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by Clark St. John

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Deej met Chuck when they were in the eighth grade and they immediately became close friends, although Chuck was just the opposite of Deej in appearance, they were almost identical in every other way. They thought alike, had the same goals, immediate and future, and enjoyed the same things, from clothing to girls. While Deej was fair-haired and blue-eyed, Chuck had black hair and brown eyes, so they made an interesting contrast when together, serving to give girls a choice of which appearance they preferred. As their personalities were so similar, their appearance often determined who ended up with which girl when they were both on the prowl together.

The two were inseparable until graduation when, through necessity, they both had to find full-time jobs but couldn't find one employer willing to hire both. Deej went to work as an apprentice at the Fort Lauderdale Daily News and Chuck found a job at one of the local theaters as an usher. Their jobs kept them from seeing each other most of the time as they both worked the same hours, but whenever they could manage, it was a sure thing they would be together.

It was shortly after graduation when Deej met Carole, who was a friend of one of his sisters, and they began to date, although her parents weren't too happy about a seventeen-year-old boy dating their fifteen-year-old daughter. It took a couple of months for Deej's charm to win them over and convince them their daughter would be safe with him. As they only lived a block apart, Deej and Carole spent most of their free time together. Deej would drive her to school, although the school she attended was only a mile from her home, and he would pick her up from school so they could spend time together before he had to go to work on the evening shift at the newspaper. He rarely took her straight home, however, as they usually ended up in a deserted area for some teenage sex. It hadn't taken Deej much time to get Carole's cherry after they first met, sex becoming an almost daily thing for them. They could only date a couple of nights a week because of Deej's job, not enough for an oversexed teenager like him, so they would have to sneak a little sex whenever they could.

Deej had told Chuck about the fine chick he had met and was laying, but the two of them didn't actually meet until almost three months after Deej and Carole started dating. It was a school day and one of the few days that Chuck had some free time, so Deej had picked him up earlier and they had hung out together for most of the day. He had told Chuck when he picked him up that he would have to pick Carole from school, and asked if he wanted to meet her. Naturally, being a girl-chaser like his buddy, Chuck had said yes, and after seeing her picture previously, there was no way he was going to miss the opportunity of meeting a chick so pretty.

While they were bowling in a near-empty bowling alley, they talked about their recent conquests and Deej had to brag about getting in Carole's pants. Chuck half-joked, "you going to share this one with me, or are you two serious?" It wasn't an unusual question between the two of them as they had often shared each other's girlfriends, casual and otherwise, in the past, so Deej wasn't surprised by the question.

Deej laughed at his friend's wording of the hidden request, and replied, "well, she's serious, but you know me. I'm only serious about that pussy." Chuck persisted, "well, you going to let me have some of that fine-looking stuff? I haven't had a chance to get anything new lately. I meet chicks at the theater, but usually all they want to do is neck."

Deej didn't hesitate with his answer, "sure, Chuck. You know I share everything with you." Then he added, cautioning his friend, "but we'll have to go slow with her. She can be pretty bashful and upright at times and I don't want to scare this one off. I want to keep her for a while, so you'll just have to follow my lead." Conspiratorially he informed Chuck, "I just got her where she'll suck my dick and that took a lot of convincing and love-talking before she would even try it. So I don't know how she'll react when we both try to do her."

Eagerly, Chuck agreed, "no problem, Deej. I'll let you lead the way and we'll see how it goes." Thinking ahead, he asked, "where can we take her? Is there anyone at your house?" Deej shook his head, "naw, that wouldn't work. My sister will be home from school and there's no way Carole would want her best friend to know she's having sex with her brother. We can go where I usually get some from her. My own private pants alley."

Chuck wasn't sure where he was talking about. "You mean at the high school football field under the bleachers?" Deej was surprised Chuck would mention where they had often taken girls before for some night time screwing. "Naw, that's too far and we'll have to get her home. I found a dirt road about a mile from my house that leads into a little open area that's completely hidden by trees. It's ideal. We've done it there many times and haven't seen anyone there yet." Chuck laughed, "leave it to you to find a place to rip off some pussy." He added, wanting to make sure they were prepared, "you still carry that old blanket in your car?"

