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"I Love A Crowd"

      by Kristen

      (fmmmmmm, interracial, cream pies)

I'm a coed attending college in Seattle. As you've probably noticed, a number of coeds have been sending you stories. Your site has become quite popular and we've been pushing each other to write stories that reveal our deepest, darkest sexual secrets. I know, according to studies that kids are having sex earlier and more often than in the past, and if headlines are true, teen sex parties are increasingly common.

I admit that I have been involved in a number of sex parties, several over the two years I have been here at college, but even more before I started college.

Here is the story of the first time I was involved in a group sex encounter. It was nearly 5 years ago midway through my sophomore year. It had been nearly a year since I had my first experience with having sexual intercourse and even though I loved sex, I hadn't gone wild yet.

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Some of girls I knew bragged about having been laid well over 100 times, some had been fucked by 20 or more partners by then, but I had only had sex with 7 different guys, and had only been laid 19 times. That all changed one evening after a basketball game.

Our team had made the playoffs and advanced into the regional finals. I was a JV cheerleader so I got all wrapped up in the school spirit.

Our team was eliminated, but all of us felt like, since our school had won a league championship, it had been a successful year and there were a number of celebration parties going on.

Like I said, I was a JV Cheerleader, and I decided to attend a party dressed in my uniform. I'm an attractive girl, part English and Dutch, and part Chinese. I have an exotic Eurasian look that blends the best qualities of both my parents. My hair is long, black and luxurious. My Asian blood gives me delicate features but my eyes are big and round and pretty. Luckily, my European blood means I was also blessed with long attractive legs and good sized breasts - 33C. I have a nice porcelain complexion that is slightly tanned in color all over my body.

The fact that I wasn't a virgin wasn't a secret. My older brother as well as my younger sister both knew I had been with numerous guys. My parents also knew I wasn't a virgin but probably assumed I had only been with one or two guys. What they were most concerned about was that I took my birth control pills and had a supply of condoms. They would have gone through the roof if they had known that I gave my sister, who was two years younger, some condoms and hooked her up with one of my guy friends so that she could experience sex. She had been fucked three times by three different guys and was well on her way to becoming a horn dog like me.

Anyway, I digress. So here is how I got involved in my first group sex activity. I was at the party, looking cute with my short sleeveless cheerleader's sweater and short skirt. Like I said, I have long attractive legs and a nice figure and was getting attention from a lot of my male school mates.

One of the varsity basketball players, a junior came over to flirt with me. It just so happened that I had let his older brother fuck me once during the previous school year. He had been well endowed with an 8 1/2 inch penis, the biggest I had ever experienced at that time. I found myself wondering if big penises ran in the family. We talked and flirted and I knew he was trying to gauge how receptive I might be toward a sexual hook up.

I felt my nipples starting to get hard and my pussy was getting wet from thinking about how nice it would be to have a big penis pushed deep into me. It's not that a guy has to have a gigantic penis for me to have fun, but it is special when I get the chance to have a big penis stretching my pussy to its limits.

I'm going to use false names in my story, and I'll call the ball player Andrew. He asked me if I wanted to go somewhere a little more quite and I knew what he really meant. Of course I agreed.

The house we were in belonged to one of his best friends, and they were really wealthy. The house was a big 18 room mansion that was probably built 100 years earlier. He took me downstairs, through a couple of rooms and into a small apartment. He explained that it used to be the servant's quarters back when rich families still had multiple live-in servants. It was definitely the quiet, private location we were looking for.

I didn't take long for us to get undressed and I found out that big penises really do run in his family. In fact his penis was more than 9 inches long. Since I had barely been able to fit his brother into me, I wasn't sure if I could take him all the way and I was a little nervous about it.

He loved my tits. I have small nipples that get really hard when they're sucked. He kissed me all over, especially my thighs because he's really a leg man. Then he started to examine my pussy telling me how small and tight it looks. He said his brother had told him I'm as tight as anyone he had ever been with.

When I tried to suck his huge penis, I could just get the big head into my mouth but I got it good and wet for the penetration.

