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Busted Two by Clark St. John

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The week passed quickly for Carole and Deej. It had only been two weeks since school let out for the summer, so there were still after-school activities going on, meetings with friends, and the usual plan-making for things to do during the three months off from the drudgeries of school. Deej was able to see Carole just about every day and they were usually together until eleven or twelve at night, either watching television at his house or her's, or out to a movie, or just driving around, gathering at the local teenage hangout, the A&W drive in restaurant near the high school. During the week they both talked about what was coming on Saturday and, although Carole still showed some apprehension about it, she was no longer fearful. Their discussions about the previous Saturday night had not elicited the same hot reaction from her as it had later that night, but her body still betrayed that the thought turned her on.

That Saturday evening Deej picked Carole up and told her mother that they were going out to eat and then to a movie. As was always the case, her mother told Carole she had to be home by eleven, and Deej assured her they would be home by then, if not sooner. Deej had to give Carole a second look as they went to his car, for she looked more beautiful than ever that night. She was wearing tight, aqua-colored short shorts and a matching top that was no more than a square of cloth with a slit cut in the diagonal fold for the head, tied at the waist with a thick white rope. Her shapely legs were made even more shapely and her ass more prominent because of the wedge shoes she was wearing. Deej didn't normally compliment her clothing, but felt the need to after taking a second look at her walking ahead of him on the narrow walk. "That a new outfit, hon? It really looks good on you."

Carole had reached his car and turned to him, "uh-huh. Mom made it for me. You like it? It's the rage this summer. Mom said the top is called a Jamaica beach top."

Deej looked at the top closer and decided that he liked it even more than his first impression and nodded to Carole while thinking "mmm, that top will be easy to get into. Just undo that rope, and bingo!" He was surprised that nothing was revealed at the sides, but then saw that the cloth folds hid Carole's large breasts from view. You couldn't actually see them, but the bulge her breasts made against the material certainly showed that she had a great pair! Deej teased Carole, "you must have wanted to look real nice for your police buddies tonight". He laughed so she would know he was kidding, but the remark made Carole's face turn red. "Hmm, I wonder if that really is the case", Deej thought when he saw her face turn red. But Deej didn't pursue it any further as he closed the car door. They didn't talk much on their short drive to the center of town where the police station was located, each to their own thoughts about what the evening had in store for them.

Carole finally broke the silence as they pulled into the station parking lot. "Where do you think they'll want to do it, Deej? They can't do it here."

Deej hadn't even given that a thought, but she was right. "Gee, I don't know, baby. I guess they know of some place away from here. The sergeant probably just wanted us to meet him here. Then we'll more than likely go to a house or a motel, I would think."

They entered the police station through the front entrance, which opened into a small lobby, occupied by a couple of chairs and benches, with an enclosed counter against the opposite wall. The place was vacant except for two policemen behind the counter. As the front door slammed behind them, one of the officers looked up and his eyes became transfixed on Carole, not leaving her for a second as they walked up to the counter. Deej could see the officer punch the other man behind the counter in the back as he murmured something. The other officer spun around and his eyes opened wide at the sight of the barely-dressed girl walking up to the counter. He leaned toward the officer at the counter and whispered something, but Deej couldn't make out what he said.

When they reached the counter, the first officer to see them asked "can I help you?", his eyes never leaving the beautiful girl standing before him, focused now on her large breasts.

Deej cleared his throat, "uh, yes, sir. We're here to see sergeant Ryan about my driver's license." When he said that, he got the officer's attention. "Oh, you're supposed to see Sgt. Ryan?", he repeated. "You two are the ones he's been waiting for?" He turned and grinned at the other officer and Deej saw him wink. Then he turned back to Deej, "okay, just a minute. Let me give sarge a call and let him know you're here." The officer then picked up the phone and dialed, turning to face Carole again, then said into the phone, "they're here, sarge. And, man! You sure were right when you said she was a knock out! Whew! Wait until you see her." After he put the phone down, he turned to the other officer and asked, "are you going to join the party?" Before the question could be answered, he let him know, "I sure am! I wouldn't miss this for anything! She's the hottest thing I've seen in ages."

The other officer chuckled, "now you know I wouldn't miss this one. You can go and come back and spell me up here. Then I'll go. Just make sure to tell sarge that I'm wanting in on it, too, and to not keep you in there all night."

"Ha, ha", the first officer laughed, "I may not want to come back." Then, remembering what the sarge had told him, he hurriedly came out from behind the counter and told Deej and Carole, "follow me. The sarge is waiting for you two." He led them through a door near the counter which led to a flight of stairs and, standing aside for Carole, motioned for her to go ahead of him, blocking Deej as Deej started to step behind Carole. His reason was clear as Carole started up the steep steps, as each step she made pulled the shorts further up the cheeks of her ass, exposing the white flesh and panties of the unaware girl. As they reached the landing at the top of the steps, the officer stepped around Carole and opened the heavy door for her, taking her arm by the elbow and guiding her through the door. The door opened into a narrow corridor with closed doors on each side. The officer guided them to a door on the end with "squad room" painted on it. He opened it and let both of them through, this time letting Deej walk behind Carole.

The squad room was smaller than Deej had thought a squad room would be, probably no larger than a large bedroom. There was a desk at one end of the room with several folding chairs haphazardly arranged in rows in front of it. In the wall opposite the desk was another door, half wood and half clear glass. Deej couldn't see anyone through the glass, but he could discern voices coming from that direction. The officer turned to Deej and looking at him sternly, announced "the sarge said you're to stay in this room. I want you to sit right here until the sarge says otherwise. You better do as the sarge says, too, if you don't want to end up in one of the cells downstairs. Don't go wandering around the building or anything like that. Do you understand?" Deej nodded and sat down where the officer had pointed as he took Carole's arm and guided her to the other door. Deej could hear laughter and talk as the officer opened the door, then a few seconds silence until someone shouted out "goddamn! What a piece!" Then the door closed and Deej could hear no more. He watched the glass in the door as he saw the officer and Carole disappear from his sight. There were no chairs near that door, so Deej rejected the idea of trying to get closer. He wanted to see what was going on, but was afraid of ending up in a jail cell. The most he could do was strain to hear the voices coming from the other side. He could still hear a lot of laughter and catch an isolated word or two, but nothing that would tell him what was happening. "They must be have been having a lot of fun in there", Deej judged, from the laughter and, a couple of times, even applause. Once, he was sure he even heard Carole's nervous laughter.

About fifteen or twenty minutes after Carole had disappeared behind the door, the officer who had escorted them came out, fastening his belt and grinning. He looked at Deej and bragged, "man, that was some piece of ass! You're some lucky kid to have something like that." He turned sadistic by adding, "but you may not care for it by the time everyone finishes stretching that pussy. You'll need to strap a board to your ass to keep from falling in". He laughed at his joke, rubbed his crotch and left the room. While the door was open Deej did get a glimpse of Carole, however brief. All he could see was that she was on her hands and knees and was naked before the door slammed shut.

A couple of minutes after the first officer left, the one who had been on the desk with him came in the room with two other officers. They ignored him as they went to the other door and opened it. Deej couldn't see anything that time, but one of the new officers shouted into the room "is where the party is?", then pulled the door shut behind him. After another wait of at least a half-hour, two more officers Deej had never seen before came out of the room, fixing their clothing as they talked about their experience, not even noticing Deej. "Man, did you have her suck your dick? If you didn't, you missed the best damn blow job ever! That little cunt can really suck a dick! Wonder how she learned to do it so good so young?"

The other officer was shaking his head in disappointment, "no, I didn't try her mouth. I figured a fourteen year old wouldn't know how to do it, so I rammed it in her pussy. Have to say, though, that was some tight pussy. I couldn't hold my wad, she was so tight and hot."

The first one stopped at the door leaving the squad room and asked, "did you see Roy and Chuck. They had the right idea. Ol' Chuck got her on top of him and screwed her while Roy got her in the ass. Boy, they had that whore rocking. She must have had a virgin asshole the way she gave that little yelp when Roy stuck it in her ass." The other officer wasn't going to be bested in recalling what they had both seen. "Yeh, she probably did have a virgin ass, so it was a good thing that old pencil-dick Roy was the first one to stick it in her shit-shoot." With that exchange they left the room, still talking about their fun as they left. Deej was getting pissed. He had planned to be the one to get Carole's virgin asshole, but here some dumb ass cop had got her other cherry. He didn't have much time to think about it, however, as another officer came into the room and two more came out of where they had Carole. Deej was trying to keep count of how many men were getting some of Carole. He remembered that five had left and four more had come in. That made nine and he was sure the sergeant was in the room. "Damn", he thought, "that would make ten guys screwing her!" His thinking was interrupted by one of the two men who had just come out of the room. "Say, Roy, how was her ass?" Deej turned to see who it was that had got that virgin ass and spotted a tall, lanky redhead, not in uniform, but with a gun belt in his hands.

The man called Roy guffawed, "that was the tightest damn ass! Couldn't hardly get it in. And the little bitch left some shit on my dick, too. I should have made her lick it off, but I don't think sarge would have appreciated that."

About five minutes later, Deej heard a squeaking noise, and the door to the squad room opened and a bucket with a wringer first appeared, followed by a black man pushing the bucket with a mop stuck in the water. Deej wasn't sure what he was going to do, but when he saw him heading for the other door, he half-rose from his seat, thinking he should warn the janitor, but quickly sat back down, mindful of what he had been told. He figured it was better to keep his mouth shut, although he knew what Carole's reaction would be when she saw him. Carole had an ingrained fear of blacks due to stories she had been told by her parents about the way things had been in Pittsburgh. That's all she would for a black man to see her naked! Deej knew that Carole would come unglued! Seconds after the door closed, Deej could hear Carole's scream, and then some men laughing and the sound of some chairs or something being dragged across the floor. Then everything got quiet, and after a couple of minutes the last two men that Deej had seen go in the room came out, one carrying his shoes, the other working to fix his pants.

One was complaining, "that Clyde sure busted up a good party". The other good- naturedly shot back, "what are you complaining about? You got a blow job from her. Besides, it was kinda funny, the way she acted when she saw ol' Clyde, jumping behind the desk and hiding. It was like she had seen the boogey-man", he laughed.