"You bet. The only time that blanket is out of my car is when I'm putting it on the ground," Deej laughed with his friend. Their plans made, they continued their bowling then drove by the high school to watch the girls on the athletic field in their blue uniforms. They commented on their bodies, which ones they'd like to fuck, pointing at ones they knew. Just killing time until it was time to go to the junior high school to pick up Carole and put their plan in action.

Deej drove up to Carole's school ten minutes early, hoping she would be one of the first out the door as she usually was when she knew Deej was going to pick her up. They stood outside the car, leaning against the fender talking about how they would work at getting Carole to let both of them screw her while they waited. Deej wasn't exactly sure how he would go about it, but he trusted in Carole being not too bright and her teenage love for him. He had used her love for him before and it had always worked, so he was pretty sure he could persuade her to do as they wanted this time.

Finally, they heard the school bell ring and kids began to pour out the doors of the school. Sure enough, one of the first out the door was the blonde haired, bouncy Carole with a big grin on her face, happy to see her boyfriend waiting at the end of the walk. She hurried down the long walk toward them, dressed in a button-up blouse scooped at the neck and a full skirt which came well below her knees, just inches above the white socks and flat shoes all the girls wore in the 1960s. Girls weren't allowed to wear the latest fashion craze, the mini skirt, at school, so most opted for the standard skirt and blouse, some still wearing the poodle skirts. Despite the clothing, Carole's figure was well defined by the breeze blowing the skirt tight around her hips and legs as she walked, and her breasts were barely covered by the tight top she wore. Chuck had to whistle, exclaiming so only Deej could hear, "man, she's got some tits! No wonder you want to keep this chick."

As Carole walked the last few steps to the car, she looked quizzically at Chuck, wondering who the good-looking boy was while disappointed that she and Deej wouldn't be able to make love this day. Still, she smiled a warm, heart- melting smile with her bow-shaped, full lips, "hi, Deej." She stepped up close to him and snuggled inside his arm on the opposite side of where Chuck stood. Deej made the introductions, "baby, this is Chuck. You know, my best friend I've told you about." Carole leaned forward, looking past Deej and acknowledged, "hi, Chuck. Deej has told me all about you, but I couldn't figure out who it was standing here with him."

Deej didn't have to introduce Carole as Chuck quickly replied to her, "hi, Carole. So he's been talking about me, huh? Hope it was all good. He's told me about you, too, but he sure didn't describe just how pretty you were." Chuck elbowed Deej in the ribs playfully.

Chuck's compliment made Carole's face turn a little pink, always embarrassed when someone complimented her, but she managed a giggle, "oh, I am not! I'm too short, for one thing. And my hair . . . ". She left the sentence unfinished, letting the blowing hair speak for itself. True, Carole was a tiny girl, just a half-inch under five feet, but with a figure that other girls envied. And her hair, cut in the short fashion of the day, was very blonde and wavy, framing a barely oval face with the most striking blue eyes the color of the sky. She was pretty as a teenager, but it was easy to see that she would be considered beautiful as she got older, the beauty of a movie star, already prettier than either Sandra Dee, Tuesday Weld, or any of the other teenage stars of the sixties. Although her face was so perfect, men's eyes were always drawn to her magnificent breasts, large and full, jutting out straight from her chest, barely restrained by the low-top blouses she always wore which were, strangely enough, selected by her mother.

Carole broke the short silence, "are you going to take me straight home, Deej?" Afraid that her question might be taken wrong, she added before he could answer, "I mean, Chuck is with you and I'm sure you two want to do things together."

Deej hugged her with one arm, "naw, baby, I don't want to take you straight home. Chuck and I have hung out all day and although he's my best friend, I can only stand so much of him." He laughed with his last remark and repaid Chuck the elbow in the ribs before continuing, "I thought we could still spend some time together, if that's okay. When do you have to be home?"

Carole's face lit up and she shrugged, "I don't know for sure. Mom went to Miami to see my aunt and she probably won't be home before five. So as long as I'm home by then, I guess." "All right!", Deej exclaimed. "Then let's go see what we can get into," and he opened the car door for Carole, waited for her to get in, then walked around the car and got behind the wheel of the old convertible. Chuck slid in beside Carole who had immediately cuddled against Deej as he had sat down, like she always did, but Chuck could still feel the warmth of her thigh pressed against his in the wide seat.

