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"A Night With Patti"


      (MF, Interr, Wife, Oral, Rough)

The following is a true story about my wife Patti. My job required that I move around a lot as a manager. In 1999 I was assigned to our plant in Fayetteville, NC, my hours were long and I would get home around midnight every day. We settled in bought a new home and started making friends. Patti has always liked black men. She had a black boy friend when she was in high school and fucked him often.

A little about Patti: she is in her mid 40's, 5 7, 140 pounds with 38DD breasts, blue eyes and blond hair. She has very large nipples that if you play with them she will cum. Her pussy is just as sensitive, rub her clit and she will go crazy. She loves to get on top of a dick and ride as well as into a 69 position. She loves to suck a dick, and I must say, is very good at it. Patti always takes her bath just before going to bed; she puts on a long nightgown with panties and bra. She always does this with no exception that I knew of until Tom came along.

One day we both went into a local business and computer store, the attendant, I will call him Tom (Not his real name), was very helpful with what we were looking to buy. He was a very large black male in his mid 40's. I could see that he was attracted to Patti by the way he was looking at her. I could also see that Patti loved the attention and was attracted to him.

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We all talked for awhile and then left the store, but before leaving we exchanged phone numbers, as I was interested in his help with my computer at home. In a few days he called and after a few minutes I suggested he come over to our house. He arrived and we worked on my computer for awhile, then set on the back porch talking between us three. We all were getting along great. He asked if he could stop by sometime and talk to Patti, I said sure. After he left I told Patti to call me if he wanted to stop by.

The following is what happened when Tom stopped by to see Patti as told to me by him.

It was a rainy day and I was off work early. I called Patti to see if her husband was home and she told me that he was working and would not be home until after 11:00 PM. I talked to her for a few minutes and asked if I could stop by. She said that she would call her husband and see if it was okay, and to call her back in ten minutes.

In ten minutes I called back and she said her husband was okay with me stopping by. I told her I would be there in about an hour. It was just starting to get dark. (I might add that when he arrived an hour later Patti had already taken her bath and put on her nightgown, no panties or bra, she new that Tom was going to fuck her)

When I arrived it was dark, Patti answered the door in a full-length nightgown, and not very sexy as it showed nothing. She sat on the end of the couch and I sat next to her. My leg was just touching her leg that she had placed under her butt. We talked small talk for about an hour and I brought up the subject of internet sex sites, I told her that they showed everything, threesomes, men fucking women, women sucking dicks, she said she would like to see some of them. I asked if I could use her husband's computer and she said sure. I brought up several sites and all of them showed several black men fucking white women. I could see that she was getting turned on because her face was very red and she kept moving in her chair.

We looked at the sites for about an hour and she suggested going back to the living room. Again she sat on the end of the couch and placed her leg under her butt. I set very close to her and asked if I could eat her pussy, she said no that her husband had to say it was okay that she did nothing without him knowing about it, that she had never had sex with anyone unless he agreed to it. She also said that she had never met anyone and had sex with him or her without her husband being there. I told her that if I could not eat her pussy could I see it. She lifted her gown up and showed me her pussy, she had no panties on and it looked great.



I reached over and pulled her leg from under her and got between her legs and placed my mouth on her pussy. I was able to put my tongue in as far as I could and she slowly pushed my head back. Again she said no my husband has to tell me that it is okay. I told her he was not here and that I wanted to eat her pussy real bad. I asked if she could call him at work. She said she could and dialed his number.

She told her husband that Tom wanted to have sex with her, she said are you sure and then handed the phone to me. I started talking to her husband and she went to the bedroom. I told her husband that I wanted to eat her pussy and fuck her, he said that sounds great. He told me to take my time and fuck her real hard. I ask him if he was sure and he said yes go ahead and fuck her. He then told me to give the phone back to Patti.

I walked into the bedroom and Patti was sitting on the edge of the bed, I told her he wanted to talk to her and handed her the phone. As she was talking I spread her legs apart and placed my mouth on her pussy, I could not believe how wet she was, as soon as I touched her pussy she moaned. I heard her tell her husband, "He is eating my pussy".

I stood up and raised her nightgown over her head and removed it, she had VERY large breasts and her nipples were very hard. After I took her gown off she lay back on the bed, I spread her legs apart and put my tongue in as far as I could get it, she was really wet and man did she taste good. I felt her shudder and cum. She had a faraway look on her face that told me she really loved what I was doing.

I raised her legs up high and really started eating her pussy, she told her husband that she had to lay the phone down as she could not hold it. She laid the phone on the pillow beside her and raised her legs high to allow me better access to her pussy. I cannot tell you how many times she came, she really loved getting her pussy eaten. Patti placed her legs around my head and pulled my head closer to her pussy with her hands, after awhile she pulled her pussy lips to each side so I could get at her clit. I would never have thought that she was this hot with the way she acted prior to calling her husband.

After awhile Patti told me to lay on my back, my 9.5 dick was hard as nails, she got between my legs and started kissing my balls, then licking every inch of my dick, all the time telling me how great my dick was. She placed her lips over the head and down she went it was not just sucking my dick it was making love to my dick. She has a great mouth and I tell you what a slut dick sucker she is. She sucked me until I was ready to cum, I stopped her and laid her on her back, I placed my dick at her pussy and she took it and rubbed it all around her pussy. She was so wet and ready. She placed the head just inside her pussy and I pushed forward. I had no trouble getting my entire dick in her pussy.

She moaned and I new she was cumming again. We fucked like mad people for over an hour. Then Patti said she wanted to get into a 69 position. Man was that great, I was eating her pussy and she was sucking my dick at the same time. The phone rang and she turned around on the bed laid on her back and answered the phone. I heard her talking to her husband as I entered her pussy again. I started pounding her real hard. I heard her tell her husband, "He is fucking my pussy". The bed was rocking and she again placed the phone down. She started moaning and told me to fuck her hard, again she started cumming. This lady could not get enough of my black dick.

By this time it was close to 11:00 PM, we had been fucking for over two hours. I came in her pussy at least three times and I can not tell you how many times she came. Have you ever had a pussy rapped around your dick that felt like velvet? Hers does, what a fine piece of pussy, she is a great slut and loves black dick. We just wore ourselves out and after a rest period I took a shower, got dressed kissed her for a long time and said good night. I then went home. Her husband told me later that I had really given her a great fuck, she loved it. So did her husband, he said that he fucked her for over an hour after he got home. What a women.

- The End -

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