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"Laundry Night" Part 2 of 4

      by Maddogg

      (MF reluc oral interracial)

Pam had completely forgotten Mr. Jones had a small studio apartment in the basement provided for him by the landlord. That way he could be on hand at all times if any problems occurred (talk about a problem!)

Mr. Jones was smiling. The first time Pam had ever seen him smile. He was also looking Pam straight in the eye, which was very unusual. His eyes looked different. They had a strange glassy glint. This look made Pam very nervous.

He was also barefoot and naked from the waist up. In fact, all he was wearing was an old gray pair of sweat pants. In his left hand, at his side he was holding what appeared to be a half full quart size bottle of beer.

After a few moments Pam recovered from the shock of being found almost naked and frigging herself on the washing machine. She dropped off the washing machine onto her feet and covered her exposed boobs with both hands. She still had panties on so she didn't worry about covering her private parts, but may have considered it if she realized the crotch was soaked!

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Pam had never seem Mr. Jones like this before. He was at least twice her age. His face looked tired and made him look older than he probably was. This, a result of a hard life. He had salt and pepper colored hair cut in a short afro. His body was impressive. He was at least 6 1/2 feet tall and very muscular. He had a thin waist and broad muscular shoulders. She had a fleeting thought he was actually sexy.

Pam finally was able to speak. She pointed her chin toward the broken bench and said, "Mr. Jones! That bench must be fixed right away!" was all she could croak out. Brilliant, she thought to herself sarcastically. That will put things into perspective.

For several seconds Mr. Jones remained motionless with the big smile on his face. This smile began to increase Pam nervousness about this whole situation.

Finally Mr. Jones began to laugh. He laughed for a full minute as Pam's face managed to get redder and redder. Finally he said "Well Ms. Stone, I heard your hollerin' and thought someone was getting kil't so I came running. Shit, Ms. Stone, you sure got a purdy ass waving up and down on the washing machine like you do!" He then held up his half full bottle and asked "Wanna take a pull?"

Now Pam was feeling anger. She was almost relieved because this anger seemed to make her feel less frightened of the situation. Ignoring Mr. Jones offer, Pam said sternly, "Thank you but as you can see, no help is needed, so please go back to your apartment. Goodnight Mr. Jones."

Pam noticed the bottle in Mr. Jones had wasn't beer, but some king of cheap malt liquor instead. Mr. Jones took a drink then said, "I dunno Ms. Stone," Mr. Jones continued, "Looks to me like you might could use a little help." As he said this he took his right hand and began to lewdly stoke his penis through his sweat pants.

Pam's eyes followed Mr. Jones hand and couldn't help but notice how big Mr. Jones' penis was. It didn't appear Mr. Jones was wearing anything under the sweat pants, so there wasn't much left to the imagination. His cock was obviously nearly fully erect. It seemed to Pam it had to be at least a foot long. Her mouth dropped open.

Mr. Jones noticed where Pams eyes were focused and her reaction. He had to comment, "Bet you never seen a dick like this before."

Pam responded, "Whatever do you mean?" she replied coyly.

"You looking at my lucky 13." said Mr. Jones.

"Excuse me?" asked Pam.

"My dick, Ms. Stone. My 13 inch dick." Mr. Jones then hooked his thumb on the band of the sweat pants and yanked them down just a bit. Out popped a huge black cock. The biggest cock Pam had ever seen! Mr. Jones was not exaggerating when he said it was 13 inches. It was also as thick as her wrist. She let out an audible gasp.

Mr. Jones started to smile even more broadly before. "You likes what you sees, don't ya, Ms. Stone." She couldn't reply because she was still stunned.

In the next moment or two a lot of things raced through Pam's mind. Her first impulse was to scream and run. There was a part of her that was still horny from her hot book and experience on the washing machine. This part was turned on by the obscene sight before her.

Then she remembered a lecture she had attended once about dealing with attackers. The speaker said to remain calm and not fight. This way her chances of getting hurt were minimized. Just co-operate and get it over with as quickly as possible. It was this thought that she acted upon.

"OK. Mr. Jones," Pam managed to stammer. "I'll give you whatever you want, just please don't hurt me." As a sign of sincerity, she slowly lowered her arms, uncovering her breasts.



Mr. Jones stopped smiling for a moment and said, "Hurt you! Me and lucky 13 never hurt no one." He began to smile again. "We lives to give only pleasure."

"Well, what do you want?" asked Pam.

"I want what everyone wants, Ms. Stone." At this point Mr. Jones began stoking his enormous dick to a full erection. "Just a little attention from a pretty lady like you." He began walking slowly toward her.

It became obvious she was going to have to have sex with him. She had never had a cock so big before and was afraid this one would tear her apart. Quickly weighing all the options in her mind she said, "How about a blow job?" thinking this would do the least damage to her body.

Still walking toward her, Mr. Jones said, "You any good?"

