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Part 2

This story is fictional. Any resemblence to any persons living or dead is pure coincidence. This story contains hardcore sexual situations. If you are offended by this sort of material or are under the age of 18 do not ready this story.

"WHAT?!!!" Tara was in shock. Her dirtball of a husband obviously knew there was no way she would do this with more than one guy, so he didn't tell her everything hoping she wouldn't back out when she found out,"Your son and his friend?!!! Jack, I can't do this!"

"You have to Tara. All the girls do and when you came in you told me you'd do anything I want." He leaned in closer to her, "And I want this, Tara. My boy gets everything I want him to have and I want him to have you." Tara was pissed. While she was fucking Jack she was having fantasies about fucking even more men, but now she wasn't so sure she really wanted this. She didn't know what to do. If she backed out now she knew he'd be angry and her worst fears would probably happen.

"Rueben!! Leo!!" Jack called out to the adjacent rooms in the suite. The door to the bedroom opened and two naked young men entered. Tara grabbed the sheets and quickly covered herself. Jack climbed up from the bed and walked over to them, his big dick bounce lewdly as he stepped. "This is my son, Rueben." Jack said as he gestured to a young, handsome, hispanic male. He was slightly shorter than his father, but Tara noticed that he had a dick very similiar to his dad's, maybe even a bit larger. She felt a twinge of excitement once again enter her body but there was no way she was going to do this.

"And this is his best friend, Leo." Jack was now gesturing to a young black male, very atheletic in build and very dark. He grinned, flashing a set of the whitest teeth she had ever seen. Tara looked down at his crotch and her eyes nearly bugged out of there sockets. This young man was sporting a penis that put the other two to shame. It was fully erect and stood, at least it seemed to her, to be about fourteen inches in length and nearly as thick as Jack's. It looked as though someone had merged this boy with a horse. "No!" she said, "I'm sorry Jack. I can't do this!"

"Boys." Jack grinned, "It appears you're going to have to loosen the lady up a bit." And with that Jack exited the room, closing the door behind him. The Young men approached the bed from two sides to cut of any chance of escape for Tara. She knew she was in trouble and curled up in a ball against the headboard as they yanked away her sheet. "Please! Please don't do this!" she begged, but to no avail. They grabbed her by the arms and legs, pinning her to the bed. Rueben dropped between her thighs and looked up at her with a big smile. "Come on honey, we're not gonna hurt you." He said as he slid his hands under her hips amd up her waist, "We want you to enjoy this as much as we're going to. With a body like yours, you deserve every bit of pleasure it can be given." Tara quivered as his tongue worked over her clit. She couldn't believe this was happening. What had she gotten herself into. All she could do now was pray Rueben would keep his word that this wouldn't hurt. The tinlge she was beginning to feel between her legs proved he knew how to pleasure a woman with his mouth and the way he was working his hands up and down her body was quickly doing a number on her senses.

She started to squirm once again, this young man knew an awful lot about oral stimulation, he was already driving her crazy. She was quickly losing interest in trying to escape and then suddenly, without warning, the most intense orgasm she had ever felt washed over her. She found her body thrust up towards his mouth driving him in deeper and making her scream. When it past he didn't stop. His tongue darted over her again and again until once again she climaxed. Again he didn't stop, he just kept driving her over, again and again until her eyes glazed over in a fog of sheer lust. She felt as though everything was moving in slow motion and she didn't even move when Rueben and Leo traded positions. Leo had apparently learned his technique from the same source as her too continually drove Tara to orgasm after wet slippery orgasm. They worked her over for what seemed like hours but in reality had been about forty five minutes and when they had finished Tara just lay there stretched out like a satisfied kitten. She had never felt anything so incredible and all her mind could think about was the pleasure.

"That was some tasty pussy." Leo exclaimed. "MMMM MMMMM, I could eat her out all night." Rueben responded and deep in the back of Tara's mind she wished he would. "Tara." Leo said as he leaned in on her sweaty body, "Tell us want you want,baby." Tara smiled as she purred and streched herself out, "Fuck me." she whispered. "Louder baby, I didn't quite here you." She spread her legs wide and ran her bare feet back and forth across the sheets, "Fuck me, I want you to fuck me now." Leo climbed between her legs, she had no intentions of fighting anymore. They could bring in everyman in the hotel now and she would give herself up freely to every one of them. "Your wish is my command my lady." he said as his giant black cock slipped up and down across the soft skin of her snatch. It made brief contact with her clit and once again she felt another twinge of pleasure. "God Rueben, she is so wet!"

