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Allison Goes Black

My name is Allison. I'm a 25 year-old, white, female. I have shoulder length blond hair and green eyes. I'm about 5' 6" and 130lbs. I'm fair skinned and have long legs which I used to attract my white husband, Matthew. We live in a rich neighborhood by the beach. Our house is pretty nice, three stories, and has lots of windows. Matt is a young, prominent executive at an advertising company. Matt was working a lot of hours to move ahead in the company, but he was denied a promotion by his black boss, Jerry Coleman. After that, Matt would come home fussing about Jerry. He said that a black man shouldn't have that job and should get fired. Shortly, I began to agree with him. I was raised in a southern family, where the black man was not equal to the white man. I knew that Matt was not openly racist, but his words let me know his feelings.

Well, one month passed after the promotion ordeal, and Jerry suddenly let Matt have a big case. Jerry said that if Matt could pull off the deal, then he might talk to the higher-ups about giving Matt a promotion. Matt just had to talk with a client over dinner way out of town. Matt had to get a hotel room because the drive would've been too long for him. I never knew Matt to be able to "stay up" for long. He took my virginity when we were married, and I've never known anything bigger than his 5" cock.

I was sitting in my living room, all alone, wearing black sandals, a skimpy black dress, and black panties. I had just finished reading a magazine article when I heard the door-bell ring. I thought it was Matt coming back, maybe he had forgot something. I was surprised to see Jerry at the door. I opened the door for him and let him inside. I quickly slammed the door shut, because I really wasn't amused to see him here. "What do you want Mr. Coleman?", I asked. He just gave me a grin and replied, "I have to tell you something Allison. It concerns you and your husband." "My husband and me?", I said as I walked into a hallway connecting the dining room and living room. Jerry followed me. "That's what I said woman. I've heard around the office that your husband doesn't like me very much. He seems to be pissed off that I spoiled his promotion. Yeah, I did it so what? I don't like that wimpy pencil-dick anyway." Before I knew it he was pinning me against the wall. I started pushing him back and yelled out, "Get your hands off me you black bastard!" He pushed me harder and said, "Stupid bitch. You'll do what I ask. If you don't have sex with me, I'm going to fire that poor excuse of a husband of yours. C'mon bitch. You know you've wanted me. Now here's your chance. Bet that little dick boy of yours can't match this!" Jerry grabbed my hand and used it to rub his crotch.

I really couldn't believe that this was happening to me. "Stop it! Get off me! I'll never fuck some filthy nigger. Get out of my house now!" He didn't seem to listen to me. He kept kissing my neck, rubbing my breasts with his hand, and using his free hand to hold my hand to stroke his manhood. I thought to myself, "My gawd, he's so big! He's gotta be twice as big Matt, body and dick! I can't do this! I'm a damn white woman and he's black! What would happen to Matt and I if this ever got out to anybody? I can't let Matt lose his job...not after all the hard work he's done. Maybe this will be kept quiet and will end soon." I looked down and saw that Jerry had removed his hand, and I was petting his cock by myself! I felt him push down on my shoulders, and I fell to my knees. He told me to unzip his pants. I started to cry as I knew what I was doing was wrong. I was going against everything that I was raised to believe. Jerry started undressing himself as I pulled out his meaty, black member. He had to be 9 inches and was still growing! I was so amazed! "Yeah bitch, you like that cock don't you!? Go ahead and suck it!" I looked up at him in disgust, "I may have to fuck you, but I'll never suck your nasty cock! I don't even blow my husband." He looked angry and reached down and grabbed my hair. He raised it up and made my head turn. I could now see that he was fully nude, and I was impressed. He had a lot more muscle tone and his dark black skin was very attractive. His whole body was fantastic. He was like a muscle builder. "Listen to me bitch. This ain't your husband's dick. Now get down there and suck it!" As I watched his hand raise high, I began to put his dick in my mouth. I tried everything that I had ever heard from my female friends. I could tell that he enjoyed it a lot, but then he let go of my hair and grabbed the back of my head and started to force me to put his monster dick (now 10 inches!) all the way in my mouth. I got about half-way and used my two small hands to pump the rest of his shaft. I couldn't even put my hand around his cock. His size was totally unreal! I felt him slow down and then heard a loud moan come from him. Before I realized what was happening, his cock spurted load after load of cum in mouth. He was still cumming when I moved his cock out of my mouth. I had to swallow most of it just, so I could breathe. He just laughed at me and pulled me up. He raised up my arms and slid off my dress. He then bent down and pulled off my panties. I really didn't know what was happening. When Matt cummed once, he usually went to sleep. Could this black man still be able to fuck me?

