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Interracial Sex Stories "Black On White Sex"


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OK, Iím a bit of a pervert, I admit it. I am a High School Physical Education teacher, and the assistant coach of the menís basketball team. I am 45 years old, and have been working at this school for about 18 years. While I have never had an improper relationship with a female student here, I admit to be an addicted peeping tom.

My office has a common wall with the girlís locker room. Many years ago, I set up a peep hole that allowed me to see the girls as they exited the shower. With modern technology, I was able to set up a series of hidden cameras that give me almost every possible view of the room, from the showers themselves, to each row of lockers. Iíve only had the cameras up and running this past year.

Over the years Iíve seen a lot. Obviously, Iíve seen most of our female students naked. Iíve also seen girls masturbating, Iíve seen a few lesbian activities, and surprisingly Iíve seen many girls bring in their boyfriends and have all sorts of sex. Its always strange to see these kids in class or in the hallways, when Iíve seen them sucking or fucking each other after school for my private enjoyment.

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This year however, with the help of my new camera system, I witnessed a scene like none Iíd ever seen before. This is a suburban school in a upper middle class area. While the population is about 80 percent white, the athletic teams tend to be about 80 percent black. And this leads me to my story. (By the way, I am an African-American Man)

One night I came back to the school about 6 PM. It is not unusual for students to be working out at that time, it is a very open campus. I settled in my office, turned on my monitor and hoped I see some fine looking ladies giving me a showing in the locker room. What I saw, I will never forget. As I switched from camera to camera, and checked out various angles, I focused in on the last row of lockers, in an isolated area.

Their were 8 Cheerleaders standing together in this row of lockers. They were all in full uniform, and seemed to be silently waiting around. These girls were all great looking. There were 2 blondes, 4 brunettes, 1 redhead, and 1 Asian girl. I watched intently, with a feeling that I was about to see something special. All of a sudden the entire Varsity Basketball Team appeared in my screen. Twelve guys in all, 10 black, 2 white, ranging in size from 6í 1" to our star Center, at 6í 11".

Their was some brief conversation, ( I donít have the ability to hear, these are video cams only) then the girls all stood up, lined up, and began to undress. Soon these 8 beauties were lined up totally naked in front of these 12 guys. Each girl was then handed what looked like a 40 ounce Bottle of Old English Malt Beer. As the guys watched these girls each downed their entire bottles. After this the guys started up and down the row, each one giving long kisses to the girls, and feeling and touching them all over. You could see the girls were being fingered in their pussies and asses, and having their nipples twicked.

Now the guys all took off their shorts and jocks, 8 of them picked out a partner, and the girls in front of them started giving them each a blow job. I couldnít believe what I was seeing. Here were 8 of the prettiest girls at the school on their knees each one sucking a cock. As the guys started to cum, you could see some of the girls struggle to swallow, but most of the guys held tight to their partners heads, and forced them to swallow. As each guy finished, one of the 4 not yet taken care of stood in place to get his blow job.

For then next hour, the guys just seemed to go from girl to girl for oral sex. While I saw the girls being fingered and felt, their was no penetration other than their mouths. At some point, their were a couple of Polaroid cameras, and the guys each had their pictures taken holding on to one of these naked cheerleaders. There were some all around hugs good bye, and the guys all left together.

For the next half hour I watched the 8 naked girls sitting in the locker room. One of the blondes was crying, but the others seemed to console her. Other than that they seemed to just talk and even joke. You could tell from some of the hand gestures that they were comparing the guys sizes. No one really seemed very traumatized over this incident.

I have to tell you that my curiosity got the best of me, and after a few days of thought I called a buddy of mine named Greg White. Greg had played on one of my teams about 12 years ago. He had a successful college basketball career, but was never really pro material. At any rate over the last few years, Greg and I had become close friends as we both belong to the same volunteer youth group.

Greg came by the office the next night, and after some trepidation, I showed him the video from the locker room. Greg couldnít stop laughing, as he kiddingly told me would a nasty old man I was. But after watching the whole scene, He let me in on a secret I had never known. It seems like the ritual I witnessed on tape had been going on for about 20 years, and was one of the most widely known "legends" at the school.

Each year, prior to the first game, the cheerleaders each blow the entire Basketball team. The cheerleaders know that if any of them do not perform, the other girls will get them off the squad. Greg said that as a 4 year starter, he had been through 4 of these rituals with the cheerleaders in his day. I guess each year, the seniors on the team and the squad are responsible for making it happen.

Greg then told me that the "Polaroid" part is an important part of the game. Once a guy has a picture of himself with one of these girls, he uses it to bribe her for further sex. What suburban white girl wants her Dad to see a picture of his smiling naked daughter with a bunch of black athletes. I said Greg, let me get this straight, for the rest of the year, you use these pictures to take these girls to bed? He said forget the rest of the year, in some cases it can go on a lifetime.

