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"Revenge of the Old Boyfriend"

      by Sex Addict

      (MF reluc force oral)

I met my husband Jake when we were both sixteen years old. We were on a double date; he with another woman and I with a guy named Greg. We all went out to the movies and dinner and Jake and I couldn't keep our eyes off each other.

Within a week I had broken off with Greg and was dating Jake. We married at 24 and have since had two kids. I went out with some girl friends from work last Friday to a club in the city and we were drinking shots and having a great time when who did I see staring at me but Greg, the boy I left broken-hearted at 16 years of age. He walked over to my table and introduced himself to my friends and sat down to talk. I couldn't help but notice that he still had a great head of blonde hair to go with his blue eyes, which is why I dated him in the first place.

After a few more drinks I told Greg how close he came to being the one to break my cherry. Greg laughed and told me how much he wanted to be that person. We were dancing a slow dance when Greg asked if I still smoked pot. I told him I hadn't since I had my first child about seven years ago but would be willing to try it again for old times sake. We walked to Greg's car and he told me he had to go buy some pot from a friend and drove off. We drove to what is considered the seedy part of the town I live in and Greg got out and bought the weed. We drove down a dark alley and he rolled a big joint and lit it. We were talking and smoking the joint and it was going right to my head.

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Greg was telling a story and put his hand on mine and never let go. I started to get uncomfortable as he was rubbing my fingers up and down. I pulled my hand away and said, "I should be going home now. My husband will be worried." Greg reached down and pushed the car seat back stating, "Sure, but first you are going to do something for me." I watched as he started to unzip his pants and take out his cock. "Greg, I said really I must be getting home now." He grabbed my long blonde hair and started to push my face into his crotch stating, "Suck me or get out and walk home."

I wouldn't open my mouth as he wiped his pre-cum all over my lips and nose as I struggled to pull away. He pulled my hair and I bit him on his thigh so he slapped me and pulled me out of the car stating, "Go ahead, cunt. Walk home. Someone will rape you out here within a block." Greg got back in the car and started the engine. As he put the car in drive I said, "Alright. Please don't leave me here. I will do what you want."

Greg told me to get in the back seat and take off my skirt and panties as he watched in the rear view mirror. When i was naked from the waist down he opened the rear car door and grabbed my ankles, pulling me out so my ass hung off of the rear seat of the car. I have to admit that at this point I was totally aroused and felt like my pussy was on fire as he slid his cock inside me. I knew there was no way out of this so I decided to enjoy it and started sliding my pussy up and down his long hard cock. He slapped my face and called me a whore as he pushed so hard my uterus was being bruised.

As Greg was about to cum he asked if I was on birth control and I stated yes. I grabbed his balls and felt them tighten as he was about to explode inside of me. I slid down into the street and lay on the pavement pulling his cock into my mouth as he shot such a big load of cum that i had to spit it out on his balls and lick it off again to finish. When I got up off the floor, I smacked Greg in the face and called him a fuck for doing that to me and told him to take me home and never tell anyone what just happened. Greg dropped me a block from my house and I snuck inside kissed my kids goodnight took a shower and cuddled up next to my husband whom I love.

- The End -

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