"Sure!" lied Pam, "I love it, I do it all the time". She began dropping to her knees. Mr. Jones stopped walking when he stood right in front of Pam with his dick an inch from Pam's mouth.

Pam had lied about her experience cock sucking. She had only done it a couple of times and really didn't like it much at all. When one boy insisted she swallow his cum, she decided to give it up for good.

Pam grabbed his cock with both hands and started stroking. It was so big she could not reach her fingers all the way around it. After a half minute of this Mr. Jones said, "Use your mouth!"

Pam didn't speak her reply. Instead she started running her tongue around the head of his cock. Then she started licking the sides. This lasted another 30 seconds when Mr. Jones shouted a bit angrily, "Suck it, bitch!"

Pam opened her mouth as wide as she could and managed to get the dick head in her mouth plus about 1/2 inch more. She slowly let this small part of the cock move in and out of her mouth in a fucking motion.

"Damn girl!" shouted Mr. Jones angrily, "I said SUCK IT!" Mr. Jones grabbed the back of Pam's head with his hands and jammed his cock in her mouth as far as he could. Another 4 inches disappeared between her lips. Her mouth was open wider than it had ever been before and the cock head was deep in her throat making it very difficult to breath.

Out of instinct Pam tried to jump to her legs and get away. The best she could do was accomplish was to get to her feet but her ass was stuck up into the air. She couldn't remove her face from Mr. Jones private parts because he was holding her there with his hands on the sides of her head. This made Mr. Jones laugh.

Instead of removing himself from her mouth, Mr. Jones began pushing her backwards. This seemed to Pam like a strange thing to do until he butt crack came into contact with the corner of the washing machine. She had completely forgotten about her laundry. The machine had just began the final spin cycle and was again vibrating vigorously.

Using his hands around Pams head along with his hip movements, Mr. Jones began slowly fucking Pams mouth. Very slowly at first. Pam's mouth started to relax. This relaxation seemed to ease Pam's discomfort so she relaxed some more. With each stroke a bit more of Mr. Jones cock disappeared between Pam's lips. After several seconds Pam learned to control her breathing by taking her breaths between strokes. This really isn't so bad, thought Pam. I can do this.

Suddenly Mr. Jones began increasing his speed. Slowly at first, then, while still holding the sides of her head, he began to pick up speed and strength. More and more of Mr. Jones cock disappeared into Pam's throat until finally his testicles were bouncing off her chin.

The only thing that really saved Pam from total revulsion was she was actually turned on by all this. She had never been treated like that before. Usually, she was careful to keep control of sexual situations. Every now and then she would get horny, find a suitable mate and have him make love to her. When it was over, her partner was usually kicked out. Maybe she would see him again, maybe not. It was always up to her.

She had never been so vulnerable before. Never had her partners needs so overwhelmed her. All this, combined with the fact her ass was grinding against the vibrating washing machine seemed to really make her hot.

After what seemed like an eternity (actually no more than 10 minutes), Mr. Jones slammed his cock all the way into her throat and just stopped. This interrupted Pam's breathing rhythm andscared her. She felt Mr. Jones cock start to pulsate at this base and she knew he was cumming. She couldn't taste his cum because the head of his dick was so far in her throat. Mr. Jones' cum was being deposited directly into her belly.

After about half a minute, Mr. Jones relaxed his hands on her head and withdrew his cock from Pam's throat and mouth. Pam gasped for air. Her next reaction was a surprise to herself. Her ass and pussy had been grinding hard against the corner of the washing machine. With each stroke of Mr. Jones' cock, she would grind her crack harder and harder into the machine. This, combined with the violent head job she was just forced to performed caused a huge orgasm, bigger than anything she had ever experienced.

It was so strong, she couldn't hide it. She fell back onto the floor and let out a huge moan. Her eyes were closed and her head rocked back and forth and her whole body quivered. It was obvious to Mr. Jones what he had caused.

When she finally calmed down and opened her eyes, she say Mr. Jones standing over her with a big grin on his face. He was naked except for his sweat pants which were down and wrapped around his left ankle. Then Pam noticed something unusual. To her horror, Mr. Jones 'lucky 13' was still in it's full erection.

Pam stammered, "My god Mr. Jones, how could that thing still be so hard after that blow job?"

Still grinning, Mr. Jones said, "Ain't it sumthin' Miss Stone? Whenever I drink this here malt liquor, it makes lucky 13 stay up jus' like magic. Usually I gotta go 2 or 3 times before I gets enough. So, you enjoyed lucky 13, didn't you Miss Jones?" It was more of a statement than a question.

Pam had to think for a moment. She couldn't look him straight in the eye. Instead, she looked down at the floor and nodded her head yes. "Don't worry Miss Stone," continued Mr. Jones, "We ain't finished yet."

 ...continues in "Laundry Night" - Part 3 - click here to continue... 

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