When I asked him what he meant, to my surprise he told me that 3 different cheerleaders from his days at High school were still virtual slaves to him whenever he wanted it. Since this was a night of confessions, Greg to me who the 3 were, and I couldnít believe it. One had gone on to become a contestant in our Stateís Miss America Pageant. She was now a bankerís wife, an outspoken conservative Christian leader in our community. Another one was also a prominent local woman, as she was the wife of one of our more wealthy citizens. While she was 14 years younger than her husband, you always saw pictures of them in the paper at various High Society events. They were considered a "power couple", and she was also active in the "Horse Showing" community.

The third of Gregís ladies happened to be a Stripper-dancer at a local club. I had seen her many times myself, and must confess to having been with her once at a Bachelor Party. So while I had no interest in her, the other two intrigued me. I asked Greg if he could really get these "high-brow" women into his bed. Greg said he had had threesomes with them many times, and in fact had been with each one separately within the last 2 months. That was it, I had to follow this up to the end. I asked Greg to set something up, in return for me becoming a permanent coach and volunteer at his favorite inner city boys club.

I should mention that Greg is 6í 5", black, and works out all the time. He has a scrugy beard, to cover a pock marked face, so while he does have a great body, he is not a good looking guy. It took about two weeks, but Greg called and said to come by his place the following Wednesday Night about 7 PM. After some discussion Greg told me that he would lay out the ground rules for the night. He said both girls would follow his orders, and that after some "fun time" we would both do anything we wanted to them.

The women showed up at 7:30 sharp. Marsha, the bankers wife, was blond, slim, had a great ass, and looked like she had had a boob job. They were about 36C, but really stood out straight. She was wearing jeans and a pullover top, with no bra. Donna, the other one, had darker blond hair, in a much softer longer style. While her boobs were not quite as big, everything on her looked natural, and she was in great shape, results of lots of working out. Donna had on a tennis outfit.

Both girls were shocked to see "old Coach" in the room. Greg told them that I knew about their secret, and that he had invited me to the party. Donna and Marsha just looked at each other with kind of a resigned look. After all Iím a 45 year old black guy, with thinning hair, and a growing belly, and these were two 32 year old hot married prominent women.

Greg then told both to strip. Both women were then standing naked in front of us. We just took it in for a minute as he made them turn around and display all of their assets. Greg than said I think we want to see Marsha give Donna some head tonight. With that, Donna was on the bed, with her legs spread, and Marsha was sucking pussy for all she was worth. After some time, Greg told then to stop, and asked me if I wanted to see how wet Donna was. I couldnít believe it, I had two fingers in her, and it was so slick, I could have put in another one.

While I stood there and fingered my former student, Greg dropped his pants and told Marsha to suck his cock. So standing next to me was my friend, sporting about an 8 inch black hard on, while this "Christian Leader" sucked it to the hilt. It was unreal in so many ways. Greg than gave a nod to Donna, and she was on her knees in front of me, she pulled down my pants, and started giving me a great blow job. She did not act shocked to see my cock, which is quite a bit thicker than Gregís. It was so strange to see this women, whose picture is always in the newspaper sucking my cock. I think I came about 10 minutes before Greg, but one thing for sure, both girls swallowed their entire loads.

Greg asked me what I wanted to do next, and I said lets switch partners and fuck. And so we did. Here I was fucking this woman Marsha, who wouldnít normally give me the time of day. When it was over, I was pretty spent. I had just come twice in about 20 minutes, and I needed to rest. Greg was just getting started, so he told me to take a seat. relax, and watch the show.

Marsha and Donna got into bed with Greg and started to lick his cock up and down, like cats cleaning their paws. They had their tongues all over his shaft and balls, and also in each others mouths. One kind of lifted Greg up and started to work on his ass. These girls had their tongues deep in Gregís, asshole, and each others mouth. This went on for a long time til Greg told them to stop. He told them to 69 each other for a while. I must tell you by this time, I was sitting in my chair wacking away, and hard once again.

Greg said, which one of you two whores hasnít blown the coach. Marsha said she hadnít, and boom, she had my cock in her mouth and was working away. I opened my eyes to see Greg fucking Donna in the ass, as she screamed with delight. And I came again for a third time that night, and it wasnít even 9 PM yet.

Greg then had the two girls sit on my lap as he started to take pictures. He had them put my cock in their mouths, look into my eyes, hug me, the only common thread was that in all the poses the girls faces could be seen, and they had happy, willing looks on their faces. Greg gave me the finished roll of film, and turned to the girls, and said, what ever the coach wants right. They both nodded. He told them each to give me their pager numbers, and said they would always return any page from me. He said, Coach you have yourself a couple of high priced slaves, my gift to you.

Before I left, Greg wanted to show me one last "fuck special." He laid Donna down on the bed, face up. He put Marsha right on top of her with her crouch on Donnaís face. He then put his cock in Donnaís mouth until it got hard once again. With that he started pulling out and stroking. Into Marshaís pussy, into Donnaís mouth, into Marshaís ass, into Donnaís mouth, and on and on. He finally came all over Marshaís pussy, but held her there into globs start to leak out into Donnaís mouth. (I took some pictures of this).

Since then, Iíve been with each girl by themselves. After basketball season, I think Iíll be ready to try a threesome. For an old pervert, life is good.

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