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"Regime Change"

      by Roscoe

      (M+F+f 1st nc oral anal tort murder)

For the first time, Hector was truly frightened. At first he did not think the revolution would get out of hand, but now he saw that outside forces bent upon a "regime change" were tipping the balance. For years, Hector had been one of the Leader's chief enforcers. He had arisen steadily within the police and administrative ranks, helping the Leader deal with his enemies. Hector was involved in seeing that the enemies disappeared, and raped and tortured them and their families.

Now chaos was loose. The country was at war. Bands of revolutionaries had seized the police station, and were shooting at the officers. The army was on the verge of mutiny, with soldiers turning against their officers. Hector was worried that his own son might be a victim. He had to get away.

Hector ordered his wife, Lydia, and daughter, Charlotte, into the car and drove toward the border. He hoped to bribe his way past some guards, into the country side. He had a pistol just in case.

However, he was stopped for questioning. When he offered some money to the soldiers on duty, they got suspicious. He decided to bring him and his family to headquarters, which turned out to be the old police station where he questioned and tortured his prisoners. Hector increasingly tried to offer money for his release, but the soldiers turned them over to higher authorities.

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Only when he entered his old office, his heart sank. There behind his old desk was one of the women he had raped by a band of thugs.

The woman, named Olivia, appeared to be in charge. She said, "Raul, what luck. Here is the man who raped me and murdered our parents. Revenge will be sweet, indeed."

Raul looked at Hector, and punched him once, in the stomach.

Olivia ordered, "Take them to interrogation room, strip off their street clothes, and tie them up. "

Four soldiers seized Hector and his family. Lydia and Charlotte were so frightened and confused, they did not resist when the men pulled off their dresses and tied them to special posts.

Hector begged, "Do what you want with me, but please leave my wife and daughter alone. They have not hurt anyone. "

Olivia replied, "That is what my father said, before you killed my mother and tortured me. You said you hurt me to destroy my father, and because you could get away with it. You can't get away with it now."

Hector cried, "I'm sorry. Please let them go."

Olivia said, "All I can promise is that we will not hurt them as badly as you hurt us."

With that, Olivia pulled down Hector's trousers and shorts, to inspect his prick. She punched him hard below the balls, causing him to wince as fell against the ropes. He knew his cause was hopeless.

Olivia said to Hector, "That is to remind you of what is to come after we have had your wife and daughter for our pleasure."

Olivia moved to face Charlotte. Charlotte was sixteen, with long, dark hair, and a round face. Her breasts were filling out into a full size bra. Charlotte stood in her bra, slip, and panties, with her arms tied to posts above her head. She stared straight ahead, looking total confused.

Olivia said, "So my pretty, what is your name?"

Charlotte was too frightened to answer.

Olivia slapped her face, "Can you hear me?"

Finally, Charlotte answered weakly, "Yes. Charlotte."

"Do you know why you are here?"


"Have you ever fucked anybody?"

"I don't understand."

Olivia put her hand inside Charlotte's panties. "Has a man ever touched you here?"


"Has a woman ever touched you here?" Some of the guards laughed at that.


"Have you ever touched yourself here?"

"I don't know."

"What do you mean, you don't know. You have touched yourself here, but felt guilty about, right."


Olivia pulled out a pen knife and cut the straps of Charlotte's bra. She pulled the slip to the floor. Raul and the five other soldiers leered at her. Even Ana, Raul's girlfriend, wanted a hand on this tasty piece.

"Your breasts are very pert and pretty. You are in for a treat. If you do as I say, I promise not to hurt you as badly as your father hurt me." Olivia said.

She untied Charlotte and pushed her to a high bed. Olivia announced. "I want to take my time with this pretty girl because it is her first time and I want her to enjoy it. Then Raul can take her cherry. After that you can enjoy this girl and her mother all you want, provided you don't hurt them too badly."

Olivia pulled off Charlotte's panties and pulled her legs apart.

"You have the sweetest virgin cunt. Just relax and enjoy it." Olivia said.

"Should we tie her down, Olivia?" Raul asked.

