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A Gang Bang Sex Story

Monday Night At The Movies

By TCS 1999
All rights reserved. No part may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any electronic means, including photocopying, recording or by any information and retrieval system, without the written permission of the author.

It was another cold, lonely winter night on the road. My job as sales manager for a large contracting firm caused me to be on the road most of the time, and, this particular Monday night, was no different.

After a successful day of sales calls, I found my self totally bored and, as usual, very horny. Not having the energy to visit a local club, and play the stupid games that bar flies love to play, I decided to visit one of my favorite adult theaters and just relax while watching a couple fuck flicks.

I paid my five bucks and entered the dark theater, feeling the anticipation of a hot film and the stroking I would be giving my hard cock.

As I slowly made my way down toward the fron rows of the theater, letting my eyes adjust to the darkness so I didn't sit in some guys lap accidentally, I found a spot at the end of a row where I could be alone and not have any of the faggots that hang out there, bothering me. I settled in, unzipped and pulled my cock out my pants.

As I watched a very hot seen between a gorgeous blonde and two well hung black guys, I heard the unmistakable sound of a woman moaning. At first I dismissed it as coming from the screen, but, as it got louder, I finally realized that it was coming from the back of the theater. I turned and looked over my shoulder, but, in the darkness, couldn't see anything but a group of guys standing around the back two rows, while several guys were in the aisle, also watching something besides the movie.

I just had to find out what was going on, so, I put my cock back in my pants and headed up the aisle toward the back of the theater. Once I got to the back, I saw the outline of a woman sitting in the middle of the second row from the back wall. As I got loser, I could see that she was the source of the very erotic moaning sounds I had heard, and, I could now see why. She had a dress on that was unbuttoned in the front to her waist. She had her feet up on the back of the seats in fron of her and her dress was hiked all the way up to her waist. The guy sitting on her right had his hand busy in her cunt while the guy on the other side was busy sucking her left nipple. There were two guys standing directly behind her and had their cocks in their hands while they looked over her shoulder to watch the action. There was also a guy in fron of her, leaning over the back of the seat and watching intently as the two guys worked her over. I could hear her moaning, "Yeh...yeh...that's it. Suck my tits...come on...finger fuck this hot slut...make me cum...come on, make this whore cum". She was moaning and cooing as I heard her cum...."that's it...I'm almost there....don't stop, damn it...harder....ahaaahhhhhhh....yeeeesss!!!!....I'm cummingggggg.

With that, she leaned her head back and took one of the cocks behind her, deep in her throat. She told the guy to fuck her face and to use her as a cum dump. I was standing no more than 3 feet away at this point and could smell her sex and hear her gurgle and slurp as the cock she was sucking was jammed into her throat overe and over again. I could hear the guy tell her, " suck my cock you slut, whore...take it deep in your throat...gag on it...come on I'm almost ready....take this load and swallow it....aarrhhhhh...I'm cumming...take it....take my load" He then pulled his cock from her mouth as he was cumming. Cum started to fly all over her face, in her hair, and some went in her mouth. She tried frantically to capture the end of his cock so she could drink his cum. As he stepped away, the guy next to him, who had been furiously stroking his cock while watching all this, began to shoot his load. The first blast hit her rght in the ear, which, I guess, got her attention. When she felt hos hot cum hot the side of her face, she turned her mouth and caught the next blast right square in her open mouth. He then slid his erupting cock all the way down her throat and finish cumming in her mouth. She was in heaven and loved it. She started asking for more cock..."I need more", she said. "I want more cock...more cum...come on you bastards...this cunt wants more cock".

The guy sitting next her, all of a sudden, dropped to his knees and started to eat her pussy. This drove her absolutely crazy. She was hissing, "yeh, eat my cunt...drink my cum...come on...this girl does it all...this girl wants it all". She then arched her back and ground her cunt into this guys face and came like I have never heard a woman cum before. Her body convulsed and she went totally rigid. When she came down from that orgasm, the guy who was eating her raised up and jammed his cock right into her wet pussy. She still had her feet up on the seat and she grabbed the guys ass and pulled him in deep into her cunt. He pounded her into the back of the seat until he yelled that he was cumming. He didn't pull out, but left his cock imbedded in the back of her cunt and flooded her with his fuck juice. After he came, he slid out and offered his cum covered cock to her. She just smiled and leaned forward to engulf his now sensitive cock. In one motion she took it all the way to the back of her throat and out again, cleaning the cum off as she withdrew it. She licked her lips and thanked the stranger for the sweet treat.

As soon as he got up and left, another young guy walked down her aisle and stood in front of her. She undid his jeans and pulled his cock out, admiring it all the while. She stroked it as she looked at him and told him, "Uhhm...what a big cock you have...I want to suck you off. will you promise to cum in my mouth?" With that retorhical question asked, she slid his cock all the way in. She sucked this guy like it was her last meal. He put his hands on each side of her head and started to thrust his hips...fuck her mouth like it was a cunt. I could hear her slurping as he encouraged her to take it deeper..."take my cock, bitch. Suck my cock deep in your throat...that's it...faster...stroke it....spit on it". At one point he pulled it out and slapped her face with it..."whack, whack, thwap thwap". Then, he held her mouth open and started to jerk himself off. As he came, he pointed the head right at her open mouth. She looked like a baby bird waiting for a worm from mommy. He filled her mouth and told her not to swallow it until he told her. When he finished cumming, he gently closed her mouth and held it shut. he then stroked her throat and made er swallow the entire load. She gagged a couple of times and I though she was going to puke it up, but, like a pro, she swallowed the entire mouth ful and just smiled. Then the guy kissed her full on the mouth, tasting his own seed that was left on her lips.

As this guy zipped up I thought, "Now's my chance". So, I slid right into the seat next to her. Her hand went right for my crotch and extracted my cock into the cool theater air. She looked me in the eye and asked me what I wanted her to do. I told her, "lift your dress and straddle my cock...facing the movie screen". She did as I ordered and in one movement, totally engulfed my cock with her very hot and very wet pussy. As she leaned on the seat in front of us, and rocked up and down on my engorged cock, a guy stood in front of her and she sucked him off while fucking me. He came in her mouth and I could see cum leaking out the sides of her mouth then dripping down on her exposed tits. That was all I could stand and told her to get off of me and on her knees. She jumped to the floor and engulfed my cock just as it was exploding. While my cock shot streams and streams of cum into her mouth she slid her index finger right up my ass. I thought I was going to pass out from the intensity of the orgasm. I am sure I saw stars as she continued to milk every last drop from my cock. After I started to soften, she removed her finger from my ass and scooped up some of my cum leaking from the sides of her mouth. She used the finger that was in my ass and pushed the cum back into her mouth, while making sure to suck every bit of her soiled finger. She then got up, kissed me on the lips and letting me taste my own offering. She said goodbye, straightened her dress, and walked out of the theater.

This was the most erotic thing I have ever participated in and every bit of it is true. I have been back to that same theater many time, but, I have never had another experience like this one.

I would love to hear from both women and men who have had similar experiences in movie theaters. Send comments to

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