The other man had to laugh about that, too. "Yeh, it sure did upset her. But the sarge wasn't going for any of her shit, the way he pulled her out from behind that desk and held her up in front of that nigger." The first man added his observation, "well, she still tried to cover herself, until sarge turned her around and bent her over between his legs. He had her pinned with that ass pointed up at Clyde where he could see everything she had". The remark made him laugh again, as he bent over to tie his shoes.

The other officer was tucking his shirt in when he asked, "do you think sarge meant it when he asked the nigger if he wanted some of that ass?"

"Don't let sarge hear you call Clyde that. Clyde is his man' and sarge won't stand for anyone putting him down. That's why he treated that girl the way he did". Then he answered the other's question, "and, yes, I'm sure that sarge meant it. She wouldn't be the first one he gave to ol' Clyde." He chuckled at something he remembered. "That Clyde sure answered sarge's question the right way, saying "sure, he wanted some of that ass, but he wanted her pussy more". Clyde wants it all, and sarge will probably let him have it, too. Lucky bastard." With that final remark, they both left the room.

The door had barely closed behind them when the other door opened and the bucket came into view again, with the black man the other men had called Clyde coming behind it. Just as he was ready to close the door, Deej heard a familiar voice, "hey, just a minute, Clyde". Deej knew it was the sergeant's voice the minute he heard it. Then the sergeant appeared in the doorway with the squirming Carole beside him, one arm over her shoulder with the hand holding one tit in a vise grip, squeezing the nipple between his thumb and index finger, causing the helpless girl to squirm with the obvious pain.

The sergeant spoke to the janitor, but Deej knew the words were really intended for him and Carole. "I just think that this little whore owes you an apology for the way she acted when you came in the room. Don't you?"

Clyde grinned, exposing a gold front tooth, "yas, suh, sarge, yas, suh, I think she does."

Before the janitor had even finished his reply the sergeant had placed one massive hand on her shoulder and was pushing her to her knees, still keeping his grip on her nipple. "Now, little girl, you apologize to ol' Clyde, here. You tell him that you're sorry you hid from him, you hear?"

The tears and embarrassment were noticeable on Carole's face as she nodded, then imperceptibly mumbled "I'm sorry". That wasn't enough for sarge, so he squeezed the nipple harder, "what? What did you say? I don't think Clyde could hear you."

Carole winced with the pain in her nipple and spoke much louder, "I said I'm sorry." Sarge squeezed harder and Carole repeated "I'm sorry, I'm sorry", the tears welling in her eyes.

Sarge was enjoying torturing the kneeling girl. "Now, slut, you tell Clyde that you would love to have him fuck you. Tell him that you want it in your ass." Carole could be stubborn when she wanted and she had no intentions of telling the nigger that, so she shook her head, bracing herself for the pain she knew was coming. And the pain did come as the sergeant reached over and took the other nipple in his opposite hand and pinched both of them simultaneously while pulling upwards, slightly lifting Carole off her knees.

The pain was more than Carole could stand, as she cried out "owww, owww, you're hurting me!" When the sarge continued to pull upwards, stretching her large tits mercilessly, Carole placed her hands on his to attempt to ease the pain, but to no avail, because the cruel sergeant continued to pinch her nipples. Deej started to get out of his seat, wanting to do something, but quickly sat back down at sarge's words, "you stay in that seat boy, or I'll beat your ass with my night stick", then returned his attention to torturing the crying girl into submission.

Carole finally had enough, sobbing with pain, she cried out, "okay, okay, I'll do it. Just stop hurting me, please!" The burly sergeant eased his upward- pulling motion, but still kept a lessened grip on both nipples, waiting for the conquered girl to say what he had told her. When Carole didn't immediately say the words, he squeezed the nipples again and reminded her, "tell Clyde that you would love to have him fuck you in the ass. Tell him! And you look at him when you tell him, too, cunt, or so help me, I'll tear these nipples off your chest!"

Carole was beaten and didn't resist any further, doing exactly as the sarge instructed. She raised her tear-stained face to the black man standing in front of her and said "I want you to fuck me in the ass."

She didn't say it the way she had been told, and that brought another nipple squeeze and further instruction. "Say it the way I told you, bitch. Say mister, I would love to have you fuck me in the ass'" Then the sarge added to what he wanted her to say, "and after that, you can tell him that you would love for him to put his dick in every hole you have." Sarge pinched her nipples again for emphasis.

The now-obedient Carole said every word correctly on the second try and added the rest of what her torturer had told her to say, "and I would love for you to put it in me everywhere." Not the exact words, but it satisfied sarge that time. He knew he had the girl completely cowed and defeated, and that was his turn-on.

Clyde had stood silently, amused at what was transpiring in front of him, and, judging from the bulge in his pants, was getting aroused by having a white girl say such things to him. He played the game the way he knew sarge would want, reaching down and taking one of the girl's hands and placing it on the bulge in his pants. Carole tried to pull her hand back, but the janitor held in to him, telling her, "feel that, girl? Is that what you want?" He laughed as he released his grip on her hand and she quickly dropped her arm.

Sarge squeezed a nipple again, "answer him, whore." There was no fight left in Carole, so she answered, "yes, sir. That's what I want." That brought a wide grin from the black, who undid his zipper and pulled out a long, not-quite-hard, dark brown dick and let it flop outside his pants. From where he sat Deej could see the tremendous organ and couldn't believe his eyes. The nigger's dick must have been a good ten inches long, and it wasn't even hard. And it wasn't skinny, either, but much fatter than Deej's. Carole's eyes went wide at the sight, also. She had seen several dicks that night, but the one in front of her was equal to two of any of them she had seen.

Clyde reached down and took Carole's hand again, placing it on his huge tool. "Feel it, ho. Feel what I'm going to put in you." Carole had barely touched the dark skin when she started to withdraw her hand as Clyde had released it, but quickly felt the sting in a nipple as the sergeant warned, "he said feel it', whore. You do as you're told til we say otherwise."

Carole left her hand on the massive dick, her white skin in sharp contrast to the darkness of the growing thing beneath her hand. She couldn't help but look at the black's dick in front of her, examining the purple-black head partially covered with uncircumcised skin, dark veins coursing around the extensive girth, throbbing with aroused blood. Her examination of the pony-sized organ was abruptly ended when Clyde reached out and wrapped a rough hand in the hair on the back of her head, then stepped forward, ramming Carole's face against the now-hard dick, burying her face against his stomach. Clyde pulled her face back with the hand in her hair and, with his other hand, rubbed his dick over her face, caressing her lips and cheeks with the head, holding the base of it at her chin as if to measure her face, it's length as long as her face, the tip of it touching the hair drooping over her forehead. Clyde spoke to her as he continued to stroke the head against her skin, "mmm, ho, I'm really going to enjoy shoving this in you. And once I fuck you, black is al-l-l you'll want! You won't even look at a white man again. I'm goin' to make you my slave, slut. And I gotta lot of friends that will be fuckin' you, too. May have to take a belt to your ass every day, but you'll learn to behave and be the ho to every black in town." Clyde laughed, enjoying the power he, as a black, had over a white girl in the fifties south. He released the grip on her hair and Carole fell back to her knees, then added, "as soon as sarge here gives the word, I'm goin' to show you some good fuckin'." Then he turned to the sergeant, "when you goin' to let me have this bitch, sarg?"

Sarge laughed, "hold yer horses, Clyde. You'll get her soon enough. You just go on down to the lobby and clean it up an' I'll give you a call when it's clear. The lieutenant hasn't had his yet, and he'd be pissed if he got her all stretched out of shape."

Clyde nodded his understanding and, before putting his dick back in his baggy pants, he stepped up to the kneeling girl and gave her one more swipe of the purple head across the lips, leaving a path of moisture which was now oozing from the dark eye. Carole raised a hand and wiped her lips, causing Clyde to chuckle as he forced the huge rod back in his pants, showing a large bulge down his leg. Clyde turned and started pushing the bucket and mop to the other door, calling back over his shoulder, "I'll be seeing you later, girly. Hee, hee."

The sergeant lifted Carole by her breasts and, with a smirk toward Deej, guided her back into the other room, closing the door behind them. "Man, he's a rotten bastard," Deej thought. His thoughts were interrupted by the other door opening and then closing. A swarthy looking man in plain clothes with a badge fastened to his belt crossed the room, studying Deej as he made his way to the half-glass door. Deej was careful not to return the man's gaze, not wanting to antagonize anyone at the police station. The man disappeared behind the door and Deej returned to the waiting and his thoughts. He sure hadn't planned on all that was happening to Carole this night, but he justified it in his mind that everything was fitting into his plans for her. He didn't want her to be hurt, but he did like the idea that she was being introduced to gang sex. And her spirit was gradually being broken, which even with Deej's immature years he knew would be necessary to use Carole in all the ways he wanted for a few years to come. Even the idea of a nigger screwing her didn't bother Deej. Fact was, he felt that would be his strongest hold on the beauty, and was eager for the session between the nigger and Carole to begin. Once again, Deej's thoughts were interrupted, but this time from the room where Carole was, as he heard what he recognized as one of Carole's playful screams. Deej snuck out of his seat and edged toward the door, anxious to see what was going on, but not wanting to be seen by the others. Just then he saw Carole run past the door, still playfully screaming, her tits bouncing as she ran. Then Deej saw why she was running. The swarthy man was running behind her, his upraised hand holding a large black belt, as if to strike the running girl. They passed the door a couple of times before Deej got back in his seat. Carole seemed to be enjoying what was going on right then, but it surprised Deej. He knew her playful scream--half laugh, half scream, but he also knew that she had never been struck with a belt, or even physically punished in any way. "Something must have sure tickled her", Deej thought.

It was quiet in the room for some time before the swarthy man came out and walked over to where Deej was sitting. He stood with his hands on his hips looking down at Deej for a few seconds before he spoke. "Kid, that's some girlfriend you got there. Doesn't look like there's anything she won't do. Unusual for a girl her age and she fucks and sucks like she's been doing it all her life." He apparently wasn't looking for a reply from Deej, as he continued, "I'm detective Leonardi, lieutenant Leonardi to everyone, and I want that girl for a stag party I'm planning. I've decided that she's going to be our entertainment. Now, this isn't a you WILL have her available for my party that night." He emphasized the word will' strongly so Deej knew he wasn't fooling around. The lieutenant took a black leather card holder out of his shirt pocket and withdrew a card. Handing it to Deej, he said "you call that number a week from Monday, in the evening, and I'll tell you where and what time to bring her. I've already told your girl about my plans, so she knows what is going on. I'm counting on you, so don't screw up."

