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Beth shares her love for black cock with her girlfriend...


by Purplecat42

Beth Adams arched her back and threw her cunt up onto the hard black cock that was fucking in and out of her dripping cunt. She was working on her third orgasm and he showed no signs of either cumming or tiring. Occasionally he would slow his fucking and move his ass in little circles as he stroked, deliciously stirring her cunt with his long pole. Beth opened her eyes and looked at his face, he smiled back at her showing the gaps between his teeth, the missing teeth made him even more unattractive. God! This was one ugly son- of-a-bitch, but he was giving Beth her best fuck ever. She pounded up at him harder when she felt her third orgasm take possession of not only her cunt but whole body as well. She screamed at the top of her lungs, knowing her neighbors would probably hear, but she really didn't give a fuck, they all knew she was a slut anyway.

The man came to her door earlier that morning, and asked if he could rake the leaves from her yard. She asked him in to talk about pay, he was surprised, no white woman had ever invited him into her home before. She led him to the living room.

"How much do you want?" she asked.

"Twenty dollars."

"I'll give you ten." She bargained.

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"No ma'am you've got a big yard, it'll be worth a lot more than ten."

"OK, what if I make it ten dollars and a blow-job?" she had every intension of giving him twenty, but wanted to see his black cock..

"I think I would do it for that." He said smiling.

That was the first time she noticed how incredibly ugly the bastard was. The thought of fucking such an ugly scrounge, made her pussy drench her panties.

"Take it out and let me see it." she demanded.

The man unbuttoned his pants and let them drop; he wore neither belt nor underwear. Beth gave out a little gasp; his cock was hanging down and was only about half hard, she guessed it to be at least nine or ten inches long.

" Take them all the way off and sit on the couch." She instructed him.

The man complied and she went to her knees between his legs. The man had B.O. something terrible; she took his cock in her hand and peeled back the foreskin. There was a white cheesy substance all over the head of his cock. Beth had seen this before, and knew it was partially dried cum, uncircumcised cocks got that way when they came and weren't cleaned afterward.

She put it in her mouth and sucked while licking the head clean. She pulled back and looked, it was now a shiny black. She put it back and started sucking with enthusiasm, the man was so worked up by the situation, it wasn't long before he felt his cum start up from his balls. He didn't say a word, he was afraid if he told her he was going to cum she would stop, and he didn't want her to stop. He needn't have worried; Beth wasn't about to stop until she drained his balls of every drop. She gulped it down, and then she milked him with her fingers until she was sure she had it all. Then she licked and sucked on his smelly balls.

"That was delicious." She said sitting back on her heels.

She stood and took a twenty from her purse.

"Rake the front yard then come back in, I'll have something else for you." She said, handing him the twenty, not worried that he might take it and leave without raking her yard.

When she saw he was almost finished she went to her bedroom and removed her clothes, and put on a pair of heels. She studied herself in the mirror. Her body was beautiful her C-sized breast were firm, her waist tiny and her hips wide, her legs were long and tapered. Her hair was brown, her face wasn't pretty but it wasn't ugly either, she liked to think of it as plain. Her husband always told her she could have the ugliest face in the world and no one would notice.

When she heard the doorbell, she went to the door wearing only her heels. When the man saw her he broke into a wide grin.

"God! I wish he wouldn't do that." She thought.

She opened the door wide and as he entered she saw Cynthia her neighbor across the street, looking at her through her window. She stood in the doorway with her legs spread wide and stared back at her, then she turned and bent at the waist and patted her round ass cheek, and shut the door.

In the living room she laid on the couch draping one leg over the back and hung the other off the side.

"Get your clothes off big boy, you have to work off the other ten bucks I gave you."

The man stripped off his clothes, his large hard cock swaying around in the air. Beth thought the thing had to be a foot long.

Now she was working on her fourth cum since he started fucking her, she knew she'd better hurry because he was now pounding her fast and furious, sinking his whole cock into her to his balls. She loved it when a cock went in far enough to hurt, she loved feeling the pain deep in her belly. Her fourth cum came just as she felt his cock squirt its first wad of cum. She screamed and twisted her ass up at him as hard as she could.

The man collapsed on top of her and started pulling at her breast. She pushed him off, shit she didn't want to make love to the bastard; he had already given her what she wanted. She stood and watched him dress.