"No. Just put a pillow under her head and hold her while I kiss her cunt. I want her to be able to respond."

Olivia bent down to kiss it. She fondled Charlotte's breasts, kissing them. She then moved up to her face, kissing it. Olivia then moved down her body, until she was down to the pussy again.

Charlotte did not know how to relax or what to feel. She closed her eyes. Her favorite fantasy was to be ravished by a handsome lover. She imagined he would seduce her in the woods or at the beach.

Olivia moved her tongue expertly over Charlotte's crevices. Olivia was not a virgin when she was raped, but afterword she came to prefer female sex to male. Charlotte felt strange sensations emanating from between her legs. She was raised to believe that only bad girls enjoyed sex, and she did not want to be a bad girl. But her body was betraying her. Her body felt the pangs of pleasure that her mind tried to ignore. As much as Charlotte tried to block it, Olivia's caresses were too much. Charlotte was moaning as Olivia lapped all over her. These moans only inspired Olivia to work harder.

Olivia place her fingers on Charlotte's labia, and her tongue on her glowing clitoris. Charlotte's thin growth of hair gave Olivia easy access. By now all of Charlotte's attention was concentrated on what Olivia was doing to her. The room, her parents, the other soldiers were totally blocked out. Charlotte began to scream from the tension it was causing. She screamed louder as the tension was released in a massive flood of orgasmic feeling.

Olivia pulled her head from between Charlotte's legs.

"That was pretty good, wasn't it?" she asked.

"I guess so." Charlotte said. All the others laughed.

"Maybe you can return the favor later. Right now, Raul has been eying you hungrily."

Raul was getting more and more excited as he watched Charlotte being debauched. Ana rubbed his prick, and pulled it out of his pants. She pulled his slacks and shoes off, so she could give him a good licking. But Raul wanted Charlotte.

He pulled her up on the bed and leaned over her naked body.



"So, my pretty little slut. Are you ready for your first good fucking?" He asked.

Charlotte knew it was bad to be a slut. But her father must have done something bad for these people to punish him. Maybe she was a bad, too. Charlotte winced when she felt Raul enter her.

Raul stared at her as he pushed hard inside. He delighted in her tight virgin pussy.

"You are a delightful slut, Charlotte. Say, I am a slut."

"I am a slut." Charlotte exclaimed. She believed that she had to actually be a slut because she was enjoying his onslaught.

"Say, I deserve to be fucked like a slut."

Charlotte thought it was humiliating to use a word like fuck, but it felt good to be humiliated. "I want to be fucked like a slut." She said.

"Fucked like a whore."

"Fuck me like a whore."

Raul picked up his rhythm. He wanted to get Charlotte excited as possible.

He said to Ana and Olivia, "Pick up her legs so I can get at her harder."

The pulled her legs behind Raul's back. Raul was riding her unmercifully. Charlotte felt another surge of pleasure from her abdomen, even more powerful than before. She screamed, "Fuck me! Fuck me! Oh my God!"

Raul kept going, until he could not take it any more either. He pumped wave after wave of cum into her virginal canal.

While Olivia and Raul were having their way with Charlotte, Omar and Alfonso were standing next to her mother, Lydia. Both men were very excited by Charlotte's display. Omar loosened Lydia's bra, and Alfonso put his hand down her panties. The two other soldiers, Ivan and Pedro , were rooting Raul on, hoping to get their chance with Charlotte.

Lydia was shorter and more buxom than Charlotte, but had the same round face and brunette hair. She did not know it was possible any woman display such passion, not to mention her own daughter. Lydia unenthusiastically permitted her husband to do "his business down there," because she thought that was her wifely duty. She was raised to believe that a woman should always obey the man. In return she got what she wanted from her marriage, which was money and status. She began to dimly realize that her money and status were gone forever.

At first, Lydia did not respond to Alfonso's manipulation of her pussy.

Omar said, "If we untie you, will you do anything we ask?"

Lydia responded, meekly, "Yes. I'll do what ever you say."

