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"My New Pool Man"

      by Sally Suckalot

      (MF cons inter size(male) age cuckold)

Every third Tuesday afternoon the pool guy would come to my house and cleans the pool. For a while I had this 40-something overweight guy but when summer came things changed. The first week in June, I saw an amazing specimen of a boy. I watched from my kitchen window as this 6 foot, 215 lb perfect black teenager walked through the gate and started to clean the pool. He only had his shorts and sandals on and he had the most amazing physique. Broad strong shoulders, the most well defined abs, arms and chest I had ever seen, strong legs and what looked to be a nice package between his legs. I had always heard that black guys had huge cocks from my girlfriend but I had never had one.

After watching him for twenty minutes, fridging my self he walked to my back door and knocked. I went and opened the door and he introduced himself, Tyrone was his name. He was smooth confident and an incoming senior at the nearby high school. The entire time he spoke I kept looking down at his dick, I kept wondering how big it was. After about five minutes of small talk he had to leave to finish his route.

As soon as he left I went up stairs and masturbated to orgasm three times! I was so hot for him and his huge black cock!

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That afternoon I devised a plan, after my husband left for work the next day I would call the pool service and tell them I had a problem and see if they could send "my" pool guy out to check out the pump.

The next day, my husband left for work and I called. They said that he would be by around 2:00 PM. At about one I got into my sexiest two piece thong bikini, a black and white checker pattern triangle top string with a high cut thong back, I look gorgeous in it, and went out to sit by the pool. I was a fitness and swimsuit model till I was 27. I'm 33 now, brunette with red highlights, bright blue eyes, dark tan, 5'4", 112 lbs, 34D fake tits, 21 inch waist and the ass and legs that stop cars in their tracks. It drives my husband nuts! Anyway I waited and he showed up at about 2:05. He had a dew rag on his head, sun- glasses, no shirt, sweat dripping off his perfect frame blue Bermuda shorts and thongs. I acted as if I didn't notice him and he came up to me and blew out a loud whistle.

"Damn, I didn't notice what a great body you have yesterday!" Your husband is a lucky man!" he said. Then he proceeded to ask what the problem was.

"There doesn't seem to be any suction on the hose." I said coyly while standing up and running my hand up his torso. His body was like a rock, the most taut I had ever touched. "Maybe if you have something big to stick in the hole the suction will come back," I followed with a slight little girl voice.

I was surprised at his response, especially for a teenager. "Bitch, I've got something huge to stick in your hole and it better suck me dry!" He said it staring in my eyes with power, taking off his sunglasses with one hand and grabbing the monster between his legs with the other. He then said, "You might want to invite me into your house so you can decide for yourself."

I then said, "Please come in and show me your tool!" I led him by the hand and once we got into the house he picked me up in his huge arms and carried me upstairs to my bedroom all the while saying, "My huge tool is easier to handle in the bedroom!"

The moment we got into the bedroom I led him to a chair in the corner and sat him down. "Have you ever had a lap dance young man?" I asked. He shook his head. "Would you like one?" He nodded.

I first turned to him and looked him in the eye and kissed his big lips. Then I brought my tits up into his face as I suffocated him I drew the string on the back and neck. I drew back and asked, "Have you ever seen titties this perfect...young man?" "Only in magazines!" he replied.

I moved up and placed my chest on his head and asked, "Have you seen a stomach this perfect, even on your high school bitches young man?" He shook his head. I then turned around and put my ass in his face, "Have you seen such a perfect, smooth, tight ass young man?"

He said, "Fuck no!" You're the hottest woman I've ever seen!"

I ran my fingers through my hair and placed my ass on his lap and started to grind. His hands reached around and massaged my huge tits. I could feel his huge member growing with each movement. It felt enormous and I was soaping through my thong. I then stopped and stood up. I could not wait any longer to feel that huge cock in my hands!

I took both of Tyrone's hands and pulled him gently out of the chair. I then rubbed my right hand over his crotch, his dick felt as long and as thick as a baseball bat! I kissed his chest, arms and made my way to his back. We were facing the same direction and I reached my arms around his waist and put one of my hands in the front of his pants.

"You might want to put both on it," he suggested.

He was right! I couldn't believe what I was holding, the most enormous cock I'd ever felt. After trying to stroke him, he undid his shorts and dropped them to the floor.



"It's big huh?" He said, I kept stroking him, my head and tits pressed against his muscular back and I still couldn't reach the tip of his cock!

"It's enormous, huge! I've never felt anything like it!" I kept stroking, never actually seeing his cock. It kept getting thicker, bigger, longer, harder! I then whispered, "I've got to see it!"

