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"Laundry Night" Part 4 of 4

      by Maddogg

      (MF interr reluc anal)

"Mmmmm, Mr. Jones," cooed Pam Stone. "You gonna give me that huge cock again? My pussy's pretty sore right now, I don't think I could take it."

"I bet it is, Miss Stone," he replied. "But, I have another idea."

Pam frowned a bit and said, "What is it?"

"Well," continued Mr. Jones. "I tol' you what I was going to do ifn' you couldn't do me right." Pam looked puzzled. Mr. Jones picked up the bottle of malt liquor on the table next to the bed. There was only a little bit left in the bottle, and it was already warm. Mr. Jones emptied the bottle in 1 second. He swished the liquid around his mouth a bit, then swallowed it.

"What are you going to do?" asked Pam, now genuinely concerned for her safety.

"I'll show you." he answered. With that Mr. Jones quickly stood up. He practically dropped Pam on the floor as she was still on his lap with her legs spread eagle. He grabbed Pam by the shoulders and threw her on his bed sideways face down. Her knees were still on the floor and she was bent at the waist with her stomach and tits brushing against the course blanket she had complained of earlier.

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He kept his right hand on her left shoulder, not allowing her to get up. "Hey, what are you doing?" Pam shouted.

"Never you no mind." he replied. Just then, Pam found out exactly what he was doing. He didn't have to say. She felt a big finger give her a quick poke right up her asshole. The finger hurt. Mr. Jones used it to give her a short rapid fuck with it for several seconds. He stopped for a moment only to return with 2 fingers doing the same thing.

"Hey! Watchit! NOOO!" shouted Pam. "I'm a virgin back there. I don't do this. Please, oh please, I'll do anything, just don't do this!" Tears started streaming down her face.

Mr. Jones ignored her cries. Instead he pulled out his fingers and quickly replaced it with his thick spongy cock head. He gave a quick, very hard thrust into her poop shoot and buried 5 inches in quickly. Pam buried her face into the mattress and howled in pain. He followed it with another quick thrust then another and another. He had now about 9 inches in. Almost there.

Pam was feeling the worst pain in her life. She was crying uncontrollably. She was sure she would split in two. She had always learned to think her way through problems. She tried to collect her wits and think about everything she knew about anal sex. All she could recall was a conversation she once had with a co- worker who used to talk about having it regularly with her boyfriend. She remembered hearing the key was to try to relax completely. She had said if your ass muscles are tight, you can get hurt.

Trying to employ this advice, she made an effort to relax herself as much as possible. Her instinct was told her to tighten her anal muscles in an attempt to extricate herself. When Mr. Jones hit his fourth and fifth strokes, the pain lessened a bit and he was able to get in better. It was still very painful, but not quite as bad.



Two more strokes and Mr. Jones was in all the way. When he hit bottom (hers), he stopped for a second. Then, he pulled part way out and started fucking her in earnest. He rapidly picked up more and more speed and strength. His cock was still slick from the cunt fuck they had only minutes before. The scratchy blanket was rubbing hard against her upper body with each stroke. It was causing serious stimulation on her nipples and clitoris.

Slowly the intense pain in her ass was subsiding and being replaced by a strange pleasure. She stopped crying and began to enjoy this taboo love method. The course blanket was stimulating all her hot spots, both nipples and her clit. Soon, without realizing it, she began meeting his powerful strokes by mashing her ass cheeks backward when his cock slammed in.

Pam was really on fire now. She had never felt anything like this in her life. She started a rhythmic guttural moan with each stroke (Uh!, Uh!, Uh!). This too got louder and more intense as the fucking continued.

At this point, Mr. Jones removed his hand from her shoulder and grabbed her hips. In order to add a bit more power and speed he began pulling and pushing her hips with his hands with each stoke. This really put Pam over the edge. She began screaming, "You stupid bastard, FUCK ME HARDER! C'mon, show me what a man you are and make me beg! FUCK ME, FUCK MY ASS, FUCK MEEEEE!"

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity (it was really only about 15 minutes) Mr. Jones made one last powerful trust in and began pumping cum into her bowels. This set off Pam's orgasm as well. It was the strongest, most powerful orgasm Pam had ever had. She was screaming and moaning uncontrollably as the orgasm wracked her whole body. Then, when it subsided Pam Stone passed out.

It was dark. As her eyes adjusted Pam realized she was in her apartment on her sofa. Her body was covered in a knitted blanket she kept. Was this a dream? She started to get up and felt severe soreness in her ass as pussy. Nope, not a dream, I guess.

She was wearing clothes. She glanced down and noticed she had on the cutoffs she was wearing when she had left her apartment. On top she had on just a bra. She was pretty sure she wasn't wearing any panties.

She slowly got up and turned on a light. The clock said 3:21 AM. She began walking toward the bathroom. She desperately needed a shower. She saw herself in the mirror and noticed she was walking a bit bowlegged. I guess that's understandable, she thought.

She passed her bedroom and the door was open. She peeked inside. On the bed was her laundry. It was all clean and looked as if it had been professionally folded. "I guess Mr. Jones kept his word. He did say he would take care of the laundry."

Pam made it to the bathroom and turned on the water and took off her remaining clothes. As she was stepping under the hot water she had two thoughts. First there had to be at least half a dozen things in this apartment that needed attention from Mr. Jones as soon as possible. The second thing was, before he comes, she had better stock up the refrigerator with plenty of malt liquor.

- The End -

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