He applied some pressure and slowly his cockhead was enveloped of the folds of her womanhood. He slid smoothly into her deep well lubricated body. He was definately bigger than Jack but she was stretched out enough now that she took him in easily. Leo kept a steady smooth rythm as he pumped her. All Tara could do was smile, this was exactly what she picture heaven would be like, nothing but endless pleasure. Leo's easy pace had sensations washing over her like the surf on a beach. With a quick jerk he rolled her over on top of him, she just laid motionless across his strong body as he stroked long steady strokes into her from underneath. She had been moaning now for several minutes and was so into it take when Rueben started priming her asshole she didn't even object. It was clear to her what was going to happen next and although she would never allow her husband access to this part of her body she was now more than willing to allow this young man to have his way with it. All she wanted was sex and she no longer care what shape it took. "Oh God is she tight!" Rueben stated as he slowly entered her ass with his massive prick.

Tara could feel the pain and tightness but the sensations she felt from below were more than enough to counter it. Rueben pushed deeper and deeper into her in very slow strokes, he really did not want to hurt her and since she was giving him no indication of discomfort he worked in deeper and deeper until he buried himself up to its hilt. Slowly he worked it out again and when he reached the halfway point he plunged back in. He continued this over and over, speeding up a bit with each thrust. Tara found that the pain was now subsiding and giving way to even more pleasure. The friction against the soft tissues seperating the two men was starting to drive her crazy once again.

"OH YEAH, OH YEAH, OH YEAH." she chanted as they picked up the pace. She had never felt so full in all of her life. This little screw up of her husband's was turning out to be one hell of a blessing for her. They pumped her even harder now and she started to feel the waves of an orgasm fast approaching. "Does your husband fuck you this good baby?" Leo asked as he nibbled on her ear. "N..N..NO..NEVER!" she managed to work through her lips. "What would he do if he knew how much you were enjoying this?" Rueben chuckled. "don't.....know." Tara smiled as he kissed the back of her neck. "Let's find out." Rueben laughed and Tara could now here the sound of a cellular phone being dialed. "WHAT?!!!" she squealed, "NOOO....OOOOH....GOOOD!" Her objection was quickly drowned out by the orgasm that had suddenly rocked her body. She squealed over and over again as the pleasure refused to subside. "Hello?" Bruce answered the phone on the second ring figuring Tara may be finished and needed him to come and pick her up.

"Hi there. Is this Bruce? Tara's Husband?" The voice on the other end asked. Bruce could here the sounds of sex on the other end and found himself curiously excited. "Yeah." He responded. "Hi. I'm Rueben Gonzalas. Jack's son. We met last year when you brought that woman over for us. Remember?" Bruce could swear he was hearing his wife in the background making the loudest sex noises he ever heard her make. "Yeah, I remember you, Rueben. What's up?" "Well, I just wanted to thank you for the one you set us up with this year. My Dad's all through with her and my friend Leo and I are doing her right now." "Right now?" Bruce asked, surprized by what he was hearing but incredibly turned on as well. "Yeah, Right this very minute. She's Taking us both. Leo's in her pussy and I'm ridin' the Hershey Highway. She's loving it! Let me tell you man, you are one lucky guy to have a wife this fuckin' hot." "You mean you're in her ass?!!" Bruce was floored. Tara would never let him in her ass but this guy had her going crazy over it. "Yeah man,it's great!"

