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"Lauren's Story"

      by Gary Clark

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Chapter One

We met while I was at a Medical Conference in Atlanta several years ago. I saw him across a crowded meeting room; a light skinned black man that had the looks of a movie star. He was a tall and well built. I could tell from his posture and mannerisms that he must be the man that I had heard a few other ladies talking about in the bathroom.

It was not long before I made my way over to him. I introduced myself. "Hi, my name is Lauren." He smiled. "I work for the American Heart Association. Have we met before?" Okay, I knew that was an old pick up line but I really had the feeling I knew him. "No, I do not believe we have. My name is Ronald Rushton. I work for Stanford Medical Center in California." I looked at his name tag and it said, "Dr. R. Rushton."

After our introductions, I found out he was there as the speaker for the night. I looked in my brochure after he walked away and I saw his picture and read his bio. He was an AIDS research expert with years of experience. He had written several medical textbooks being used by some of the best professors in the country. He had received a lot of his education in Europe. The speech was captivating. I never lost interest once. After the lecture and meeting was over he walked up to me and another lady I was talking to and joined in our conversation. That night we ended up talking for hours. By midnight and several drinks later we divulged more into our personal lives.

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He was married to a women five years his senior whom he met while in Europe, that from all accounts only loved his money, but could take or leave him. I was in a marriage in which I was miserable. Married to an attorney afforded me a lot of things. In fact everything a person could ask for, that is except the physical needs a women at my age needed. My husband, ten years my senior viewed me as a trophy wife. I knew our marriage had potential but he had become so self involved that I was left neglected. I had grown tired of it and was contemplating a divorce. I found it so easy to talk to Ronald. His eyes lit up and even sparkled when he spoke. His teeth we perfect and when he smiled I could tell he had a warmth to him that I had not seen in a while. At the end of the night we exchanged work numbers and email addresses.

After returning home, I found things to be the same. I knew something had to give. Over the course of the next few months Ronald and I kept an email friendship up. Everyday we exchanged long emails. Finally after I felt I could not take my home life anymore, I put in a request for leave to my employer for eight weeks. I emailed Ronald to tell him I was going to fly to St. Croix for a couple of weeks and I would talk to him when I got home. It had only been five minutes since hitting the send button before my phone rang. It was Ronald. "Lauren." he said. "It is Ron. I hope you do not have your mind set on St Croix, because I have another offer for you." I perked up a little and asked "Oh really, like what" ? He proceeded to tell me that he owned a little condo type beach home in California that is about an hour away from where he works and he would not mind at all is I came out there and stayed for a while. He said it would be very private and that way I could do some deep soul searching. "No strings attached at all." he added. I thought for about three minutes and said, " YES, I would love it."

Once in California, Ronald met me at the airport and drove me to the beach house. I was surprised at the simple beauty of the little cottage style home. His wife, he explained had taken their daughter and her mother to Europe for the summer so there would not be any interruptions or explanations needed. "She does not care for the beach too much," Ronald said. "She only bought it, I think to drain my pocket book and so she would be able to say she owns a beach home." He laughed out loud at his comments and those beautiful teeth shined. Once my bags were unloaded he said his good- byes and told me he would come by after work on Monday to check on me to see if I needed anything. "Ronald, wait a minute." I said as he was turning to leave. I walked over to him and hugged him. "Thank you, friend. This means a lot to me." He held on to me for a few seconds and for some very strange, reason I felt slightly excited by his touch. "STOP IT." I thought to myself. That is not what I came out here for. He released his hold of me and grinned and said "See you in a couple of days."

I was lying in bed that night trying to go to sleep, thinking about Ronald and the emotion I had for him when he hugged me. It was odd for me to feel this way. I had not thought of Ronald as anything other than a friend up to that point not to mention that with me being from the south and having been raised in the utmost southern way, the idea of white and black races being attracted to each other was too far off my beaten path.