He grabbed my arms before I could move and said, "Are you sure? If you are, beg to see it! I've made girls pay to see it, so you better beg bitch!" I was instantly wet right there. "Young man, I beg you! Please let me see that big beautiful cock!" He then told me to close my eyes and he turned.

He commanded me to get on my knees, I complied and told me to open my eyes. I was easily a foot away from his torso and there staring at me was the biggest cock head I'd ever seen. I reached up and grabbed it with both hands again and started to stroke it, it must have been 12 inches long and 2 inches thick.

"Big enough to stick in that hole and get some suction?" He asked.

"More than enough!"

He then said, "Suck it you old white bitch!"

I got my mouth around the huge head and choked down about five inches. He then grabbed the back of my head and shoved another two in. "I said suck it!" I stroked his huge rod with both hands and sucked the best I could. "Is it too much for ya'! Bet your husband's doesn't even hit the back of your throat! I'm just a kid and way more of a man than your white-dicked husband!"

He was right, I'd never felt so hot, I felt like I was in the presence of a real man and he wasn't even out of high school! After sucking him for about 15 minutes my jaw was about to drop off and I withdrew. "How was it?" He asked. "I want more! I need your huge cock inside me!"

"Get on your back, I like seeing the faces on bitches the first time they take me!" I complied. "Please be gentle, my husband isn't near your size!" He then said, "Say it then." I knew what he wanted me to say. "Say it or I won't fuck you!"

"You are ten times the man my husband is. Your teenage dick is three times his size!"


"Please fuck me with that huge teenage nigger cock!"

He started to put the monster in, I gasped and my eyes started getting huge! He smiled, "I'm the man!" I started to cum! By the sixth inch I was convulsing. I couldn't believe how it felt! After a minute he was mostly inside me! I couldn't stop cumming! He then picked me up with his cock in me and fucked me in mid air! This boy was unreal! Strong, powerful, the most erotic and masculine being I'd ever encountered. I kept repeating, "Oh my god!"

Then between orgasms I said, "You fuck like a champ, stamina, size, motion! You must fuck any woman you want!"

He then said, "Before you the best piece of ass I had was my sophomore year English teacher, she could take my entire cock in her mouth!" That made me cum again! "Then just a week ago I fucked six college cheerleaders at the same time at a recruiting visit to State, I fucked them all raw! It was only going to be one but when she saw my cock she called the entire team and they couldn't get enough!" I erupted again! "You like that bitch, you like hearing about me fucking other chicks with my huge cock!"

"YES!" I screamed in a final yell.

He then let me down and I asked if he had problems with cameras. He said no so I got the video camera out and placed it on top of the TV. I hit record and said, "Fuck me from behind with that huge nigger teenage cock of yours!"

I looked directly into the camera when he started to enter me. "Steve this is how a real man fucks!" Tyrone blew his load all over my ass right then and there. I turn around and he said, "That was it, I couldn't hold it after that." I got up and rewound the tape and started again.

I was on the floor sucking him to hardness, staring at the camera. "Now this is a real man!" I said. I started pumping his dick between my D breasts, sucking on the top.

While I got up, he turned to the camera and said, "Bet you wish you had this. I'm only 17 and more of a man than you!"

I got on all fours and said, "Come fuck me from behind with that huge high school nigger cock!" As he entered, I screamed out an orgasm. Tyrone turned to the camera and said,

"How's it feel to see a high school nigger with a cock three times yours fucking your wife in your own bed?"

I replied, "It feels fucking amazing! I love your huge cock, don't ever stop fucking me! How did I ever live without this feeling, you're reaching places my husband could only dream of!" I came again. After about fifteen minutes of perfect fucking Tyrone pulled out, I turned and he and came all over my face and in my mouth, the first spurt hit the wall ten feet away! I said, "I've never seen so much cum! It tastes wonderful!" I then got up walked to the camera and said, "Hoped you like the show!" and turned it off.

Tyrone then asked to fuck my ass and I said that I had never done it and he would tear me apart. I then said, "I'll start letting my husband do it and maybe in a couple of weeks we can try." He was happy to hear about that.

I then sucked his cock again and got him to come in five minutes. He then had to leave - his pager was going off. I gave him my private cell number and told him to call me.

I can't wait till the next time I get a chance to fuck that cock. I can't ever look at my husband with lust any more, I keep the video in a shoebox. Maybe one day my husband will get to see it. Anyway, all I've done since is let him fuck me in the ass so I can be ready for Tyrone's monster. Once you go black you never go back!

- The End -

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