Bruce sat down in the recliner in the living room. His dick dick shot to full attention in hearing this and he quickly worked it out of his pants. "Do you want to talk to her?"Rueben asked. Bruce began jerking himself off, "Yeah, yeah, put her on." Rueben leaned over Tara, holding the phone in front of her face, "Your husband would like to talk to you." "OH GOD!" she squealed as she was still coming down off her last orgasm. She steeled herself and grabbed the phone from his hand."Hello...Bruce?" "Yeah baby, it's me." "Why didn't you tell me I would have to have sex...Uh.. Oh God yesss...with Mr. Gonzalas's son and his son' friend." "I'm sorry about that baby." Bruce said as he continued to pump his own penis,"Last year was the first time it happened and I didn't know it would happen again this year. I should have told you. Are you ok?" "YE..YEE...YEEESSS, I'm.. OH GOD! I'm fine baby." "They really are fucking you right now, aren't they?" "Uh...Uh...YESSSS...Yes they are, OH GOD!" she stammered, "I'm sorry baby...Uh...hhh...hhhh... they called without MY...MY.. permission." "It's ok baby," Bruce answered,"Are you having fun?" Tara didn't answer. She didn't want to hurt him by telling him how much she was enjoying this. "Honey,It's ok. You can answer. This is actually kinda turning me on." he stated. "R...R...Really?" "Yes, really baby. As a matter of fact, guess what I'm doing right this second." "Really?" "Yeah baby. Tell me what they're doing to you right this econd." "Oh G..God Baby...They're in me. They're both in me! Oh God it feels so good!" "You like it, don't you Tara?" Bruce said as he jacked off even faster. "YEESSSS! OHHHH GOD BAAABEEEE! I LOVE IT!" "Are they big, baby?" "OH GOD YESS!" "How big?" "Twice as big as you baby and three times as thick!"

Rueben and Leo picked up the pace determined to make her cum again while she was talking to her husband. "OOOOHHH YEEAH!!!! BABEEE!!! THEY"RE FUCKING ME FASTER!!!!" "Oh God, honey you're getting me so fucking hot! Fuck those monster cocks... FUCK 'EM HARD!" Tara did as she was told and started meet the two men's thrusts. She could feel another orgasm building inside and she could hardly speak. "Tell me baby. Is this the best fuck you've ever had?" Bruce didn't care what the response would be, he was so turned on by this. "OHHHH GOD BABEEE!!! YEESSSSS!!!! YESSSSS!!!! YESSSSSS!!!! IT'S THE BEST FUCK I'VE EVER HAD!!!! IT FEELS SO FUCKING GOOOD!!!!!" This sent Bruce over the edge, knowing his wife was just across town being fucked better than she had ever been fucked in her life caused his cock to spasm and erupt. "Oh GOD!!! TARA, I'M CUMMING!!!" The sound of this sent Tara reeling. Her orgasm hit her like a ton of bricks, "FUUUUUCKKK BABBBBEEEE!!!! I'M CUMMING TOOOOO!!!!! YESSSS!!!!! YESSSSS!!!! YESSSSSS!!!!!! YESSSSSS!!!!!"

Bruce was flustered, he couldn't believe how hot this was and he now hoped one day he could watch her fuck another man, But for now he decided to let her have her fun. "Tara Baby. I'm gonna let you have your fun, ok. Call me when you're done and I'll pick you up." "Ok baby, thank you." Tara shut off the phone, " FUCK ME YOU ANIMALS!!!" She screamed, "MAKE ME CUM AGAIN!!!"

Bruce came for his wife the next afternoon. He was amused by the look of satifaction that was now plastered across her face and even let out a bit of a chuckle when he noticed she was walking a littl funny. "So baby," He smiled, "How was your evening?" She couldn't find the strength to hide the smile on her face, "I oughta kill you, you little bastard!" She giggled, "But if I did, my pussy would never speak to me again." "So she liked it, did she?" "She an happy little pussy." Tara grinned, "A bit sore now, but she is definately happy."

Tara spent the next several hours telling Bruce about her wild night. After the phone call, Rueben and Leo continued their rigorous fuckfest until about dawn when they ordered in some room service. It was then that they invited the guy that brought their food to have his way with her. He agreed to a quickie and spent the next twenty minutes working her over. When he left Mr. Gonzalas came back and he and the boys spent several more hours gangbanging her. She hadn't had so much fun in her entire life. Bruce was enthralled. "I'm glad to her that honey." he said as he lay there next to her on their bed, "'cause after your little snatch has had enough time to recover I was thinking, one of my friends at work had told me recently about this all male dance club on the other side of town that, for the right amount of money will gangbang anyone who's interested. Of course this time, I want to watch!" Tara looked at him in total shock for a moment and then slowly a mischievous grinned grew across her face.


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