The untied Lydia, and pushed her to her knees. They stood above her, facing her.

"Open up our pants and pull out our cocks." Omar ordered.

Lydia fumbled with belts and pulled their slacks and underpants to the floor. She saw their penises were already erect. Because she had always been passive with her husband, she had never actually seen an erect prick close up. She did not know what to do next.

"Suck it!" Alfonso ordered, and pulled her head toward his prick. Lydia tried to comply with his order, but she was awkward.

"Suck it like candy." Alfonso said. He moved her head back and forth in front of him, fucking her mouth. He did not give her a chance to relax. Instead, he held her head and pushed into her. He was so excited, he had no trouble cumming over her mouth.

"I am cumming in you mouth. Swallow it." Alfonso ordered. Lydia did, in order to keep from choking.

Omar then pushed her to the floor. "I want to fuck those luscious tits, " he said, removing her bra. Omar climbed on top of her, and placed his prick in the valley between her breasts. He pressed her ample breasts against it, making it tingle. Omar rocked over her, with increasing speed. He wanted to flood her face and chest with cum.

"Take my sticky cum, you whore." Omar yelled.

When Raul was finished with Charlotte, Ivan and Pedro moved in. They had already removed their clothes.

"Let's turn her over and pull her to the end of the bed. That way we can take her from both ends." Ivan suggested.

Charlotte did not know what both ends meant, but she was about to find out.

"Get down on all fours, whore." Pedro ordered.

Charlotte tried to comply, but the two men dragged her where they wanted her. Pedro positioned himself behind her, and Ivan in front. She stared directly as Ivan's prick.

"Suck it. Make it feel good. Pedro will make you feel good." Ivan said, leering at her.

Charlotte open her mouth tentatively, but Ivan pushed himself in. She had to suck him in self defense. She was not sure of what to do, but she wanted to please Ivan. She put one hand on his prick and guided it into her mouth.

"That's good. A good slut knows how to suck cock." Ivan said, smiling.

"A good slut also knows how to take it from behind." Pedro said. His hard prick easily found her moist pussy.

"Just work on me. Move your tongue around." Ivan said.

Charlotte tried to lick him. She felt good that Ivan was responding to her touch. She continued to work on him, moving her tongue and lips around the surface of his prick. Suddenly, Ivan seized her head. He tried to fuck her mouth the way Alfonso had done with Lydia. He rocked his pelvis, thrusting his prick. Charlotte tried to stay with him. But she was distracted by a movement from Pedro. He had pulled out of her pussy. Instead he pushed her down so he could reach her ass. Her rectum was tighter than her pussy had been, which was what Pedro wanted. Her cum filled twat provided just the right lubrication.

"Ow. That hurts." Charlotte complained.

"A good whore likes it up her ass." Pedro replied.

Charlotte was not sure she could be that good a whore, at least not yet. But she had no choice. She was pinned between the two men. They were riding her hard. Pedro pulled at her breasts while Ivan grabbed her hair. They pulled her back and forth like the rope in a tug-of-war.

Fortunately for Charlotte, Pedro rapidly reached the point of release, and flooded her rectum with cum. Ivan took only a few minutes longer to pour all over her face.

The men let Charlotte relax for a few minutes. Then she was accosted by Alfonso and Omar, while Raul, Ivan and Pedro went after Lydia.

In the midst of this orgy, Olivia approached Hector.

"Your wife and daughter make great sluts." She said to him.

"Please just kill me. Don't make then suffer." A tear of humiliation appeared in his eyes.

"I won't hurt them the way you hurt me, shoving a broken bottle up my cunt. They are the beneficiaries of your cruelty, but they are not responsible for it."

"I don't deserve to suffer like this."

"You don't? After the hundreds of people who suffered cruelly before you killed them, including my parents? I won't make your wife and daughter suffer, but you will suffer worse."

Olivia pulled out her pen knife, and started to carve up Hector's penis.



