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"Darla's Story"

      (author's name withheld on request)

      (cuckold group interracial anal oral voyeur)

Through six years of marriage my wife Darla and I have toyed with the idea of her taking a black lover. We had decided after two years together that we would have an unconventional marriage, and both occasionally be with other lovers either by ourselves or together. Therefore while we stayed pretty straight in our home town, when on vacation we many times went to "swingers" clubs, or sex parties. Darla is 5'5" tall, has an amazing athletic body (almost no body fat), a great figure (36C), and very large blue eyes. She was always the center of attention on these occasions.

Being the open couple that we were, we were both aware of each other's sexual history. Darla had told me that when she was a cheerleader at college,(USC) she had been fairly promiscuous. During that time she had been with several football and basketball players. While she had mostly been with white guys, she did have two black lovers along the way. However, the story that always got both of us extremely excited was this:

On a road trip to South Bend, IN, she hooked up with a black running back on the team. After some flirting and some hidden drinking, she went up to his room. He made love to her for a long time, and she was in the throngs of orgasm when she opened her eyes to see four other black players were in the room and naked. Even though she protested at first, each forced their cocks in her mouth and came, while her original guy continued to fuck her. As Darla told the story, she would admit that she was turned on the whole time,and really never felt used or raped although she really had been. After this incident, Darla quit the cheerleading squad, but never told anyone about this incident at the time.

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Naturally we would talk about her being with a black man once again. You should know that I am well hung, so that extra size was not the issue. There was just something about the black on white contrast that got us both excited. We decided that on our next vacation we would do the deed. We were in South Beach this past November, and through some previous contacts found out about a private sex party to be held in a residence in the Coconut Grove area. We were told that there would be a diverse group of people there.

When we got to the party,there were about 20 people there, mostly couples. However almost all were white, or light skinned Latinos. While we had a great time, and both were with many others that night, including time in the orgy room, we still wanted Darla to be with a black man. I was talking to another guy about this desire, and he told me that him and his wife were also into the Black/White scene, as well as the party scene. He further said that there was a "special event" coming up next week, and we could go with them. When I asked for details, he convinced me that I would like it better to be surprised, but that it would be more than I could hope for.

Darla was up for a new adventure, so we decided to go with Joe and Nancy next week. When the night came, Darla wore a loose dress, short and with nothing under it, as we had been instructed. We also had a change of clothes for her to wear later. I was just in jeans and a shirt since tonight I would be a spectator rather than a participant. Joe and Nancy picked us up at our hotel, and we drove to the Fort Lauderdale area to a rundown industrial area. We parked in a fenced lot outside of a warehouse with about 6 other cars.

Once inside a black man wearing black sweats met us. He told us that the men were to go to a seating area, and that he would take charge of the ladies. During the next 20 minutes or so other guys kept arriving until about 15 of us were seated in comfortable easy chairs, facing a black curtained area. Suddenly the lights were dimmed where we sat, and the curtains went up revealing 15 women, all dressed in loose dresses, and all with their hands tied behind their backs. The women were of varying sizes and shapes, but right away I saw that Darla was the best looking one of the group.



Nothing happened for a few minutes. You could see the women nervously looking around. There were bright floodlights on them, and I don't think they could see us. At that point a number of black men (about 30 or so) came in from both sides of the stage. Not a word was spoken but these guys descended on the women and started to roughly feel them up and touch them. Some had their dresses pulled up and were fingered in their cunts and asses. Others were kissed and tits were squeezed. As these men kept moving from woman to woman, they started to tear at the dresses. Soon, the women were naked, as guys were pawing them, fingering them, kissing them, licking them, all in a very roughneck fashion. I looked around me and saw a number of my fellow watchers had their cocks out and were jerking off. I started doing the same.

Now on stage, the women were being forced to the ground, and the guys were also undressing. Each woman seemed to have one guy fucking her from behind as another started fucking her mouth. None of the guys wore condoms. This went on for a long time. Each woman was fucked and blew guy after guy as they moved from woman to woman. The sex sounds were so loud that it almost hurt your ears as they echoed through the building. At some point the action stopped and the women were all lying on the ground covered in cum, and looking exhausted. The guys all started to leave as they finished.

From the back, a new group of men were walking in, all naked. These guys all looked like street bums, beards, stubble, like a bunch of homeless people. The other noticeable thing was that although none of them were hard, each had extremely large dicks. The door greeter, still in his black sweats got the women up with a riding prod. He moved them along like they were cattle, and each started blowing one of the guys on the stage. It was unbelievable to watch these enormous pricks grow as these "homeless" guys were fucking our wives's mouths. The guy in sweats moved the women from man to man so that each one seemed to get two or three mouth loads.

When all of this was over,the curtains were let down. I looked around me, and none of the guys were getting up, and in fact most were still jerking off. Finally the guy in the sweats opened a door on the side and told us we could pick up our women whenever we wanted. Joe and I headed through the door to the back, and all of the women were lying around, still naked. There were also still about 12 black guys there, most of them fucking one of the women or getting a blow job. In fact Darla was busy blowing this 6'5" guy in a corner of the room. Nancy seemed to be passed out on the floor. When Darla was done, Joe dressed Nancy, and I dressed Darla in the other clothes we had brought.

Both women slept in the back of the car the whole way home. Joe asked if we wanted to stay at their house,and I agreed. We put the girls in a guest room bed, Joe showed me to my room,and he headed for his own. The next morning at breakfast both girls were chipper as could be. They cooked in the nude,and made out with each other as they moved around the kitchen. After breakfast, I spent the morning in bed with Nancy, and Joe went off with Darla. That night was the first time Darla and I were finally alone so we could talk about her adventure.

The bottom line is that she called it an experience of a lifetime. She told me that it was the most orgasms she had ever had at one time. She told me that she had probably taken at least 20 guys either in her cunt mouth or ass. The rest of the story is that for the foreseeable future all of our vacations will be to Florida, and Darla wants to go at least 5 times a year.

- The End -

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