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Black Please Part 1

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(C) 1997

My wife and I had been married for over 15 years before we began to discuss eachothers fantasies. I am 42 and Andrea is 38, although, she looks more like she is in her late twenties. She is not a movie star in the looks department, and then neither am I! Andrea is 5'4", Auburn hair, 34c breasts, with extra thick and long nipples that are super sensative. I often had the thought, that if a guy could get as far as her nipples, he would get all the way!

Another fine feature is her legs. She has a gorgeous formed pair. I see other guys turn their heads and look as we walk by when she is dressed in a skirt and heels. Three children left their toll in the form of stretch marks, but all in all she is one sexy woman.

Anyway about the fantasies. I would tell her mine, and then ask for hers, she always seemed to be keeping something back. Until last New years eve. We went over to some friends of ours and had dinner and played cards and drank wine. When the night was over, Andrea had just a little too much wine for the night. She is not a very tolerant drinker and it doesn't take much to get her plowed.

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On the way home she snuggled up next to me in the car and began rubbing my cock through my pants. Before we got home, she had unzipped me and was sucking me. When I pulled into the drive, she stopped and told me I'd get the rest in the house. The kids were spending the night over at my parents house, so we were free for the night.

Once in the door, Andrea pulled up her tight skirt, to reveal that she had on NO panties. She never needed stockings or panty hose due to tanning, on a redular basis. My recently softened cock began to stirr as I followed her bare ass and glimpses of pussy hair between her legs, upstairs.

We began to slowy play with eachother in bed. I asked her if she had remembered anymore fantasies. She began moaning as I started to suck a rock hard 3/4 inch nipple into my mouth. As I was sucking, she related that she had a fantasy when she was a lot younger, but didn't know if she was going to tell me about it. I kept asking for her to tell me and she resisted, until I squeezed her tits together and bit down on both nipples at the same time. She squealed in pleasure and said.

"Alright, I'll tell you, but promise you won't get mad?"

I promised, wondering what it could be, since we had covered her wanting two cocks at once, screwing another guy with me watching etc. But as she began, my heart began to beat faster and faster. She told me that it really wasn't a fantasy, but when she was 15, she used to have a dream. She had a black teacher in school, and quite often she would dream that she was on a couch and he was fucking her. I moaned as she continued to desribe the dream. I reached down and slid a finger into her. She was sopping wet and as I grazed her clit she went into orgasm.(The fastest yet).

I incouraged her to continue descibing the dream as I rolled her over on top of me. She quickly guided my hardness into and began undulating her hips. We had one of the most intense orgasms of both of our lives. It was the best I can remember having up until then. So from then on, we would describe her screwing two blacks at the same time. We even rented videos with black men and white woman.

One in particular was noteworthy. We were laying on the bed, watching with me behind her with my cock in her pussy. We were just lazily pumping and trying to make the feeling last. The scene on the video was showing a pretty blond in the shower with a black guy. He didn't have an enormous cock, as we thought. It was about the size of my own. They got out of the shower and he sat down on the toilet lid while she knelt and sucked his cock. After a few minutes, she stood and turned around and straddled his hips and sat down on his cock. They were both facing the same direction, so you could really see her tits bounce as she fucked him. There were several closeups of his black snake pistoning in and out of her.

Suddenly the camera panned way back and showed a black friend enter the bathroom as though he had surprised the couple. He was fully dressed. The couple kept fucking and the girl began to rub the cock of the newcomer. You could tell by the beginning bulge that this guy was bigger than the one in her cunt. Niether Andrea nor I were ready for just how big!

Stripped to only a pair of jockey shorts, he had too much cock to contain in the shorts and pulled the leg band aside, to let it out some. Andrea let out a loud gasp and her cunt clamped down firm on my cock at the sight! Although not fully erect, he must have been at least 11 inches long then. The shorts cam down and the girl began sucking the head as she continued to pump up and down on the other cock. As she sucked, Andrea began to moan and kept moaning.Once fully erect, the guy pullled out of her mouth. Andrea, immediately began to climax around my cock!

Although not particularily thick, the cock on the screen was now a good 13 to 14 inches in length. the guy wrapped both his hands around the shaft starting at the base, in a baseball bat type grip, then the girl did the same with both hands. There was still 3 inches of shaft and the head exposed for her to suck on! I had been concentrating momentarily on the sight on the screen, when I realized that Andrea was gasping for breath and going crazy and still climaxing. It brought me over the edge and I emptied into her, as she screamed out loud. We lay there for at least 5 minutes, not moving, but Andrea's whole body was shaking! And she kept gasping and commenting on the huge cock on the screen.

