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"The Exchange Was Exchanged"

      by Wo Yo Chi

      (MF 1st interr reluc nc blackmail coerced young asian)

After four years of living a unhonorable life, I can finally tell someone my dark secret. My name is Wo Yo Chi, a 28 year old Chinese lady, who suffered through years of cheap sex.

I first arrived in America as a 17 year old exchange student from Hong Kong. I had always dreamed of becoming an American exchange student, and the Stone family from the USA gave me that chance. I was excited when Mr.. and Mr.s. Stone, and their two young children picked me up at the airpot, showed me the home I would live and be apart of for the next year. Being a humble girl, I was eager to be in their family and graduate from an American high school. Missing my native country and family, I soon adapted quickly and seem to be liked and accepted by my American class mates. Everything was fine until I joined the band and went on a over night band trip the first month. Thinking these students were my friends, I was suddenly surprised when some girls grabbed me in the motel room, took off my clothes, held me down against my will, as a black boy took my sacred virgin head. Although I cried and begged, their enjoyment was to see a unnatural race take my virginity and shame me much.

When I returned home, I was so full of shame that I lost my appitite as well as my dignity. The Stones sensed something was wrong, but I always clammed up and went to my room. One night Mr. Stone comes in Wowo's room (Wowo is my nickname) and after much deliberation, I break down in tears and reveal my horrible happening. I thought it was a little unnatural as he sat on my bed and held me in a liberal way, but I cried big tears as he tried to comfort me. Mr. Stone contacts the school on what happened, the principle found the gulity black boy who pleaded guilty, and a month later he was sentenced 24 months probation by the courts for the terrible deed he did to my once pure body.

Mr. Stone who talked frequently to my loveable mother in Hong Kong wanted me to tell her, but I explained it would only disgrace my honorable family to know a black took their daughter's purity. As my body and mind beagn to recover, I became highly upset of Mr.. Stone's visits to my room each night. Although I was a plain 5'3 120 lb child, with glasses and no real outward beauty, my host father was telling me I was pretty and would be admired by American males. Sometimes when he held me he would touch my breasts by no accident, but being a humble Chinese child, and out of respect, I chose not to say anything. As the months passed, I could detect he was listening at the door when I undressed and when I showered or used the toilet. One night in November when my host mother was out with the children, Mr. Stone comes in my room and tells me I would be very becoming if I would please an American man for sex. Knowing he was the one who desired Wowo, I declined and ask him to leave. By mid December, he told me he would accompany me to Texas to meet the dean of the college I wished to attend someday. I was frightened he may get me there and ask me for sex, but my mother, who had become good friends with him, told me I should go.

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We flew to Texas before Christmas, checked in a hotel with seperate rooms, which made me feel better. The dean of the college was an old friend of Mr. Stone, and met us for dinner in the hotel. After explaining the requirments of me becoming a Math major, the dean, who was named James, began to tell me I was a pretty and sexy girl, which I am not. James began to tell me, even with my good grades, I may not gain entrance, but there were strings he could pull. I suddenly knew what he meant and excused myself to my room.

My host father soon was in my room telling me if I would have sex with James, he would guarnetee me entrance to the college. Telling him this was immoral and not right, James appeared in my room. Telling both men, I did not wish to do this, Mr. Stone walks toward me and pulls my shirt over my head. "Please relax Wowo," he said pulling my slacks down. "I won't let him hurt you honey." "She is not that bad," James said taking away my bra and panties. "You sure she is 18?" "Just turned legal," Mr. Stone replied. "This is my first time to see her naked, what do you think?" "She looks younger," James said. "Wowo, I know this is upsetting to you dear, but you have nice little breasts and I love your dark nipples. This is America Wowo. I heard how the black boy wanted you, well, white men want you too. Let me have that little sweet thing down there, okay honey?" I felt tear drops coming as both men laid me back on the bed. James exposure was very large and scared me. "Why do you wish to shame Wowo?" I cried. "Kissing me down there is not moral." "You taste good Wowo," James said licking my vagina. "A little strong, but it tastes good." "Here use some oil," Mr. Stone said. "I did not know you were like a horse. Don't hurt her man." As he spread my legs, I let out a yell as his big manhood entered me. "Why are you doing this?" "It is like your host father told you. You are young, innocent and I love oriental girls." My insides were hurting and popping as this big man drove deeper in my once sacred vagina. As I opened my eyes, I could see my host father holding his erection. "Look here," he told James. "Who in the hell is that?" James said as I saw a picture of my mother in his face. "Who is that?" "That is Cristine, her sexy 38 year old mother. "I told you about her. How about mother too?" "Man, she is beatiful," James said, doing me harder. "Here I am enjoying this and you show mother." I was totally in unbieveable bliss. Were Amerian men all sick? To enjoy sex with a child and desire her own mother too. My mother liked and trusted Mr. Stone. Both were so obcessed. "Pay no attention to him," James said as he continued his rough intercourse with me. "Your mother is a super looking lady, but I sure love how her daughter makes me feel. Damm Wowo, I am usually a long lasting, but I can't hold much longer. You feel so good little China girl. You're good." With my eyes closed, I felt his hot liquid covering my stomach and chest.