Deej immediately drove the mile or so to the dirt road he and Carole had used so often and, as he turned off the paved road onto the dirt, Carole looked at him questioningly, then voiced her question, "why are you turning in here, Deej?" He brushed off her question with a shrug, "oh, I just wanted a chance to get some sugar from my girl, is all, and I sure couldn't do it there at the school."

His reply made Carole blush, even though Deej was only talking about a kiss. She just felt embarrassed he would say that in front of his friend. At the same time, his answer made her feel good, not only because he said my girl', but because she really enjoyed kissing him. It made her feel all tingly inside. Deej pulled up in the clearing he had described to Chuck and stopped the car, leaving it running as he put his arm around Carole's neck and lifted her face to his, kissing her deeply, his tongue lashing hers, her full lips pasted to his, as he tasted the sweetness of her mouth. Their kiss lasted minutes and Deej was calculating his next move as he felt Carole's passion begin to rise. He tapped Chuck on the shoulder and pointed at the door. Chuck immediately discerned his meaning, and opening the car door, stepped out and walked around the front of the car, looking at the tree-shrouded clearing appraisingly, mentally praising Deej for finding such a good make-out spot.

After Chuck got out of the car, Deej reached with his left hand and turned off the ignition, while he maintained his lip lock on the pliant lips touching his. He then moved that hand to Carole's breasts, lightly rubbing where he sensed her nipples to be with the palm of his hand, knowing the effect it had on her. His action was quickly rewarded, as he felt her breathing increase against his face from the nostrils tightly pressed against him. As much as he hated to stop, Deej abruptly leaned back and broke off their passionate kiss, sucking in air as he exclaimed, "whew! Baby, we better get out of the car before we go too far." His concern disarmed Carole, and she nodded her head, knowing they had been close to going further. Deej opened his door and they both slid out, then walked to where Chuck was standing smoking a cigarette. He laughed as they walked up to him, "you two stopping because I'm here?"

Carole blushed again while Deej replied, "yeh, it wasn't fair to you, buddy. Be different if you had a girl here, too." Chuck picked up on the direction Deej was heading, "yeh, Deej, it would be different if I had a girl here, too. Particularly one as beautiful as your girl." Seeing the pink appear in her face again, he continued, "she not only has a pretty face, but a knock out body, too. Can't tell much about her legs in that skirt, but I bet they're as pretty as the rest of her." His compliments deepened the color in her cheeks as Carole looked embarrassingly down at her feet as she made small circles in the sand with one foot. Deej was glad to see that Chuck figured out what he meant and had given him the opening he wanted. With his arm around Carole, he agreed with his friend, "you said it, Chuck. She has the best looking legs you'll ever see." Then he suggested to the increasingly embarrassed Carole, "show Chuck your legs, honey. Pull your skirt up so he can see them."

Carole's foot began to make more circles in the sand, "aww, Deej, they're not that great. My legs aren't anything special." Deej stepped away from her and stood beside Chuck while he urged the girl before them, "ahh, c'mon, honey. Show us both and let us be the judge of how nice they are." Carole still didn't make any effort to reveal her legs, so both boys started to beg, telling her they just wanted to see them a little, and not to be so bashful about it. Finally, Carole gave in, hiking her skirt up a little above her knees, revealing no more than another six inches before she quickly dropped her skirt. Deej cajoled her, "aww, Carole, that's not showing us anything. I've seen more when you were wearing Bermuda shorts. We want to see your legs like you were wearing a bathing suit." Deej pleaded, "please, honey, show us. Please?" Carole couldn't resist when Deej pleaded with her, always wanting to please him however she could, so she reached down and pulled her skirt up again, raising it until it was just a couple of inches below her panties. Before she could drop the skirt quickly like she did the last time, Deej instructed her, "hold it up for a little while, baby, so we can really see those legs."

Chuck let out a wolf whistle, "wow, Carole, you do have nice legs. They're perfect!" He stared at the tapering shape of her legs, beginning with tiny feet and ankles, and flowing smoothly upward like narrow rounded triangles, with virtually no sign of her knee caps, but mere dimples appearing where the knee bent. Her thighs were perfectly rounded, continuing the taper running up to her hips. The skin appeared soft and creamy, with a bronze-like tan, inviting to the touch.

