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"Glory Hole"


      (fmmmm, inter, oral, anal, gang, gloryhole)

I am 29 years old and have been happily married for eight years and have two little girls, 5 and 3. One evening my husband and I had my parents take the kids for the week end so that we could have some romantic time together. On Friday night we went to a nice restaurant for dinner and we took our time with the meal and wine and about three hours later we were done and we got in the car to go home. I had a nice glow on and felt that the world was very fine. On the way home we came to an adult books and movies store and I suggested that we go in, because I had never been in a store like that. It was the wine talking because I would never have even thought of it but tonight I felt naughty. We went in and there were about four men browsing at the movies and DVDs and a large array of sex magazines. There was a door at the rear with a sign over it that said "Booths". We both slowly walked back until we entered the back room and in the room there were small cubicles on both sides of the room with doors for privacy. In each booth there was a machine that took money and then would put up an XXX rated movie of your choice for a certain time. My husband, John, went to the front of the store and got ten dollars worth of quarters. He put four of them in the machine and selected a movie. It was a beautiful blond woman with three black men who each had at least nine inches of cock and one looked to be about one foot! John sat down and then had me sit on his lap with both of us facing the display. I got aroused right away and he started fondling my breasts and then moved my dress up and started rubbing my pussy through my panties. I was soaking wet. He had me stand and he took off all of my clothes except my high heels and also took off his clothes. I felt a funny excited feeling being naked in the booth and when he sat me down again, he slid his nice seven inch cock into my sopping pussy. We had to put in some more quarters to keep the movie going and I had three orgasms as we watched.

Suddenly we heard someone next to us enter their booth and when we looked at the wall, there were about four holes about two inches in diameter on both side walls of our booth. We then heard another person enter the booth on the other side of us and they both started playing their movies at almost the same time. By then I was so excited that I was humping my ass back and forth on John s cock and moaning with pleasure. John stopped me and pointed at the wall next to us and there was a huge black cock sticking into our booth. I immediately reached over and started to stroke it. The man with the prick moaned with pleasure and I leaned over and took as much of his cock into my mouth as I could. When John saw me sucking that black cock I felt his warm cum shooting in my hole and it gave me a huge orgasm. In about two minutes the man with the cock moaned and said he was cumming. I sucked him even harder and soon felt his hot salty juice squirting in my mouth and I swallowed every drop. As he finished with me I had one more gigantic orgasm and I pulled his cock from my mouth. John then pointed to the wall to the right and there was another, even bigger black cock poking through the wall. I thought to myself that if John didn't care, I would have another black cock in my mouth. It was such a nasty feeling that I soon had his big dick as far in my mouth as I could take it. John never even got soft after his load in me and continued to fuck me as I sucked the second black dick. It felt so exciting to be sucking men whom I had never met and had no idea what they looked like except for their cocks. The second man came in my mouth in a few minutes and as I savored his taste I looked at the left side and another even larger cock was poking through another hole.

Oh well, I thought, I better take advantage of this while I can and I quickly started sucking this new cock. I wondered how many men I would be sucking and hoped the cock in my mouth was not the last one. I lost count of how many cocks I sucked but when we were done and driving home, John said I had sucked fourteen cocks and when we got home it would be fifteen! I came at least twice with each man and so I had more orgasms in one night than I normally have in three months. John was concerned that it was too much and I might feel bad the next morning. When I woke, I slowly rubbed my clit as I thought of what a slut I had been last night. I got very hot and if John hadn't rolled over wanting some sex, I would have cum with my own rubbing. As he was fucking me with his head next to mine, he asked how I felt about the evening. I told him I had never been more turned on than last night and I hoped that we could do it again. When he heard that he shot a large load in my cunt and rolled over to get up. He went to the bathroom to start his day and I lay in bed and continued to rub my clit through several orgasms. I was becoming a cumming queen. I had never cum so much as I had in the last two days. John had a golf game in the morning and so I was alone. I kept reliving last night and the thrill I felt as each big cock shot it's cum in my throat. I wanted more and more of where that came from. I couldn't help myself and I got in my car and drove to the adult place where we had been the previous evening.