Chapter Two
Dinner Guest

Monday arrived faster than I thought. Sunday had been a blur of unpacking and organizing things and of course a little R and R on the beach. Ronald had stated he would be by after work so that left me wondering if he would be here before or after dinner. I decided to be on the safe side I would cook extra. I chose grilled shrimp, potatoes au gratin and asparagus for the menu. I was just about to finish a bottle of blush zinfandel when I heard his voice. "Hello!" he yelled. "Come around to the patio." I yelled back. He came through the gate and flashed that beautiful smile. Be still my restless heart I thought to myself. He was wearing navy colored gym shorts and a white muscle shirt. He obviously worked out before he stopped by. "Hey you" he said. "Hi." I replied. "I cooked enough for an army if you would like to stay and eat." "Are you kidding." he said. "With my wife gone for the next month or so, I will take any offer you feel free to make." I blushed at the bold statement he made and he noticed. "Oh Lauren, I am sorry, I did not mean that the way it sounded. I just meant that I would not turn down any home cooked meals."

I laughed and shook my head and finished taking the shrimp off the grill. The music from the house was playing loud enough to vaguely hear it outside. He kept looking at me with this look I had not seen from him before. He told me I looked pretty and that red was a good color for me. I had a red sundress on. I looked him over without noticing I was doing so and said, "You look really good to me too." Oh bother, did that not sound desperate or what? As I brushed past him he grabbed my hand and asked me if I would like to dance. I nodded yes. As we were dancing he pulled me closer to him. I did not resist. I could feel the muscles in his arm as he held me.

He leaned back and looked at me and said, "Lauren, you are a beautiful women. I am not sure why but you are affecting me in a way that I cannot explain." I looked down as not to make eye contact until I could think of the right response to that comment. He grabbed my chin and tried to kiss me. I pushed away and walked into the house. Oh my god what am I doing. I wanted him too. But this was not what I needed right now. What am I suppose to do I asked myself. I heard him come up behind me and touch my waist. "I am sorry if that made you uncomfortable, I will not try again." I looked up at him and as if I did not have any control over my action reached out and put my arms around him. "Hold me Ronald." I whispered, " I am not sorry you tried." He pulled me closer, so close that I could feel the effects of his excitement through his shorts as he pressed his pelvis against my stomach.

We began dancing slowly across the room until I had reached the back of the wall in the living room. He gently pushed me back against the wall, leaned down and began to kiss my neck. I had ever been intimate with a black man. He knew exactly how to touch me. His touch was unreal and I knew from that moment what was going to happen. He was on one knee now as he kissed my stomach. My heart was pounding in my throat. What am I doing? He rubbed my legs softly, his tongue softly licking circles around my belly button. I began to move my hips in a way that let him know I approved. I wanted him.

He reached under my dress and removed my panties. I sighed slightly as his hands moved down my thighs. Still on one knee, he lifted my left leg and placed it over his shoulder. Slowly and deliberately his tongue made its way to my wanting and waiting pussy. I was already wet from the anticipation of what he was doing. He began licking my clit. "Oh god, Ronald."..I whispered. I could hear him utter, "Do you like that." "Oh yes,,,I love it." I replied. My hips moved in the rhythm of his tongue. My cunt was swelling and I could feel the pressure as his tongue pressed harder against it. I leaned my head back and closed my eyes and moaned louder. "Don't stop...oh god... oh god....yes.... ohhhh,." I could not help what was coming out of my mouth. He then slid two fingers inside me as his tongue massaged my clit. It was almost more that I could stand. "Oh shiiiiit, Ronald, YESSS...FASTER...please...please...oh yes!!!"



He was licking me like you would an ice-cream cone as his fingers jabbed in and out of me faster and faster. My juices were flowing freely and were beginning to run down my leg. He stopped from time to time and licked it off my leg. "God Lauren you taste good...damn baby, you taste soooo good." He leaned back slightly and I caught a glimpse of his cock. It was HUGE. I had never seen a black cock before and to be honest I thought the size of black cock was over dramatized but I knew differently now. I was breathing heavier and heavier and I could tell I was about to cum. I did not want to cum this way. I wanted to cum with him inside of me. I pushed his head away, and in a desperate voice told him, "I want you to fuck me, Ronald. I want you now."

