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"Bananas or Cucumbers"

      by Sally Suckalot

      (MF inter size(M) cons)

The other day I was at the grocery store. I had just finished working out and was in my stretch pants, sports bra and my Duke Bluedevils hat with my hair flowing out the back. For all you guys masturbating, which I love!!!, I'm 22, white, 5'7", 112 lbs, 28-20-34D, I just had my breasts enlarged,. I'm an exotic dancer. I have straight honey blonde hair that goes down to the middle of my back. Aside from my new boobs I have an ass that looks great in a thong (like Jill Kelly for those who know who she is.) I was voted best ass at my place of work, and tremendous legs that look much longer than they actually are. I'm a looker, no doubt about it and I get hit on all the time. I don't mind, I like flaunting my figure and toying with guys.

As I was in the produce section this absolutely gorgeous black guy walks up to me and asks me what type of produce I like better: cucumbers or bananas? A lame line I admit but this guy was 6'3", dressed in a fine blue suit with broad shoulders and strong hands with a bright gold tie on. He looked a lot like Tye Diggs, yumm!!! But most of all I could see a dent a considerable distance down his right leg . . . I love huge cocks!!! I take guys home all the time from the club if I see they have a big one and if I don't do that I come home and fuck myself with my 13 inch dildo, but this one looked extra tasty.

I replied to his question, "Whichever is bigger and sweeter!"

He then said, "How big and how sweet does it need to be?"

I said back, "I never know until I see it and get it in my mouth."

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He then said, "Do you want to go shopping back at my place, I'm sure you'll like what you see?"

"No, why not come to mine, I'm right around the corner and I've got a great selection as well, just bring what you've got already."

We both just left our carts where they were and he took me in his car, a Ferrari! While in the car he started petting my pussy but I told him to stop before he received his show.

When we finally got to my place I told him to sit in my leather chair in my room and I'd be right out of the bathroom. I dressed up in my sexiest farm girl stripper outfit, and put my hair into pigtails. I told him to close his eyes before I came out and told him to open them when I turned on some music, I picked Pink by Aerosmith. When the music started he opened his eyes and his mouth dropped, "You are the finest bitch I have ever seen!" I started to dance for him, grinding on his huge cock, teasing. Every time he touched me I'd slap his hand and say coyly "Don't you know that's against the rules?" He was completely on edge.

He said, "How did you know that my fantasy is to fuck a cornbread, farm white girl?"

I said, "Don't all big black studs want to fuck a unsuspecting farmer's daughter, defiling her?" All this while I felt his already huge member growing on my crotch. I couldn't stand it. I had to see that big boy and turned to him now only in my thong and white boots. I turned and gently rubbed my huge tits on his lips and nose, blinding him from my face. My hair was brushing his ears.

I then said, "I have got to see what you have hidden under those pants!"

I then stepped back and the tone changed. He said, "Beg for it bitch! You can only see it if you get on your knees and beg!" I almost came right there!

I dropped to my knees instantly and begged poutingly into his eyes. "Please can I see your big dick?"

He said, "It's not big bitch!"

"Please can I see your huge cock!" I screamed.

He removed his coat, tie, shirt all the while saying "You're gonna get fucked like you've never been before bitch! Like never before!" My eyes never left his crotch.

He then instructed me to take off his belt with my tongue and teeth, then the pants hook and then the zipper. As I drew the zipper down with my teeth I could see what was the largest cock I'd ever seen! I took my hands up and drew his pants down his thighs. It seemed like an eternity until his entire cock was in view. I was in complete awe, never taking my eyes off it. It was at least 10 inches limp and as thick as the middle of my forearm. I started to reach for it. He hit my hands away.

"Bitch did I tell you you could touch it? Don't you know the rules?"

I then begged in a gasping voice, all the breath had left me, "Please let me touch your fucking huge cock!!!"

He said back "Get up off your feet, you're not going to touch it until you worship the rest of my body as you do my huge cock!"

