at the kitchen table and I put a few problems in front of him and stood behind him. As he struggled with the first problem, I leaned over him and my right tit accidentally fell out next to his face. He smiled and asked if he could put it back in my shirt. I said why not take off the shirt instead. After he had me topless, I knelt in front of him to take off his pants and shorts. I was dying to see the size of his cock. If it was like the rest of him, it would be thin and long. I was almost right; it was thick and long! His cock was thirteen inches long and I could not put my hand around it and I have large hands for a woman. I was actually a little apprehensive as he put his cock in me. I had never had anything more than my 10 inch lover and I was afraid it might hurt when he put it in me deeply. It not only didn't hurt, as his thick long cock slid in my hole I started to cum almost continuously as he fucked me for about ten minutes until he came. I was spread across the kitchen table as he held my legs back so that my heels were almost touching my ears. He put my legs on his shoulders and fondled my titties and nipples as he jammed into me. When I told him that I wanted his first load in my mouth, he pulled out of me quickly and moved to my face. He started squirting just before he reached my mouth but the force of his cum shot into the back of my throat and he then unloaded about four or five more big shots of cum down my throat. It felt so good that I didn't want to let him out of my mouth. As I continued to suck he got hard again and I kept sucking until he shot another load of cum into my mouth. I continued to keep sucking and he got hard in about five to ten minutes and he put me on my hands and knees and rammed me hard. He flopped me around in various positions all the while keeping a steady pounding in my pussy. I came and came and I was in such pleasure that I think I fainted with joy. I know that sounds corny but I think it happened because when I was next aware, an hour had passed and he was still pounding my cunt. His name is now well known and so I will call him Jerome. I asked him if he could come to my office for lunch every day and we could fuck our brains out. He was the best fuck I d ever had and I didn't want to lose one piece of ass. During that summer, he introduced me to anal sex and I thought I would not like it with his huge cock in my asshole. He was very slow and careful and now he pounds my ass while reaching around and fingering my clit and I cum and cum. All good things must come to an end and come September, he went off to his school. In between our fuck sessions, I actually taught him quite a bit of algebra, and he had no problem passing the course. He saw me when he came home and we fucked like rabbits but he slowly tapered off with his visits and I haven't seen him in about two years. I sure miss his cock!



When the new school year came around I was back to night school, which I really prefer, since I can be with the kids until evening when Brad can watch them. Since I am so happy with my constant fucking, I m always in a good mood at home and Brad says that school must be good for me. If he only knew how good! The only fear I have is that the boys will be boys and brag about their hot fuck and word will get out. But when a new class starts and I see all those good looking men out there, I start figuring which one or ones will I give private lessons to. It is a wonderful feeling knowing that at least one of these hunks will be pounding me as much as he wants during the school term. I look between the men s legs to see if they have a big package for me. I'm now addicted to big cock. My husband has six to seven inches, and I always thought it was just right, but after Jerome, I like them big.

Every night I stay after class and fuck my men. I have found that I like variety and I was being too selective in trying to only find men with big cocks. I met a charming man in one of my classes and we fucked that night. He was only about five inches long, but thick. I found he gave me almost as much pleasure as I have ever had. Of course, his talented tongue had something to do with that. He would get on top of me and pound my pussy with his head next to mine and whisper sexy things in my ear. This got me very excited. He liked to ask me about my other lovers and how I fucked and sucked them and he wanted to know all the sloppy details. I found it was a real turn-on for me to tell of my trysts and as I got near the end of a story, he would pound me very hard as I ended the story and cum in me as the finale. I really liked that.

He is the one who told me that the men on campus were talking about the hot math teacher who was fucking her students. I had noticed that my classes were getting large and mostly men were signing up. I was suspicious about this and he confirmed my concern. He said that was why he was so bold when he first met me and fucked me the same night we met. He wanted to know how many students I had fucked and I had never kept score but while we were fucking I started to name my lovers in my head as he fucked me. I could recall fifty-three men and I am sure I forgot some. It was more than I expected and he was surprised that I had not caught some disease. Since my men were either married or young, maybe that is why I was lucky but I thought that maybe I was pushing my luck. There was no way I was going to stop. I think that would drive me crazy. But I decided that from that day on, I would fuck only married men. First, they were older and didn't partake in the school s functions where the men get together and talk about women. Secondly, they had to worry about their wives and so they were more careful and at the end of class we could fuck quickly and they went home at an earlier time and so I got home at an earlier time. My late nights were the only thing that Brad complained about and getting home at about ten PM would take care of than problem.

I have been doing my teaching, both math and sex, for four years and I have a routine that I like and seems to keep my family happy. I manage to get five men each term to fuck me, one a day, Monday thru Friday, for that term. The next term, I get five more. Usually I get five new men because the men move on to other schools in their studies but I also like the idea of fresh cock sliding into me. My fantasies are getting wilder. I now often think about how it would be with two or three men at the same time. Also, one of the men I fuck said he would like to take videos of us fucking and he could make a fortune selling them to a friend of his who is into porn in a big-time way. I got very wet thinking about making movies with my men but the fear of exposure makes them just a dream. But before I stop I want to have my three holes filled at the same time. That s another story!

- The End -

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