Deej had heard about stag parties, but had never been to one. He nervously asked "if...I mean when, I bring her, can I join in the party? I've never been to one."

Leonardi looked him over appraisingly, the surprise at Deej's request showing in his eyes. "You mean you would want to be in the same room where your girlfriend is the entertainment? Son, you're either a bigger lecher than I am or you're a glutton for punishment. I wouldn't think you'd want to see your girlfriend do what she's going to be doing at a stag party."

Deej explained, convincingly he hoped, "well, she's not really my girlfriend. She's just a girl that I like to have sex with, is all. She thinks I love her, but that's her problem." It surprised Deej that he could state the truth to a complete stranger, but he really wanted to attend the party.

Leonardi laughed and slapped Deej on the shoulder. "Kid, you're my kind of man, even at your age. You got the right idea...use any girl you can, but don't love em." He laughed again, then added, "Sure, you can join in the party, too. Hell, why not? Just as long as the little whore does as she's told, who cares?" He turned away, reminding Deej, "Don't forget to call me Monday."

Minutes after the detective had left, Clyde walked through the door. He didn't have a mop bucket this time, but he did have a ear-to-ear smile and a bounce to his walk. He grinned at Deej as he opened the door to the other room and entered. A couple of minutes later, the door re-opened and the burly sarge stuck his head out, motioning to Deej with his finger. "C'mere, kid. I want you to see this," and he stepped back, holding the door open for Deej. Deej stepped past the sergeant and looked around. The room was almost identical to the room he had been confined to for the past two hours, except that the folding chairs were all against the walls. He first saw Clyde, standing near the desk, removing his underwear, and otherwise completely naked. Then he saw Carole standing in one corner, one arm across her chest, partially covering her breasts, the other hand in front of her blond-haired pussy, one leg slightly in front of the other. She didn't look at Deej as he entered the room, her eyes focused on a spot on the floor in front of her, apparently ashamed that Deej was seeing her in the same room with a nigger.

Clyde threw his underwear on top of the rest of his clothes in a chair and looked at the girl cowering in the corner, his dick beginning to rise at the thought of doing whatever he wanted with her. Not moving from the spot where he had undressed, he commanded to her, "come here, ho. I'm ready to give you the best fuckin' you'll ever have."

Carole didn't move or speak, seemingly not hearing the black man. That was a mistake, as her refusal to immediately do as told angered the sergeant, who, in long strides surprising for his stature, was on her in an instant, grabbing a hand full of hair and pulling her out of the corner, slinging her toward Clyde in one motion that caused the terrified Carole to land on the floor at Clyde's feet. That position suited the sarge perfectly as he growled at the supine girl, "now kiss his feet, you stupid bitch. You're his slave now and you damn-well better do as he says the instant he says to do it!" To show Carole she had better do as told, he then picked up a wide, black gun belt off the desk, and folding it, smacked her across the ass hard enough to start a welt rising instantly. Carole yelped and quickly turned on her stomach and began kissing the black feet, kissing them even more than the sarge had intended. Sarge through the belt down and said, "that's more like it. You just get it through your head that you're nothing but a worthless piece of shit. You don't have a mind of your own any more. All you have is a body and that body is for us to do whatever we want to do to it. Do you understand that, you filthy whore?", he asked as he prodded Carole's ass with his foot.

Carole vigorously nodded her head, not wanting to make the sergeant mad again. With her nod, the sarge then said to Clyde, "she's all your's, Clyde. She'll do anything you tell her to do from now on. I'm giving her to you. She's your slave, so what are you going to have her do first?"

That brought a big gold-toothed grin to Clyde's face. "Well, first, I think she can lick my feet and then lick her way all the way up to my heavy balls. The she can suck on them a little and get em primed." He looked down at Carole, still lying on her stomach, and gave her the order. "Get to it, bitch. Start lickin', and you better cover every square inch of my legs and feet, too."

Mindful of what the sarge had said about doing as she was told instantly, Carole quickly got on her hands and knees and began to lick the nigger's feet with her soft, pink tongue, careful to cover every inch as she made her way up his legs which were covered in short, black curly hairs. Carole crawled on her hands and knees around the black man in order to follow his orders of licking every inch. As she worked her way higher up his legs, Clyde spread his legs wide where she could reach the upper part of his legs, and when she had reached the back of his thigh, sloping down from muscular buttocks, he ordered, "lick my ass, too, you shit-licker. That's what you're good for...licking my ass."

While Carole was doing as she was told, the sergeant opened a desk drawer and took two cameras out, one of them the new Polaroid camera that produced instant photos. He began taking pictures, first with one camera and then the other, moving around Clyde and the licking girl to get different angles. As quick as he had used all the film in the Polaroid, he would put another pack in it and continue taking pictures.

Carole did as told, no longer even thinking about disobeying, licking the janitor's ass, running her tongue up the crack between the cheeks, then working her way around to his balls, carefully licking and sucking them the way Deej had taught her, the black's huge dick caressing her face as she twisted her head to lick his sack. Clyde was breathing heavier, but managed to direct her, "now, start licking and sucking my dick, you nigger's ho." Carole continued to do as she was told, now will-less, resigned to her fate. She worked to get the swollen head in her mouth, stretching her lips to the limit to get it in the hot recess. The realization that this pretty white girl was actually sucking his dick, coupled with the feel of her hot mouth surrounding the head, caused him to moan with pleasure, "oh, yeh, hot mouth. Use that tongue on the head, too", as he began to gyrate his hips slowly and grasped Carole's ears to better guide her movements. Carole had begun to learn how to deep throat Deej's dick, but she was having trouble with the huge black plunger in her mouth, slowly getting more and more of it in her small opening, her lips stretched into thin pink flesh, the usually plump lips all but disappearing. Clyde was helping her get more of it into her mouth as he gripped her ears and moved his hips back and forth, fucking the white girl's face. Carole didn't resist his fucking motions, but appeared to begin to enjoy sucking the swollen cock. In the months that Deej had been teaching her how to suck a dick, she had found that she actually enjoyed it, and the fact that it was a nigger's dick in her mouth now no longer seemed to bother her as she worked on the massive meat.

The sergeant was still gleefully taking photos, amassing a stack of developed Polaroids on the desk beside Carole. Deej would take his trans-fixed eyes off Carole and the janitor every so often to look at the sarge, amused by how much the stocky man was enjoying the photography.

The pleasure of the blond-haired white girl sucking his dick was visible on Clyde's face, but he was ready to try another of her holes, and he pulled her head back and lifted the small girl to her feet. Holding her body against his, Clyde placed his hands beneath her ass and lifted her, spreading her legs as he raised her off the floor and carried her to the desk, laying her cross-wise with her ass barely on the polished surface and her head near the opposite edge. Clyde lifted her legs and pushed them against her chest, while he took his hard, saliva-wettened dick in one hand and guided it to her exposed pussy, the lips puckered outward from the extensive screwing she had received that night. Clyde worked the head past the swollen lips, then, releasing it, placed his hands on the inside of Carole's knees and spread her legs, pushing them down until they rested on the desk top beside her, resulting in her body being folded in half and slightly raising her ass off the cool surface, aligning her dripping wet twat perfectly with his rod-straight dick. Satisfied that the girl was in the best position for some hard fucking, Clyde began to push forward with his hips, slowly entering the cum-filled cavity, seemingly measuring the depth of Carole's vagina like a sharp shooter sighting a target. His dick hit the top of her cum pouch and Carole lightly gasped, but Clyde continued to push forward, still three inches or so from inserting the full length inside her. Carole's gasp turned to sound, uttering "uh, uh, mmm", as the pussy-filling organ continued so slowly forward, stretching her insides to the limit. After at least five minutes, Clyde finally reached his objective...his dick completely inside the moaning girl, their pubic hairs touching, his balls lying against her ass. Then he began to slowly withdraw, coming out a little faster than he had entered, letting the girl's pussy respond to the sensation as the long and very thick tool rubbed against her clit and pussy lips on it's outward journey. When his dick was back where he had started, with the purple head resting just inside her opening, Clyde started it moving forward again, moving a little quicker, hitting bottom just a bit harder, bringing an "oh!" from the ass-spread girl. Clyde knew what he was doing. He began to increase the strokes gradually, each time hitting the top of the girl's vagina a little harder, his forward strokes moving her entire body as he hit the limits of her insides, each stroke stretching her vagina to fit his dick, imperceptibly readjusting it's size to accommodate the larger-than-normal muscle inside her.

As the massive dick stretched her insides, the discomfort Carole had been enduring turned to pleasure as the cum-soaked dick went in and out it's full length, the speed of the strokes becoming faster and faster. Carole's soft groans soon turned to uncontrolled sounds, becoming louder as the black man fucked her pussy harder and faster. She seemed to be unaware of anything but the fantastic sensations she was feeling as she began to grunt, "oh, oh, oh-h-h, god! Oh, god, god, god!! I love it, I love it. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me harder. Please, please!" Deej had never seen Carole respond like she was with the janitor. Her eyes were rolled back in her head, her mouth open, her head tossing, and she had hooked her legs around the black's waist with her heels locked behind his shoving ass when he had moved his large hands to her breasts, brutally massaging them. Carole used her heels to shove Clyde's ass forward with his every stroke, raising her ass to meet his nuts as they slammed into her. She was going wild as Clyde fucked her harder and harder, not aware of what she was saying as she cried out "oh, master, I love your dick. Give it to me. Give it all to me. I love it, my hot black dick. I love it! Fuck me, master, fuck me. I want to be your sex slave forever. Just fuck me, please, please." Her words drove Clyde on, his mind reeling from her words, not caring that they were from passion and desire, just enraptured that a white girl as beautiful as this whore he was fucking would love his dick and want to be his slave, causing him to fuck her like he had never fucked a woman before. He drove his dick into the sucking pussy with increasing force, rocking the writhing body on the desk.