After a minute of their appraising her lovely legs and endless compliments, Deej directed, "turn around and let us see the back, too, sugar." Carole had no problem with that, possibly even preferring to not be facing the two staring at her legs, so she did as Deej bade, and turned while still holding her skirt up. Once again both boys whistled and complimented Carole on her legs, to the extent she was beginning to feel proud of their appearance.

Knowing she wouldn't do what Deej wanted on her own, he walked the few feet to Carole and stepped in front of her and put his arms around her waist, his arms outside of hers, pinning them in position in front of her. She was still holding her skirt up while Chuck continued his appraisal but released it when she felt Deej raise her skirt up above her panties in the back. "Deej!" she exclaimed, "you're showing my underwear!" Carole tried to push away from him and tried to put her arms behind her to pull the skirt back down, but was unable to with Deej's arms tightly around her. She tried begging, "honey, don't. I don't want him to see my panties. Please!"

Deej refused to lower her skirt, however, and began to try to comfort the distraught and highly embarrassed Carole. "Aww, it's alright, honey. It's just like seeing you in a bathing suit. I mean, it's not like you were showing your behind, you know." Then he laughed a little cruelly as he put his thumbs in the elastic of her panties and pulled them half way down her butt, revealing to Chuck the white skin of perfectly rounded ass cheeks with half of the crack exposed, and added to Carole, "like this. Now Chuck can see some skin." He laughed again as Carole struggled against his grip, then began to attempt to comfort her again, to convince her he was only playing. He bent his lips to her pouting lips and began to kiss her, her lips at first closed tight in mock anger but soon opening in her passion for Deej. In a matter of seconds Carole forgot about her exposed behind and wrapped her arms around Deej's neck, lost in the heat of his kisses. Her reaction pleased and relieved Deej as he briefly broke off the kiss and whispered in her ear, "I love you, honey. You're my girl." As he whispered those words of love he looked at Chuck and motioned to him with a finger, then pointed down at Carole's behind. Seeing Chuck's acknowledgment, Deej returned his lips to Carole's, working to heighten the passion he knew he could arouse in her.

Chuck understood the signal and stepped up behind Carole, then softly brushed her white skin above the panties with his fingers. Not sensing any rebellion to the touch from her, he worked one hand inside the panties, lightly rubbing the baby-smooth skin. While he stroked her skin, Deej stealthily undid first the zipper to her skirt, then with a final effort, the large button at the waist, hoping Carole would not feel the release of tension in the waist of the skirt until it was too late. Deej released the skirt from his fingers and eased his hips away from Carole slightly, permitting the full skirt to drop, stopped only by Chuck's hand inside her panties, which he quickly removed when he saw what Deej had accomplished, letting the skirt fall to the ground. Before Carole could react, Chuck gripped the panties and pulled them down to her ankles, then stepped back to admire the view of the young girl's complete butt exposed from just inches below the waist. The sight was unbelievable, with Carole's perfectly shaped legs flowing to a perfectly shaped ass, the tan of her legs offset by the whiteness above.

Carole screamed, "Deeeeej!", and attempted to push away from him, but Deej's arms remained locked around her waist, pinning Carole's arms inside of his. Carole resorted to pleas as tears gathered in her eyes. "Please, Deej, let me go. Chuck can see me. Please!" Instead of letting her go, Deej strived to soothe her shocked feelings while hoping he didn't mess up by rushing things. "It's okay, Carole, it's okay. Gee, it's just skin. You don't have to be embarrassed. You have a beautiful body and you shouldn't mind Chuck seeing it. After all, he's my best friend." Carole had her forehead against his chest, and Deej couldn't tell if he was getting through to her, so he continued, "I'm proud of the way you look and I just wanted Chuck to see how lucky I was to have a girl like you." Carole sniffled a little before speaking, "but I thought you loved me, Deej. Do you want some other guy seeing me naked?" She had opened the door and Deej took advantage of it. "I do love you, baby, and I love you even more when you do things I want. And because I love you and I'm so proud of you, I want to show you off." Carole looked up at him and Deej could see in her still-damp eyes that he was getting through to her, so he added, "is that so wrong?"