With that he stood up and all in one motion lifted me so that I could wrap my legs around his waist as he pushed me down onto his erect cock. It would not go all the way in at first. "Oh baby, you are so tight," Ronald whispered to me. I could feel the head of his huge cock entering me. He was pushing me slightly against the wall as he pushed himself deeper and deeper into me. I used my legs to lift myself up and down on his huge member and with each downward stroke I eased him further inside of me. He was so strong and he used his strength to lift my 118-pound frame as if I was a small child. You could hear the sound of my fluid as his dick pumped in and out of my pussy. Our rhythm was perfect. He began fucking me harder and faster and with each stroke I moaned louder. He was big. A little too big for me and it hurt when he pulled me down hard. The base of it was rubbing against my clit, which was driving me insane with ecstasy. I glanced up at his eyes and I could tell he was enjoying this as much as I. "Oh yeah Lauren that's it baby." he said as I began to move faster, my breast bouncing up and down as I moved. His hands gripped my hips so hard as he slammed himself into me that I was sure I was going to have bruises. Oh god...ummmm......ummmm.....yesss I felt a warm sensation come over me and I knew I was close to cumming. "That's it, Lauren ...cum for me...cum for me...yea baby do it" he said. I began to breath heavier and heavier the closer I got. Ahh ahh ahh...oh yessss Ronald FUCK ME I screamed... just then my cunt began to spasm and my whole body went in to an orgasmic convulsion. "I am cummming. Oh god yesssssss." My legs tighten around his waist trying to slow him but he didn't. The orgasm hit me like a ton of bricks and for a brief moment it felt as though I as going to explode. OHHH GODDDDD!!!!!!! Just as the wave began to pass I could feel his movement quicken and his breathing got faster. "OH SHIIIITTTT!!!!!" I heard him say through clenched teeth. He was cumming....I moved up and down as his hands guided my hips. He was ramming it all the way in. God it hurt. I whispered to him, "yea baby, come on...oh yea...............god you feel sooooo good............don't stop." I could feel his hot wad of cum as it shot out into me. His body jerked and his movement slowed. His body began to relax, as did his grip on my hips. After he came he pulled me close to him, kissed me and helped me off of him. He smiled at me and said "You are wonderful, Lauren." "You are too" I replied, almost embarrassed. He kissed me softly and asked if he could shower.

After we both had showered we devoured the dinner I had cooked. We lay in the hammock out back afterwards sipping wine talking about some of our sexual preferences. I told him that I was very submissive by nature sexually and that I enjoyed being made or told what to do. I shared with him that I loved role-playing. This seemed to really turn him on. He told me of some of his secret desires, which intrigued me as well. One of our fantasies that we both had was role-playing the "intruder" scenario. Something we both had never done but wanted to. We began discussing what had previously transpired between us.

I reminded him that we were both married and that we had to be very discrete about it. "Lauren, I do not know how you feel about it, but I do not want this to be a one night stand." I would like for us to be together again. I grinned and kissed his forehead and told him we would just have to see about it. He slapped me on the ass and got up. " I have to go, I have to be at the hospital at 7 am." I told him I understood that I had to get to bed soon to because I had a big day planned for tomorrow on the beach drinking wine coolers all day. He laughed a big laugh. I walked over to him and hugged him tight and told him I enjoyed our night. As he was walking out the door, he stopped and looked at me and said "you are so amazing, Lauren... you really are." and he turned and left. Wow, he thinks I am amazing. It had been a long time since anyone thought I was amazing. I went to bed that night thinking about those words. It was not long before I drifted off into a deep sleep.

