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"Laundry Night" Part 3 of 4

      by Maddog

      (MF reluc interr)

Pam Stone was in shock. She was speechless. After getting the biggest cock she had ever seen rammed down her throat, this guy wanted more?

She was trying desperately to think her way out of this. Finally, she looked at Mr. Jones and said weakly, "I...I've got to finish my laundry."

Mr. Jones put on a broad smile and said, "Don' you worry Ms. Stone, I'll git your laundry done." While Pam stood there, Mr. Jones transferred the wet laundry into the dryers, then put the rest of the laundry into the washing machines with detergent. He then produced a set of keys that were attached to his sweat pants and was able to start all the machines without inserting coins. Pam couldn't help be a bit impressed with how carefully and competently he handled her clothes. "There you go, Ms. Stone, now we can get busy!"

Pam was sweating. She didn't know what to do! Finally she blurted out, "What if someone sees us?"

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Mr. Jones thought for a second. "Hmmmm." said Mr. Jones. "OK, lets go to my crib," referring to his small apartment in the basement.

Finally Pam couldn't think anymore. She completely broke down and threw caution out the window and started begging. "Please Mr. Jones, I'll give you anything you want! Just don't touch me anymore and let me go. Please! Please!" There were tears streaming down her face.

Mr. Jones stopped smiling and looked at her sternly. Finally he said, "Do you think I'm stupid, Ms. Stone? I see the way you look at me. The way you always hollerin about this and that. The way you strut around this place, with yo nose in the air, and a frown on your face. You think yo shit don't stink!

"No, No! Mr. Jones, I have nothing but the highest regard for you and your work!" lied Pam. "Believe me, I think the world of you."

"Awww, I know you do, Ms. Stone." said Mr. Jones cynically. He reached over and stroked Pams left tit with his right hand. "Now's your chance to finally show it. I know you want to. I seen plenty of up tight hoity toity bitches like you Miss Stone. All you really need is a good hard dick like lucky 13 here."

Pam shivered from Mr. Jones touch. Part from revulsion, part from sexual turn on. She couldn't help it if her tits were such a erogenous zone for her. Mr. Jones moved his hand from her tit to her left wrist. "C'mon, les go." Mr. Jones said simply. He led her down the hall to his apartment. His grip on her wrist was like a vise. She had no chance to break loose.

His 'crib', as he called it, was really small. It was just a small room with three doors. One that they entered through. She guessed the other two must be a closet and a bathroom. The first thing that impressed her about the room was the strong smell. It smelled like sour beer and cigarettes.

There wasn't much furniture. There was a small bed that looked like the kind in a military barracks. It even had one of those coarse gray blankets like the army uses. There was a small dresser in front of the bed with a small 13 inch TV. There was a night stand next to the bed with a radio on it and an overflowing ashtray. The radio was on playing rap music. In the opposite corner with a small three foot tall refrigerator with a hot plate on top.

All around the room were empty malt liquor bottles. The walls were just cinder block painted white. There were a couple of small windows up toward the ceiling. The only light in the room was a fixture in the middle of the ceiling. There were several pictures taped to the walls of nude women that looked like they had come from girly magazines. For a fleeting moment, Pam thought these girls didn't look that better than her. Maybe their stomachs were a bit flatter and butts a bit thinner. She could match here tits against theirs anytime.

"Please, have a seat." said Mr. Jones pointing to the bed. It was the only place in the room to sit. Pam sat down. The course blanket felt scratchy against her skin. As she sat down, Mr. Jones closed the door, then locked it with a key. The door was made of steel. It was obvious she wasn't going to get through this door without the key. "Would you like something to drink?" Mr. Jones opened the small fridge. Pam could see it contained nothing more than a couple of cases of malt liquor, the same kind he was drinking in the laundry room.

Under the circumstances, Pam thought it could only help so she nodded her head yes. Mr. Jones unscrewed the cap off a bottle and sat down on the bed next to Pam. He took a long drink from the bottle, then handed it to Pam who also took a long drink. It didn't taste too good to Pam, but she hoped it would help to numb her senses. She took a second long drink then handed the bottle back to Mr. Jones.

Pam was nude except for her bikini panties. Mr. Jones was completely naked now with his 13 inch cock still at full erection. Damn, thought Pam, it doesn't look like that thing will ever go down.



"Ahhhh, I see you checkin' on lucky 13!" said Mr. Jones. "Donn worry Ms. Stone, lucky's gonna take good care of you tonight. I bet he has a couple of loads left in him before we done. So hey, I like those cute lil panties you got on there. Take'em off!"

Pam was too scared to deny him. She slipped them down and took them off. "Give'em here." Mr. Jones ordered. Pam dutifully handed them to Mr. Jones. They were pretty damp from two orgasms she had in them in the last half hour. Mr. Jones rubbed the crotch of the garment between his thumb and forefinger. He then brought it to his nose and took a deep smell. "Damn Ms. Stone, you smell goooood!" He then tossed the panties onto his dresser.