Carole spoke hesitantly, "r-really, Deej? You really love me more when I do things you want? And you're proud of me?" Deej bent and kissed her forehead, "really, honey. I really do. It's just like when you'll go see a movie that I like and you don't, it makes me love you even more." Carole wasn't completely convinced, "but showing my body to other guys? Does that make you love me even more, Deej?" "Why, sure, baby, it does. Because I think you have a beautiful body." Then he played what he was sure would be his trump card, "and if you really love me, you would be happy to do whatever I want." He kissed her forehead again and asked, "you do love me, don't you?" His question was like a glass of ice water in her face from the surprised look she gave, "of course I do, Deej. You know I do. You're the only boy I've ever loved."

Deej went for the home run. "Well, if you really do, then you should do anything I want you to do. That's what love is, you know." He released his grip on her waist and stepped back a couple of steps, waiting to see if his words had any effect. He was giving Carole room to pick up her clothes and put them back on in case his words hadn't convinced her to do as he wanted. They stood there quietly for at least a minute and, seeing Carole wasn't making any move to put her clothes on, Deej motioned to Chuck to join him. Chuck had been standing quietly several feet away, mentally crossing his fingers that his smooth-talking buddy would be able to talk the pretty girl into going further. It took just a few hurried steps for him to get to Deej's side and turn to look at the front of the half-naked girl. Both of the boys knew that this would be a crucial moment in their plans. If Carole would stand there while Chuck stared at her white belly with the dark blond hairs forming a vee below the whiteness, then they'd be able to go all the way with her. Both gave a mental sigh of relief when Carole continued to stand still, looking down at her feet, making no effort to either put her clothes back on or cover her nudity.

She was truly a beautiful sight, her young-woman belly almost flat, surrounded by her curvy, rounded hips tapering to those tanned legs, her matted blond pubic hairs inviting while concealing the pleasure palace between her legs. If it wasn't for her womanly beauty, the sight of her panties wrapped around her ankles would have been cause for laughter, but neither of the boys were laughing. Their eyes took in the exposed features of her body inch by inch, marveling at how perfectly formed each curve seemed. Deej had seen Carole naked many times before, but still could not resist staring at her body as though it was the first time seeing it, like the first viewing of a famous painting. The silent viewing must have lasted several minutes before Deej decided to take it one step further, suggesting, almost ordering, "take the rest of your clothes off, Carole. Let us see all of you."

Carole looked up at him, seeking verification in his eyes that he wanted her to do as she had heard. She evidently saw that he wanted her to completely undress, so wordlessly Carole began to undo the buttons of her blouse, the color rising in her cheeks as she did so. Self-consciously, with obvious embarrassment, Carole removed the blouse and dropped it to the ground, then, like a contortionist, bent her arms behind her and worked the hooks of her bra loose. As the tight restraint of the brassiere was removed from her full breasts, the globes of flesh pushed the light material outward as they jiggled with the freedom. Carole hesitated at that point, but only briefly, before resignedly pulling the thin straps from her shoulders and letting the bra fall in her hands. Chuck noticeably gasped, as he stared at the most perfectly shaped, largest breasts he had ever seen. They were like large grapefruit halves, with a tiny pink nipple located slightly above center, surrounded by a darker pink circle. Even without the bra, Carole's breasts didn't sag or separate, maintaining the appearance they had from the cleavage seen with her blouse, the breasts slightly touching each other.

Carole stood there with the bra held in both hands, partially hiding her pubic hairs, seeing the admiration in the faces of both of the boys staring at her newly-uncovered flesh. Their look seemed to please her and a slight smile began on the pouting lips. She bent down and removed the panties from her ankles, the action of her bending over causing her breasts to slightly swing, gravity making them appear even larger, the erotic sight further arousing the two onlookers. Carole then stepped out of her skirt and bent over again to retrieve it from the sand, shaking it as she straightened, innocently unaware of the effect the jiggling of her breasts had on the two watching her every movement.

Deej stepped forward and put his arms around her waist, pulling her hips to his. "Oh, baby, I love you more than ever! You're so beautiful!" Carole's face lit up with his declaration and, still clutching her clothes, she wrapped her arms around his neck, stood on her toes, and kissed him feverishly, pulling his head down to hers. She looked into his eyes after the passionate kiss and asked, "really, Deej? You really love me more?" Believing she saw he did and not waiting for an answer, she gushed, "oh, honey, I love you so much!", then returned to her passionate kisses.