After an hour of nonstop fucking, all five men had cum into or on both Charlotte and Lydia. Lydia was bounced around like a life- sized doll. But Olivia and Ana wanted to give Charlotte some extra attention. Olivia removed her panties, hiked up her dress, and stood in front of Charlotte, who was lying on her stomach. She wanted to give Charlotte a good look at her pussy.

"Please lick me the way I did you. If you do that, you and your mother can go."

Charlotte stared at Olivia's slit. It appeared softer and not as threatening as the men's penises. Charlotte pulled Olivia to her and licked her softly, almost tenderly. She wanted to give Olivia the same feeling that Olivia gave her. In the meanwhile, Ana strapped on a double ended dildo, placing one end in her own twat. She then mounted Charlotte from behind with the other end. By this time, Charlotte's pussy was tender, but craved additional touch. She had not had an orgasm since she was mounted by Raul. She thrust back at Ana, while giving Olivia a tongue bath.

Raul knelt on the bed beside them so Ana could play with his prick.

Olivia said, "Raul, don't just jerk off with Ana. Lydia has not had an orgasm yet. She deserves your special treatment."

Raul said, "Is that true, Lydia?"

Lydia nodded. Actually she had never had an orgasm in her life, because her husband was generally too fast, and she didn't know how to do it. But all the sex, especially from Charlotte, made her believe that maybe she was missing something.

Raul pulled her onto the bed. He did not find her as attractive as Charlotte, but he wanted to make his sister happy. He climbed on top of her, and entered her easily. Raul knew that because he had already cum twice, he could last a long time. He moved slowly at first, in order to give Lydia time to get used to it.

"Just relax and enjoy it, Lydia. This might be our last time. You don't have to pretend to be a dignified matron. When you have an orgasm, you will be free to go. " Raul said.

That encouraged Lydia. She was tired from all the assaults, so her resistance was down. She also felt the tingle in her pussy from the friction of Raul's prick. Soft moans came from deep within.

"How does that feel?" Raul asked.

"Good." she replied.

"Do you want more?"


"Do you want it harder?"


Raul picked up his pace. He still wanted to make it last.

Next to them in the bed, Charlotte had a face full of Olivia's pussy. Olivia as also moaning with pleasure. And Charlotte and Ana were feeling mounting pleasure too.

"Give me your tongue, Charlotte. Cover me with your sweet lips right here."

Olivia directed Charlotte to her clitoris. Olivia closed her eyes to enjoy the tension Charlotte was causing.

"You're going to make me cum, Charlotte." Olivia said, as her panting got louder. Ana was also gasping for breath, thrusting her artificial prick hard into Charlotte. Charlotte tried to bring Olivia over before she herself succumbed to Awns dildo. The three women climaxed almost simultaneously, in a crescendo of screams and squeals.

"If they can do it, so can you, Lydia." Raul said, encouragingly.

Lydia also closed her eyes to concentrate on the feeling. However, she was surprised by the sudden eruption of her entire body, as if the tension of the entire evening was released like a damn bursting. She pulled at Raul, screaming at the top of her voice, "My God. What are you doing to me?"

Raul felt the need to move faster. Because he had cum before, it took a while for the pressure to build, but the pressure generated more pleasure than before. Rapid bursts of cum poured out of him.

Lydia continued to vibrate for several minutes after Raul pulled out of her. Raul, Olivia and Ana let her lie there, exhausted, next to Charlotte.

"Let's get dressed and deal with our principal guest. " Olivia said.

After the soldiers got dressed they approached Hector. He did not even try to resist, as they place an electrode on what remained of his penis. They bent him over, and Raul thrust an iron rod up his ass. Hector screamed with pain and humiliation. They attached a wire to the rod, sending a jolt of current through his body.

"That is for all the people you tortured in this very chamber." Olivia said, as Hector moaned in agony.

Lydia woke and saw her husband. She tried to comfort him in his agony, but Alfonso punched her, sending her to the floor.

"Alfonso and Pedro, get them out of here." Olivia ordered.

The soldiers grabbed Lydia and Charlotte, and dragged them, covered with sweat and cum, to a cell in the prison. The women never saw Hector again, and never found out what happened to his body. Olivia and her associates continued to torture Hector for an hour, until Raul lay him on the floor and crushed his brain.

