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"A Great Day"

      by Jim in Tucson

      (MMM oral anal interr)

Today is a great day. Now, in his 43rd year, Jim is healthy, fit and attractive to the eye. He doesn't work at looking good, it just comes to him. Today, he is hoping that good things come to him.

Perhaps he knew what was coming; perhaps it was actually a surprise, as he told himself. Without knowing when he decided to come, Jim found himself discreetly parked behind the adult bookstore. This was a place he knew well, for he had found himself here and places like it often.

Looking into the car mirror, Jim checked his appearance. Short strawberry blonde hair needed a touch from the pocket comb. The same face he had seen so many times before looked back at him. Fair skin, a touch of sunburn around the forehead and a shallow smile lines around the eyes made this face pleasant to look at. Jim is in a good mood today, great things are bound to happen.

Checking the parking lot for familiar cars or faces and seeing none, Jim quickly gets out of the car, locks the door and places the keys into his left pants pocket. The keys finally settle to the bottom of the pocket in his tight jeans as he walks fast for the rear entrance of the building. Jim loves the way the tightness caresses him as he walks.

Stepping through the door is like walking into a cave. To the right, the single putrid bathroom pours it's stench into the air. Jim has been in that bathroom many times, being careful to touch only the surfaces that are absolutely necessary. To the left are the preview booths. Walking slowly past, he carefully checks them for activity. All but two are empty. Both occupied booths have their doors securely closed, indicating that no company is desired.

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Around to the front counter. Jim stands in front of the new electronic cash register with it's flashing lights and flickering display. Trying not to appear anxious, he waits there for the clerk who is checking three adult video's being returned by an amorous couple. All three look up briefly to see who is there. As the clerk let's out a little huff, the couple makes a connection, though brief.

They are in their mid-twenties. He stands six feet tall with an unremarkable build. His jet black hair must take him twenty minutes to blow dry and style each day. Obviously, he puts a great deal of work into this. Even as I noticed this, he reached up to check his hair, looking back to the clerk's labor. She is a goddess. Five feet, eight inches, perhaps 110 pounds, small breasts, and a very nice waist opening into full hips. Her blonde hair looks like it took no effort to run a brush through after a quick shower. Her eyes are a deep green.

For a moment, Jim is captured by her eyes. They hold each others gaze for a full second before it breaks. She quickly looks down while trying to mask a slight smile. Sensing her discomfort, Mr. blow dryer pulls her closer, running his hand over her round rump.

Finally, the clerk is done with them and they leave. All eyes are on the woman as they walk out. Just as they are nearly out the door, her man reaches down to give her as a quick squeeze, as if to say, "She's mine!"

The clerk turns his attention to Jim. "Can I help you?", he says. Jim, having been distracted by the woman, more in his mind's eye, than by her, is suddenly brought back to reality. "Theater, please." The clerk's automatic response, given hundreds of times each day is, "Six dollars." The transaction is quickly completed.

Jim walks around the counter to the darkest part of the adult book store. There is a small sign that simply reads, "Theater". Turning the corner, Jim has no interest in what movie is playing. This theater only plays straight movies and the details are not important. Stepping through another door, there is nearly total darkness.

The time is about 3:30 on a Friday afternoon. Standing just beyond the entrance door, Jim waits for his eyes to begin adjusting to the darkness. The theater has a large projection screen in front of only fifteen rows of seats. There is a dampness to the room and the darkness seems to double the slight chill in the air. Behind the rows of seats is a waist-high partition that runs the entire width of the theater. The theater only holds about six men, three are in the theater seats, the rest are standing against the back wall. Scanning the men against the back wall, Jim finds none of them attractive. Two are easily in their sixties, the other is at least fifty. They each turn towards him trying to determine if it is safe to continue their activity. Moving away from the door, Jim takes a position against the wall. To put the others at ease, he moved his hand down to his crotch and began visibly rubbing. He waits for the others to relax, knowing that he is not a cop. As the two old men resume fondling each other, everyone in the theater can hear the audible sucking noises coming from the two men sitting together in the front row. Seeing both their heads, Jim knows that someone is on his knees in front of them. Jim knows that as people get out of work and prepare for the weekend it would soon be crowded.

