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"Tattooing Wife"

      by Christo

      (M+F, group, cons, Mdom, wife, anal, enem, oral)

My young wife and myself were on a vacation to a remote forest area where population is mainly tribes. On one day during our tour we happened to learn about a tribal family that specialized in performing tattooing. I was very keen in tattooing my wifeÍs body. With the help of a local tribal guide we reached there. This group is staying in a remote place deep inside the forest. The group consists of a chieftain and 3 young men. All are in their tribal dress and having well build physiques. The chief is in his late forties and others in 20's and 30's. After talking to them we fixed the appointment. They asked us to return on a particular day and laid down their terms and conditions.

We have to stay with them for few days to complete the work. During the stay there, we will be completely in their custody and at their disposal. We have to obey all their instructions. They donÍt take any fee for the work; rather they consider this as a ritual. As a part of the ritual, the lady is to be left at their mercy during the period. Husband will be permitted to watch from a distance, but not to speak or act on anything seen.

We reach there as scheduled, one evening. After reaching there, my wife was taken by the ladies in the family. From then on she was kept separate. She is asked to perform some rituals and worship and left for sleep.

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Next day:

In the morning the ladies in the family took her to the river nearby and cleaned her body thoroughly. They brought her back and handed over to the chief. He took her to the hut in which the work is done and closed the room. I can watch the things through a small window. Now his assistants approached her and slowly removed her clothes. She was feeling slightly uneasy and strange, but had to submit herself. The priests are feeling her voluptuous body when they are doing so. The chief is observing her during she is made nude. She is completely nude and standing in front of them. They donÍt show any hurry or do not speak anything unless required. They are performing the things in a very serious manner.

She is lifted by the men and taken to a bed made of bamboo sticks and grass cushion. She is laid there and her hands and legs are tied to the posts on both ends by keeping her spread open. She is given an enema with herbal preparation. After she has cleared her bowels, she is brought back and restored to the previous position. The chief approaches her and slowly and deeply kisses her lips and runs his hand all over her body, and inspects her skin, its smoothness, texture etc. She slowly closes her eye. He instructs something to one of his men in the tribal language. The man brings some warm oil and applies all over her body and starts massaging. Another man joins him to help. Both of them gently and slowly massage her entire body with the oil. They give special attention to her breasts, inner thighs and belly. Her excitement can be seen from her facial expressions. Once they complete her upper side, she is made on her stomach and repeats the same on her backside. They anoint the oil even in her crack of her buttocks. They spread her cheeks and massaged there. After this she is left for some time to relax. The chief gives some instructions to the men. After some time one of them come with a thick herbal paste. She is made to kneel for some time and a layer of the paste is applied on her back, buttocks, ass-hole, back of her thighs and calves. She is again made to rest on her back and bound again keeping her legs and arms spread wide. Her head is now kept falling from the end of the bed and supported on a platform. They start applying the paste all over her body. Complete her body below neck is slowly being covered by the green paste now, with a thick layer over her boobs near nipples, on her mound, inside the folds of her pussy lips, under arms, near anus etc. They leave her there for an hour or so.

During this period, one of the men comes to her head side, which is falling from the bed and kisses her. He parted her lips and placed his cock between her lips. He slowly pushed it inside her mouth and she takes it in. She starts sucking him. He starts caressing her face, cheeks, lower lips and hair. He gives special attention to her sexy lower lips now being wrapped around his growing member. He feels it, pinches it. Others including the chief are watching the scene. Once he completes and dumps his load in her mouth, he returns back. Her mouth and lips are cleaned and she is given water to drink. Now after a while next man approaches her and feeds her his monstrous cock. In sequence all and finally the chief also takes turn in her mouth. Invariably every one of them gave attention to her fuller scarlet lower lips that is on upside now because of head position. They were playing, caressing, squeezing, and pinching it. Some of them even inserted their finger along with his cock to feel the warmth and softness of her mouth. Astonishingly, each man had a bigger cock than his predecessor. Some of them even had circumcised cocks. The chief had the biggest one and she was really struggling to accommodate him in her mouth. I could see that she was enjoying the situation.

After an hour or so, two of the men approached her and started wiping off the paste from her body. While they doing so, they were feeling and enjoying her soft body. After excess paste is removed from her body, she is released and handed over to the ladies. They took her to the river and cleaned her again. She was brought back with a soft cloth wrapped around her body.

Again, the door is closed. She is stripped and taken to the bed with restraints on her hands and foot. Now my eyes opened wide in wonder. Her body was glistening and was silky smooth without tiniest hair anywhere on her body. The herbal treatment has done wonders on her body. It has removed all scars, uprooted all hairs and bleached her skin. She was looking sexier than ever. The chief examined her carefully and thoroughly to ensure no hair anywhere especially on her nipples, pussy lips and under arms. He confirmed her ass hole also. She was perfectly like a newborn baby.

He instructed his men to apply some oil on her again. They approached her and started oiling her. Parallel to this, another man approached her head and gave her his cock for sucking. Now I was not able to control myself from the exciting view of her sexy body covered with oil. She was also not able to hide her sensations while they massage her entire skin. They have applied oil inside her pussy and anus also. While doing so they played with her smooth soft cunt lips and clitoris for quiet long time. All the while one or another cock kept her mouth busy. After a long session of applying the oil, massaging to tone her skin, they withdrew. She might have experienced tremendous orgasms.