Chapter Three
Fresh Air

The super market that was just one block away always offered the best selection in fresh fruit. Everything from papayas to mangos to granny smith apples to the most beautiful cherries you have ever seen. In the two and a half weeks that I had now been living in Ron's beach home I had gotten use to the sort walk every morning. It gave me a chance to meet a few of my neighbors, which lived down the beach a bit. Since the first sexual encounter, Ronald and I had since been together several times. I was getting use to him coming over in the afternoons after work but I worried that the routine may become habit and you know what they say about habits... they are hard to break. On my way back from the grocery and my morning walk I noticed from a distance Ronald's car sitting in the front of the house. When I walked up the steps to go inside I saw him sitting on the front porch swing. "Hey babe, why are you not at work today." I asked. "Where have you been Lauren!" he replied. I was a little taken back by his forwardness. " I walked to the store just like I do every morning...why?" He stood up and took the sack from my hands and walked inside without saying anything. I followed behind. "What's wrong Ronald" ? "Nothing." he said, "I was surprised when you were not here and it scared me. Anyway, I took the day off and wanted to know if you wanted to spend it together." I said, "Sure, what do you have in mind" ? "A drive up the coast. ." he replied, "but before we leave, Lauren I have a request." "Okay." I said. "When ever I am around I want you to wear a skirt or loose legged shorts without any panties on. I never want to walk in this house and find you with any on. "God Ronald, that is a bold request" I shot back, "Any reasoning in your bizarre request" ? He looked me dead in the eye without a smile and said "I want to have immediate access whenever I want it, so please do as I asked." I went to the bedroom and sat on the bed for a second thinking about what he said. I get it! He is playing into my sexual fantasy of being controlled, that's it. Whew, I thought he was going off the deep end. When I came out of the bedroom I was wearing a thin light cotton mini skirt and spaghetti strapped white shirt (no panties). He smiled and asked me if I was ready to go. "Whenever you are."

Ronald had a baby blue convertible Mercedes. The sun felt great as it beat down on my shoulders, the wind blowing in my hair. I loved this. After we had been driving for quite some time Ronald leaned over and kissed me. "Lauren, I have enjoyed the time we are having with each other. You are like a breath of fresh air to me." As well as you are to me Ronald," I said. A few moments passed as he began rubbing my leg he said, "Lauren, I want to see your pussy. Show it to me, now." I was a little shocked but turned on at the same time. "Okay baby." I leaned the seat far back and put my right leg on the dashboard, lifted my skirt and exposed to him my shaved cunt. "Touch yourself, Lauren" Ronald said with a stern but soft voice. I began to rub myself. God, what a turn on it was. I loved him watching me masturbate. I rubbed slowly and watched him as he glanced at me between times of watching the road. I really began to get into it. I could tell Ronald was too. I could feel an orgasm building but the sound of a horn from an oncoming car made me jump. Ronald had been watching me and not the road and had swerved into the other oncoming lane of traffic. "Baby, you are going to get me killed," he laughed. "There is a park about 10 miles up the road. I brought a blanket. We can get out and find a secluded place if you want." I would love that, I replied.

The park was more of a nature trail but seemed to have very well maintained walking paths. We waked for over a mile when we saw a clearing off to the side. We got off the main path and made our way to the place we had seen. On the other side of the clearing was a bluff of different trees and bushes, which ran along a small stream. It was very private. Ronald laid the blanket out on the ground and took his shoes off. I walked down to the little stream and splashed around for a few minutes. The water was freezing, but I loved the way it felt running between my toes. It reminded me a little of home.