Deej felt a surge of heat in his loins, coupled with a feeling of power over the beautiful girl in his arms. He removed his arms from her waist and placed a hand on each breast, lightly massaging, teasing the nipples, arousing the passion in the naked body he held. Taking his cue, Chuck stepped behind Carole and began to rub her bare ass, then pressed the clothed hard on against the crack formed by the two white mounds of muscle. Carole made no effort to resist, so Chuck began to feel between her legs, admiring the tightness of her thighs, heightened by her stretching on tip toe to kiss Deej. Chuck let his thumb brush against the hair crested lips of her pussy and was pleased to feel the quivering response from her body. He worked his hand lightly down her thigh and then back up, once again letting his thumb rub against the moistening lips, slightly penetrating the hot crevice.

The two men slowly manipulated the naked girl's passion, Deej working on her mouth and breasts, his tongue going deep into her mouth and then going to a hardened nipple, and back to her mouth while Chuck continued to tease her increasingly wet pussy, his efforts resulting in a gradual spreading of her legs, giving the probing fingers greater access.

When Deej felt she was ready, he broke the embrace, whispering to Carole, "I'm going to get the blanket. Stay right there." He was struck by the passion-laden look on her face, her eyes appearing heavy-lidded, half-closed, her lips fuller than usual, her chest rising and falling with deep breathing. He hadn't seen her that aroused except for the first few times he had sex with her. Deej stepped to the car and removed the keys from the ignition and went around to the back. As he opened the trunk, he looked at Carole and Chuck and was glad to see that Chuck wasn't letting Carole's passion subside. Chuck was still standing behind her, but was now kissing her neck as he fondled a breast with one hand and fingered her from behind with the other. Carole seemed to be enjoying it, as her head rested backwards on Chuck's shoulder, one hand behind his head as he tongued her neck, her legs now spread wider where Deej could see Chuck's fingers penetrating her from below.

Deej hurriedly grabbed the blanket from the trunk of the car and returned to the lust-filled couple. He spread the blanket on the ground and, taking Carole by the arm, breaking Chuck's grip on her breast, he lowered her to the blanket, then settled down beside her while Chuck stretched out on the other side. The two friends quickly returned to their sexual arousal of the naked body between them, their hands and lips exploring her entire body, both sucking on a tit, alternately deep kissing her half-open mouth, working their fingers in her now hot, gushing slit. Carole had always been quick to lubricate, her pussy juices easily flowing with the slightest touch, more than other girls Deej had known. He wanted to get her to the height of sexual arousal before either he or Chuck used her body for their pleasure, knowing that when she was fully aroused, there were no limits to what they could do to her.

Carole was rapidly getting to the feverish point of passion, her body beginning to writhe on the blanket, soft moans escaping from her mouth when it wasn't covered by either Deej's or Chuck's. She had parted her legs as wide as possible, bent open like a frog, a leg resting on each of the men, providing full access for the probing fingers, her hips heaving upwards as a finger was inserted deeply inside of her. After at least a half-hour of such sensual teasing of her body, Carole began to plead, eyes closed, "please, Deej, please, put it in, please." She wouldn't say the word "fuck", but only beg for Deej to put 'it' in.

Deej wanted to see how far he could push her before giving her what she now wanted, so he demanded, "say it, baby. Say it. Say fuck me'. Tell us you want us both to fuck you, that you want our dicks." He fingered her throbbing pussy deeply as enticement, then repeated, "say it, honey, and we'll fuck you over and over. Give you all the dick you want." Chuck's finger joined his, the two fingers pulling the tight hole open further. Carole could no longer stand it, crying out, "fuck me, please! Fuck me." Deej continued to tease, "beg for our dicks, Carole. You have to beg for it first. You want our dicks in your pussy? Then say it." Carole was at the point where she would say and do anything to satisfy the burning she felt deep inside, "oh, yes, honey, yes! Please put your dick in me and fuck me. Please!"