The black janitor all of a sudden decided to test the girl's words and completely withdrew his dick from her dripping pussy. Carole's reaction was immediate, as she cried, "oh, please, please don't stop. I need you to fuck me more." Clyde grinned, looking down at the girl still humping her ass upward, searching for his dick, then, thinking of something he wanted to do, he stepped around the desk and laid his slimy dick across Carole's face and asked her "oh, so you want me to fuck you more, you hot little whore? How badly do you want this piece of meat?"

Carole moaned, "I want it so badly, god, I need it in me. Please, please, sir, give it to me."

Again, the gold-tooth grin was visible. "I'll fuck you some more, bitch, but first you have to lick the cum and pussy juice off my dick. Lick it, whore."

Carole eagerly did as Clyde told her, turning her head to the side so she could run her tongue up and down the length of the ebony dick covered in cum from her pussy.

As she frantically licked, Clyde continued, "that's right, you cum-drinking slut. . .lick it dry. Do you like the taste of your pussy juice and all that cum?"

Carole nodded vigorously as she continued to lick, then briefly lifted her lips from his dick to voice how much she liked it. "Mmm, I love the taste of it! I love it! It tastes so good." and she returned her lips and tongue to the shiny hard.

Clyde was really enjoying this new tack, this teasing of the dick-hungry girl. "Tell me, bitch. Are you a whore? Say it, cunt, say it. Talk to me, pussy face. Tell me what you are and what you want."

Carole raised her head from the dick again and repeated his words, "yes, master, yes. I'm a whore and I love to be fucked and suck dicks. I love the taste of cum and, most of all, I love your dick in my pussy."

While she was saying those words, she had reached down with one hand and buried her fingers in her stretched cunt, feverishly fingering herself. Then she raised the hand to her mouth and began to lick the cum that coated her fingers, smacking her lips in pleasure.

That really turned Clyde on and he stepped back around the desk, saying "ooo, so you want some of that cum from inside of you, huh?" Not waiting for an answer, he jammed four fingers of one hand inside her, and, with his other hand behind her neck, lifted Carole into a sitting position, just the cheeks of her ass on the desk. Clyde held his hand in place, scooping ounces of deposited cum into his hand. Then he stuck his fingers in Carole's mouth, delighting at her instant sucking on his fingers. He wiped the cum in the palm of his hand across her mouth and held it there as she licked his hand dry. "Jesus, you're such a hot bitch!" he exclaimed. "What a whore!"

Carole answered the unasked question, "I'm so hot. I'm burning up. Please fuck me some more, please!"

Clyde played with her some more. "You haven't said what you would do if I fuck you some more, you greedy slut. Tell me everything you'll do and I might, just might fuck that hot box some more."

Carole immediately complied, "I'll do anything you want, I swear it! I'll drink your cum, your piss, I'll lick your ass, I'll fuck all your friends, I'll do anything you want. You can fuck me in the ass, in my mouth, any way you want. Just fuck me-e-e", she cried, bouncing her ass on the desk.

Clyde couldn't believe his ears, and neither could the sergeant or Deej, both standing goggle-eyed at what was going on before them. Her words told Clyde that he could have her do something he had always wanted a woman to do, but had always been refused. "You'll do all that, whore? You'll do any of those things for my dick?" As Carole nodded affirmatively, Clyde hurried back around the desk and pulled Carole down on her back, sliding her body towards him until her head hung over the side while he told her "well, let's see if you'll do all that, my hot white bitch." He turned around and straddled her face, bending slightly forward, telling the willing Carole, "now, lick my asshole, slut. Show me you meant what you said and I'll fuck you some more. Stick your tongue up that hole and work it around."

Carole didn't hesitate, but grasped the black man by the hips and raised her mouth into the crack of his ass, her tongue searching for his hole. She found it easily and hungrily worked her tongue around it and pushed it inside the twitching dark hole, his large nut sack resting on her nose, his dick laying across her forehead, seminal fluid dripping into her hair. "Jesus Christ", he shouted, "that feels so damn good! You're making my dick tingle, it's so hard."

His exclamation of pleasure was joined by the sarge and Deej, both unbelieving. This isn't the same girl who fought even the thought of being with a nigger! Regaining his composure, the sergeant began to take more pictures, wanting to record a sight that he had never even dreamed of. This girl was the hottest little bitch out of all of the ones he had forced into similar private parties.

True to his word, Clyde lifted his ass off the still-tonguing girl and went back around the desk after at least five minutes of her constant tonguing of his asshole. His balls tingled and his dick was the hardest he had ever felt it to be. Clyde was ready to get his rocks off, as he pulled Carole back to the opposite edge of the desk and once again slipped his dong deep inside her.

Immediately, Carole began to moan and cry out "that's it. That's what I want. Oh, oh, oh, fuck me, baby, fuck me hard. God, oh, god, it feels so good!" Then her words became grunts as Clyde began to pound his dick all the way in her as fast as he could, Carole's heels behind his ass helping as she pulled him to her. Clyde's wild stroking reached a crescendo as his body stiffened and he grabbed Carole's breasts, squeezing them mercilessly, causing the stiffened nipples to jump outward from the white mounds. The black's climax came in spasmodic jerks of his body, seemingly endless, until he finally slumped, exhausted, on Carole's body, both of them breathing in huge gulps of air and covered with sweat. Clyde rested in that position a minute and then stood, backing his still-hard dick out of the drenched pussy. He looked down at the unrelenting hard and thought out loud, "damn, it's never stayed up after cumming that much! God, girl, your tonguing me made me permanently hard!" Clyde grinned at that, very much pleased with the results of her tongue up his ass, and he continued, "hell, I'm ready for more! You want to lick my cum off my dick first, whore?"

Carole enthusiastically nodded, and voiced a "hmm, hmm", sticking out her tongue for him. Clyde went around the desk one more time and stood with his dick just inches above her face, watching the cum on the head of his dick gather in a large drop, then guiding it over her mouth. Carole quickly opened her mouth wide, anxiously awaiting the drop to fall. Clyde gave his dick a little shake and the drop left his dick and fell into Carole's mouth. She laughed and smacked her lips as she swallowed the sticky substance. Then, wanting more, she raised her head and began to lick the now-smelly dong.

Clyde's dick stayed hard and he still had that tingling feeling in his nuts, so he announced, "I'm ready for some of that ass, now", as he moved back around the desk. He took Carole by the hips and rolled her over on her stomach, pulling her towards him until her legs hung down the back of the desk, her ass facing him on the edge. He spread the cheeks of her ass and viewed her small brown hole, appraisingly. "Mmm, whore, you got a nice lookin' asshole, but it looks mighty small. This big meat of mine is going to have to stretch it a lot to fit in there."

The sarge gave his now-familiar lewd chuckle. "That's okay, Clyde. It needs stretching, anyway. Gotta get it in shape for other dicks. We have to make her a three-hole whore."

Carole lay there quietly, her head on her hands folded beneath her, still thinking about how good it felt to have the big black dick inside of her, wondering if it would feel just as good when the janitor put it in her behind. Clyde stuck the head of his dick in her pussy, taking it with his hand and moving it in circles, lubricating the head with the ample cum still held within.

Carole didn't know his purpose when she felt the dick re-enter her pussy, but only knew she loved the sensation of his dick working in circles, rubbing against her swollen clitoris, and she moaned, "oh, oh, it feels so good!"

When Clyde was finished coating his dick with the slippery cum, he withdrew the head and moved it upward to the small hole, spreading her cheeks wide, and began to work it against the tight sphincter, feeling it gradually loosen, but still only about one-fourth the diameter of the gigantic head beginning to push forward. Clyde could tell that he wasn't going to be able to enter the tight hole without loosening it up, so he pulled back and stuck his middle finger in the dripping pussy, fingering it deeply, thoroughly lubricating it. He took it out of her hot snatch and worked it into the puckered hole above. He felt the girl tighten her muscles as he inserted his finger up to the knuckles, and cautioned, "relax, bitch, just relax, and it won't hurt."

Carole replied, "but it makes me feel like I have to go to the bathroom."

Everyone laughed, and the sergeant explained, "nah, you don't need to shit, girl. Ol' Clyde is just going to pack your shit, is all." He laughed more at his graphic description.

Clyde kept working his finger around and around, pulling to the sides as he strove to make her ass relax. He stuck his finger back in her pussy, accompanied by the index finger, then returned to her asshole, working both fingers in this time. He could feel the girl relax as he manipulated his fingers, and knew it wouldn't be long before he could plunder her ass. Clyde returned several times to the cum depository of the girl, ultimately working up to three fingers in her ass, surprised by the lack of shit stink from the girl as he fingered her hole, round and round, in and out. When he was satisfied that she was ready, Clyde once again placed the head of his dick against the hole and was pleased to see that the head entered easily, although the thicker portion of his dick was to follow, he knew that hole would stretch a lot more. He grasped Carole by the hips and slowly began to push forward with his hips, maintaining a steady forward motion as he looked down at his dick gradually disappearing inside the white ass. First, the entire head, then another inch, and another, before Carole groaned, raising her head off of her arms as she stiffened up, "it's hurting me, it's hurting." Clyde withdrew his dick until just the head was buried, feeling the girl relax again, he pushed forward once more with a slightly faster motion, gaining another inch of penetration, but quickly withdrew before Carole stiffened her body again. Clyde repeated the step again, then again, each time getting his dick in a little further, marveling at the feeling of the tight sphincter muscle squeezing his tool and the heat from the girl's bowels.

The passion building in Clyde from the feeling of his dick inside the girl's ass made him impatient to really get to fucking that ass, so he leaned over Carole, resting his body on her's, and began to stroke in and out of the widened opening. While he stroked, Clyde placed the fingers he had stuck in the hole on Carole's lips and commanded, "suck my fingers, slut. Suck your shit off my fingers!" To his surprise, Carole didn't refuse, but took all three fingers in her mouth, licking them with her tongue noisily. The girl's acquiescence to such a disgusting act, impassioned the black even further, causing him to suddenly push forward with his dick, inserting it at least an additional two inches.

The action brought a quick response from Carole. "Ahhh," she cried out, "it hurts, it hurts. Take it out, please, please!" When Clyde didn't withdraw, but continued to push forward, her cry was followed by a scream, "oh, god, you're tearing my insides! Please stop, stop!"