The guy finally pulled out of the girls mouth and she jerked him off into her open mouth. She got cum all over her face and quite a lot in her mouth. My cock had stayed hard from Andrea's gyrations, and as the guy began to shoot all over the blonde's face, Andrea went into another wild climax! Once again she brought me over the brink with her and I sprayed her cunt walls as she bucked like a bronco. The tape ran out and Andrea could not move for over 10 minutes, she was so exhausted! Later she told me she had never in life been so turned on as when she saw the size of that black cock.

We kept the video for two more days. And each time was wild as we fast forwarded to that bathroom scene and fucked as we watched. The second night, I had fucked Andrea 3 times while watching the tape and was asleep, and exhausted. I awoke abruptly to either a sound or motion. Andrea had the tape on, her legs spread wide and was fucking herself with a long thick cucumber she had gotten out of the refridgerator. The scene excited me, but only a twinge could be felt in my cock.

When Andrea realized I was awake, she said.


She began to suck me off and luckily I had some energy left. I don't know what she would have done if I hadn't been able to fuck her! Needless to say, I awoke later that morning with a sore cock, but satisfied.

Well the video finally wore off and we returned to a little bit more of a normal sex routine again. That is until last month! And thats really what this story is about.

Andrea and one of her girl friends had joined a new health spa in town. I didn't know why that particular one until the second day that they went. Since the spa was not that far from my office, I thought I would surprise the girls and take them out to lunch after their workout.

The place was quite plush and immaculate. I approached the desk and asked the girl behind it, where I might find my wife. She looked onto a computer screen and said.

"She is in the steam room getting ready for a massage."

Since she was obviously going to be busy for a while, I asked the girl if I could see my wife.

"She asked, Do you want the observation room?"

I had no idea what she was talking about and told her so. She said.

"I'll show you, but first lets see some ID to prove who you are."

Bewildered by now, I produced my wallet and drivers license, which she carefully examined, and then checked the computer screen.

"Okay sir, should I put it on your wife's bill?"

I stammered yes, starting to get a little bit intrigued. Follow me the girl said. We went down a long corridor and stopped at a locked door at the end of the corridor. It was unlocked by the girl, and we went into an even smaller walkway like it was a space in between walls, which is as it turned out, just about that. The hall was only about 20 feet in length. There were 4 doors, two on each side. She led me to the last one on the right and had me wait while she opened the door and stepped inside. She came out and gave me a knowing smile and said. "Alright sir, you can go in, your wife should be there shortly."

I stepped into a small cubical as she closed the door behind me. There was a recliner style seat which faced what appeared to be a one way mirror. I could look through the glass into a well lit room, that had a massage table in the center, a small credenza with towels and bottles on it, and that was all the furnishings in the room. As I sat down in the comfortable recliner, I was flabbergasted at the set up. This must be where men pay to spy on their wives! There was a bolt on the door on my side so the door could be locked if I chose to. Up in the right corner of the mirror was a speaker, with a sign that read, ONEWAY HEARING DEVICE.

On the wall to my right was a small towel rack, which had a damp and fragrantly scented wash cloth and a small hand towel neatly arranged. To my left on the wall was a small night light eluminating a sign and a buzzer. The sign read ring buzzer if you need anything. Later we found out that you could obtain drinks while in the booth!

I sat there for about ten minutes and got impatient. I was just about to get up and leave, when one of two doors in the massage room opened. There through the door came my Andrea! She had a large towel wrapped around her body, and a small hand towel around her hair like she does at home when her hair is wet. I could see small beads of water here and there on her skin. She had obviously just came out of the shower. Andrea jumped up and sat on the massage table, she had her back to me.

About a minute later the other door in the room opened and in stepped a young black man. I say young, when compared to us, he was about 20 or so. He was dressed in only a leather loin cloth, that covered his cock and balls. He greeted Andrea and smiled as he came around behind her. His ass was bare and he glistlened as if he had oiled his skin. He took Andrea's towel off of her head and began brushing her hair as he reached under the table and grabbed a blow drier that was hung there. For the next 5 minutes he brushed and blow dried her hair as she sat there.

He hung the blower back under the table and as he went to the credenza, said. "Please lye on the table stomach down." My cock began to twitch and my heart started beating faster as Andrea got off the table, turned and faced me. She undid the knot of the towel around her and opened it, She was completely nude under the towel. She held it open as she threw her left leg onto the table and then lay face down. The towel covered her backside from below her shoulders to mid thigh.

