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Free Interacial Sex Storys

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Welcome to our HOT Sex Stories!

This section will be devoted to interracial sex stories contributed by our visitors. We invite you to submit your story to us via email. Please send your story as an attachment in plain text format or as plain text pasted into an email message. You'll be given full credit for your erotic sex story and your name and email address will be posted under the title unless you prefer to remain anonymous (just let us know). The stories we're looking for are similar to those posted in the newsgroup (basically more explicit versions of the "Letters to Penthouse" type). Feel free to submit your stories at any time. We'll also post photos or other illustrations if you send them to us as email attachments in GIF or JPEG format. Drop us a line if you have any questions too.

Hope to hear from you soon.

The Editors

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Look for the new marker to identify the most recent stories. We're now keeping story threads together when we add new writing from that author. Make sure to scroll the list to see new additions to existing stories too.

"Beth" by PurpleCat42 ... (interracial groupsex) new

"The Slutress" - introduction and first episode
. . . "The Slutress" - episode 2

"Extra Credit"

"Jenny's Gangbangs"

"It Was My Host Father's Fault"

"The Farmer's Wife"

"Hot Desert Storm Sex"

"The Caribbean Adventure Begins"

"The Lesson"

"Blonde Cheerleader's First Black Stud"

"College Fun"

"Getting Waxed"

"My Second" ... (first time interracial sex)

"Peeping Through The Window"

"Allison Goes Black"

"The Locker Room - The Basketball Team"

"Cheater - Mom's Black Boyfriend"

"Your Night Out"

"Our Bizarre Life Change"

"Caribbean Adventure"

"Boss Man"

"The Nude Beach"

"Wife's Evening Out" - part 1
. . . "Wife's Evening Out" - part 2

"Happy New Year"

"Black Please" - part 1
. . . "Black Please" - part 2

"Sheila's Love For Black Cock"

"Summer Job"

group sex gangbanging sex stories

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