For the first time Mr. Jones saw her pussy. There wasn't much hair. She had naturally sparse hair on her private parts. Her legs were slightly parted and he could see it all. Her clit was swollen from the activities with the washing machine. Her cunt lips were also swollen.

Mr. Jones took the half full malt liquor bottle and rubbed her cunt with the lips of the bottle. Gently he pushed the bottle in about 2 inches. Pam gasped from the feel of the cold bottle in her snatch. He lifted up the bottom of the bottle until a small amount of the liquid poured right into Pam's wet twat. Mr. Jones removed the bottle then put it to his own lips and drained the bottle. "Oh, thas sweet Ms. Stone." said Mr. Jones.

"Ahhhhh, Mr. Jones? This blanket is kind of scratchy on my ass." Said Pam, "Do you have something more comfortable I can sit on?"

Taking Pam's honest complaint as a come-on, Mr. Jones pointed to his lap and said, "Why sure Ms. Stone, you can hop on right here. Donn worry bout falling off, if you start to feel dizzy and you can jus grab holt of the handle." Now he was pointing to 'Lucky 13'.

"Oh well, I didn't mean...." said Pam.

"Didn't mean what?" said Mr. Jones menacingly, cutting her off. He patted his knee firmly in a way that told her she had better be sitting there promptly.

Frustrated, Pam stood up and gingerly placed her naked ass on his right thigh with her back to him and both her legs on the same side away from him. She then crossed her legs tightly and closed access to her wet mound. She also folded her arms over her tits.

"Thas not too friendly like" complained Mr. Jones. "I ain't seein that high regard you said you had." Pam just squirmed a bit in response. She continued to sit in this 'unfriendly' manner.

Getting angry, Mr. Jones shouted "C'mon bitch, cut the shit". He reached around and grabbed Pam's left wrist. He gave it a hard tug and pulled her to her feet and spun her around until she was facing him. Pam gave out a little 'yelp' in surprise. Then he grabbed both her arms and pulled her quickly onto his lap facing him with her legs spread wide and her wet gash pushed hard against is hard 13 inch dick.

"Now thas better," said Mr. Jones in a more subdued voice, "nice and friendly." He moved his hands around Pam and cupped her firm round ass with his huge hands. At the same time, he pinned her to his lap with his forearms on her thighs. He was taller than her, so, while sitting on his lap, their faces were at an even height and she was so close, their noses were practically touching.

Mr. Jones took advantage of this and, before Pam could react to anything that happened the past couple of seconds, he mashed his lips onto hers and shoved his tongue as far as he could down her throat.

Pam was surprised by the move. At first her arms shot straight out from side to side. Then, after a couple of seconds she relaxed them and placed them on Mr. Jones huge shoulders. Her tits were betraying her again. They were mashed hard against his muscular chest. Mr. Jones didn't have a particularly hairy body, but, he did have some hair there and it was course and curly and the feeling of the hair against her nipples was a huge turn on.

Mr. Jones sensed she was responding when she started tightening her arms around his shoulders and gently sucking on his tongue. He could feel her relax her body and started doing very small gyrations of her wet snatch against his huge member. Mr. Jones withdrew his tongue and said, "Yeah, now thas' real friendly." Even though her body was responding to him, Pam really wasn't too happy and wouldn't look him in the eye. "I think its time to slide down the pole." added Mr. Jones.

Pam gulped hard and said "I...I...I... can't take it. I've never had one this big. It'll kill me!."

Still holding her tightly, Mr. Jones smiled and said, "Don' worry, Miss Stone. I tol you, ol' Lucky 13 never hurt no one. Pretend you are a fire lady and you gotta slide down the pole to put out the fire." Pam didn't move, she was frozen by fear. After a few moments, Mr. Jones stopped smiling and said a bit louder and more sternly, "Slide down the pole, Ms. Stone!"



Slowly Pam looked him in the eyes. In them, she saw his potential for anger and violence and decided she had better co-operate. Despite Mr. Jones assurances, she was worried about getting hurt. Mr. Jones eased up the pressure on her thighs with his forearms and she rose onto her knees on the bed straddling him. She moved just high enough so his 13 inch cock was aimed directly at her cunt lips.

This also placed her tits approximately in line with Mr. Jones mouth. He took quick advantage of this by giving her little bright pink nips a quick lick and suck each. He put his arms around her waist to hold her in place.

Pam reached down and tried to ease this massive dick into her pussy. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Besides its length, it was also twice as thick as anything else she had ever had inside her. She had no idea if she could accomplish the goal that was being demanded of her.