I got up, stepped back, he was a very impressive specimen of a man. The most cut, muscled man I'd ever laid eyes on and I've fucked some hot men in my time. He took my hands and placed them on his chest. His skin was ebony and as soft as velvet. I caressed his awesome chest, huge shoulders, taut abs, and massive arms then his tight ass, which was the second best thing about him. I started kissing everywhere, all but what mattered most. I was the wettest I'd ever been. Almost always I have complete control of my fuck partner due to my looks, not this time. I was the prey.



His hands roamed my entire body, while I focused on his. I kept looking at his cock. Every time he noticed he said, "Eyes on where your hands are!" He kept squeezing my breasts, pulling on the nipples. I came small cums twice due to that. He then focused his energy on my ass. He instructed me to turn around and bend over. He then dropped to his knees, pulled my thong aside and started giving me head. I was in heaven. He knew just what to do and made me come twice in thirty seconds, the second was so loud I couldn't hear the music in the background!

He got to his feet and said, "Turn around and get on your knees bitch!" I was dizzy but complied. He said "Again!"

"Please can I touch your beautiful huge nigger cock!" He nodded, I grabbed it with both hands as quickly as I could. Just holding it made me even more dizzy. He put his left hand at the base, his right hand tightly adjacent and my hands, clasped together at the finger tips, where both stroking the seven inches left!!! He then ordered, "Try to put that big boy in your mouth. Suck me off so you can get your reward!!!"

Now this I could do. I've practiced a number of times on my big black dildo so when I took the length his hands weren't around he made a huge gasp! I was back in control! I withdrew, and stroked it a little.

He demanded, "Cunt, suck my cock!"

I looked up at him and said, "Now you beg! I bet I can take at least two thirds down my throat . . . have you ever had any woman do that?"

He looked up, and said in a little boy voice he must use on his mother, "Please continue to suck my big cock!"

I said back, "With emotion, and it's not big!"

He yelled, "Please suck my fucking huge cock!"

I instructed him to remove his hands and I did the same. His cock now hung at least 13 inches, I dropped my mouth to the tip and started to take his tremendous length into my mouth and throat. I had 8 inches in, 10, 11, then 12. By that time he was at full girth and length, he later said 14 inches.

I couldn't get the last two but once I made 12 he declared, "This is the most amazing blow job ever. You can suck my cock any day!"

I then retreated and said, "Just tell me the time and place. You've got the most tremendous cock and body I've ever seen!" I then started sucking about seven inches regular speed with my hands pumping the rest. Within a minute he came in my mouth. I couldn't swallow all his cum, it seemed to never stop. He then proceeded to say that he never comes that quick, I reassured him that most men don't last past my deep throat.

After he came we moved to the bed. Within a minute or two he was ready again. I turned to him and said, "I have got to get that thing in me! Fuck me now!"

He complied while only saying, "Once you have me you won't want anyone else!" I'd heard that before but in this case I was afraid he might be right! I laid back, opened my legs and he gently inserted his huge head into my pussy. I came right then and there and continued to while he inserted more and more into me. He then started pumping like a champ, he could only get about ten inches in me but it was seriously the ten best I'd ever had.

I kept encouraging him by saying, "Fuck me with that huge cock. Fuck this little white bitch!"

He would say things like, "You love this nigger cock, all women love my huge cock! You love it don't you. It's the biggest you've ever seen isn't it!"

I of course would reply with, "Yes, keep fucking this white bitch, you're the biggest best cock in the world!"

After four distinct orgasms, I turned over and he pulled on my pigtails like reins on a horse while he fucked me from behind. He could get a little more in this way and I was in heaven! Then he picked me up and took me off the bed and fucked me in a suspended fashion. His hands were under my thighs, directing my body. I wasn't touching a thing! I could feel his raw power as he held me there as solid as a rock! I was facing away from him. We fucked for easily three hours, he came four times. I can't tell you how many times I came, yum!

After our session I came to find out that he was an ex-college football player and now a sports agent for some pretty big names. We exchanged names and numbers. He called me today and he asked me to wear a business outfit, glasses, hair up, garters, stockings. I have just the outfit!!! I've thought about surprising him with another girl from work that loves huge cocks but I'm not sure if I want to share him. But again, a temple like his cock and a shrine like his body should be admired by many!

I hope you enjoyed my story as much as I enjoyed my experience. For me it is true that size does matter!

- The End -

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