There is a creek I use to go to all the time as a child with my family and we would put a watermelon between a couple of big rocks or stumps in the water and let the cold water run over it while we swam and played. By the time we were ready to cut it the meat of the watermelon was ice cold. I stood in the middle of the stream and wondered if anyone had ever done that here. "Hey baby, come here," I heard him call moments later. I walked back over to where he was. God, what a beautiful man. He was so cute. His eyes sparkled. They melted me every time he looked at me. I was beginning to think I was smitten with him. He was lying naked on the blanket with a hard on. His huge black cock was standing straight up and looked as intimidating as usual. He was rubbing himself slowly and gazing at me. He had a hungry look in his eye that I had seen before, which drove me crazy. "There is something you have not done and that I want from you." Ronald said. "Anything you want baby" I said. "I want you to suck my cock." I want you to crawl on your knees to me and beg me to let you suck me." I loved this. I did as I was told to do. I knelt down and crawled very slowly toward him until I was in between his already spread legs. I looked at him as a child that had been scolded looks at her daddy, pouting. "Please, sir, can I suck you, pleeeeease, I promise it will me good and if it's not you can spank me.



I saw him grin and then he nodded yes. I had never given a black man a blowjob. I was very nervous. When I got closer to him and put my face close to his cock, I whispered, "talk dirty to me baby." He reached down and grabbed my hair, pulled it hard and said, "Now suck it bitch." He pushed my head down onto his dick, by my hair. Being that I am into light pain, this was a huge turn on. I took the head of his cock in my mouth and began to lick it softly. He placed his arms behind his head and uttered, "That's it, you slut, that's it." I began to take more and more of it in my mouth and as I did I could feel his member growing larger and larger. I relaxed my jaw and began to swallow his cock. I pushed it deep down my throat then pulled it out all the way to the end as my lips milked pre-cum from the tip of the head then all the way down my throat again. He yanked his hands from behind his head and put them on my shoulders. "God Damn, Lauren, how in the fuck are you doing that." I took it out of my mouth and licked my lips and smiled at him and said, "Do you like it." "Like it, he replied, I fucking love it. No woman has ever done that to me before." "Good, now I have a request for you." I said. "I will do anything as long as you keep doing that," he begged. I told him I wanted him to let me lay down on my back and with him over me I wanted him to fuck my mouth. He did as I asked. He had his hands on the ground above my head. One knee was on the ground while his other foot was on the ground on the other side of me. He was fucking my mouth faster and faster. "Oh yea bitch, that's it. Suck my black cock, you fucking whore." " I bet you like black cock now don't you?"

His words excited me so much that my juices were dripping down between my ass cheeks. With one hand I reached down and touched my self and lubricated my middle and pointer finger. I let my fingers linger there and play with my clit. I was so wet that as my fingers moved around and around the tip of my pussy I could feel the cum oozing from inside me. I took my fingers away and reached between Ronald's legs and as I was still being mouth fucked I began to fondle his rectum with my wet finger. I circled the outside edge of his asshole while barely inserting the very tip of my finger. He moaned "oh yeees" and began to move his ass toward my fingers. I inserted my middle finger all the way into his rectum and began massaging the inside of his rectal cavity. "Oh goddd yeees, he moaned louder. His moans caused me to have a spontaneous orgasm without any stimulation. I sucked him faster and deeper as I pushed my finger deeper and deeper. My finger was fucking him in the ass faster and harder. His moans we incredicably loud and for a brief moment I was sure that anyone walking within a mile would hear him. I took the other finger I had lubricated and began to insert it very slowly also. "Ughhh." he grunted slightly "Do you want me to stop," I asked "Noooo" he said so faintly I could barely him, "just be easy at first." Once I had both fingers in I began to move them slowly in opposite directions, making a come here motion inside of him. I was sucking his cock faster and faster as my fingers began to massage faster. "Fuuck yesss, fuuck fuck fuck." he was grunting. His arms began to shake. As I was fingering him I moved my pelvis up and down in a fucking motion, which made the sensation even stronger for me. I had another orgasm. All of a sudden he yanked his cock out of my mouth and took my arm and pulled it way from his ass. He grabbed my arms and with much force threw me onto my knees. With his big hands he grabbed my ass and pulled it up. And with enough force that it shoved me forward, face down onto the blanket; he rammed his cock deep into my pussy from behind. "Take it bitch, oh yea....ohh" he moaned. He was killing me. It felt as though the inside of my cunt was splitting wide open.