The fifty something man moves closer to Jim. Cautiously settling against the wall about a foot to his left. He is fondling himself through his loose trousers. He looks like a workman; dusty and needing a shower. Jim guessed him to be a grounds keeper, recently done with his work for the day. The workman glanced at Jim while rubbing himself, looking for any interest. Jim stood as though transfixed by the movie. Slowly, tentatively, the workman reached out with his free hand, lightly brushing against Jim's leg. Seeing no reaction, he became bolder, his hand traveling to Jim's groin, feeling for the hardness he wanted. Still Jim made no move, never acknowledging the contact, continuing to watch the movie that held no interest for him.

Finally, the workman found Jim's bulge. As he grasped it and began to gently stroke it, it became harder. Relaxed now, the man turned toward Jim, taking Jim's hand and moving it to his own bulge. Mechanically, Jim stroked the man's erection, feeling the heat generated by his needs. The workman's desire was obvious, as he tried to open the buttons of Jim's jeans. His fumbling efforts caused a slight smile to cross Jim's lips, reaching down to unbutton and release his erection. Feeling the hot, exposed skin; enjoying it's length and hardness, the man fell quickly to his knee's and took Jim into his mouth.

At first, the sensation was pleasing. But soon, the warm dampness of the man's mouth was replaced by the sensation of a poorly placed tooth that was irritating. Jim reached down to recover his penis, placing it back into his jeans. The man was disappointed, staying on his knees, looking up into Jim's face while rubbing the flesh he desired. Jim looked down at him, shaking his head. With some effort, the man stood and returned to his original spot.



With eyes fully adjusted to the darkness, Jim moved away from the door, staying behind the theater seats, to the corner. Jim has come to know this as the safest area in the theater. As he walked past the two old men, one reached out for his sex. Turning, Jim continued past them. Fifty-something came to him again; Jim again looked at him shaking his head and he again retreated. Still, the audible sucking noises filled the theater from the front row.

Leaning against the wall, Jim watched the movie for the next twenty minutes. Checking his watch, knowing that he will be missed after five, Jim made a mental note that he had to leave by 4:45. All the time, he knew that he might be as much as two hours late if things picked up.

Finally, more men entered the theater. Every time the door opened, all activity ceased except the never ending sucking from the front row. When the new person rubbed his crotch, the men resumed. Occasionally, a man would come in, failing to give the signal. This would frustrate the theater men, until someone approached the new guy and felt him up. Fifty-something approached each one of them and finally found a man he could satisfy. While he practiced his oral skills to completion, the others explored and paired up.

Two of the men came to Jim's corner, one on either side of him. Both were rubbing themselves, as was Jim. Both were in their forties. Tentatively, one reached out for Jim's crotch, the other watching. Jim moved his hand, giving full access to this new stranger. With little hesitation, Jim reached out for the stranger's crotch, finding and enjoying the harness he found there. With is free hand, Jim unbuttoned his fly, pulling his jeans down for the man and turned slightly towards him. The man, in turn released his penis from his trousers, allowing Jim to stroke its length. Both men were becoming more aroused. The stranger's penis occasionally jumped in Jim's hand. It was a bit shorter than Jim's six inches, but was thicker.

The second man had taken out his penis and was stroking it on the other side and slightly behind Jim. He was having some difficulty getting it hard. Jim reached behind him to stroke it. Shortly after this, the second man reached out to caress Jim's rump. Enjoying this, Jim let a slight moan escape, turning to fully expose his firm behind to this man. As the man squeezed and fondled Jim's rump, he became more excited, his penis now fully erect. Jim squeezed his penis, finding it very long and hard. He gently, but urgently pulled the man toward him, holding his hardness like a handle. At the same time, he bent at the waist to take the first man in his mouth.

Behind him, the second stranger was stroking his own cock, rubbing the head against Jim's exposed ass. With his free hand, the man applied some lubricant to Jim's anus and began working his finger inside him. Jim was in heaven. One cock in his mouth, another preparing to fuck him. He felt the second stranger's cockhead against his anus. The man was slowly working himself into Jim, stretching him. It felt wonderful.