"Today you raked my front yard, come back tomorrow and I'll let you rake my back yard." She turned and spread her ass cheeks showing him her little pink asshole.

When she let him out, Cynthia was still watching her, as he walked down the walk she opened the door wide and shot her the finger.

Beth hardly had time to slip on some shorts and a tee shirt before there was a knock at the door that led from her kitchen to the carport. She saw Cynthia through the glass before she opened it.

"God you're a slut, we ought to run you out of the neighborhood." She said as she entered.

"Fuck you, you cold fish bitch, you ought to mind your own fucking business."

Cynthia blew right past her and went into the living room.

Sitting on the couch, she said "That was the ugliest, filthiest, man I've ever saw, I swear you'll fuck anything with a dick."

"Honey, I'll fuck anything, I don't care whether it has a dick or not. I keep telling you, I want some of your pussy, I bet the fucker could use a good tonguing, its probably as dry as a bone all the time."

"One of these days, I'm going to take you up on that, just to see you back down." Cynthia came back.

"Listen honey anytime your ready, just drop your drawers, you'll see whether I back down or not. But let me tell you about that ugly fucker, he has a foot long dick, and he fucked me better than I've ever been fucked" Beth said.

"I bet the S.O.B. smelled to high heaven. I don't know how you got enough crust off of him to fuck him."

"Yeah he was pretty crusty, but I licked him until he was clean, you prissy little cunt."

Beth and Cynthia always went at each other like this, but they liked each other, and Beth really wanted to suck Cynthia's pussy. Cynthia was a beautiful girl, she had a beautiful face and figure, and her blond hair came down to her waist, they were about the same age.

"He's coming back in the morning to rake my back yard, I'm going to give him another blow-job and let him fuck my ass. I'll send him over to you house when he's finished, your yard looks like it needs to be raked, and I know that dried up little cunt of yours needs a good fucking. Seriously Cynthia, you ought to try him, I promise you, you'll get the fuck of a lifetime."

"Is his cock really a foot long?" Cynthia asked.

"Yeah, and it's as thick as my wrist. If you do decide to fuck him make sure he does it dog fashion, then you won't have to look at his ugly face and you won't be able to smell him so good either."

"I've never fucked a Black man before. And I've never been fucked with a dick longer than my husband's six inches."

"You ought to fuck him baby, shit if the its scrounge your worried about make him take a bath first, I get off on doing filthy shit like that. You don't want to go through life never having really been fucked. Do you?"

"Jake fuck's me good." Cynthia protested.

"Honey, the last couple of years I've fucked your husband more than you have, I know Jake is a good fuck, but this fucker made me cum four times before he unloaded. If the motherfucker wasn't so god awful ugly, I'd run off with him.

Cynthia didn't believe Beth was fucking her husband, but if she was, she wasn't a threat, Beth wasn't trying to steal anybody's husband; she just wanted to be fucked. She was excited by the thought of fucking the big black cock that made you cum four times, she might just do it. She and Beth had been close for the past few years, and Beth's frankness and honesty was beginning to rub off on her. She felt the sticky wetness of her panties on her pussy; right now she wanted Beth's tongue more than anything. Without a word she stood and stripped her Panties down her thighs and sat back on the couch kicking them free of her feet.

"Oh, so this is the test to see if I back down. Right cunt?"

Beth fell to her knees in front of her and pushed her legs apart. Then she lifted her skirt bringing her cunt into full view.

"I knew it! I knew you had the most beautiful cunt anywhere." Beth said softly.

Cynthia's cunt was covered with a thin layer of soft blond hair, and her lips glistened with pussy juice. Beth spread her pussy lips and gently pushed her tongue into her hole as far as she could get it.

"Ohhhhh my god Beth, I really didn't think you would do it."

Beth lifted her head. "Honey, I've just started, I'm going to have you coming back and begging for more"

Beth made love to Cynthia's cunt, she licked, sucked, tongued and finger fucked her through several orgasms. When Cynthia couldn't stand it anymore she pulled Beth up on the couch and kissed her.

"That was so wonderful sweetheart, I didn't know sex could be this good. I think I should reciprocate now you haven't cum yet."