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He grabbed me and took me to the dining room. I started to protest because of the many windows. "Someone might see us! Please, I blew your cock. Can't you leave me alone now." He just laughed at me and said, "Bitch, you ain't through yet." He bent me stomach down on the wooden dining table. I knew that we were going to get caught and I started to cry again. Jerry had grabbed his semi-limp prick and jammed his head inside my wet pussy. I cried out in pain. I started yelling uncontrollably as he just grabbed my ass and shoved his dick into me deeper. He was gritting his teeth and telling me to shut up. I really started balling as his dick started hitting the walls of my stomach. He pulled half-way out and resumed the process over and over. I began to get used to his monster dick and just grabbed the table. He then used one hand and grabbed my hair pulling my head back. The sounds of us moaning and the feeling of pure ecstacy and hopelessness rushed over me. I felt something come over me. I started to think, "No! No! Please not now. Not with this black man raping me!" I couldn't stop my body, I had an unbelievable orgasm. Matt only made me have one on our wedding night, still this one felt unbelievable. I started to yell out, "Yes! Yes! Fuck me with that big nigga dick! Make me your little fuck slut!!" I got angry at myself for saying that, and Jerry just grinned at me and fucked me harder. "You like it don't you my little bitch? You like this big black dick!" I felt his strokes get more slower and powerful. I knew he was about to cum again, and I realized something. He didn't have a condom on! "Please get out of me! I can't let you cum in me, what will happen if I get pregnant!" He was already too far ahead and just kept pounding away. The feel of his jism against my womb made me go into another orgasm.

I thought surely that my ordeal was over now, but I was wrong again. Jerry took me into the living room and put me on the floor. His cum started to pour out my pussy and get on the floor. He told me to get on all fours, and I did as I was told. I learned not to question him. He got over my back and grabbed my breasts with his left hand. I think his right hand was making his dick hard again. I felt his head against my sore pussy and braced myself for another session. I then felt his dick slid up some and felt him at my asshole. He then rammed his dick in my ass quickly. I yelped and started to moan. He started opening me up really good. I started to yell again, "Oh yes! Fuck me in my white ass!" He then said, "You like this black dick bitch? You want to be my white slut from now on?" He stopped in the middle of our fucking and asked it again, "Who's your black master bitch? What do you want from now on?" I said to him, "You, you are my big, black master! I only want black dick from now on. Those little white cocks are nothing compared to you!" He leaned over and ran his tongue along my back. I started to shake; it was his way of saying I was correct. He put both his hands on my tits and continued fucking my ass. I was really rough now. I thought I was going to die, but I really enjoyed it! He tensed up and started cumming in my ass. His hot cum poured out of my ass and down to my cunt. He then got off me and turned me over on my back. He laid on top of me and started kissing me. I knew that I was his now. We made-out until we both fell asleep. Imagine what Matthew thought when he came home the next morning and saw his young, white wife laying on the floor naked with his black boss.

"Jerry! What the hell are you doing with my wife?!!", yelled Matt. "What does it look like boy? I just gave her what she was yearning for. She's too sexy to be handled by a little dicked boy like you.", said Jerry. I was laying on the floor with a slight grin on my face. Jerry was my dream now. He was standing up for himself and me. Matt looked down at me. "You bitch! I want a damn divorce. I can't believe you Allison. I thought you loved me." I replied, "Why should I? You are always at work, and I'm left alone." Matt got really angry at that; he ran over to me and started slapping me in the face. Jerry rushed over and tackled Matt. The two wrestled while I started crying and feeling my bruises. Jerry finally got the advantage, because he was in much better shape and started ramming Matt's head against the wall. Matt finally gave up and passed out. Jerry helped me up, and we got dressed. I went upstairs to pack some clothes and get my valuables. I came back downstairs and told Jerry to go. We got to the door when we saw Matt just looking at us. I got on my knees and unzipped Jerry's pants. "See Matt, this is a real man!", and I pulled out Jerry's cock. Matt shut his eyes and mumbled something about me being a bitch, so I let Jerry put his dick back, and I walked over to Matt. I went over and gave him a hard kick to the gut. He yelled in pain while Jerry laughed at his sorry ass. "C'mon baby. Let me take you to your new home.", said Jerry as he lead me to his car. Matt never showed up for work again, so Jerry never had to fire him. I got a lot of his money in the divorce, even though I didn't need it. I'm now Jerry's secretary and his wife. We have four mixed children who we both love very much. Only Jerry's parents are happy about our marriage, my family won't speak to me. I don't care though, my life is complete.

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