Just as the man grabbed Jim's hips and was about to thrust, Jim stood up slightly, making him pop out. Reaching into his shirt pocket, Jim handed the man a lubricated condom. Reluctantly, the man took the condom, opened it, and installed it over his erection. Jim felt the cock return to his rectum. He reached between his legs, feeling to be sure the condom was in place and guiding him back to his anus. Now Jim turned his full attention to the cock in his mouth.

Again feeling the cockhead enter him, Jim pushed to open his anus a bit. Slowly, the man worked his shaft into Jim, eventually getting all seven inches inside him. The first man's cock seemed to become harder as he watched Jim being fucked. His cock became to throb and swell. Not wanting him to cum yet, Jim slowed down a bit, taking the cock from his mouth and licking his balls. Jim used the man's cock to slap his face, taking it into his mouth for a couple strokes, licking it and building his desire.

By now the second stranger was fucking Jim with abandon. His strokes were full and fast. Everyone in the theater could hear the slapping of flesh against flesh as he bottomed out. The second stranger firmly grasped Jim's hips, using his arms to pull himself. The first stranger now was holding Jim's head, fucking his mouth.

The activity drew a crowd. Some watched, stroking their own cock's, some were trying to bring Jim's head to to pleasure them. One man got sat on the floor to replace Jim's hand with his mouth as he gently sucked his cock. The second stranger, began bucking more violently; he came with a groan, quickly pulling out. As he stepped back to remove the condom and clean up, another man took his place.

This new man was fully six feet, six. His skin was ebony and it seemed to glow in the low light from the screen. For a time, Jim had his beautiful cock in his hand as the man was fucking him. His cock was all of nine inches and fat. He borrowed some lubricant from the first man and applied it generously to his anus and his uncovered cock. Seeing this, the man Jim was sucking, groaned, pulled out and came on the floor. He was quickly replaced by yet another man.

The man sucking Jim's cock was purposely going slow, so as not to finish him too quickly. Jim enjoyed watching the man masturbate as he sucked him. Looking up, Jim discovered that the new cock in his mouth was that of the laborer. He looked down on Jim with a knowing smirk. His balls were sweaty and carried a heavy musk. Without hesitation, Jim took this new cock into his mouth as he felt the big black man working the head of his shaft into Jim ass.

Without mercy, the black man immediately pushed his full length into Jim and began fucking him violently. On every other stroke, one of his big hands would painfully and loudly slap Jim's ass. First lost in the pain, then the pleasure, Jim was delirious. Knowing that Jim could do nothing to stop him, the laborer began matching the black man, stroke for stroke. He pushed fully into Jim's mouth and down his throat. The man sucking Jim's cock lost his grip a couple of times, as Jim was being jerked around. The black man was pounding his meat into Jim now, his pace picking up. The laborer continued to match him, firmly pulling the back of Jim's head down onto his cock.

Suddenly, the black man redoubled his pace, painfully squeezing Jim's cheeks with his big hands. Then, just as suddenly, he slowed, lifting Jim off the floor for maximum penetration. With a deep groan, the black man began to cum. Seeing this, the laborer, shot his load down Jim's throat, gagging him. Immediately, the man sucking Jim had cum on his face, as he lost the cock when Jim was lifted off the floor.

Still with his feet off the floor, the black man was slowly moving his cock in Jim's ass. Finally, he relaxed. Slowly his cock came out with a plop. He wiped it off on the outside of Jim's ass, zipped up and was gone.

In the heat of the moment, Jim had neglected to get a condom on the black man. He had cum in his ass with no protection. The laborer looked down at Jim laughing. The crowd had moved away. Again, Jim was alone. He quickly cleaned up and left the theater. He feels their eyes on him as he leaves.

As Jim sat in his car, he felt the wonderful discomfort in his ass and the empty feeling of a drained prostate. Again, he looked in the mirror. "Up, still look the same." he mused. Turning on the jazz radio station, Jim took the short drive home. He arrived promptly at five. Kissing is wife, she asked if he had a good day. "Couldn't be better." Jim smugly responded.

- The End -

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