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Subject: A story by the Raven: Nudebeach

This is a work of fiction. Any similairities to anyone alive or dead is purely coincidence. This story contains adult material, if you are offended by such material or you are under the age of eighteen do not read this.


Mara was very proud of her body. Here she was nearly fifty four years old and looking like a woman half her age. She and her husband Jack had joined a gym several years earlier on the advice of Jack's Doctor after Jack had had a minor heart attack. Mara had taken to the workout moreso than he did but he had gotten himself into pretty good shape as well.

For most of her life Mara had always been a little overweight and although she wasn't repulsive she wasn't the kind of woman that would instantly turn men's heads. After all these years she finally had the body she always wanted. Tight, atheletic legs, well toned butt, tiny flat stomach. Her breasts weren't excessively large. When she was heavier this would bother her some but now with her smaller frame they looked much larger. "Beautiful little handfuls." Is how Jack would describe them and now she agreed with him, more or less. It was a warm summer morning and she had just left the gym very confident and feeling quite sexy. She had overheard one of the younger woman in the shower talking to her friend. "I hope I look that good when I'm her age." she said. This gave Mara a bit of a tingle between her legs. Not because of what the woman had said but because she knew the woman had been looking over her naked form. She was quite an exhibitionist at heart and the idea of anyone looking her over turned her on.

That was the reason she liked going the the beach. It was a thrill to see the looks on people's face when she strutted around on the sand in a G-string bikini. When she found out about the nude beach on the other side of the city she nearly screamed. The first time she tried it she had to go out into the water to hide how wet her pussy had gotten. She never managed to get Jack to try it but he had no objections to here going there. Eventually, the thrill dissapated a bit and going there was more about getting a full body tan than anything else.

To maintain her beautiful tan she would go to the beach after her workouts. This amounted to every other day and today was no different. When she arrived she parked her car in the heavily wooded parking lot, stripped out of her clothes, grabbed her towel and beachbag, and jogged down to the sand. The beach was gorgeous and quite secluded from the neighboring properties. When she first saw it she was surprised. She hadn't expected to see quite so many people there. After several visits she discovered that for most of the day the beach would be pretty empty but during the middle of the afternoon a crowd could be expected. So she started coming early in the day so she could relax in the peaceful air. Today was a bit unusual in that the beach was not just quiet but empty. She was all alone which didn't bother her in the least. She set he towel down and ran out into the water for a quick swim.

She had been out in the water for a few minutes when she noticed a figure enter the beach for the parking area. A large muscular black man strode down the sand to an area about thirty feet or so from where she placed her things. He was beautiful, she thought as she watched him lay out his towel and recline on it. Slowly she came out of the water, hoping he would notice her. If he did, he didn't make it obvious through his dark black sun glasses. Mara was a bit dissapointed by this but shrugged it off and set herself down on her towel. She looked over towards her new neighbor, taking in his sensuous form. She had always had fantasies about making love to a black man. Something about their physical presence in her mind exuded power and sexual strength. She would never cheat on Jack but it does make for some incredible fantasies.

She could feel that familiar moist sensation between her legs as she looked on. The stranger appeared to be sleeping. From where she sat Mara figure the man was in his early twenties or so and it was very apparant that he worked out. His strong chest rose and fell with each relaxing breath. His arms were very cut although not quite as big as a bodybuilder's would be. His stomach was a rippled washboard and flexed slightly as he dropped his leg.

Oh my god! she thought as his cock came into view. It was huge. At least ten inches from her vantage point and it was still limp. Mara bit her lip in exhilaration. Jack wasn't much bigger than six inches which was fine since he was always able to satisfy her needs but since his heart attack he hasn't been as responsive to her even though he in better shape now than when they were first married. She had seen bigger cocks before on this beach but never had she seen anything as big as this man's. She wanted to frig herself right then and there but she wouldn't. They were still things that would embarass her and having a stranger catch her masterbating was high on that list.

She grabbed her suntan lotion. If she could get herself off she was going to at least get to work on her tan. The creamy substance oozed into her hand and she set the bottle back down beside her. She started working it into her legs. It felt slick and cool but once again her eyes wandered to the black man's cock. She wasn't masterbating but this felt aalmost as good. She put more lotion in her hands and started working it up her thighes. This is unbearable, she thought as the sensations she was making across her legs made her tingle. The soft skin of her inner thigh felt wonderful and she could no longer stop her hand as her finger found her clit. Her body shuddered as she worked the little nub furiously. All she could think about was that black dick and suddenly she realized it was getting bigger.