Lydia and Charlotte clung to each other in the cell. They were naked, dirty, cold and tired. The next day a female soldier gave them each a simple shift to wear and some food. They could hear screams of agony from the prison, but they never saw Olivia or Raul or any of the other guards. For a week, Lydia and Charlotte were confined to the cell, just getting weak soup and bread to eat.

Then a soldier came to cell, and unlocked it.

"You are free to go. A general amnesty has been declared."

"Go where? We don't even have shoes." Charlotte said.

"I don't care. Just go before we change our mind."

Lydia and her daughter walked out into a damaged city. Foreign soldiers were everywhere, trying to enforce order. They walked through the rubble until they reached what had been their home. The house, and many others in their wealthy neighborhood, had been burned and looted. Somehow, they were able to construct a habitable space out of what had been the living room. Only when she was lying in the ruins of her house was Lydia able to cry.

Most of those neighbors who survived the revolution and war shunned Lydia and Charlotte, but a few helped them surreptitiously, enabling them to survive.

But Lydia felt the loss of everything that gave her life meaning. She had lost her house, her husband, her status, her money, her friends and family, and her self respect. She got more depressed every day. Charlotte tried to find some money to help her and her mother. Every day she went out, to try to get something, usually by begging from foreign soldiers, and occasionally offering herself in return. Less than a month after Raul and the soldiers called her a whore, Charlotte was on the verge of actually becoming one. But helping her mother with depression required more resources, emotional and physical, than the teenager could bring to bear. One night, Lydia walked off, and never returned.

Charlotte often thought about that night at the police station. She could accept what had happened to her and her father, especially after she learned of her father's cruelty. But she could not forgive what it had done to her mother.

Charlotte tried to find legitimate employment, but the war ravaged economy was still a mess. Because she had never finished high school, Charlotte had no skills beyond basic literacy. Her family background made her almost unemployable. She was alone, without friends or family. She eventually succumbed to the inexorable pull of drugs, crime, and prostitution.



Charlotte came under the protection of a pimp named Miguel and another whore named Marissa. Marissa was older, who taught Charlotte how to succeed at the trade. Marissa took her profession seriously, and tried to deliver good service. She had none of the demons which haunted Charlotte. Sometimes Marissa would cum during sex and sometimes not, but Charlotte only felt fully alive when she was with a man. Miguel, Marissa and the other girls became Charlotte's only friends and family.

One evening, Marissa and Charlotte were approached by two officers of a foreign army, named Tom and Dave. The officers were part of a civil affairs unit which was trying to restore basic services to the city. They were on leave, and were searching for some feminine companionship for the night. They were trying to avoid cheap bars and strip joints which they felt might cheat them. Marissa approached them, offering a good time. She liked the foreigners, because they usually paid well. Because there were two of them, she brought Charlotte along. The officers wanted to bring them to a motel. Marissa and Charlotte agreed, after checking with Miguel and getting paid part of the money. Miguel followed them to the motel. He was loyal to his girls, and demanded their loyalty in return.

When they got to the motel, Dave brought out a bottle of wine. He offered a glass to Tom, and the girls.

"Here's to a night of passionate loving." He toasted. All four downed the wine.

Charlotte was standing next to Tom, who wanted to kiss her. She put her arms around him and pulled him close. He kissed her and placed his hands under her short dress. He then played with her breasts and started to unbutton her dress. Charlotte let him pull her dress off, and unhook her bra. She then sat on the bed, and unbuckled his slacks. She pulled them down, and so she could play with his prick.

"Suck me off," Tom said.

She fed his prick into her mouth. She used both hands to move it about while she encircled it with her lips. She bobbed on it, back and forth, while Tom held her head loosely.

She could tell he was getting very excited.

She looked up at him. "Do you want to fuck me?" She asked.

"Yes. Very much."

Charlotte helped Tom remove the remainder of his clothes. She pulled off her panties, and lay next to him.

"Let me put this condom on you." She said.