He was fucking me so hard that I could feel the bruises as they were forming. "Fuck yea, ummm, oh godddd, you like it rough don't you slut." he said as he was slapping me on the ass way to hard. His cock was hard as rock and hammered me harder and harder. With each thrust I was knocked several inches away from him but his hands grabbed tighter and tighter and rammed my hips back onto his relentless cock. His swollen balls banged against my cunt as he continued his rage. Tears began to well up in my eyes, but yet I did not want him to stop. I could feel his breathing as he reached climax. He tightened his grip on my hips as he unleashed his hot load of cum deep inside of me. He was so far inside of me I could literally feel the pressure in my chest. It was a huge wad, and I could feel his cock shooting the stream of cum into my pussy. "SHITTTTT!!!!!!!" He screamed. He came for what seemed like forever.

Afterwards he collapsed on top of me. He lay there breathing heavy for while. I could feel his dick as it began to retract. My pussy was throbbing in pain. I ached all over. My chest was heaving from being so out of breath. He had spread my legs so far apart while he was fucking me that the joints in my hips popped when he finally relaxed. My hips and ass, where he had grasped and slapped me were still stinging. He pulled my face around so that he could see it. He saw that I had tears in my eyes. "Oh my god Lauren, did I hurt you?" I could not speak yet. I was still in shock. I had never been fucked so hard in all my life. I nodded no, knowing that was a lie. He rolled off of me and pulled me close to his chest. "Lauren, I am sorry, I lost control. I have never in my life experienced anything like what you just did." Between you taking me all the way down your throat like that and the other thing you did, it was more than I could stand. You are unreal woman. It was the most euphoric moment. I guess I lost my senses for a second." He began to rub my breasts softly. "Please forgive me." I finally spoke. "Ronald, don't be sorry, it's okay, I understand." He ran his hands down my waist to my hips and when he got to the place where he had been gripping me, I flinched. He looked down and saw his hand print. "Damn baby, I really lost it didn't it?." "Forget it." I said. "I enjoyed it too, but maybe next time take it a little bit easier." After a while the hurting was gone and the softness of his hugs made me forget all about it.

We lay there for a long time after that talking about more fantasies we had. "What is the kinkiest fantasy you have," he asked me. "Hummm, let me think a second" I said. "Well there in one thing that I have had fantasies about before, but I know it is a little odd." "I could never be a lesbian because I do not like eating pussy, but I have always tried to talk my husband into having a threesome with a female that would eat me while he fucked her." (, I had nearly forgotten I was married) This caused me to shift into a different mood. How could I forget about my husband? I got up and told Ronald I was ready to leave. "Is something wrong?" he asked. "No, I am just ready to go back and, " I replied. "Anything you want baby." With that we made a quiet journey back to the house.

Chapter Four
What Dreams May Come

Jackson was the perfect husband for the first year or two were married. He was every woman's ideal husband, which caused me to be the envy at many a party Tall, dark, handsome and successful. He had taken care of a few legal matters of mine, in which during that time he tried to be strictly professional. It was not long however, that I had seduced him into submission. I wanted him from the moment I met him. We slept together behind the backs of the big wheels at the firm where he worked. A few months later, at a luncheon, he was offered a big job that would take him out of private practice, and more into a corporate setting, not to mention a life style well above the one he already had. The story is told that the offer was made by the president of the company on a lunch napkin that he slid to Jackson across the table. He came to my house at three in the morning in the pouring down rain, intoxicated, banging on my door. When I opened the door he told me the story, but said that he had told the guy that he would have to discuss it with his fiance. "What fiance?" I asked him. Jackson took my hand, got on one knee and proposed to me standing in my door. We had a huge wedding and I began living the life of a prominent attorney's wife. The rest was history, with the exception that about two years after we were married he began his climb up the corporate ladder and forgot about my needs including my need for my own career. He pleaded with me to quit and stay home. But after a while of my constant resistance he gave up that argument along our bed. But there was something about Jackson, even through the hard times that always made me remember how much I loved him. Until now, I had never considered leaving him.