The massuse brought over a small stand with what looked like a small pan of oil with a small flame under it to heat it. As he lightly dipped his hands in the oil, he spoke again. "I am named ZIMBA Maa'm, please let me know as we go along if there are any areas you would like me to pay special attention to." Andrea was silent until the hands went to her neck and began a slow rubbing. I heard a deep moan come from her lips. I was thankful that the masseuse was standing on the opposite side of the table so I had a good view. Then it dawned on me that he knew someone may be in the cubical watching. So naturally he would be on that side.

The towel was moved down to the small of her back and he worked his way over her back slowly. Andrea's head was turned towards me, and I could see the look of satisfaction on her face. Zimba (Ha Ha) moved the towel up now, and exposed my wife's cute little ass! I watched as his eyes drank in her nakedness. Instead of starting on her ass cheeks, he went to her feet, and rubbed his knuckles into the balls and arches of her feet. This was no rip off, he knew what he was doing.

After traveling up each thigh to the cleft of her ass, he moved up and began to rub the oil into each ass cheek. It wasn't until then that I took notice of his loin cloth. He seemed to be semi erect under it. By the looks of the mass, he was well hung. The loin cloth was tied at each hip with a rawhide thong. As he massaged Andrea's ass cheeks, he would quite often dip between them and make contact with her inner thigh and possibly her pussy slit from behind. Because each time he did, Andrea would moan and squirm a little on the table.

When finished, he picked the towel up and very professionally held it up high in front of his face and said. "Time to turn over Maa'm, do you desire the towel?" To my surprise, I heard Andrea in a nervous voice. "NO I don't need it" as she turned over and laid on her back. Zimba hung the towel under the table and dipped his hands in the oil again. It was at this time, that I realized that my cock was as hard as steel. Here was my darling wife, laying on her back stark naked infront of a black stud with a loin cloth on. The loin cloth now seemed to slightly stand away from his body.

To my surprise, he again went down to the end of the table and began massaging her legs. From his vantage point, he was looking straight into Anrea's pussy slit. As he ran his hands up the front of both thighs, I watched as he got close to her pussy, he extended both of his thumbs so they would come in contact with her cunt lips. Each time Andrea let out a litle gasp. He moved up and kneaded each thigh, in doing so, her slit would open and close with the motion. Zimba's eyes seemed glued to my wife's slit as he did it for quite sometime.

By this time, I could hear Andrea breathing heavily, she was turned on! My cock was aching in my trousers, so I unzipped and released it as I slowly began to stroke it as I watched. Zimba did her rib cage, and then applied fresh oil to her breasts and began to knead them. At the position he was standing at, his crotch was only inches away from my wife's face. As he began to gently tweak her nipples, Andrea moved her head from a straight looking up position and turned to face the loin cloth.

My cock jumped in my hand as I watched her right hand come over across her body and she pressed it against the front of the loin cloth. She dropped the arm nearest him off of the table and I saw her hand go under the loin cloth. "OH My god." She breathed as I watched her hand move under the leather cloth. "Does this come off?" She breathed as she failed to await an answer and untied one hip string, then the other.

Zimba stepped slightly back, and the cloth fell to the floor. "MMMMMMM" was all I heard my wife say. His cock was semi erect and arched way out, with the head pointing straight down. He was at least 8" at this point, and quite thick. A lot thicker than the guy in the video. Andrea had his balls in her left hand. She slid her hand under his shaft and lifted it, causing the head to point towards her. With a moan she moved her head forward and began sucking Zimba's cock! He groaned and threw his head back in pleasure. Andrea is one hell of a cocksucker, and I knew what he was feeling.

He moved his hand down her belly towards he pussy. Her legs seemed to automatically spread as he reached his target and slid a long finger into her. Causing her to gasp and expell air out around the thick shaft in her mouth. Only now the shaft did not require her to hold it upright. It was as stiff as mine was at the moment. Only he had me by a few inches at least. He was a good 9 or 10 inches fully erect. Andrea took almost 3/4 of him in, causing him to groan as he fingered her cunt.

I could tell by the way his hips were moving and his facial expressions that he was getting close to shooting his jiz into my wife's mouth. I had to stop stroking my own before I came. I was excited beyond belief! Zimba pulled his rod out of Andrea's mouth with a loud plop. "No let me" was all she could say as she watched him move to the end of the table. He reached under the table and pulled up a set of stirups like thay have in a gynocologists office. He locked them in place and scooted Andrea down and guided her feet into the stirups. GOD what a sexy position she was in NOW!

Zimba reached under the table and brought out a small stool which he sat on. He moved forward between my wife's spread legs and slowly began to lick her cunt. He was good I'll say that! I counted 3 strong orgasms, and he still was sucking when Andrea cried out. "P...P...Pll ease put it in" "OH please fuck me. I can't stand it anymore P....P...PLEASE! As He stood, his cock seemeed even to have grown harder and longer from licking her slit. He moved forward and as my wife screamed out her joy, he slowly sank his meat fully into her.

