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Interracial Sex Stories

Black Please Part 2

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Until we started sharing our fantasies, I was always in a state of arousal, when I thought back to my dreams as a teenaged girl. I also had a very real experience with a Black man while I was in high school. I had not told my husband about it until after his writing. He became so excited, after hearing it that I recieved an orgasm with his tongue and then another with his haed cock unloading deep into my pussy. So I should begin with my teenage experince first.

I was 16 at the time, I had lost my virginity a year earlier to a boy I was going steady with. Prior to us going "All the way". I used to either jerk him off or suck him off. Sucking was his favorite and mine also.

I was a cheerleader for the football team at school. It was my job to go to the store room and get equipment out and get it ready for practice. The storeroom was located underneath the East bleachers, right in the center. It was a very isolated spot, since you were visible to no one unless they came down under the stands.

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One day as I was heading for the store room, I came upon old Bill. He was an old Black man who did field maintenence and sometimes janitor work at the school. He hadn't seen me coming. He was standing at the corner of our storage shed, taking a piss. I stopped in my tracks when I saw what he was doing. I was kind of embarassed, but mostly turned on! In his hand, he was holding the biggest cock I had ever seen, and he was soft. I felt my pussy, begin to tingle as I watched the large stream of piss exit from his piss hole.

His stream finally quit, and I let out a gasp as he shook the last drops from the enormous head of his cock. He looked up and saw me standing there watching him. He excused himself and tucked his cock back in his zipper. I didn't say anything as I unlocked the storage shed. He came up to me and asked me not to say anything, that he had to go and it was along way to the toilets. I told him not to worry, and went about my task. But I could not get the vision of his large cock out of my mind. That night, I masturbated several times while envisioning what I had seen!

It was about three days later that I once again ran into him under the stands. He was very pleasant and we chatted for a few minutes. I don't know what posessed me at the time, but I asked him if he had to go again. He said he did, but was wating for me to leave. I asked him if I could watch! He thought for a moment, looked around to be sure we were alone, and pulled out his cock! I was trance like as I walked right up to him and wrapped my tiny haqnd around the thick shaft. He groaned and let me direct his stream of piss as I held his beautiful cock. Once done, I shook the drops off as he had, and he replaced it back into his pants.

It became almost a ritual for the next few days. I held his cock as he pissed. After the third time, instead of just shaking the drops off, I began to slowly masturbate him. I was in awe as he grew to at least 10 inches long and very thick. My fingers could not touch as they were wrapped around his girth. I continued to stroke him as his breath began to come in gasps. I watched and felt as his cock got even harder. He reached out and grabbed one of the beams to steady himself, as his cock erupted. I moaned as I watched stream after stream of his cum launch out of his cock. I have to this day never seen a guy cum as much as he did. I felt my pussy leaking as I slid my hand up and down his length.

To keep it short, we would meet under there at least once a week and I would jack him off. He never tried to touch me, he was satisfied with my hand jobs. Now I said he was an old guy. By that I mean he was definately old for me. He was around 50 or so. He loved it especially when he would sit and i would kneel before him and wrap both of mt hands around his monster and stroke until climax.

Finally, as all good things must come to an end, he announced that he would be leaving for Florida to start a business with his brother or some thing like that. So the last day of school would also be our last meeting. I felt very bad, since I had gotten to love jacking that Black cock, and then letting my boyfriend fuck me for relief. I always had a secret fear of Bill asking to put his monster in my pussy. I'm quite sure that it would not have fit then. Today I could accomodate him. But he never once tried any thing like that.

A week before school ended, we met as usual. Only this time I decided I would make it special for him. I jacked for a few minutes and then began to lick the head of his cock. He loved it and gently held my head as I took the head and about 1 inch of shaft into my mouth. When he shot into my mouth, I was able to swallow most of it, before he again filled my mouth with his cum. We met once more after that, and i again sucked his cock for him. This time he came what seemed the most since we had met, and I drank every last drop. That was my Black experience, which I am sure contributed to my later dream of being fucked by my Black teacher.

When my husband brought home the video of the bathroom scene that he described, that was the turning point for me. I almost went crazy when I saw that huge penis in the movie! I couldn't get enough fucking to even begin to satisfy me! As he told you, I went in desperation one night and got a cucumber to try and satisfy me even. If he hadn't gotten hard and fucked me then, I believe, I would have gone out onto the street and fucked the first guy I came to, I was THAT Turned on!

So when my girlfriend told me about the new SPA that had opened up, that discreetly offered Black masseurs, and sex was also an option if, willing to pay for the option. I had to go. Before my husband watched me with Zimba, I had already been with two other masseurs. The second one had a bigger cock than Zimba. He stretched me quite a bit, but I loved every minute of it.

With Zimba, I was already turned on in the shower before even getting my massage. Then when he began rubbing my thighs and causing my cunt lips to open and close, I was horny as hell. His cock was so beautiful I had to suck it. I had not sucked the other two guys. But i was hot as hell this time in. When i saw my husband, I was scared to death at first, but when I saw his hard cock, I breathed a sigh of relief, because i knew he was turned on as much as I was. I no sooner took his cock in my mouth and i felt a series of continual small orgasms start. The thought of being seen taking a big black cock in my pussy by my husband blew my mind. Had i known at the time that he had watched me suck, I would have been even more turned on. Thats why, I called Zimba back after he shot his cream into my pussy! I wanted to suck his cock while my husband watched!

Since then, we have even filmed some of the massages with me and a black cock! Our sex life is better than ever! We were able to talk one of the masseurs into coming to our house (For Pay) and filming and shooting some pictures of me and him. We are going to get them scanned and upload them to our favorite adult BBs. The thought of my picture being seen as I am sucking a BIG BLACK COCK or taking it into my cunt is a turn on! I can just immagine, guys jerking off while reading this and looking at the GIF, and shooting their hot cum all over the place. My pussy is sopping wet from the thought and from writing this. My husband is palying with my nipples and its time to pay attention to the hard cock he is pressing into my ribs as he stands along side of me. I'm going to blow him first,then take him into my horny cunt!

Can't let too much energy go though. We are expecting a masseuse called LONGO this evening. My girfriend has had him, but I haven't. She said that he is a good 13 inches, but not too thick. That would make him about the same size as in the video. I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!

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