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"Our First Interracial Liaison"

      by Dan

      (MF MF swing)

There's no way to be totally prepared for the reality of the first time. Case in point: Years ago, after fantasizing, we nervously began to plan an adventure in what was then called 'wife swapping'. "Key parties" were also popular then, but this was just meeting with a couple we met in the local papers 'personals'. We are Latinos, the other couple was black, each of us curious to do the 'interracial' thing for the first time. Two taboos in one. After a few phone calls we decided to meet. We met in at a hotel lounge to get acquainted, just to check out the chemistry. Two young couples, middle class, attractive, and each with one young child. Well the chemistry was great, and although we originally said just dinner the first night, we all sort of agreed, 'no time like the present!'

We decided to use their house since their child was to spend time with the grandparents. Nice house in a subdivision not far from us. Things progressed slowly as we agreed they should. Soft lights, drinks, mellow music. We started to 'make out' with our own spouses at first. Things began to warm up and some garments were discarded. We agreed only to have sex this way in the same room... then if all agreed we'd swap spouses, again in the same room, and progress to separate rooms from there. All four of us were turned on...we were so new to this... so soon we swapped and started 'making out' again with our new partners.

The black lady was lovely, but I must admit my eyes kept straying to my wife, French kissing the other husband and fondling his big black tool. And soon it was my wife who finally, breathing heavily, said in a husky voice, "Should we go to separate rooms now?" My stomach tied into a knot! "Sure... OK... yeah" we all seemed to say together although I began to have serious doubts. I could hardly breathe, but was hard as a rock.


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Well, I went through the motions with the black lady, but I was engrossed by the SOUNDS coming from the next room. Really thin walls allowed me to hear my wife's giggles responding to something he mumbled. Then whispers, another giggle and then a deep moan from him. I just thought, "Son of a bitch! She's sucking him already!" More moans from him and just 'mmmm...mmmm...mmmm" over and over from her. "No doubt, she's sucking her first black cock, that's why she wanted a separate room. She was too ashamed to suck him in front of me!" We were enjoying ourselves in our room, ending up in a 69 position, but my attention wasn't undivided. The next sounds I heard were rather loud, my wife saying, "Easy, easy... oh, oh.. OHHH" OWWWW... OWWWWWWW... easy. IT HUUURTS," she whimpered. I jumped up, tortured by concern for my wife, but the lady held my arm, "No wait.., wait it'll be alright, believe me. Believe me he'll take it easy... honest." And she was right, soon the sounds changed. Now her moans were like sighs.

I had to fuck the black lady and she needed it bad! We both got nuts listening to the sounds of the seduction of my wife... In seconds we both got our rocks off.

When we four joined up again, my wife was kind of sheepish about her episode. We were holding hands with each other's spouse, just quiet affection. "So be honest, Honey," I said. "No big deal huh?" We all cracked up.

I can honestly say that I NEVER could've imagined the gamut of emotions I experienced that first time.

- The End -

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