"No baby, let's just get naked I want to feel every inch of you. If you want too later, maybe tomorrow it'll be OK, but now I just want to hold you and make love to you."

Beth licked every inch of Cynthia's beautiful body; even between her toes, when she spread her ass cheeks and stuck her tongue up her ass, Cynthia came again. Later, they lay together fondling each other.

"Honey, if you enjoyed what we just did, you simply must fuck the man tomorrow. It will be ten times better than everything we've done, except for the love of course."

"Oh Beth, you felt it too, the love I mean."

"Yes you little cunt of course I felt it, how could I not feel it, I love you."

"OK I'll fuck the ugly Bastard, I'll do anything for you." Cynthia said, kissing her.

The next morning the man showed up on time, Beth gave him a blowjob and after he raked her back yard, she had him up her ass. It was just as good as the day before. She only came three times with it in her ass. But that was two more than any other fucker had ever given her.

She sent him across the street, Cynthia let him in, and minutes later he came out and started raking leaves, Beth watched on and off, when she saw he was almost finished she sat down by the window. When he went to the door Cynthia opened it in the nude, and let him in, just before she closed it she waved at Beth. Beth sat there for a half hour waiting, finally the door opened and the man came out; Cynthia stood in the doorway naked and shot her a bird.

Beth wasted no time getting to Cynthia's side door, when She opened the door Beth walked past her.

"Was it as good as I said?" she asked.

"Better, I didn't believe you, but now I know you were telling the truth. I've never been fucked like that; it was wonderful. I came six times; I'm still having little contractions."

"We probably will never see him again." Beth said.

"Oh I think not, I hired him as our yard man, he's going to do everything, mow, shovel snow, trim shrubs and fuck us, whenever we want it. We should be able to think of something for him to do a couple of times a week, if not we'll pay him just to fuck us."

"Now why didn't I think of that, shit I'll give him ten bucks to fuck me anytime."

Cynthia was still nude, and Beth noticed she had cum running down her leg.

Beth pulled off her shorts and tee shirt, which were the only two items of clothing she was wearing. Then she knelt in front of Cynthia and pushed her legs apart. She cleaned her cunt with her tongue, she cleaned it inside and out; she licked the man's cum from her thighs. Cynthia pulled her up on the couch next to her, for about five minutes they sucked each other's tongue. Cynthia pushed Beth back on the couch.

"Spread them legs slut, it's my turn to suck pussy, I'm going to eat that little hairless morsel until you beg for mercy." Cynthia grinned.

Beth didn't have to be told twice she lay on her back and spread her legs wide. Cynthia buried her face in her cunt, and started licking.

Beth's husband Tom was a salesman and spent the whole week traveling. He left early every Monday and didn't come home until late on Friday. Cynthia's husband was away on business at least three nights a week. They spent those nights in each other's arms, when their husbands were at home the made love at least once a day. They both fucked the man two or three times a week. They spent a lot of time together just sitting and talking, they told each other all about themselves. Cynthia always wondered how Beth became such a slut.

Beth had no father, at least not one she had ever known. Her mother had no idea who her father was, and really didn't care. Her mother worked as a waitress in a restaurant, and every night when she left work she went to a bar with a girlfriend, she always came home drunk with a different man every night. Their three-room apartment was on the second floor of an old house, the bedroom was between the living room and the kitchen, and there were two beds, one full sized and the other a twin. Even though the room was quite large the beds were only feet apart. Beth slept on the twin sized bed and her mother and her lovers on the other. At a very early age Beth would wake up when they came in, it was always in the early hours of the morning. She would listen to and watch them fuck, the sounds of their bodies slapping together or the licking and slurping sounds as they ate each other. She could see them quite plainly, there was a streetlight outside their bedroom window and even though there was a shade, it sent a warm glow into their bedroom. She started masturbating right after she saw them the first time, the first time she came she cried out. Her mother jumped out of bed and came to her. She told her mom she just had a bad dream and pretended to go back to sleep. After that she would pull her panties off and stuff them in her mouth while she masturbated.