Her screams brought the sarge to the desk, growling, "shut up, bitch! You'll have everyone thinking someone's being killed up here!" Carole didn't scream again, but began to whimper, begging Clyde to take the swollen dick out of her, but her pleas fell on deaf ears, as Clyde wasn't about to give up fucking her ass. As she continued to plead uselessly, the sarge growled again, "I've had enough of your sniveling, you goddamn little slut. We'll do whatever the hell we want to and you'll lay there and take it. You're going to pay for making all that noise" and he grabbed the helpless girl by the hair and jammed his hardened dick in her mouth, "maybe this gag will shut you up." Then he looked at Clyde, who had straightened up, holding Carole's hips again, and saw that he still had a good three inches of dick not in the whore's ass. "Put the whole thing in her, Clyde. Ram it to the bitch!"

Clyde pushed forward and gained perhaps another inch before feeling a greater resistance to further penetration than he had so far experienced. He stopped pushing and withdrew a couple of inches and lunged forward again. As he saw the black start forward for complete penetration, the sergeant put his hands on Carole's shoulders and quickly shoved her back towards Clyde. Their combined action rammed Clyde's dick all the way up the struggling girl's asshole as his belly slammed against her butt.

Carole's back arched and her head flew up off of the sergeant's dick as she screamed, louder than before, "Eeeee, ahhh, god! God, it hurts, it hurts so bad!" Her legs kicked against the metal of the desk, adding to the sound of her screaming as she gripped the edge of the desk beneath her and attempted to pull herself off the impaling dick to no avail, as both of the men held her tightly.

The burly sergeant placed one big hand over her mouth, his thumb and forefinger squeezing her nostrils, shutting off her air, and he instructed Clyde, "c'mon, man, fuck her ass. Fuck her hard and fast. Punish the cock-sucking bitch!"

Clyde rested the weight of his upper body on his arms as he held them on the bouncing ass and began long, punishing strokes the full length of his dick, enjoying the sound of his stomach slapping against the writhing girl's ass with each stroke. His fucking appeared to salve the pain that Carole had felt as she began to relax, no longer feeling the tearing sensation deep within her.

While the sergeant and janitor were fucking Carole from both ends, the sergeant looked over at Deej and grinned as he saw the bulge in his pants to the right of his zipper, reaching almost to his belt, "hey, kid, want to join us? It's time we make your girlfriend a three-hole whore."

Deej's answer was an ear to ear grin as he quickly started to undo his pants, kicking off his shoes, dropping his pants to his stockinged feet and pushing them to the side. Deej rarely wore underwear, so the second he dropped his pants, his dick stood at attention, the seven inches pointing at the three at the desk.

Sarge laughed, "looks like you're ready without any foreplay. Now, you're my kind of kid." Deej had maintained a hard ever since the black man had first started doing Carole, and he was surprised that no one had noticed. Not just the hard hidden in his jeans, but the spreading dark spot where the head rested. He approached the desk, not sure how he was to join in, as both the sergeant and Clyde still had their dicks in the supine girl.

Sarge answered his silent question, withdrawing his fat dick from Carole's uplifted face. "Pick her up, Clyde, so the kid can get under her." Clyde did as instructed, lifting Carole with his hands around her breasts, his dick serving as another hand, impaled within her all the way to his nuts. The helpless girl was a sight as Clyde lifted her, her feet dangling a foot off the floor, her arms by her side. It was almost like she was floating in the air. Sarge continued with his instructions, "now get on the desk on your back, kid." Deej quickly hopped up on the desk, facing the dick-hung Carole, his ass on the edge of the now-sweaty surface, and laid back. As soon as he was in position, Clyde stepped forward with Carole and placed her on top of Deej, still not losing the penetration of his dick inside her. Carole's stomach flattened Deej's dick to his belly and Deej reached between them, grasped his throbbing tool and pulled it out from between them, searching for Carole's hot, cum-dripping cunt, bumping against Clyde's nuts hanging over her hot opening. Deej slipped it in the greasy-feeling slit and pushed his hips upward, sensing the black's dick through Carole's stretched flesh as he pushed it on inside her while he wrapped his arms around Carole's back for support.

The sergeant stepped up to the desk, his thick dick inches from Deej's face, causing Deej to move his head to one side as the sarge pulled Carole's head from Deej's shoulder where she had rested it and shoved his blood-filled dong against her lips. The lips eagerly parted and Deej could see the dick disappear inside. He had a birds-eye view of her sucking the vein-covered organ as the sergeant began to fuck her mouth, his tightened nut sack swinging back and forth as he pushed his hips in and out. The voyeuristic pleasure of watching her suck a dick that close made Deej flush with lust, soon replaced by the absolutely thrilling sensation of Clyde's dick stroking in and out of Carole's ass. With each stroke, Deej could feel the black dick through the thin flesh separating the dick-filled girl's pussy and ass. The head of the janitor's dick would massage Deej's with each passage up the stretched corridor of Carole's bowels. Deej had never felt anything so fantastic sexually. He didn't even have to work at fucking her, as Carole's body would move back and forth with every stroke Clyde made, the black balls bumping Deej's as the huge dick bottomed inside the girl.

They had only been giving Carole three dicks for just a few minutes when Sgt. Ryan stopped pumping his dick in Carole's mouth and excitedly suggested, in a command sort of way, "hey, let's do a round robin on this whore!" Deej looked at him, puzzled, not knowing what the sergeant had in mind. The sarge saw his puzzled look and explained, "you'll see, kid, and you'll like it." Then he announced, "I'll take her cunt and you, kid, can take her ass." Clyde knew what the sergeant was talking about and immediately withdrew his long cock from the brown hole, grinning at sarge's idea. The sergeant came around the desk and told Deej, "roll her off you, boy, so I can get in there." Deej did as instructed, rolling Carole to one side as he slid his feet to the floor and rose.

The sergeant took his place on the desk and, grabbing Carole by one thigh, hoisted her on top of him in a sitting position, inserting his dick in the runny slit. Then he grabbed a nipple in each hand and pulled hard, stretching her global mounds a couple of inches as he pulled her down on top of him. It was pretty clear that the burly man enjoyed inflicting pain on young girls, the way he chuckled when Carole winced at the pain in her breasts. Then he slapped her on the ass with one hand and told her, "get to moving that ass, girl. I want you to give me a good fucking." Without waiting for her to respond, he slapped the other cheek, harder than the first slap, leaving a red print on her white butt and making Carole's body jump forward. He squeezed both cheeks hard and told her again, "get to fucking, bitch. You gotta learn how to please a man." Carole began to move her ass, stroking the relaxed man's dick, rolling her ass as she moved forward and back. That seemed to satisfy the man beneath her and he spoke to Clyde, "okay, Clyde, she's ready for you. Put it in her." Then, to Deej, "you, too, kid. Put that big thing you have in her butt hole."

Deej waited a few seconds, wanting to see Carole's reaction when the black janitor stuck his dick in her mouth, wondering what she would do when she tasted the coating from her bowels on the big dick. He watched as Clyde stepped to the side of the sergeant's head and pulled Carole's head to his dick, shoving it in her mouth in one quick motion. Carole's body shuddered at the strange taste in her mouth, but didn't try to remove her mouth from the slime-coated chocolate piece of meat. She had accepted that she was to do whatever the men wanted of her, and had long since given up any fight. Instead, she began to suck the stinking tool in her mouth, her cheeks drawing inward as she struggled to take more of it in. Deej shrugged, realizing that her spirit had been broken and she was now just a body to have fun with. He liked the idea, actually. The complete humiliation and debasing of the pretty girl was in it's own way, a fantastic turn-on. He took his dick in his hand and looked down at the ass spread before him, noticing the tiny cracks in the skin around the puckered hole slightly oozing blood, but felt no sympathy as he slipped his hard easily into the stretched hole. He was finally getting to fuck her in the one hole he hadn't tried, and he did it with a vengeance, plunging it deep inside Carole without preliminaries, feeling her body jump forward as he rammed his dick up to his balls. The excitement of what they were doing to the luckless girl added to the heat of her body proved too much for Deej, for it didn't take long for Deej to add his load of cum to the cream placed there before him. The sensations he was feeling were just too great for him to hold back as he usually did, and when he came, it was a sudden emptying of his cum supply, the best he could remember. Deej just stood there as the other two pumped away at the bouncing body in front of him, the action of the sergeant's dick massaging his and the view of the other dick going in and out of the sucking mouth keeping his dick from going limp. A few minutes after he shot his load, Deej detected an increased speed in Ryan's strokes, an almost hurried humping at the dripping pussy, before he, too, shot his load inside Carole.

Clyde continued running his dick in and out of the stretched-tight lips in front of him, forcing it far down Carole's throat, then quickly removing it from her mouth with the cry "ahhh, god" from the black as his dick spurted a large blob of cum on her face, as he growled at her "open your mouth, you cum-drunk whore." as his dick continued to shoot spurt after spurt at her, giving Carole a mouth wash of hot, creamy fluid, which Deej could see she hungrily swallowed, thinking perversely to himself, "damn, she sure has come to love drink cum." The cum that had landed on her face, right on top of the bridge of her nose, began to run down her cheek. Carole took one hand and wiped it off, licking the creamy fluid from her hand.

The three watched her in silence, amused at how she had progressed from a shy, unwilling little girl into a wanton, cum-loving slut in just a matter of hours. Deej backed out of her ass, and looking around, saw her clothes on one chair. He walked to the chair and fished her panties out of the pile, using them to wipe his shit and cum stained dick, then he threw them on the floor in front of the chair. While he was cleaning up his dick, the sergeant had rolled Carole off of him and got off the desk, looking at the hand-licking girl. "You sure love that stuff, don't you, girly?" He laughed his gruff laugh when Carole only nodded.

Clyde had already stepped to where he had left his clothes and was beginning to dress, when he turned to Sgt. Ryan and asked, "sarg, kin I take her down fo' my friends to see?" Deej had noticed that Clyde assumed the role of an uncle tom' nigger at times, perhaps out of fun, or in a way designed to get his way.

The sergeant looked up at him as he slipped on his pants, questioning, "down? You mean down stairs, Clyde?" Then what the black was asking dawned on him, and he answered his own question. "Oh, you mean in the back." He thought a minute before replying, "hmm, I don't know Clyde. We'd have to go through the lobby to get there."