The next day, I stared out the plane window as my host father bragged how good I was to James, and that he would give me a scholarship. "I know you are upset, Wo Yo," he said. "I know this is very different from your culture, but here, sex is in. Honey, I know you think of yourself as plain, but without those glasses and a little make-up, your modest body is a real turn-on to all men."

The next 2 weeks I stayed in seclusion, studying in my room. I thought about telling all this to my exchange superiors, and thought more about it when Mr. Stone in February began to talk and show me pictures of black men with Oriental girls. "No," I said. "I will not be with a black man. I will report you. You talk to my mother all the time, and I know your unclean ideas. It is all sick." "If you report me," he said. "I will go to jail and you will be sent back to Hong Kong. You will lose another year on your college here. Do you want that? Do you want my family to see me in jail? Okay, I would like it with you and your mother. James does too. Black men would love a pretty Chinese lady and her teenage daughter, but she is over there and you are here. I know your family does not have the money for your college yet, but if you have sex with Bobby, a black friend of mine, I will pay for your freshman year. Report me, and we all lose. How about it WoWo?"



I could not answer. I remained in great puzzle for weeks. Everytime I heard Mr. Stone laughing and talking to my mother on the phone, I knew of his unhealthy thoughts for her and I.

Like a cow led to slaughter, I allowed my host father to take me to a very bad part of town one evening after school. A very old tall black man was standing on the porch of a run down shack. "Hi Bobby, this is WoWo," he said helping me out of the car. "Are you all alone or not?" "All alone man. Hi, I'm Bobby. Sorry about the mess, but this house is always a mess." The house was filthy, as Mr.. Stone led me into a little dirty bedroom by the hand, like a child. "This is the man I told you about WoWo. He is 44 years old, but he is vibrant and young at heart." "You are real cute WoWo," Bobby said. " I ain't going to hurt you. I just want to make love baby." "I don't want you to do this Mr. Stone," I said as he began to undress Wowo. "Please, why?" "It will be okay Wowo," he said putting me in naked shame. "Well? "Want to pass, Bobby my man?" "No way! When they are 18 and look younger, that's the way I like them," the tall black man said. Instead of protesting, I allowed my host father to lay me back on a dirty bed and show this strange black man my privates. I was frightened when I saw his huge exposed black penis standing over me. "Hey Wowo, don't be afraid baby, I won't hurt you," Bobby said. "You've had one of these black dicks maybe not this big, but I have never had any Oriental stuff, so this is all new to me baby." I released a yell as his black organ entered me. "Easy," Mr. Stone said. "Don't hurt her, okay?" I closed my eyes, asked my honorable parents and family to forgive what was happening to me. "This is great man," my black assalter said. "Man she is so tight. How big was that guy in Texas?" "I guess about 8 inches," Mr. Stone said. "Nothing like you, but go easy and don't get her pregnant." "I'll do anything you say, just don't make me stop. Relax Wowo, let old Bobby get inside you." I could feel tissue ripping in my womb, as this big man was tearing my little vagina. I was breaking out in sweat and feeling light-headed from the pain, then it started again. "Here is Mom," Mr. Stone said showing him a picture of my mother. "She is more innocent and naive than Wowo." "Alright!" Bobby said. "Don't ask me to choose. I'll just take them both. She's only 39?" "Yea, they're both younger than you, old boy," Mr. Stone laughed. "I think that's deep enough man." "She's going to take all of Bobby, or I will go after mommy," Bobby said pushing deeper in me. My mind went blank from the pain, as I fainted for a few seconds. Waking, fainting, waking, fainting was all I did as this black man brutally beat himself in me. "Hold that stuff," Mr. Stone said. Hearing Bobby yell curse words, he stood up and put his hot liquid all over me. He was so full, and when I opened my eyes for a second, he was still coming out on my stomach. "I've had white pussy, but it ain't as good as Chinese pussy," Bobby groaned. "Forgive me, but you're so damm good." As my weak body and mind found my clothes, Bobby was talking dirty things about my mother and me. "I will never forgive you for what you have done to me," I told Mr. Stone as we drove home. Never!"