They lay down, and Tom put his hand on her pussy. He played with it for several minutes, inserting several fingers. Charlotte was getting excited too.

"I want to do you now," Tom said.

Charlotte lay on her back, pulling Tom on top of her. He entered her easily, thrusting deeply. This was the feeling Charlotte loved. She pushed up at him, helping him get into a rhythm.

"This feels wonderful. Fuck me hard." Charlotte said.

Tom took his time, because he the condom reduced his feeling. Charlotte urged him on.

Suddenly, Tom picked up the pace. His prick was straining with pleasurable feeling. He knew he was almost there. Charlotte was there.

"You are going to make me cum. Go tiger." Charlotte exclaimed.

"Me too. You feel wonderful." Tom yelled, between grunts. He flooded the condom with his sex juice.

On the other bed, Dave was deep inside Marissa. He had her panties by her legs, but she was still wearing her dress, and he was still half dressed himself. That did not prevent them from having a fantastic fuck.

Tom got up to empty his condom in the toilet. When he got back, Charlotte and Dave were undressing Marissa completely, and then Marissa and Charlotte were stripping Dave.

"I see you decided to get naked, too" Tom said.

He offered them some more wine. Tom then turned his attention to Marissa, while Dave joined Charlotte. The women played and sucked the men until they were hard again.

"Let's do a chain." Dave said.

"Okay, if I get to eat out Marissa." Charlotte said.

Marissa lay back the bed, so Charlotte could get at her. Dave got behind Charlotte so he could take her on all fours. She made him use another condom.

"Sit up, Marissa, so I can fuck your mouth. " Tom said.

Tom stood on the bed, over Marissa. She engulfed him with her lips. Charlotte started licked Marissa's clit, knowing exactly how to excite a woman. Dave pushed roughly into Charlotte, slamming into her ass. Dave pulled at Charlotte's breasts and slapped her ass as he moved all over her. Charlotte had difficulty staying with Marissa. She abandoned herself to Dave, letting Marissa devote herself to Tom.

Dave and Charlotte moved passionately about the bed. Both were grunting and panting.

"Fuck me, you whore." Dave yelled.

"Yes. Fuck your whore!" Charlotte exclaimed.

Dave slapped her again, and pulled her hair. Charlotte was almost crazy with passion. Waves of pleasure washed over her as Dave kept pummeling her pussy. He did not let up. He banged away at her, bringing her to another brink. Charlotte grunted incoherently. Dave kept pounding, until his prick swelled to bursting. He came so hard, he almost broke the condom.

It wasn't until he relaxed, that Charlotte could relax. She fell forward, and almost passed out.

Marissa treated Tom more gently. She wanted to make it last for him, so each time she felt he as at the edge, she eased up.

"This is the best blow job I've ever had. Keep it up." Tom said. Marissa licked the circumference of his prick and resumed sucking. She grabbed his ass for support so she could move on him more easily. Finally, she brought Tom to the point of no return. Tom's cum poured over her face, as she tried to lick it up.

When she was done, Tom sat down on the bed.

"Can you girls stay the night." Dave asked.

"It will cost you extra." Marissa said.

In discussion about how much, Tom and Dave realized that they were done for the night. However, they made arrangements to meet the women some other night. The women used the bathroom and then dressed and left. As she often did, Charlotte got Marissa off when they got home.

In spite of the gratifying sex, Charlotte felt something was missing. She did not like what had happened to her life, but did not see a way out.

About six months later, Charlotte was walking about the town, dressed provocatively, hoping for a customer for sex, when the way out arrived. Olivia suddenly drove by, accompanied by two female guards. When Olivia saw Charlotte, she beckoned to her. When Charlotte saw Olivia, her face melted into a beatific smile, as if her mission was over. Charlotte strode willingly to where Olivia was standing. Olivia thought she wanted another round of debauchery. Instead, Charlotte extracted a hand grenade from her small satchel. Charlotte removed the safety pin on the grenade, and offered it to Olivia as if it were a precious jewel. The explosion tattered the soft flesh of their bodies.

- The End -

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