The day after her thirteenth birthday, her mom came home as usual, they went to bed and Beth started masturbating, but they didn't start fucking, She heard the man whispering her mom's name and saw him shaking her. Her mom had passed out, Beth saw him get out of bed naked and stand by the side of her bed looking down at her. She kicked the sheet off, and spreading her legs as wide as she could, she held her arms up to him. He wasted no time getting between her legs and pushing his cock into her virgin cunt. It hurt at first, but she was so excited by the feeling of her pussy being filled so completely with his hard cock, she fucked back at him. It was a good thing she still had her panties stuffed in her mouth, because when she came and felt his cum fill her pussy she screamed.

From that day forward she would wait until after they were asleep the she would go to their bed and play with the man's cock and balls, she almost always got them hard, and if they didn't wake up she would wake them and invite them to her bed. One night just as the man was pumping her pussy full of cum, and she was having a violent orgasm. She heard a loud smack; she looked up and saw her mother hit the man again. He jumped up and pushed her mom onto her bed, and then grabbing his clothes he began dressing. Her mother screamed and cursed at him, but he paid little attention to her. As he went out the door he winked at Beth.

"At least I got one good piece of ass tonight." He said, and then he was gone.

Her mother grabbed Beth and forced her onto her stomach, the she sat on her back and spanked Beth's ass. At first Beth struggled but the pain started to feel good, she was sure if her mom would keep it up she would cum. She was afraid her mom would stop so she slid her hand under her and found her clit; it only took about three rubs to send her over the top. From then on she would do things to make her Mom mad, hoping she would spank her, she never stopped fucking her mom's boy friends. Her mom put her on the pill right after that.

About two weeks after her first fuck, her and her friend Lorie, were in a neighbor's yard watching some kids jump rope, when Jim Tate came into the yard. Jim was fifteen and lived in the neighborhood. When he thought no one was looking, he caught Beth's eye and mouthed, "Let's fuck." She grabbed him by the hand and led him to their apartment and right to bed. In Beth's school district there was no junior high, you went to the eight- grade in grade school, then you went to high school. Beth was still in eight-grade and Jim was in high school. She fucked several other older boys in the neighborhood, of course the boys bragged to other boys and soon everyday there were high school boys waiting outside her apartment when she got home from school. She never turned any of them away, except when she was having her period. There was always two and sometimes three of four. They would wait in the living room and she would fuck them on her mom's bed one at a time.

By the time she started high school she already had the reputation of being a slut. She didn't mind, she was very popular with the boys. When she was a junior she had her first bout with oral sex. There was a gym teacher that was a known dike, at least known to the kids. One day she asked Beth to meet her after school, Beth was curious and met her. The woman took her to her apartment and ate her cunt, Beth liked it, in fact she loved it, she couldn't wait to eat a pussy herself. Lorie was her first, Beth had no trouble talking her into letting her eat her pussy, and Beth liked that too.

After she graduated from high school, the boys were fewer. Most of them went to college or into the army. Her mother had a steady boyfriend that loved her and he wouldn't fuck Beth. She took a job waiting tables and saved her money, when she was twenty she moved to another town and took a job in a barbershop as a manicurist. She knew nothing about it, but she had done her own nails for years. She wore sexy low cut clothes and the men didn't seem to mind her ineptness. One day Tom came into the shop, while she was giving him a manicure he asked her out on a date, he seemed genuinely interested in her, for the first time she saw a man as something other than a cock to fuck. She saw him as a means of support and security; she came across to Tom as a chaste pure young lady, while all the time fucking as many of her customers as she could. A year later they were married, the marriage vows meant nothing to her, while he was traveling she was fucking. She even fucked three men on her honeymoon; she went to their rooms with them while Tom was sleeping.

One evening she drove to a black neighborhood, she had never fucked a black man before and she was going to change that. She found a small bar that was quiet; she didn't like places that had loud music coming out of them. When she entered the bar she noticed there were six men not including the bartender, all heads turned her way; she went to the bar and sat on a stool. The bartender came over but instead of asking her what she wanted, he leaned across the bar and whispered.

"You shouldn't be in here little lady, you're going to get your pretty ass raped."

"Nope you can't rape me." She said.

"Why?" he asked.

"You can't rape a girl that's looking to get fucked." she said in a loud voice.

The men all stood, and she pulled her tee shirt off, baring her big tits.

"Come on you black fuckers, I want to know if what they say about black men is true." She said stripping off her shorts.