I laid back and he stood between my legs and lowered himself to enter me. I had put pillows under my head so I could watch as his giant organ entered me. The big purple head disappeared into me. I had been a year since I had let his brother fuck me so I it was hard for me to judge. But it seemed like that, in addition to being longer, younger brother's penis was thicker too. He still had a couple inches to go when I gasped and asked him to stop because it hurt. He gave me a chance to get used to having the deep inner walls of my pussy spread so far apart, then he slowly eased the rest of the way into me until he was completely inside of me. When he started stroking, the head was hitting my cervix or some other organ inside and it hurt so he pulled part way out and he only fucked me about 7 inches deep. I started to really enjoy it and I had two orgasms.

I hadn't made him wear a condom because I really do like feeling cum spurting into me and the length of his penis meant that I could find out what a really deep, deep cum shot would feel like. His brother had worn a condom so I didn't get to feel it then. He had a huge intense climax inside of me and I loved the feeling of that big fat penis throbbing inside of me.

We stayed just like that as he told me I had the most incredible pussy. It wasn't the first time a guy had told me that. It's really tight and soft at the same time.

He got up and put on his pants and shirt, and slipped his shoes on so that he cold go get us a couple of cold drinks. He was gone longer than I would have expected and I was wondering if he was coming back when he returned, but he wasn't alone. His big brother Bill, who I thought was away at college had shown up at the party. He had made the three hour drive back into town to watch his brother's playoff game, and when his brother told him what was going on, he wanted to see me, and fuck me again.

It was the first time I had ever had more than one partner.

Both brothers fucked me in several positions, and this time the Bill got to cum inside of me. I found out something about myself, I like to get fucked in front of spectators. First Bill had me in the missionary position, then Andrew did me in a standing doggie position. Both guys got to fuck me in the cowgirl position. Then I did doggie with both guys before flipping over for more of my favorite missionary position.

When they finished, after they had both relieved their sexual needs inside of me twice each, I got cleaned up and put my uniform on.

When I returned to the party, it was obvious a lot of people knew what I had been doing. It was no big deal since a lot of kids were sexually active and I wasn't the only girl who had gotten poked in that house that night. You would have thought that I would have been sore down there but I wasn't. In fact I was finding that I was still a little horny.

One of my good male friends, I'll call him Clark asked me if I was doing ok. He said that up until he had heard what I had just been through, he had hoped to hook up with me for some sex that evening. He and I had slept together twice in the past, and he was the first guy I had ever let cum inside of me. The previous two guys had worn condoms.

I found myself telling him that I wouldn't mind more sex and I soon found myself sneaking out the back door and down the street where his Mom's Honda mini van was parked. It was at the end of a cul-de-sac in a fairly private place. Even so, there was a full moon and a nearby street light that let us see each other fairly well, and sex is always better if you can see your partner.

He was gently fucking me when I realized there were some people outside the van. A few of our schoolmates had followed us. One, Dan had fucked me in the past, and another Ed had gotten a blow job from me once, and they both wanted to get together with me again. I was surprised by the fact that I didn't mind at all.

The third guy Fred was somebody I had known since 5th grade, but we had never hooked up until then. His penis was fairly large, about 7 inches and the truth was, I found out that it gave me a stretched, full sensation that was almost as good and Andrew and Bill had with their much bigger dicks.

Clark finished fucking me then I let each of the three new guys fuck me. Nobody brought condoms so I took four shots of cum into me. That was just the start. Somehow, somebody got wind of what was going on and more guys showed up, either alone or maybe in pairs. They were smart enough not to form a big crowd or make a lot of noise that might draw attention from neighbors or give somebody a reason to call the cops.

I fucked 15 guys in a row that night in the van. Add the two brothers and I satisfied the needs of 17 guys that night. Again, I wasn't sore at all. I guess cum is a good lubricant and I had plenty of it inside my pussy.

So that was my first group experience, a classic sex train. A month later I took my sister to a friend's house where both of us had sex with 5 of my guy friends. It was fun watching her fuck and having her watch me. When we go home we took a long hot shower together then performed oral sex on each other. That let me know that I may have bisexual tendencies.

So that's the story of my first teen group sex experience. I hope you enjoyed reading about it.

- The End -

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