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Your Night Out

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You are hurrying to get dressed for your evening out. Once again, your husband was sent away on work and wouldn't be back until morning. This time, your friend Sarah called and invited you for a "night on the town". You had just finished your hair and had slipped into that naughty spaghetti strap red number that yells out "if I bend over you can fuck me".

The doorbell chimes. You curse under your breath, but swing the door open wide. At your door is your husband's boss Jim. "Hi there Debbie"

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You are aghast. This is one of the best looking males you have ever seen. Jim is 6foot two, black, in great shape and very well off. He somehow looks a little tough, even in his $4,000 dollar suits. "Oh hi Jim,….Uh, come on in." He steps in to the doorway and lets the screen door close behind him. "What brings you here?" "I've come to take you out for the evening." "What? I'm not going out for the evening." "You look dressed for it." "Yes, but my friend…." "Call her and tell her you've got business to deal with." "What business" you say.

Jim smiles and says " The business of saving your reputation and your husband's job. Do you remember the Christmas party where you got so drunk and took those two mailroom boys out for a quick suck off? I watched you do that. You're a slut Debbie. You enjoy being a slut. You always will. And you will be my personal slut tonight or your husband finds out the whole story and I'll I fire him on Monday.

Standing in shock, you ponder the consequences. "What do I have to do?" "Well for starters, get down right here, right now on your knees. I'm gonna give you a big load of cock cream that's been there for days." He grabs your shoulders and slowly forces you to your knees. You protest. "No, .…I can't, what about the neighbours. Oh please….at least close the door. Anybody can see you standing there." He deftly unzips and rummages around, flipping out a huge cock that's pulsing and hardening before your eyes. "Oh fuck, I can't do that" you whimper. You stare in disbelief. Jim shoves your head down hard and says, " the neighbours won't see. They won't expect you to be blowing a black man in your front doorway". He keeps grinding his cock on your face. It extends from your chin to over your scalp somewhere. "C'mon" he growls. You start shoving your tongue out to meet his hot flesh. You lick his length all the way up to the head and kiss the springy knob at the top. Then Jim says, "I haven't got much time with this load". He crams his cock all the way to the back of your throat. He pulls it out. You gasp for air. He shoves it back in.

Relentlessly, he fucks your throat. You gag and gulp air reflexively just trying hard to keep up to his rhythm. Over and over and over he fucks your face like a cunt. "You are my fuck slut now." "You will do what I say tonight. You will spread your legs and open your mouth and ass and refer to yourself only as fuck slut or cumslut. Do you understand?" "Umph...oogph…" you try to nod. "I didn't get that Miss cumslut, what is your name?" "Mmmmmf ummmmppphu." "What's that? I can't hear you. What is your name again?" Jim slams his hips forward and grunts loudly as he pulls your head back by your hair and jerks his cock with one fist right against your lips. "My name" you start… He begins to come with force as you finish "is Miss ( splort) cumslut" splat, split… Splattered cum covers your mouth and teeth. He still comes more as its dripping off your face into your perfect cleavage. You look up at his eyes as he wipes his big black dick on your ear. "Now get in the car" he says. "What, I can't go out like this!" "You heard me."

You lick as far as you can and wipe your face and chest with your arms and hands as he leads you out to an enormous white limo in your driveway. It's not much use. Your reflection in the stretch limo window shows a messy haired cumslut, just like he said.

Jim opens the middle door for you and you look inside. Suddenly you realize you'll be doing a lot more for your husband's job than you thought. The car is almost full of your husband's coworkers. As Jim sits down. you say. "There isn't even a seat for me!" "Then you can kneel." "Introduce your self little lady friend, and tell them what you are going to do." You hang your head in shame and say "I'm Miss cumslut Sir and I'm going to suck and fuck all night long until my husband gets home Sir." Wordlessly, you reach for the closest person to you. He feels your cummy tits and helps you work off his pants. He's only about 19. You suck his cock as soon as it appears. The others close in around you.

The sensations of so many hands get to you and you feel hot. The first boy starts coming almost instantly just as someone pulls your panties aside and rams his cock into your wet cunt without even asking. "OOOOOOOOH FUCK" you yell. Your head comes up and your little cunt cums on this stranger as the kid spurts his teenage load all over your breasts.

You still feel like you are coming when another cock pushes into you. You twist around to see. You don't know this black fucker but his cock must be like a cucumber. You are about to cum again when another pair of hands turns your head back to face his hard cock. Quickly you dive for his balls with his cock in your throat. You try to lick his sack but the hard cock to just too big. Oh fuck, the nigger is cumming in your pussy too. It's too much for you. Coming as hard as you ever have you yell out

"I am . I'm a cumslut and I'm going to keep cumming on your cocks all night!" Someone lays on the floor and tells you to climb on top. You slide your pussy down his aching pole and you caress your clit with cummy fingers. Another black hand from behind wipes some sperm from your face and smears it over your ass. You begin to beg for mercy. "Please… don't fuck me there". "Shut up cumslut, …somebody fill her mouth."

Instantly another cock is pushed into your slutty mouth. You're shoved down tight against the man in your cunt and something very warm pushes against your little asshole. With steady pressure, it opens miraculously. He sticks his cock deep into your ass. You feel so full. Your hips are pinned between two men You feel like you can't move at all. Your mouth is full. Your cunt is full. Your ass is full. You cum so hard your toes curl and you squeeze all your precious cocks. The sensations are unbelievable. Three big cocks pushing into you You don't know which way to twitch so you just enjoy getting so thoroughly banged between these three lovers.

You begin to feel something big happening. Then you realize….all the men seem to be moving in sync. It's building inside of you. Oh fuck, you can't help but cum again soon. It's going to happen soon The three men are building up speed. In your mind, you picture what you must look like. UUUUNh, UUUNh the cock in your mouth spurts stream after hot stream. You choke on the salty load and cum flies out of your mouth onto his balls and legs. But you try to keep sucking.

The two guys in your ass and cunt are pounding you furiously. They begin to come at the same time you do.

All four of you groan and hump and thrash and cum simultaneously. "OOOH UUUNH fuck me !you scream. I can't stop cumming. I keep cumming. I love cumming. I love it. Oh fuck me fuck me fuck me. UUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHHH OH Oh OH OH Oh" Gradually, the banging into your body stops.

Slowly, The men lift you up and place you in one of the white leather seats. Your dress is bunched around your waist. Your hair is soaked in cum and you are leaking all over this nice car.

Another horny fucker comes over for a blowjob. As you lay down to suck him off you ask. " I'm tired. If I suck all of you off one more time, will you drive me home"

"No need to" says Jim. "We're still in your driveway"

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