Clyde immediately, almost excitedly, "naw, suh. Naw we wouldn't. We can go down the back stairs."

Sarge looked quizzical, "do you have the key to that steel door?"

Clyde was getting visibly excited about the prospects, "yas, suh, I do. I got all the keys" and he grinned.

Ryan evidently didn't care for the uncle tom' speech and said so. "Knock off that uncle tom shit, Clyde. Hell, you got more education than I have." Then he thought some more about the janitor's request, appearing to like the idea the more he thought about it. "Well-l-l, in that case, why not? No one can see us if we go down those back stairs and she wouldn't even have to get dressed. Your friends will get a good look that way." Then he added, slapping his thigh, "hot damn, Clyde, I like the idea! It'll be fun to see the reaction on their faces when they see this pretty thing. And when we come back up here, we'll have to clean her up the way I like cleaning these little sluts" and he wrapped an arm around Carole's waist.

Clyde was jubilant, giving forth the biggest grin yet, nodding his head. The three men were dressed by the time it was decided, and the sergeant led the way with Carole by his side. They went out of the room and through the adjacent room, turning right down the corridor, opposite to the way they had first come in. They went through a door at the end of the corridor and down some steep stairs which went to a landing and then doubled back as it descended to the first floor. The sarge held Carole's waist as they went down the stairs, steadying her so she wouldn't trip on the steep steps.

When they reached the bottom of the second flight of stairs, the sergeant opened a door leading to a short corridor with a solid steel door on each end. One had a sign reading "lobby" on it and the other had no indication of where it led. Sgt. Ryan turned to the unmarked door and stood aside for Clyde to get past him with the key. Clyde already had a large brass key in his hand, revealing how anxious he was to show off the white girl to his friends, and he quickly put it in the large lock and opened it with a clang. As the door swung open, Deej could see nothing but a green-painted wall a few feet in front of the door from his position behind the others.

The sergeant pulled Carole in front of him and stepped ahead of Clyde, then pushed on Carole's back and said, "go on, girly, walk on down there" and turned to grin at Clyde. Carole took a few steps to the right where what appeared to be another corridor led and suddenly a voice shouted out, "goddamn! Where did you come from, girl?" The shout made Carole jump against the wall to her left and she flattened herself against it, staring frightingly ahead of her. As Deej got close to Carole he could see where the voice originated, as more was shouted at the frightened girl. "Jesus, bitch, you're naked!" The shouting was coming from a young black, perhaps a couple years older than Deej, standing behind a row of bars. Clyde's friends' were in the jail part of the station! The young black yelled out "hey, you guys look up here. There's a white bitch standing here with no clothes on!" With his announcement, the previously quiet cell block became a bedlam, with other voices chiming in with the first one, and the sound of cell doors being shaken. Deej could even see a couple of mirrors come snaking out between the bars at the end of the cell row. Then a lot of whistling and cat calls as they all could see the naked girl huddled against the wall.

Clyde stepped in front of the first cell then, and said, "hey, BB. Whatcha think, man? You like my white whore?" The black named BB just then saw Clyde and exclaimed "hey, man. You bring her down here? She sure is a pretty white girl. Man, look at them tits" as he reached his arms through the bars as if to squeeze them, knowing he couldn't reach the three feet, or so. Then it occurred to him what Clyde had said, "what you mean, nigger, your white whore'? You shitting me, man. You ain't got no white bitch. You pay her to come down here?"

Clyde just laughed and shook his head. "Now, BB, you know I don't jive. She's my white whore. She's my slave." He reached out and put an arm around Carole's neck, pulling her to him while prompting her, "ain't you my whore, baby?" Carole nodded, placing one arm around the janitor.

BB still didn't believe the story. "Aww, you shitin me, Clyde. You paid her to say that."

Clyde shook his head again, "man, you gotta believe! This girly is mine! Just ask her where I been putting my dick." The young black, still very much doubting, exclaimed, "hell, you coulda told her what to say." Then, still not believing, he decided to ask the little blond anyway. "Did he put his meat in you, girl?" Carole nodded again, and the youth followed up with "where? Where did he fuck you?" Carole didn't want to voice the words and didn't reply until Clyde squeezed her shoulder. "Go ahead, whore, tell him where I put my dick in you."

Carole found her voice, "everywhere, master. You put it in my behind and in my mouth, and in front."

The young BB still wasn't going to believe it, not even from the girl's own mouth. "I still think you shitting me, Clyde. Her words don't prove nuthin."

Clyde was determined to prove to the youth that he was telling the truth. "Well, you dumb-ass nigger, I'll prove it to you." with that he pulled Carole in front of him and told her "get on your knees, slut, and suck my dick." Clyde stood there with his hands on his hips as Carole dropped to her knees, not offering to take his dick out for her, wanting to prove she was his slave. Carole reached up and undid Clyde's zipper, then pulled down his briefs as she reached her hand inside. She pulled the now-limp, but sizable dick from his pants and immediately bent forward and took it in her mouth, then withdrew it and began to tongue the wrinkled head. After a few seconds of tonguing, she took all of it in her mouth, sucking up and down it's length.

That convinced the young black as he stood there open-mouthed, then mumbled, "You the man, Clyde. You the man." He stood at his cell door in a pair of white boxer shorts and his erection was very obvious to everyone, but the black teenager didn't care as he pleaded with Clyde, "hey, man, make her do me. I'd love to have that white mouth work on my dick." Clyde didn't answer, but only grinned at the young black, amused that he was standing there rubbing his hard through the thin material of his underwear. BB continued to beg, "c'mon, man. We tight, don't do me this way. Let me have some of your white whore." Still no reply from the older black man, who was enjoying the misery and longing the youngster was going through. BB continued, "look, Clyde, I was wrong, and I admit it. You got yourself a fine white bitch. The least you could do is share her with your brothers. I swear I'll make it up to you."

Finally, Clyde spoke, addressing Carole as she continued to work on his rising dick. "What about it, girl? You want to suck this BB's dick?"

Carole removed her mouth from the swelling dick and turned to look at the young man standing at the bars, her eyes focused on the bulge in his underwear, wondering what it would be like. She looked up at Clyde and spoke softly, "if you want me to, I will."

Clyde shot back, "that's not what I asked. I asked if you wanted to suck him. Do you want to?"

Carole didn't want to make Clyde mad, but she wasn't sure what he wanted her to do, so she took a chance, almost whispering, "yes, I want to suck him. But I don't if you don't really want me to."

Clyde laughed down at her, "girl, you've become a cum addict. I can see you really want to do it, so go ahead. Take care of him." The minute the words were out of his mouth the young BB had taken his dick out and put it through the bars, impatiently waiting for the hot young white girl to take it in her mouth, pushing against the bars to get as much of his seven inches outside as he could.

Carole didn't waste any time, either, as she turned on one knee and moved close to the jail cell, appreciatively eyeing the young hard before her tongue snaked out and licked the exposed head. First, a tentative lick, then she began to work her tongue around the head, pushing the uncircumcised skin back expertly. Then she began to lick down the brown skin, until her face touched the cold steel of the bars. She backed up to the head and opened her mouth wide as she began to swallow the boy's dick, taking as much inside her mouth as she could before her face pressed against the steel. Carole began to suck the dick hungrily as she put her hand up the leg of the black's underwear and fondled his nut sack. Her sucking mouth feverishly worked on the hardness of the young man, making slurping and sucking sounds as she exercised her mouth and tongue wildly, eager to get the stored up cum she knew was there.

BB was absolutely beside himself as the white girl sucked his dick better than he had from any black woman, and he began to gyrate his hips in tune to the girl's sucking, beating his stomach against the cold steel separating him from the little, beautiful white bitch. It didn't take Carole long to draw the cum out of the black youngster, and as he came, she buried her face against the bars, relishing the feel of the hot spurts hitting the back of her mouth, savoring the taste she had grown to love, feeling like she couldn't get enough. BB held onto the bars as he came, crying out "oh, shit, bitch, shit. You're so damn good!" When Carole could see she couldn't get any more of the juice out of him, she withdrew her mouth from his wet dick and stood close to the bars, smiling at the grateful nigger trapped inside, reveling in the power she held over him. BB reached through the bars and fondled a tit, marveling at the perfect shape, and saying "you're beautiful, girl. And you sure know how to suck a dick."

Carole stood there, studying the boy's almost naked body. He reached through the bars with his other hand and stroked her belly, running his fingers through her pubic hairs, then went around to her plump butt and squeezed one cheek. "Man, I'd love to have a girl like you. I'd treat you like a queen. What's your name?"

He was the first man to want to know her name out of all of the one's she had had sex with that night, and it impressed her. Carole replied, demurely, "Carole. It's Carole. What's your's?"

BB smiled warmly, "it's Bobby, but they call me BB." The young black appeared to be falling in love after just a few minutes of being with the lovely white girl. He pulled her against the bars and, almost whispering, said "I'm getting out of here next week. Can I see you again?" Carole nodded just enough for him to see, but didn't volunteer any information and BB didn't think to ask for her phone number or address, too taken with her loveliness, her naked beauty.

All during the past few minutes while Carole gave the boy a blow job and stood at his cell, the other inmates continued calling out, making obscene suggestions and urging Clyde to bring the whore to their cells. The one in the cell next to BB had his face squeezed between two bars, barely being able to see as Carole had sucked BB's dick. His was the most urgent voice, begging for what BB had received, complaining that he hadn't had a girl in months.

Sgt. Ryan began to feel benevolent and declared, "hell, lets let her give all of them down here a little something." He took Carole by the arm and led her to the next cell, amused by the antics of the inmate pressed against the bars. He was another black, but looked to be in his thirties, with a full beard and lean body. When he heard what the sergeant had said, he had dropped his shorts to the floor and was standing at the cell door with his hardened dick in his hand. His was not as large as the boy's next to him, but still sizable. The sarge told the girl, "go ahead, pussy, you can have every man here that wants you, you cum- loving slut", as he pushed her against the bars.

The black inside the cell reached through the bars and wrapped his hands around her ass, pulling her tightly against the steel, as he pleaded to the sergeant, "unlock the door, sarge. I want some of her poontang."

Ryan laughed, but shook his head, "I don't have the keys to the cells, Ras. You'll just have to take what you can get."