That satisfied Deej for the moment, so he glanced at Chuck and nodded, then pointed at first Carole's head, then her pussy, and raised his shoulders in a silent question. Chuck immediately understood and, getting to his knees, he unzipped his pants and removed his six inches of uncircumcised hard meat, then quickly got between Carole's legs. Taking a leg in each hand, Chuck folded Carole's legs against her torso and then let them rest on his shoulders as he inched forward on his knees. He placed his dick in position and, with a sudden lunge forward, burying his dick fully inside Carole's vagina, the head striking her hidden cervix, eliciting a moan of pleasure from her. Despite her heavy flow of pussy juice, Chuck could still feel the tight grip of her opening on his dick as he began to stroke it in and out of her convulsing cunt. The sensation was overwhelming and he had to fight the urge to explode his cum inside her immediately.

As Chuck slowly, torturously fucked Carole's pussy, Deej straddled her face and rubbed his precum-soaked dick head on her half-parted lips. Her lips quickly opened, her tongue snaking out to tease the rock-hard seven inches before Deej slipped it into her mouth and began to rhythmically fuck the pretty face, his tightened balls striking her chin with each push into her mouth. Carole was still a novice at oral sex, but in her impassioned throes, her pussy being massaged with a dick, she was performing at her best, her tongue flickering all over Deej's dick with each stroke, sucking inward as Deej pushed forward, attempting to swallow the whole length, her passion eliminating her usual gag reflex. Deej knew it would be better, the way they had got her so hot before giving her their dicks, and he controlled himself, wanting to make it last as long as possible.

After the two of them had been feeding Carole their dicks for at least fifteen minutes and enjoying her squirming, ass-rocking climaxes, Deej felt a tap on his shoulder and turned to face Chuck. Chuck made a motion that they switch places, a hopeful look on his face. The idea appealed to Deej and he quickly nodded his head, rising from his squatting position, his dick flipping against Carole's nose from the rapid extraction. Chuck had just as quickly pulled his dick out of the gripping pussy, making a noticeable sucking sound from the escaping vacuumous innards of the moaning girl. She cried out, "don't stop! Please?"

Deej had to laugh, but explained with a sense of urgency, "it's okay, baby, it's okay. We're not finished with you yet. You'll get a lot more dick before we're done." By the time he had finished the last sentence, they had switched places, Chuck's pussy-juice smeared dick slipping into Carole's mouth while Deej buried his seven-inch dick to the hilt in her overheated cunt. As soon as he started stroking full length, he felt Carole's insides convulse and the muscles in her legs tighten around his waist, and knew she was having the big one. Carole always had several small climaxes followed by one big cumming, then, if they continued to screw, she would have several more small climaxes. This one was big . . . really big. Deej heard a stifled climatic moan escape from her lips wrapped around Chuck's dick, then her small hands clinched into tiny white- knuckled fists, beating the blanket beneath her, as her stockinged feet pushed against his still-clothed behind in an attempt to force his dick even further inside her. He felt her wetness increase its flow and juices run out of her hot pussy onto his balls and realized that was probably the strongest climax the young girl had ever had. That he knew of, anyway.

Deej looked down at his dick and Carole's pussy juice-soaked bottom and saw a golden opportunity to do something he had been planning to try with her, so he removed his dick slowly from the drenched hole and, rubbing it downward to the tiny brown spot beneath the swollen lips, pushing the clear juice with the purple head of his dick onto the little hole, he began to slowly work his dick around and around the rim of her asshole while maintaining a steady pressure against the tightened muscle guarding her bowels. Gradually, Deej felt his dick enter the heretofore unplundered hole, then heard a different type of groan from the helpless girl, but didn't ease the relentless pressure until he felt the head of his dick pass inside her. Then he backed off slightly, only to press forward again, going a little more inside the restrictive hole, hearing another painful groan as Chuck continued to fuck her mouth.

To divert her attention, Deej placed a thumb on Carole's clit and began to massage lightly while he rested his dick in place in her ass. He felt her begin to relax, so he removed his dick and rubbed the length of it in Carole's still- oozing juices, maintaining his manipulation of her clit all the time, then reinserted it in her now-puckered but slightly-loosened asshole, pleasingly feel it slip in much further as he pushed forward. With half of his dick sunk into her bowels, Deej began to methodically fuck the pretty ass, highly aroused by the new sensations he felt from experiencing a new part of her body. It took all of his will power to not shoot his load, making him stop several times and let his dick just rest in her constricting hole.