She was fascinated. It continued to grow larger, thicker. It started rising off the man's belly and continued to grow. To Mara it looked like a giant redwood rising from the ground. Finally, it was fully erect and now she thought it looked more like thirteen or fourteen inches. She continued rubbing herself, she was to lost in what she was doing to question why it had become erect. But then it occurred to her.

She looked up and realized he was watching her and she had given him quite a show. She was mortified and yet she couldn't take her eyes off him. He smiled and reached for his cock. When he had it in his hand he started to slowly jerk himself off. Mara's embarassment waned and was replaced with a feeling of lust. She desperately wanted to see him climax. She laid back on her towel and restarted her little performance for him, intensely watching his cock thrusting in and out through his hand. He cotinued to smile at her and this time she smiled back almost in disbelief of what she was doing. There they were, two total strangers masterbating for each other on a beach. It was incredible she thought as she reached her climax. Her pelvis thrusted upwards to meet her hand as waves of pleasure rocked her body. She let out a little squeal of delight as the sensations subsided and her breathing became regular again. It was one of the most intense orgasms she had ever had.

She looked back over towards the man. He was licking his lips and he flashed her another big toothy grin. Her eyes were drawn back down to his monster of a cock when he released it. He rose to his feet and made his way towards her across the beach.

Mara was in shock. It was obvious to her now that he intended to fuck her but in no way was that going to happen. She was not about to cheat on her husband with a total stranger. She forced herself off her back into the sitting position trying desperately to grab her belongings but her eyes were glued on that cock as it bounced with each of his steps. It was hypnotic. She managed to get to her feet but it was too late, he held her tight against him in his powerful arms.

"Where are ya goin' baby?" He smiled "Beautiful old broad like you think you can get me all worked up and then leave? Not likely." "Please!" Mara begged as she felt his stiff prick against her soft belly,"I'm sorry! Please let me go. I'm married!" "Sorry baby, But I'm gonna have ta work you over good." he laughed, "Women haveta realize it ain't right ta cocktease. Especially married women. Besides baby," he grabbed his cock with one hand, "you have no idea just how much you're gonna enjoy this."

The man spun Mara around and quickly dropped her back onto her towel. His massive hand fell firmly against her neck, pinning her on her belly. He was going to take her from behind. Mara tried desperately to keep her legs closed but he forced his legs between them and they spread easily. "Please!" she begged but she received no response.

She could feel the tip of his member rubbing up and down against her slit. She was still wet and she knew it but this was still something she really didn't want. He pushed slightly and the head entered her. It was a tight fit, very tight. Mara had never had sex with anyone other than her husband and he fit perfectly.

He thrust himself in a little deeper causing her asscheeks to flex involuntarily. She figured he must have found this exiting because he starting kneading them with his free hand. His cock pulled out slightly making a horrible sucking noise and then it thrust back in even deeper this time. My God! What have I done?! Mara thought as he slowly started pumping her pussy and with each thrust burying himself deeper inside her. Oh Jack! I'm so sorry I never meant for this to happen!

She knew already that this man was deeper inside her than her husband had ever been and yet he was still going. Mara started to wonder if she could even take the entire thiteen inches of his member without it tearing her apart. Each thrust felt like a jackhammer drilling it's way deeper and deeper inside her and suddenly she could feel his balls against her clit. He had made it all the way in and she took some perverse pride in this.

He started thrust at a faster rate sliding in and out of her in smooth deep strokes. She was definately well lubricated and he was having an easy time of it. The soreness his dick caused in stretching her was subsiding and being replaced quickly by twinges of pleasure. She prayed this wouldn't happen so at least she could say she didn't enjoy it but her body refused her plees. The sensations grew stronger as he fucked her and her body soon gave in. Her ass rose to meet his inward thrusts and realizing this him released her neck. He knew she was all his now.

As did she. The waves of pleasure were growing stronger and stronger with each thrust as she found her thoughts of her husband and the horrible thing she was doing to him dissapating. All she wanted now was to be this large black man's fuck toy.

Moans were coming from her now with each stroke and she could feel her toes curl into tight little balls. This little rape was turning into the best damn fuck of her life. She Climaxed again but hard this time. As she did the man held still griping her hips tightly to control her convulsions. When she stopped he once again started thrusting but even fast this time using his grip on her waist for leverage.

Jack never had the energy to thrust this fast and she was loving it. The waves of pleasure were building inside here once again and again she climaxed. Her body failed like a fish out of water and her eyes started to flutter. She screamed in ecstacy.

This time the man didn't stop his thrusts. He rode out her climax and fucked her even more furiously. Mara couldn't believe it, she was on the verge of another orgasm.