The black man tried in vain to get his dick far enough through the bars to reach Carole's twat as he lifted her off her feet, raising her far enough so he could put his dick in her. But it wasn't possible, as he quickly found out, so he let her back down, and, placing his hands on her shoulders pushed the compliant white girl to her knees. Holding her head tightly to the bars with his hands in her hair, the black pushed his dick against her mouth and as it opened willingly, began to frantically fuck the white girl's face, not giving Carole a chance to actually suck his dick. Inside of two minutes, he had stiffened against the bars and shot his cum into her mouth, cum that had been stored in his body since the last time he had jacked off.

Carole noisily swallowed his load in large gulps and licked at his dick as the black removed it. "God," he said as he released her hair, "I've always wanted to do that to a white woman. Like to fuck her in her ass, too. They think they're so high and mighty. Well, bitch, you're nothing but a cum drinking white slut whore. You may be pretty and white, but us blacks will piss on you some day."

Carole was a little shocked by his tirade and had moved back to the group still standing in front of BB's cell, not understanding why the other black was mad at her.

Ryan guided Carole back down the corridor with a hand on her back past the still invective-shouting Ras, and as they passed his cell, he turned and warned, "that's enough of your crap, Ras. You shut your face or I'll put you in the hole, you smart-assed nigger." The black named Ras immediately shut up and went to his bunk and sat down. Then Ryan turned back to Carole and guided her past the next cell, which was empty, prompting her, "c'mon, slut, you got three more dicks down here to take care of." Carole's bare feet slapped against the cold concrete as she meekly walked on down the corridor to the next cell, where she saw two white teenagers standing at the barred door. One was tall and skinny with blond hair, appearing not much older than she, and the other was maybe six inches taller than her height, with brown hair, uncombed and scraggly. The sarge spoke to both, "well, boys, here's your chance to get some before you go off to the juvenile center. Be the last you'll get for at least a year."

The tall blond boy shook his head, mumbling "I don't want to" as he turned away from the door.

The other teen sneered, "you're just a pussy-boy yourself, asshole. But I sure want some of this cutie." He eyed the young girl standing nude in front of the bars, licking his lips as he removed a very large penis from his undershorts. His dick was almost as long as Clyde's, but thin in comparison, what is called a pencil dick'. "I can screw her through the bars," he bragged as he reached out and took Carole's arm, pulling her to the cell door. But the youth soon realized he had a problem. As he stuck his dick through the bars, he saw it came to the middle of Carole's belly, a good six inches above her snatch. The boy tried to squat down and put it in, but that didn't work. Frustrated, he attempted to pick the little girl up with his hands under her arms, but was unable to lift her high enough. He put her back down with an idea, calling out to the sergeant, "hey, sarge, there's a metal trash basket down at the end. Can she stand on that?"

Ryan looked to where the boy's finger was pointing and saw a small, black waste basket at the end of the corridor in the corner. He nodded and told Carole, "go get it, girl. It's you that needs it." Carole stepped down the short distance of the corridor and, as she passed the next cell, the last in the row, a black hand reached out and grabbed a breast. "Ooo, nice tits," a voice cackled, as an old black man with gray hair pulled her to the bars with his gnarled fingers gripping her nipple. Pulling her against the bars, he reached down with his other hand and roughly shoved a finger in her pussy, scraping the tender skin with the long nail. "Umm, hot poontang," the old black cackled again, using his bony finger lodged inside the cavity to pull Carole's hips hard against the bars. He fingered her roughly while he played with one breast, breathing a foul breath from a toothless mouth in her face.

The sergeant rescued her by stepping forward and, reaching one ham of a fist though the bars, knocked the old nigger on the head. "Let her go, Joe. That's enough!" The old nigger released the girl, sticking his finger under his nose and sniffing as he turned from the cell front.

Ryan pointed at the waste basket and reminded Carole, "get the can, and let's go."

Carole took the few steps to the basket and bent to pick it up, her white ass pointing up the hall. Carole dutifully carried the basket back up the hall behind the sergeant, holding it as they stopped in front of the cell with the young white boy still waiting with his dick in his hand. Carole wasn't sure what she was to do with the metal trash container, so Ryan took it from her and turned it upside down in front of the cell, then pushed it with his foot until it was against the door. Then he instructed the waiting girl, "step up on it, cunt. What are you waiting for?" He took one elbow and braced her as Carole stepped up, balancing herself by holding on to one of the steel bars. The waste basket was about a foot tall and maybe a foot and half wide, giving Carole little room to stand with her feet apart. The teen inside the cell now saw that the naked girl's pussy was too high, so he stepped up on the flat horizontal steel plate supporting the bars and, with one hand wrapped around a bar for support, guided his dick with the other hand to Carole's blond-hair-covered pussy. His dick and her pussy were at the same level now, but the teen found he couldn't insert it in her from that angle. He tried squatting enough to better the angle, but still was not able to get his dick in her.

Annoyed, Ryan stepped forward, cussing, "damn it, boy. You're more trouble than you're worth! If it wasn't for you going off to reform school, I'd tell you to jack off and forget it!" He turned Carole around on the black can and told her, "now, bend over, bitch, and push your ass against the bars."

Carole did as she was told, but couldn't bend over far enough to do any good without losing her balance on the can beneath her.

Sarge cussed again, "dammit, bend over and I'll hold you." He held Carole's shoulders as she bent further forward, then took the back of her head and pushed her downward until her head was between his legs, resulting in Carole's body being almost folded in half with her ass pointed up, pressing against the steel bars as Ryan pushed her backwards roughly, his thighs tightly gripping her head. That did the trick, as the teenager easily slid his dick into the waiting pussy with swollen, wrinkled lips.

The young boy immediately began to stroke his long dick in and out of the still- slimy pussy, now holding on to the bars on each side of him with both hands, his hard dick needing no support. Carole grunted with the pleasing sensation she felt from the long dick curving down inside of her as it followed the contours of her bent vagina, thrilling at the feel of it's underside rubbing against her clit with each stroke. But the feeling wasn't the same for the teen, as the stretched and cum-wettened cunt and his skinny dick didn't give him the gripping sensation he needed, and he complained, "hell, that's like fucking a bucket! I can't get anything out of that hole." He pulled his dick out, to Carole's disappointment, and put it against the puckered hole above, shoving it easily inside the white ass. "Mmm," he voiced, "now that's more like it!" and he started long strokes into the moon shaped bottom facing him, able to put a good eight inches of hard meat inside the upturned hole. The kid took his time, enjoying the feeling he hadn't had since he was arrested almost a year before. He made long, slow strokes, looking down in pleasure as he could see his dick disappear inside the stretched brown hole and then withdraw.

He fucked Carole's ass for a good ten minutes until the sergeant, impatiently, let him know he had better hurry up. "C'mon, boy. Get it over with! I can't hold this bitch all night!" Fearful of not getting his rocks off, the teen began to fuck the ass in earnest, his speed gradually increasing until the final thrust, and the release of his cum deep inside the bent-double Carole. His legs trembling, the boy lowered himself to the floor, gasping with spent energy, saying over and over how good it was and thanking the sergeant for letting him have the girl.

Ryan announced, "okay, that's it. Nothing she can do for that old crazy nigger, Joe, anyway. Let's go back upstairs and clean this little whore up." He helped Carole off the trash can and gave it a kick with his foot, sending it back down the corridor with a bang. As they walked down the corridor to the steel door they had walked through over a half-hour earlier, Carole heard lots of praise and thanks, making her feel good for what she had done and absorbing the compliments shouted as they left the cell block. They ascended the stairs with Carole in the lead and, as they were going up the second flight, Clyde reached up and pinched Carole's ass. She let out a playful scream and ran the next few steps up to the top landing, turning and laughing, apparently in good spirits, despite, or because of, what she had been through the last three hours.

"You're feeling pretty good, aren't you, girly?", the sergeant asked as he got to the landing. It was more an observation then a question and he continued without waiting for an answer, "well, let's get you cleaned up now. Ever hear of a golden shower?"

Carole shook her head, "no, sir. What is it?"

Not wanting to give the surprise away to the naive woman-child, Ryan only replied, "oh, it's just where we all wash you." He grinned somewhat a sinister smile as he led the way down the corridor towards the room where they had done all the fucking. Just before getting to that door, the sarge stopped at another door and opened it, letting Carole go in ahead of him and then stepping behind her. The room they had entered had rows of tall lockers with benches between the rows. Ryan pointed to the right and Carole turned and walked down the narrow space between the locker rows and the block wall. As she got to the last two rows of lockers, she spied movement on her left and turned her head to look.

There were two of the men she remembered from earlier that night, one sitting on a bench putting on his shoes and the other standing at an open locker, combing his hair. Seeing the still-naked girl, they both stopped what they were doing, the one at the locker voicing their surprise. "Hey, girl, you still here?" Then the sergeant appeared in their view, and both greeted, "hi, sarge." The one putting on his shoes finished the task, asking as he stood, "you still partying, sarge? Figured you were gone by now."

"Naw, this party is still in full swing," he grinned his answer. "We're going to give her a golden shower now. Want to join in?" The sergeant was standing slightly behind Carole and raised his forefinger to his lips, then continued, "this little thing hasn't ever had one, and wanted to know what it was. I told her it was where we all washed her." The two officers got his signal to not divulge the true meaning of a golden shower' and grinned.

The one that had been putting on his shoes shook his head and explained, "fraid I can't help give her that shower, sarge, but I'd like to watch." The sarge caught his meaning and winked. The other officer was all for the idea, stating "well, I'll sure help. It'll be fun giving that little thing a shower."