After a few minutes, it was Deej who tapped Chuck on the shoulder. Getting his attention, Deej motioned for Chuck to get off Carole's chest. Chuck looked at him questioningly, but did as his buddy wanted, standing to the side of the two on the blanket as he stroked his dick. Deej pointed at the blanket beside Carole and motioned for Chuck to lie down beside her. Not knowing what his buddy had in mind, but wanting some more of the delicious blonde, Chuck quickly dropped down on his back beside her. Once he was lying down, Deej raised one of Carole's legs over his head so her body turned to the side while he fought to keep his dick buried inside her. Once Carole was turned on her side, Deej easily picked her up and laid her on top of Chuck, adjusting her body so she had a leg on each side of his while Deej's legs were straddled outside of Chuck's, the action spreading Carole's legs wide for their dicks. Chuck figured out what Deej was up to as soon as Deej had rolled her over on top of him, although he was not aware that Deej was fucking her in the ass instead of the pussy, but quickly discerned that as soon as he slipped his dick inside the dripping cunt awaiting him.

Chuck couldn't believe all that his friend could have such a pretty chick do, and broke the silence the three had maintained for the past half-hour. "Hey, buddy, what are you doing? You fucking her in the ass?" Deej nodded as he began to pump his dick between the white cheeks, "oh, yeh, man. And it's damn good. She's so tight! A little smelly, but even better than pussy." With the new position the little girl was in, Deej had managed to insert all seven inches inside Carole's asshole, stretching the entrance and bowels as he pounded his belly against her ass, feeling even more sensation as Chuck did the same with her pussy. Chuck spoke between deep breaths, "man, I can feel your dick through her cunt every time I stroke in." He held a hand on each of Carole's shoulders as he worked her and his hips back and forth. "I gotta try some of that ass, too, Deej. Whew!"

Even while Chuck was running his mouth, the tightness of Carole's asshole was having an uncontrolled effect on Deej. Deej began to furiously pump her ass, injecting his load of pent-up cum deep inside her, continuing to brutally fuck the punished hole even after shooting his load, until, finally, his dick began to deflate inside her. Rising from his kneeling position, Deej breathlessly responded to Chuck's last remark, "go ahead, buddy. You'll love it. Now we have two holes where we don't have to worry about getting her pregnant."

Not even acknowledging Carole or asking her, Chuck rolled her off of him, then wordlessly rolling her onto her belly, he lifted her by the hips so she was on her knees with her shoulders flat to the blanket, her head resting to one side. Chuck didn't waste any time placing his dick on the spread hole and taking up where Deej had left off, easily entering the forbidden depths that Deej had stretched wide. Carole started to lower herself fully to the blanket, but Chuck pulled her back up as he rocked her entire body with the force of his strokes into her white ass. He held her by the hips and enjoyed his first anal fucking with a woman with a vengeance, not caring or even hearing the girl's small whimpers, as he rose to his own climax. It took but a few minutes to do what Carole's mouth and pussy had not accomplished as Chuck added his load of cum to Deej's, both loads filling her packed cavity as both she and Chuck collapsed to the blanket, his dick still inside her, but wilting, slowly withdrawing. When he stood, Deej handed him the same towel he had used to wipe his dick clean of the smelly excrement collected from the plundered bowels of the girl still lying on her belly on the blanket, folded to cover where he had wiped.

Deej went to the car and retrieved another ragged towel from what he liked to call his sex supplies' kept in the trunk and brought it over to Carole. He dropped to his knees and gently, lovingly, rubbed her back, then bent to kiss her shoulder. Carole turned over and looked up at him, her eyes slightly wet from the pain she had experienced. Deej kissed each eye, then her lips, assuring her, "it won't hurt as much the next time, honey. And I love you even more for letting me try it."

Anytime Deej expressed his love made Carole's face brighten, and today was no exception. She smiled and questioned, "you love me more now, Deej?" as she reached up for him with her arms open wide. "You bet, sugar. I love you more than ever now. You showed how much you love me by doing what you did today, and it made me love you more than anyone ever could." Carole took the towel from him and began to wipe herself as she vowed, "I'll always do whatever you want me to do from now on, Deej. As long as it makes you happy." Little did Carole know what her pronouncement would mean in the years to come . . .

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