She slowly pushed down with her hips taking the soft head into her quim. She let out a little gasp when it disappeared inside. She stopped for a few moments trying to get used to the feeling. It was a little too long for Mr. Jones. He gave her a little slap on the rump and said, "C'mon now, take the damn thing!"

She started pushing downward some more, taking the cock in a couple of millimeters at a time. After she had taken about 3 inches, she began a small slow fucking motion, moving up and down. Each time she went down she would take a tiny bit more inside her.

"Damn, Miss Stone, the way you going, we'll be here 'til morning before you get it in." complained Mr. Jones. "If'n you don't move your butt soon, I'll fuck it instead and I won't be so gentle neither!"

Pam had no reason to doubt Mr. Jone's assertion. She had never been fucked in the ass before and the thought of getting this dick in her ass scared her to death. She was sure it would split her in two.

Pam bit the inside of her cheek for extra strength and gave a hard push down. She managed to take in another inch. She pushed again and got another 3/4 inch and a third time and got and another 3/4 inch. She had to stop to catch her breath. She managed to take a glance down to check her progress and was stunned to see she had about half this massive cock inside. She was stunned because she didn't believe she had gotten that far, but sickened a bit wondering how she was going to get the other half.

For a fleeting moment she though maybe this would be enough, but thought better of it. She knew Mr. Jones wouldn't be happy until she gave him a good fucking with the whole dong inside. She was starting to feel really scared. She didn't cry out loud, but, without realizing it, her eyes welled up and tears slowly started rolling down her cheeks.

"Damn Miss Stone." Said Mr. Jones, "I fucked 14 year olds that could take my cock better than you. Stop blubbering. You ain't gonna break. Maybe just stretch out a bit." With that, Mr. Jones grabbed her hips with the huge hands and began fucking his cock upward into her cunt while pulling her down simultaneously. With each thrust, another inch or so would disappear into Pam's overtaxed cunt until Pam sat squarely on his lap without any trace of Mr. Jones huge root showing.

Mr. Jones took a moment to catch his breath. Pam was shaking with fear, pain and disgust. She felt completely used, humiliated and powerless. After several seconds, Mr. Jones said, "OK, Ms. Stone, you had better get busy. If'n you don't give me the best fuckin' you ever give ta anyone, I can't say what's gonna happen!"

Pam knew he meant every word. She responded by putting her arms around Mr. Jones neck and attempted to pull her body up so she could fuck him. The pain was starting to subside a bit and was replaced little by little by a numb pleasure. While holding Mr. Jones in this manner, she had was pressing her nude body against his. Her tits were mashed against his hard chest and she liked the way if felt.

Slowly she rose up. She release about 8 inches of cock meat then started slowly moving back down. As soon as she was back down she repeated the action only slightly faster. This continued for about 10 or 12 strokes when she finally reached a speed that was almost acceptable. She hated to admit it but she was beginning to enjoy this. Just then Mr. Jones right hand came off her waist and instantly came down on her left butt check with a loud hard smack.

"Damn Miss Stone, Damn" shouted Mr. Jones, "We gonna be here all night with this shit. You da worst fuck I ever had!". With that Mr. Jones grabbed her waist roughly with his arms and began pulling her up and down on his cock at nearly twice the speed she had been going. It was as if he was masturbating himself with her cunt. At this point, he had complete control. Even though she was on top, there was nothing Pam could do to control the fucking in any way.

Remarkably, the effect of this action was quite the opposite of what Pam was expecting. Her tits and her clit was pressed hard against Mr. Jones body. Her cunt was on fire! She had never felt turned on by anything like this before, yet she was having the most intense sexual experience of her life! With each thrust she gave out a short staccato "UH!". Her voice grew louder and higher with each stroke. Finally she started shouting, "GOD, JESUS, FUCK ME YOU BIG BLACK BASTARD!, FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME!"

This went on for a total of around 15 minutes. Both their bodies were covered in sweat. After completing a particularly hard stroke Mr. Jones held her down with his cock impaled to the hilt and started shooting his load into Pam's abused but happy quim. His orgasm triggered hers. It was the most intense orgasm Pam had ever had in her life. They sat there holding each other for about a full minute. He shot wave after wave of baby juice into her and she responded by mashing her lips against his and jamming her tongue down his throat.

Finally, she spoke. "So, how was that?"

"Sheet Miss Stone," complained Mr. Jones, "You call that a good fuck? Hell, I did all the damn work, and look, ol' lucky 13 is still as hard as ever." Pam hadn't realized it, but his cock was still inside her, and, to her shock, it was still at full erection.

"How..How..How could that be?" stammered Pam.

"I tol ya, it was the liquor. It always does that to me, unless I get me a really good fuck, it just stays that way," explained Mr. Jones. Mr. Jones then grabbed Pam around the waist and lifted her off his huge member. "Well," continued Mr. Jones, "I guess we ain't finished."

 ...continues in "Laundry Night" - Part 4 - click here to continue... 

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