I couldn't stand it any more! I don't know if it was allowed or not but I had to get in there. I tucked my boner painfully into my pants, almost causing it to shoot off as it rubbed. As I exited the cubical, I noticed a small door to my right, at the end of the hall. I opened it and it led into another hall to the right. At the end of that hall there was another door to my right. I opened it and stepped into a small bathroom, with a shower. There on some wall hooks, hung my wife's clothes. This was where she had showered before I saw her enter the room.

Opening the door on the opposite wall and stepping through, I was in the massage room. There in front of me with his right side to me was Zimba, his massive prong pleasuring my wife. She had her eyes tightly shut and was kneeding her tits and nipples so hard, I could see the finger imprints on them. Zimba looked at me startled like and started to say something when he saw me. I held my fingers up to my lips in a shush gesture. He watched as I pulled my hard cock out and then smiled as I walked forward and right up to my wife's head.

I leaned over and said. "Does it feel good baby?"


Then it registered on her that it wasn't Zimba's voice she had heard! Her eyes flew open and stared into mine. "OH GOD HONEY BUT H...H..HOW" "OH PLEASEDON"T BE MAD!"

I straightened up and pushed my hips forwrad thrusting my cock into her face! When she saw my cock, a look of relief came across her face and she moaned loudly as she took me in. I was so hot, I had to pull out several times to prevent from shooting. I'd hold her hand and squeeze tightly as she thrust back at the black monster inside of her pussy.

Zimba, finally met his match and asked. "Maa'm do you wish me to cum inside of you?" Squeezing my hand tightly, Andrea looked up at me pleadingly and said. "Would you mind?" I said do you want him to? "OH YESSSSSS GOD YESSSSSS" , But I want you to cum in my mouth at the same time, can you PLEASE! Could I, what a dumb question as I sunk my cock back into her mouth I nodded an affirmative to Zimba who increased his strokes.

Andrea pullled off of my cock a couple of times and gave incouragement to Zimba. Like "Fuck that big thing in me" I want my cunt and mouth full" DO it shoot into me. Zimba began short powerful strokes causing Andrea to blow out air around my shaft as she went into climax. I heard Zimba groan and then saw his body stiffen as he was shooting his load into her pussy. That did it for me! I launched my first spurt into her mouth. Anrea pulled of to scream out her climax and get some air, my second spurt hit the bridge of her nose and splattered into her eyes. She managed to gulp down 3 more powerful spurts before. she slowed and began just nursing slowly on my cock.

It was without a doubt the most powerful and pleasurable climax I had. Zimba pullled his softening cock from her pussy with a loud sucking noise. He started to walk away, saying. "I'll leave you two alone". Andrea surprised me by syaing "No wait, come here." She motioned for him to come over to the opposite side of the table from me. His prong was awsome looking, hanging out in a large arch, cum and pussy juice coating made it shine.

Andrea surprised me again by taking his cock into her mouth after it had been in her pussy. She never before liked to do that with out first getting a wash cloth. As she sucked his cock, she began to jerk me and I began to harden again. She turned her head and sucked me for a while as she jacked zimba's hardening tool. Then she returned to zimba and stayed with it until he stiffened and began to shoot into her mouth. I watched her adams apple bobbing as she swallowed his offering. I slid my hand into her wet pussy just as she began to climax.

Zimba thanked us both and left. "GOD stick that hard cock into my hot pussy". I moved to the end of the table and easily slid in to the hilt. As I fucked her, she talked to me like we did about our fantasies, only this. Time it was for real. "How did you like watching me suck his big cock and letting him shoot in my mouth, huh? did you like that baby?" "OH yeah" I answered as I drove even harder into her. "Can you feel his hot cum inside of me baby? I still can"

Suddenly she began to shudder and I began to blow my cream into her. It seemed to last 10 minutes before wefinally stopped pumping and moaning. As I pullled out of her wet cunt, gobs of cum were running down her ass and dropping onto the tile floor. As I looked up, Andrea was smiling braodly as she motioned me to come up to her head. She for the first time sucked me off after being in her pussy! I was surprised but it didn't really take to long and I was shooting my third load into her pretty mouth.

Andrea is going to tell you her side of the story next. So you can watch for it, We'll name it part two!

Hi I'm Andrea, and I was watching as my husband wrote this. We had to stop and relieve eachother twice! I will write my story soon, so much has happened since my first Black Cock experience!!

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