When June arrived, I was never so glad to leave, but decided to attend a college in Iowa. Before I began my freshman year, I returned to Hong Kong for the summer. Although my father, mother and little brother were overjoyed to see me, my soul was filled with remorse and shame of the sex acts performed on me. My mother detected something was troubling me, but how could I destroy her hope in me, by telling her I allowed black men to rape me. How could I look in my father's eyes knowing that these men had used his daughter and lusted for my mother too? How could I be the role model to my young brother, when I knew men had used me for their sick enjoyment? Although I longed to stay with them, I was glad when I finally left for Iowa.

Arriving for college, I had another rude awakening when I saw so many Asian girls dating black guys. My room mate was a China girl, very much like me, but soon I was shocked to learn she wanted a black guy. "Why would you want a black guy?" I cried. "I would date a white guy only second to an Asian."

Coming home from class one evening, I was appauled to learn she was in her room having sex with a black guy. "Oh Wowo," she said later. "Black guys are so much better, you should get one." I put up with him sleeping with her all that year, and when I began my second year, she introduced me to a black guy, named Rick. Rick was a nice guy, very nice looking and well built, but I told him I would just pass for a Asian or white guy. My Asian or white guy ever came calling. By my senior year, I was so upset that only black guys ever asked me out. My school work was my top priorty, but I wanted that fine refined Asian or white guy, I could take home to my honorable family. Finally, I began to go out with Rick. He was so nice, he never asked me for sex and I became so respectful of him. I told him the abuse my host father put me through. He took me in his arms and understood as I cried. He told me his desire to make love to me, but only if I wanted. For the first time in my life, I wanted him to put his black lips on mine. I wanted to feel his black flesh against my white Chinese flesh, I even wanted to feel him enter me. I always fought my desires, because if I allowed this, I felt I would fall in love with this black man, and that meant never being pure to my family and culture. I fought the temptation for so long, but one night I said "yes" when Rick wanted to remove Wowo's clothes. Even though I had dated him for 3 years, I never knew his skin was so black as when I saw him naked. His warmth, respect and patience allowed me to open my legs and let him in. It was so divine. I was actually wanting a black man to want me as much as I wanted him. The word orgasm was too taboo to be to be taught in my society, but I knew the wonderful and sensational feeling now from Rick's love and touch. What these other animals had done to me, I could never release such a burst of expression, but now with Rick, that was possible.

As Rick and I progressed, my love for him grew so much that I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him. I knew marriage to a black man would be impossibe for my family to accept. Rick was so kind. He even wanted to accompany me to Hong Kong and face the truth with my family. I loved him more for this, but knew I would be dammed forever, and I still loved and needed my family very much. The only solution was to keep Rick's identy a secret forever. I even told my family I was dating a white boy, and that disappointed them. "Oh WoYo," they said. "We are in so much hope you will find and marry a Chinese man." That only told me more that Rick would be forbidden.

To this writing many years later, I am still living with Rick. I have learned to love a race I too thought I would never love....a black man. As Rick states often, we cannot keep this secret forever. Like me, he wants to marry, and like me too, he wants to have a child. I am still seeking the answer to keep both Rick and my family a part of my being. I could never dream a exchange student who was exchanged for black men could one day love one so dearly.

To those of you who read this, keep me in your thoughts and well wishes. God Bless You.

- The End -

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