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Summer Job

All rights reserved. No part may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any electronic means, including photocopying, recording or by any information and retrieval system, without the written permission of the author.

BY: Rachel

(C) 1999

She wiped her forehead clear of sweat with her hand. At last, her first month at her new part-time job was finished. Jenny couldn't believe how hard working as a waitress in a fast-food restaurant could be. Her 16 year old body was glistening with sweat. Her rather blonde hair came down to her neck, and her clothes clinched tight to her body, showing off her great ass and nice young breast. Jenny was lucky to get her job, her father was the most popular preacher in town, and it was hard to impress him when he came to the standards suitable for his little girl. Also in her little town, part-time jobs were hard to come by. Mr. Haverford had to leave the store early, so he could pick up his daughter from a piano recital. The other two employees left after Mr. Haverford saying they had tons of homework to do. These events left Jenny alone with the assistant mananger, Brian.

Brian was about 19, a graduated senior and the senior employee at work. He started 3 years ago when he was Jenny's age during the summer. Brian was tall, well-built, very dark black, and sported a rather mean temperment towards his fellow employees. After everyone had left, Brian and Jenny cleaned up the small store and spoke not a word to each other. When Jenny was gathering her stuff after they had locked up, Brian came to the back of the store with Jenny. He grabbed her arm and said, "Hey girl, how old are you?"

Jenny was shocked at the abruptness of Brian's tone and replied, "Ummmm...16...." Brian gave a slight small. "You know Jenny, the cameras ain't set up around here." She replied, " do you know?" "I've worked here for a long time. I'm glad Mr. H. hired a sexy young girl like you." The young man took his shirt off, his muscles flexed and mesmerized Jenny. "I...I...what are you doing?", stammered Jenny. "Wot's it look like? I'm gunna' fuck you until you bleed. I bet you are a virgin aren't you? Ha ha ha ha! It's been a while since I'm done a virgin...and a white one at that. Ever fantasized about a black stud?"

Jenny was in pure shock. The sheer thought of un-married sex brought up an image of her father yelling at her. "I can' father...he'd kill me." The black boy said, "Listen bitch, I don't care about your little dick white daddy. If he wants some of me, then he can just come down to my house, but fo' right now, we got a little business to do." Jenny started to back away from Brian. He had her cornered. He finished removing all his clothes and stood naked from head to toe. His huge black cock had to be 11 inches long and very thick when it was rock hard. His entire body was filled with tatoos that were covered by his clothing. Tatoos that all resembled one another, mostly in a style that represented a pretty nasty gang that was terrozing the town. The gang which Jenny's father was the sole rival. Everyone else was too scared to do anything about them.

Brian grabbed Jenny and spun her around. He slammed her into the wall and peeled away her shirt, pants, and sandals. Jenny sobbed as she knew that Brian's huge black violater was going to steal her virginity. She knew that there was no hope of escape and began to cry more. "Shut up bitch!", yelled Brain, "You are testing my patience." He unsnaps the buttons on her bra and grabs her panties. He rips them off and pushes Jenny into the wall again. He continues to be positioned behind Jenny. Her wails are lower now. He starts to rub her ass and chest. He turns her aroundand pushes her down to her knees. "Suck it cunt." He grabs his cock and shoves it in front of her face. The preacher's daughter stares at the organ at first. She decides not to do it when she sees Brian's raised hand in front of her face. She starts to suck on it the best she can when she feels his huge hands on her hand urging her to suck harder. She gets most of his dick in, but she still leaves about 2 inches to spare.

He uses his superior strength to put her into the doggie-style position. Again Jenny was crying as she couldn't breathe well, and she knew that her goal of waiting until she was married was about to be taken away by a black stud with a huge dick that she barely knew. Brain got behind her and grabbed her nice breasts. He sticks one finger in her tight pussy and stirs up some juices that he can. "Damn bitch you be tight! This is gunna hurt you, but you'll like it baby."

He sticks his probe in her virgin pussy very slowly. Her eyes get wide as the pain shoots through her. His dick moves in more and more. He pops her cherry and announces it to the crying white girl. Soon his dick squeezes through her cervix with the head of his dick inside. He starts to withdrawl and repeat the process. "One thing I learned in school, sperm dies as it goes through the vagina. Guess wot' bitch? My dick is past that shit and more of my black sperm will thrive. One thing I love about white bitches, ya'll are so dignified and turn to sluts so easily. It's great. The most dominant of the black race-the males, and the best looking of the white race-the bitch. Are you ready to have a black baby?"

Jenny couldn't answer between the choked sobs. She could feel Brian's huge cock deep inside her and enjoyed its feel a little, but she wouldn't admit it to no one. "Hey cunt, who's yo daddy anyway?" The girl replied, "Reverend Don Phillip." Brian pulled out of Jenny as soon as he could. "Your daddy is that damn guy who keeps pestering my boys? This is great, just wait till his daughter carries the baby of his enemy!" Jenny suddenly realized that Brian was truly serious about making her pregnant. She tried to crawl away from him, but was wore down from her previous pounding. Brian grabbed her again and began to fuck her very savagely. He cummed inside her and rested for about 15 minutes. Jenny became numb in her body as her lover fucked her for another 3 hours non-stop. She laid on the ground as Brian got dressed. She didn't get home until about an hour after Brian left, and her parents were worried about her. She didn't tell them about what had happened for fear that her father might do.

The same thing happened between Jenny and Brian for the next two weeks. She didn't resist anymore, she began to enjoy her pounding more and more everytime. At their last meeting she even kissed her master and rode his cock. Jenny wound up getting pregnant and was forced to tell her parents what had happened. Brian and his gang showed up at Rev. Don's crime rally and told the story of "daddy's little girl and her black master". Jenny's father lost face in the community and was forced to leave. Most of the girls at school who had been virgins followed their role-models lead and started screwing black guys, especially in Brian's gang. Jenny dropped out of school and moved out of her house. She moved in with Brian and his apartment and ended having 5 kids by him. She lost her lovely figure and lost some of her friends after high school. Brian continually cheats on her, but she makes a living for the both of them working as a clerk in the local grocery store.

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