"OH FUCKING GOD!!!!!" she squealed, "I'M CUMMING AGAIN!!!!" He threw his weight on top of her this time and slowed himself down as she climaxed. He smelled deep into her beautiful brown hair and then he pulled out as her shaking slowed.

Mara felt him grab her arm and though still out of sorts from her last orgasms she could feel him flipping her onto her back. She had never in her life experienced multiple orgasms. Many times Jack didn't even give her one. She would find herself in the bathroom working herself out. That bastard! she now thought as the large black male grinned down at her.

"Oh baby, that was real sweet...wasn't it?" Mara found herself nodding in agreement, "Don't worry honey, we ain't anywhere near finished yet." Oh God! she thought. This beautiful black man was going to fuck her silly. It was more than she could have dreamed and she shuddered as she watched his cock enter her once again.

She could feel it slide deep inside her. He didn't take it slow this time. He was gonna make her squeal again as quickly as possible. His thrusts were fast a steady, each one pushing her slightly off the towel they were resting on. "You like this. Don'tcha, ya little tease?" he growled at her, " It's the best damn cock of your life....isn't it?" Mara didn't answer him with much more than the consistant moans she had been letting out. "Answer me bitch! Or this is gonna stop right now!" She desperately didn't want it to stop, especially since she was once again on her way to another orgasm. "I'm gonna stop right now! Ya hear me BITCH?!!!" "NOOO!!!"Mara moaned. "No what? Bitch." he smiled a shit eating grin at her. "No! Please don't stop!" "Why not?" he laughed. Oh you're eating this up you bastard. she thought but she wasn't about to end this, not now,"So Good! Feels so GOOD!" He started thrusting harder and faster as he grabbed Mara's legs and raised them up to his shoulders."Damn straight it does! What are you bitch? Are you my little white fuck whore?!" "YES!!!" she screamed "I'm Your little white whore!!!! Fuck your little white whore!!!!! FUCK ME YOU BIG BLACK STUD!!!!!" The waves of her fifth orgasm hit and the way he had her pinned she couldn't move. He just kept on fucking right through it and as it subsided she was hit with another one instantly. "OOOHHHHH GGGGOOOODDDD!!!!! I"M CUMMINNG AGAIN!!! OH GOD YES!!! YES!!! YES!!!! YES!!!!"She screamed and with that she passed out. When she awoke she found herself in the air still impaled on her new lover's cock. He still hadn't cum. Mara was amazed as much by that as she was by the way he had been fucking her limp body in the standing position. He was strong...that's for sure. "Lie down." she whispered into his ear. "Oh you're awake." he faked surprise,"Did you have a good nap?" "Lie down." Mara said more insistantly as she slid off his body. A slight feeling of disappointment washed over her as his cock popped out of her pussy."I want to ride you."

"You'll get no arguement from me." He responded as he dropped to the sand. Mara stood over his hard sexy body and grabbed his cock. She primed it a bit and he let out a little moan, then bending at the knees she dropped down on it. It slided easily into her pussy, a perfect fit. He had stretched her so far that she wasn't sure if Jack would be enough for her anymore. As she dropped to her knees the cock impaled her. She began to thrust her hips, fucking him at an incredible pace. She could feel waves of pleasure once again building inside her as her well toned ass worked his giant cock over and over again. She dropped her body onto his chest and started bucking her hiping up and down on his cock. faster and faster she went until once again she hit orgasm.

"OH FUCK!!!!! OH GOD I LOVE YOUR BIG FAT COCK!!!!" she squealed as she rode it out.

Mara could feel another one coming on. She continued fucking up and down up and down on his cock. Faster and faster she fucked, she could now she on his face that he was getting close and she hoped she could hold her own until he was ready. The sweat rolled off them and they looked like to wild animals going at it in the sand. Even with Mara deep tan the contrast between their skin was great. She kept bucking on him over and over.

"Oh fuck!" the big man wailed, "I'm cumming! God Damn I'm Cumming!" Mara could feel his sperm jet through her and the sensation sent her over. She let out a loud squeal as her muscles tightened. Minutes passed as she lay atop the man in complete satisfaction. She had just been fucked better than she had ever been fucked in her life. She didn't know what would happen next but she knew now that it was over between her and her husband. After this how could she possibly go back to his kind of lovemaking. "That was unbelievable!" she said looking down at him. "How long have we been at it?"

"Well," he responded, "We started about ten thirty or so and its twelve now. So about an hour and a half." "Oh wow!" she giggled, "That was great." "Yeah it was." he smiled,"You're out of this world lady. I don't normally cum that quickly!" She just looked down at him totally stunned. "You up for another round?" he laughed. "Damn Straight!" She yelled back at him, "but let's go for a quick swim first."

The end

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