After this the chief approached my wife and kissed her first. He uses a ribbon cloth to blindfold her. Then he started drawing a long snake on her body. ItÍs tail started from her left armpit and went along the side of her left tit nipple, went through the cleavage between her tits and climbed on to the right boob, encircling the nipple and continued down to her navel, then it gets 3 heads one towards the mound and finally its open mouth was figured as about to bite her cunt, with its long tongue licking her clitoris. The other two heads going to her upper thighs. All the while she was experiencing terrific tickling all over the area he touched. He was using a pointed stick and some vegetable colors to make the picture. When he was drawing on her breast, he held the nipples pulled up using fingers to ensure the tits motionless. Whenever she was making movements, his men helped her to keep her still by forcibly holding her. They also helped him in keeping her vagina open and accessible, her sexy and fleshy under arms stretched open and keep her boobs stretched. Needless to say all the while she was kept busy sucking.

After the drawing is over, they arranged some needles and herbal paint. The chief using the needles started tattooing along the drawing. This gave her terrific pain, especially when they reached her tender and sensitive parts like near nipples, under arms, but they ignored and went on. She was almost screaming with pain when they put the needle on her cunt and clitoris. But the cry did not come out, since a fat cock gagged her. They completed the work and applied an herbal preparation over the area and left her for relaxing.



First Night:

That days activities were over. She was taken away by the ladies. Bathed her and brought back. After the dinner (she was provided her food in her hut, where she is kept alone and naked), youngest of the assistants entered her hut. He reached her and asked her to be on the bed and still. (Throughout our stay there, no body talked to her, every instruction was given with gestures). He started playing her body. She was looking sexier than ever with a crazy tattoo on her private parts. He moved his fingers along the picture of the snake. He played with her cunt and clitoris. He fucked her in her pussy for a long time with his big and fatty cock. Then she was asked to suck him. When he was erect again, she was made to kneel. Now he started entering her ass-hole. She was really enjoying the fuck. He was really a good lover. After they both exhausted, he slept with her and when she fall asleep, he left the room.

Second day:

As usual, she was taken to river for cleaning and brought back for next session. This time she was asked to lay on her stomach. Her hands stretched above head and tied. Her legs were kept widely apart and bound. She was bound around her hips on the bed. After the regular preparation, the chief started drawing two crabs on her ass cheeks. One on each cheek, with their faces towards her crack. The staff kept her ass cheeks widely opened for easy access for the painter. The pincers of the crabs were depicted as trying to open her ass-hole from both sides. Once the drawing is over, they started tattooing using the needles. She was left for some time for relaxation.

This night, next member of the staff approached and gave her a wonderful fuck. He was better than the previous man in all respects. Thus she had a wonderful second night also.

Third day:

Third day after routines, she was made to lay on her side with her hands stretched above head and tied. The leg below was tied to the bed at feet and at knee. The leg on upper side was lifted up maximum and tied to the ceiling making the inner thigh maximum accessible for their work. I noticed that throughout their work they were trying to keep her in slightly discomfort able position. Her upper leg was almost lifted vertically. While doing her binds they were occasionally touching her labia, which is hairless and shining now. Her cunt is completely exposed now. Today they started painting a long centipede on her inner thigh. The head of the centipede was just reaching her pussy lips and its tail starting slightly above her knee. Her white, nice, sexy and fat thigh was looking more attractive with the tattoo now. After completing one side they arranged her for the other side also. Both her thighs had one centipede on its inner tender skin.

As usual, this night the last member among the assistants approached and gave her a marvelous night. Thus she could enjoy wonderful sex with a different man every day, in different ways.

Fourth day:

Fourth day after her regular preparation, she was made to rest on her back but bound. The bed was adjusted in such a way that the bottom portion remained high. Her head was at lower elevation allowing her breasts to sag towards her head, exposing the bottom portion of the boobs. Now they started tattooing the lower portion of her boobs with the picture of a Scorpion on each breast. As done everyday, she was kept busy with a cock while the drawing was going on.

After the work, she had tattoos on every interesting part of her body. On boobs, in armpits, on thighs, on buttocks and of course on her mound and cunt.

Ceremonial Night:

I understood that they have completed their job and this night would be something special. During the night, she was prepared clean and all the members including ladies were present. The ladies were only spectators. The chief gave some instructions to his men. They took my wife, stripped her and bound her to a post with her legs and arms stretched and spread wide. The Chief reached near her and kissed her. He reached her backside and cupped her breast. The ladies were commenting about her wonderful body. The men also joined the chief and started feeling her entire body. After some time they took her to the bed and tied her to the bedposts. Then the chief came to her head side and gave her his cock for a blowjob. Another man reached between her thighs and started entering her cunt. Other two men took both her sides and started playing and sucking each of her tits and nipples. While playing with her nipples their one hand was exploring her inner thigh also. That way she was having all her body engaged with some or other hands.

Once the man fucking her cunt finished, the ladies douched her pussy. After a while, the next man takes place between her legs and starts fucking her cunt. This way all the four takes turns on her cunt. Simultaneously, when the chief comes in her mouth others also takes their quota in her mouth. After every blowjob, the ladies clean her mouth and she is given water to drink. Once all the men complete their fuck in her cunt and mouth, she is released and made to kneel. She is kept still in this posture also by straps and cuffs. One of the ladies wiped her ass-hole and lubricated it. They were going to fuck her ass-hole also. Two of them took place on both her sides, one on head the other on back. Simultaneously they pushed their cocks in her mouth and ass-hole. Meanwhile, others were playing on her hanging boobs. Once the duo completed, her ass-hole and mouth were cleaned. After a short while another team shared her. It went on till all the four came once in her ass-hole. In brief all the four men fucked all her holes. They fucked her cunt and ass once and got sucked by her twice. Afterwards they left her to rest and retired.

Next day morning they handed over my wife to me after their routines. We returned to the city. When I asked her about her experience, she hugged me and gave a passionate kiss showing her gratitude for such an experienced and magnanimous husband.

- The End -

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