They put her on a table in the center of the room, and took turns fucking her cunt, ass and mouth. This was the first time she was fucked in the ass, and she got her first taste of cum. When she got home that night she was exhausted but happy.

About two months after the first time they fucked the man, Cynthia showed up at her door one morning, she looked very serious, so Beth decided not to chide her like usual.

"Beth, I've been thinking, over the past two month's, I've heard you say you love me about five hundred times. I love you too, I know you don't love your husband; he's just a source of security. I'm sick and tired of my life, I'm tired of house work and listening to Jake bitch all the time, I'm sick of his tiny little cock fucking me. I want to take care of you; I want to be your source of security, I want to sleep with you every night. I want us to go away together, I want to go somewhere they'll will never find us." She said wiping a tear from her cheek.

Beth hugged and kissed her.

"Oh baby. I do love you, and I'll go away with you in a minute, but what do we use for money. I don't have any except what Tom gives me."

Cynthia shushed her.

You Know My parents were killed in a plane crash two years ago; the plane was their private jet. They left me more money than I can ever spend. Jake made me put it in the bank, he doesn't want people saying he's living off my money, he wouldn't even let me put it in a joint account with his name on it. He says it's an insurance policy, for me to use if anything happens to him. I'm sure he thinks it's noble of him, I think he's a stupid shit. I'm a rich woman and I should be living like one. So you see baby, I can, take care of you, a lot better than that wimp of a husband of yours. Come on babe let's leave the bastards."

"Beth thought about it, but not for very long.

"What's the plan?" she asked.

"I thought we would go to the Cayman Islands, my parents used to take me there when I was a kid, it's beautiful and I just love it, I know you will too. We'll buy us a little house on the beach. We'll take the man with us as our bodyguard and butler. We'll get him to come here the morning before we leave, we'll get him cleaned up and take him downtown and buy him a wardrobe. He can spend the night with you. Then we'll just take off. We'll spend our days making love to each other and fucking the man, at night we'll go out and pick up other men to fuck."

"What if he doesn't come by, between now and the time we leave. Shit we don't know his name or where he lives." Beth said.

"I know all about him, he's twenty-six years old and his name is William Jackson and he lives in a cardboard box in an alley off Main Street, He's homeless Beth. I've already talked to him; he's ready to go. At first I was only planning for you and I to go, but I couldn't stand the thought of not having him fuck me every few days. We might even get his teeth fixed we have to do something about that god-awful breath of his. Anyway, he'll be here a week from yesterday, we're leaving a week from today."

"I agree about the breath part but I don't know about the teeth, I kind of like his ugliness, it kind of sets him apart from other men, and I think he's very special." Beth said.

"I think he's special too, but now it's time for us to go to work, we have about a million things to do between now and flight time."

A month later, Beth was stretched out on the beach; the white sand stretched out forever and the sky and sea were so blue you couldn't tell where one began and the other ended. The man turned out to be much more than just a good fuck; he was also a great cook, he watched over them like a mother hen. He took care of everything, the shopping, the house cleaning, the laundry, everything. They didn't pay him, Cynthia said, "You don't pay a member of your family." But even so, they gave him whatever he wanted; He went to the market in his very own brand new red Corvette convertible. Cynthia insisted that the new bank account would be a joint account with both hers and Beth's name on it, Beth was astounded when she saw that the account contained over twenty million dollars. She thought Cynthia was right, Jake was a stupid shit.

Beth and Cynthia spent that morning making love, as they had every morning since coming here. Then they had a nice brunch, Cynthia had a date, so she kissed Beth and the man goodbye, Beth and the man fucked, Beth thought the ugly bastard was getting better, and for the first time she kissed him and sucked his tongue.

As she lay on the beach in her white thong bikini, she felt rather than saw a shadow fall across her. She opened her eyes and saw a native man standing over her. His legs were classic, and the muscles of his chest and abdomen, were well defined. He was really a quite beautiful young man.

"I was wondering madam, if you might be interested in dinner and maybe a little dancing after." He said.

"No! But I certainly would be interested in some cock sucking and maybe a little fucking after." Beth answered, smiling up at him.

The man reached for her hand and helped her to feet; Beth put her arms around his neck and kissed him full on the mouth. Then she led towards their beach house.

The End

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