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I didn't know if it was open but when I got there it was and there were about six cars in their parking lot. I parked and went in the store and asked for five dollars in quarters and the young black man behind the counter looked me over as he gave me the change and I noticed he was very good looking and had a nice bulge below his belt. I hoped he might go back to the booths and join me. I asked him if he would show me how the system works in the booths and he came around the counter and walked me back to a booth in the middle of the room. We entered and I closed and locked the door. He took my change and put it in the tray on the machine and leaned over to put the quarters into the slot. I put my hand between his legs and felt until I found a very long pole and as I rubbed it he unzipped his jeans and I had a ten inch cock in my hands. He turned around and I took him in my mouth. I didn't realize that both booths around mine were already occupied until I looked at the left booth and saw someone watching me suck and when I looked to the right, another eye was watching me, also. I found that very exciting! The counterman, Jake, sat down and had me sit on his lap with my back to him. He slid his huge cock into me and I came as he got it all the way in. The two eyes on both sides of me changed into large black cocks and I started to suck one. I asked Jake if he would let the two men into our booth because I wanted to have all my holes filled at the same time. I had never even thought of this until then but the idea almost made me cum just thinking about it. The men came right over and we rearranged ourselves.

Jake put a lot of lotion on his cock, which I supplied, and slowly slid his monster up my ass. Then one of the men slid his cock into my pussy and the other put his cock in my mouth. The two men between my legs got a pattern going where one pushed in while the other pulled out, and visa-versa. The man in my mouth cradled my head with his hands and started fucking my mouth. Just the sheer nastiness of what I was doing was enough to make me cum, but added to that they were three black men whom I had never seen, each with a big black cock. I started to cum and almost never stopped. I would shudder with a huge orgasm and just as I calmed down, another huge orgasm would come and I could not believe a woman could have such pleasure. They all came in me about the same time and when they had all pulled out I asked if they would like to change places. They laughed and said to give them a few minutes to recover and I should rub my cunt in the meantime to help them get hard. I also sucked each of them to help the process. As I sucked the man who had been in my ass I thought to myself that I had finally reached the bottom of degradation. The feeling was wonderful! When they were all good and hard we did it again and the same exquisite pleasure came over me until they all came again at about the same time. The second event took about 30 minutes. I told them that we had to complete the cycle and they laughed about what a hot slut they had and this was music to my ears. With a little sucking and rubbing they were ready to go in about fifteen minutes and the final fucking started. This took about one hour and when they were done I knew I had been thoroughly fucked. I could barely stand but I felt a feeling of joy that I had never experienced. My jaw ached but I liked the feeling because I knew what had caused it. I put my clothes on a drove home. I wondered if I should share my experience with John and I decided to not do so for the time being, anyway. As soon as I got home I went to my bed and lay down and started rubbing my clit as I thought about what I had just done. I had never experienced orgasms like I had just had and must have cum twenty times at least and here I was masturbating not fifteen minutes after we finished. What has become of me, I wondered aloud. I didn't know but I knew I wanted a lot more of what I just got!



When John came home that evening we talked about our venture and he thought that if I really liked it, we should do it about once a month. I told him how much I liked it and thought maybe we could do it more often. When he asked me how often did I want to do it, I could tell he didn't like the way the conversation was going and so I told him that maybe once a month was ok and we should plan for that. I told myself that I could always go by myself in the daytime and he didn't have to know.

I tried to stay away from the store but each day, as my time to have fun got shorter and shorter, I would give up and drive to the store. After a few days, I was known by all the regulars and the men who worked there. They love to see me come in and the men behind the counter would quickly call their friends to come over and get fucked. We quickly cut out the formalities of getting quarters and going in a room. At the back of the store was a bigger room that had a bed and a sink and a toilet. It was the room where people could see in thru the many mirrors along the wall and watch as a couple had sex. We went directly there and before I was in the room, I was naked. They put me on my back with my pussy at one end of the bed and my head hanging over the other side. I could get a lot more cock in my mouth with my head that way and my men loved it. Then, anyone who wanted a fuck while waiting for their blowjob, could stand at the bed and slip his cock in my cunt. They could lift my legs and really bang me, which I loved, or slowly fuck me with my legs on the floor, which I also loved.

One day when I arrived at the store, I saw myself featured on a poster as one of the fuck movies to be shown. All the time I was in the special room, they filmed every thing that went on and when they put about four days worth of fucking together, they had a very hot three hour movie. I asked that they take down the poster because I sometimes came there with my husband and he didn't know about what I was doing. When I went into the special room, knowing that they were getting everything on film, I was extra turned on and gave the men the best sex they had ever had.

- The End -

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