As I lay in the bed thinking about the night he proposed I could almost feel the way he made love to me. His hands inside my thighs. Panting from being so out of breath with passion. The way he laid on top of me almost smothering me as he ever so gently glided himself into me. The slow deliberate moves that he made. His warm soft touch. The way he would pull it almost all the way out then moving in microseconds push deep inside again. I began to feel tears roll down my cheeks as I thought of him and I heard myself say out loud, "Oh Jackson, I love you." The motion stopped. I opened my eyes and looked up. Ronald was looking down at me. Oh my God, I was dreaming. "Jackson!" he exclaimed. Ronald jumped off the bed and yanked his shorts on. "You didn't even know it was me you were fucking." "Ronald, I am sorry. I have had home on my mind all day today and I guess it carried over into my dreams. I am so sorry. Please forgive me. You are a wonderful lover and I care about you very much. But I have a lot to deal with when I get home." "You are still planning on returning Lauren?" Ronald asked. Well, of course I am. I cant live in your beach house forever and I have a career waiting on me baby." I replied. I got up and walked over to him and tried to calm him down. I could tell he was still mad. "This is what I have been trying to avoid Ronald!." I said almost shouting. He gazed at me for a minute, grabbed his t-shirt and left. I sat up the rest of the night thinking about what had just happened.

When morning came I picked the phone up and called Jackson. The call went really well. He began to cry when he heard my voice. He begged me to come home. I promised him I would be home at the end of the month. Four weeks is not that long. He reluctantly agreed to understand. Before hanging up he asked me if I would please consider giving "us" another chance. I told him I would know in four weeks. He asked for my phone number as to where I was staying and I told him that the temptation to call me would be too strong but that I would call him back in a week or so.

Right after hanging the phone up with Jackson, it rang again. It was Ronald. "Whom were you talking to" ? He inquired. I told him no one. He apologized for leaving the way he did earlier and asked if I wanted him to come over that night. "I will bring Chinese takeout." he bribed. "Sure, come on over." I said.

Dinner was nice. We never mentioned what had happened that morning. Some things are better left undiscussed. We lay in the couch holding hands and kissing. He ran his hands up the back of my shorts to feel if I was wearing any panties. I wasn't. He patted me on the ass and said "Good girl." I was on top of him. I looked up at his eyes and asked him, "Ronald, I hope that this is not getting difficult for you." He put a finger over my mouth and replied "Lauren, you have a few more weeks here, and I understand that, but until the time comes for you to leave I just want to make you happy and maybe fulfill a fantasy or two of yours and to be quite frank pleasure myself with your company was well. Fair deal?" "Fair deal." I answered. He hand was still holding the cheek of my ass. I could feel him becoming erect as he fondled me. I was so tired from being up all night the night before that I could not gain the strength to become equally aroused. My body fell limp on his chest. As I was drifting off to sleep I wondered what fantasies Ronald was talking about.

The next morning he was gone but there was a note laying on the bed next me that said: You have a date tonight. Wear a sexy dress, (and remember no panties). I will pick you up at 7:00 sharp. BE READY!!!!! Love, Ronald. What did he have planned? The only sexy dress I brought with me was really short and I was scared that if we went to a public place to eat then I would give everyone a great shot of my crotch. Oh well, I will do as I am told. I took all afternoon getting ready. I wore my hair up in a French twist and put the dress on. It was a tight red little number that hugged my body like a glove. The shoes were high and matched the dress perfectly. All of a sudden I got nervous. I could not get the thought out of my mind that Ronald was really going to surprise me with something tonight. What could it be though? Even though I was very attracted to Ronald physically, over the past few days he seemed different to me. More possessive in a sense. At 7:00 I heard his car pull into the drive. It was show time.

- The End -

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