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"Shooting Pool"

      by JD

      (MF interr group reluc)

Lynn and I were on a long overdue road trip when we decided to stop for the night. After freshening up we decided it was time to shoot some pool and have a drink. After some driving around we found a place and ordered a couple of drinks. We were both feeling no pain when a large black man challenged Lynn to a game.

When Lynn bent over to take a shot her ass cheeks were showing, exposing her smooth white pussy. The man wasted no time in checking out her smooth ass. He reached down and patted it a couple of times. I stood up to protest but was knocked to the ground by two of his friends. They picked me up and tied me to the chair. Lynn knew that she was in trouble when he reached around her and grabbed her tits. Lynn screamed out in pain, but he just pulled her to his body.

He dropped his pants exposing a hardening 10" cock, as he slid the head up her wet slit Lynn began to moan. The man laughed and commented on how he knew she wanted a good fuck.

With one thrust he buried his cock deep into her tight pussy. Lynn began to meet his thrusts when another cock was placed in her face. She eagerly licked this head, taking it into her hungry mouth. They both started fucking her hard, forcing the other's cock deeper into her. The man pounding her cunt from behind pinched her nipples and, with a loud groan, he filled her cunt with his cum. As soon as he pulled out he was replaced by another man.

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After a couple of minutes of him fucking her pussy he pulled out and started to probe her asshole with the head of his huge cock. Cum started to drip from her mouth as the second man pulled his cock from her mouth. Lynn pleaded for him not to fuck her in the ass but he just laughed as he tried to push his head into her virgin asshole. She screamed as he penetrated her. Slowly he started to fuck her then as he picked up the pace. To my amazement Lynn started to scream for him to fuck her white ass harder. I could hear his balls slapping her dripping pussy as he pumped her firm butt.

Suddenly a fourth man crawled under her and started to slide his cock into her pussy. The two men fucked her squirming body. Lynn yelled for them to use her. Both of them dumped their load into her as they pulled out, leaving two gaping holes where their cocks used to be. Their cum dripped from my wife. That night Lynn fucked or sucked seventeen black men. They left her lying on the pool table covered in white sticky goo. She came five times and I came twice just from watching the show.

- The End -

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