Ryan lightly touched Carole's back and told the two officers, "well, c'mon, then. Let's get this show on the road." Carole walked ahead of the sergeant, wondering what was the big deal about giving her a shower, completely unaware of what the men had in mind. She turned the corner around the last row of lockers and saw a tiled opening in the wall facing the lockers. As she stepped to the opening she saw that it was an open shower with four shower heads mounted on a yellow-tiled wall. Running the length of the shower room was a low curb rising about six inches above the floor and perhaps three feet from the wall where Carole had stopped in the opening. The sergeant touched her on the shoulder, "go on in, girly." As she stepped into the steamy, echoing room, Ryan turned and walked around the last row of lockers. Carole heard the sound of a locker opening, then closing, as she stood next to the tiled curb, not sure of what she was to do. The sergeant reappeared, holding what appeared to be a white rag in his hand. He pointed to the wall behind the showers and told the waiting girl, "go ahead. Step on in there." Carole stepped over the curb onto the wet shower floor and the sergeant stepped in behind her, standing at her back while he explained, "now, to make this a surprise to you, I'm going to blindfold you. It'll be more fun that way." As he opened what had appeared to me a white rag, the others could see it was really a jock strap, and a couple of them snickered as the sergeant flipped it a couple of times, causing the dick pouch to loop over the elastic waist strap. He lifted it over Carole's head and placed the folded material of the pouch over her eyes, tying the elastic strap at the back of her head. When finished, he stepped around in front of the blindfolded girl and waved his hand in front of her face. "Can you see anything?", he asked. Carole shook her head, not questioning the real purpose of the blindfold. "Good," Ryan remarked, and stepped back around behind her again, placing his hands on her shoulders. "Now, I want you to lie down on the floor on your back. I'll help you, so don't worry."

Carole was puzzled, "wh-what do you want me on the floor for?"

The burly sergeant used his stern voice, "just never you mind. Just do as I tell you."

Carole knew not to question further and did as she was told, dropping into a stooping position and placing her hands beside her as she lowered her ass to the floor then, with the sergeant's hands supporting her, laid back, feeling a little shock as her skin touched the cold, wet tile, exclaiming "ohh, it's cold!"

Ryan laughed, "yeh, I guess it is. But it'll warm up, believe me."

Carole laid there on the floor, her back slightly arched, her knees drawn up, in an attempt to touch as little of the cold tile as she could. Sarge spoke, "put your legs down and spread them wide, girl. We got to get that pussy clean, too." As Carole followed his instructions, gingerly lowering her legs, feeling the goose bumps rise from the chill, the sergeant issued more instructions. "Now, raise your arms above your head." Again Carole did as told, the position pushing her breasts upward, causing her back to arch again.

Satisfied with how he had arranged the girl, the sergeant motioned to the other men silently, motioning them into place in a row parallel to the reclining white and tan body before them, standing shoulder to shoulder in order to be within range of her body. All of them took their dicks out except the one who had stated he would like to watch, as he stood a couple of feet from the others above Carole's head. Then he raised his left hand like a starter ready to begin a race, and ordered the waiting girl, "now, open your mouth, whore. We have to clean it, too." Carole opened her mouth slightly, obedient to his commands. "Wider, slut," sarge ordered again, thinking to himself that the girl was either awfully dumb to not figure out what was coming as she opened her mouth as wide as she could. In a swift motion, Ryan dropped his hand and, aiming dead at the open mouth below him, let go a gush of hot, yellow piss powered by an over-full bladder. His aim was perfect, the yellow stream hitting direct in Carole's open mouth as the others sprayed her body simultaneously, covering her breasts, belly, spread pussy and legs with glee.

As soon as Carole tasted what went in her mouth, she quickly closed it, holding her lips tightly against the spray, causing the liquid to splash up her nose and over her face. Ryan wasn't going to let her mess up his fun, however, as he harshly ordered, "open your damn mouth, you cum-drinking, shit-licking slut or Ill beat your ass!" Frightened, Carole reopened her mouth, feeling it fill again with the smelly, salty urine, blocking it from going down her throat with her tongue. All of the pissers were laughing and joking as they pissed on the body before them, their sadistic, degrading mentalities driving their desire to give the girl the final humiliation.

All except Clyde. He had held his dick in his hand, ready to add his fluid to the others, but remembering the girl's promise to him earlier, had decided to wait. As the last drops were shaken from each dick and the others had stepped back, Clyde stepped up to the curb, telling the pee-drenched girl, "take the blindfold off, whore." Carole pushed the piss soaked jock strap off her eyes and over the top of her head, showing her disgust with the feeling of the urine on the rag. Clyde then reminded her, not wanting what he was going to do be a surprise, but wanting her to know what was coming, of her promise earlier that evening. "You remember you said you would drink my piss if I fucked you some more, bitch? Well, I wanta collect now, and you better keep your word." Carole evidently didn't remember the words she had spoken in passion, and shook her head. The other men had turned around to watch when they heard Clyde's words, and the sergeant spoke. "Yeh, I remember her saying that, Clyde. He's right, whore, you better keep your word." She looked at Deej, questioningly, and Deej added his agreement to Ryan's, "he's right, baby. You did say that. Now you have to do it." The disappointment at Deej's betrayal showed in Carole's eyes, but she said nothing.

Clyde knew she was going to do it for he knew she had no choice, so he sneered, "get on your knees facing me, white bitch. I gotta piss bad, and you're going to have a bunch to drink."

Carole reluctantly did as Clyde said, resting on her knees a couple of feet from the waiting black.

"Now, open your mouth wide, whore, and stick your tongue out. Tilt your head back some." As Carole's head tilted back, her tongue stretched out, Clyde started to piss...a wide, deep yellow stream, his long dick guiding it accurately into the open mouth, hitting the back of her throat, filling her oral cavity. "Drink it, slut! Drink it!", Clyde ordered as he saw Carole was fighting swallowing his bladder fluid. Carole swallowed noisily, gagging slightly as she let the hot liquid run down her throat. Satisfied that she had done as she promised, Clyde then directed the remainder of his urine at her face, spraying her closed eyes and hair with the smelliness. When his stream finally quit, Clyde stepped forward slightly and ordered Carole, "now, lick the last drops off my dick, you piss drinking shit face." Carole's tongue snaked out of her mouth to catch the few drops coming from the head of his dick, still shuddering at the taste in her mouth, but completely obedient.

After Clyde had stepped back from the kneeling girl, the sergeant spoke to her, "now, you can really clean up. You stink." and he laughed at his joke. The men left the shower room laughing and joking, reliving the fun they had just had. It was a first for Deej. Carole had drank his piss before and he knew what a golden shower was, but participating in one was something completely new. He enjoyed humiliating Carole, and the golden shower to him was the ultimate humiliation.

The three men went into the room where the party had been held while Carole showered, laughing and reminiscing about the night's events. Ryan stopped at the desk and opened a top drawer, withdrawing a stack of Polaroid photos. Turning to Deej, he said, "you're all right, kid. Looked like you enjoyed the night about as much as we did. Here's something to help you remember our fun tonight." The sergeant began to flip through the photos, glancing at his handiwork and selecting a few, which he threw on the desk. After he had gone through the twenty or more photos, he scooped up the ones on the desk and held them out to Deej. "Take these here. You can show them to your little girlfriend some day. Or maybe you'll want to show them to your friends."

Deej took the photos and began to thumb through them. There was one of Carole sucking Clyde's big dick, and another one of him fucking her in the ass, as well as an assortment of photos taken before Deej was invited into the room. One photo showed Carole undressing in front of several officers and another showed her on the desk with one man fucking her while she sucked another's dick. "It was better than looking at a Penthouse magazine", Deej thought. Looking at the photos, Deej realized that he had a permanent hold on the pretty girl and could use them to blackmail her into anything he wanted. She would die if her family ever saw the photos, particularly the ones with her and the janitor. He decided he'd keep them from her until the day might come where he could use their persuasive power, so he stuck them in his shirt pocket.

Sgt. Ryan sat back on the desk, his massive arms supporting his upper body, as he commented, "that girl of your's has got to be the best damn bitch we've had here. I never thought someone her age would get into fucking and sucking like she did."

Deej questioned, "you mean, you've done this before?"

Clyde laughed, "kid, if you only knew."

Sarge nodded, "hell, kid, we do this at least once a month. You'd be surprised how many kids we find in those lovers' lanes." Then he added, remembering past parties, "and we've never had one refuse to party with us yet. They're usually too scared to not show up. Hell, we even caught two couples one time and had both girls in here together. They were more difficult than your girl, but we ended up making the two of them eat each other's pussy. That was a fun night, wasn't it, Clyde?"

Clyde grinned that gold tooth grin and vigorously nodded his head, "sure was, sarge. We oughta have them back up here."

Deej expressed his envy, "damn! I would have loved to see that!"

Carole came back into the room, her hair still wet from the shower, the curls plastered to her head. No matter how many times Deej saw her naked, he still felt a twinge in his loins with each new vision of her lovely body. Her nipples were erect from the chill she must have got when stepping out of the shower into the air conditioning and her firm skin glowed from the toweling she had given her body. The normally blond cunt hairs were dark with dampness, accentuated by the surrounding white skin. All of the men watched her as she crossed the room and spoke to Deej. "Do you have a comb I can use, Deej?" Deej nodded, fishing his comb out of his back pocket and handing it to her. Carole began to comb her hair, her upraised arms raising her breasts, causing the flesh to jiggle as she combed her curls, enhancing the flowing lines of her body, from the curvy hips to her small, waspish waist.

Clyde broke the silence with "Whew! Girl, you better get some clothes on before you get my dong hard again."

Ryan echoed the black's observation. "Yeh, I think ol' Clyde's right. We'll be spending the rest of the night here if you don't cover up that body." Carole smiled at the compliments, pleased that her body had such an effect on them as she bent over the chair where her clothes laid and began to put them on. Even the sight of her dressing was arousing to the men as they intently watched her, their eyes studying every inch of her body.

After she was dressed, the sergeant led them back downstairs to the lobby, telling Deej as they descended the stairs, "we'll have to do this again some day, kid. We always do it on a Saturday, so you check with me and we'll have another party with that cute little whore of your's."

Deej assured him he would bring Carole back, causing her to give him a surprised look, but saying nothing.

As they got in the car, Deej noticed it was only 9:30, thinking it was much later. He said to Carole, "we still have over an hour before I have to get you home. Want to drive around town for awhile?" She nodded, sliding over in the seat next to him and pulling his right arm over her shoulders. As was his habit when they were driving around, Deej slipped his hand inside her top and bra and cupped a breast, fondling it as they drove. He wanted to see how Carole felt about the night's events, so he asked, "how did you feel about having sex with so many men, hon?"

She was quiet a moment, then replied, "well, it was okay. It would have been better if some of them hadn't been so rough."

Deej pressed for details, "other than that, then, you liked it?" He saw her nod out of the corner of his eye and pressed further, "what part did you like the best?"

Carole hesitated, then answered, "when I was doing it with you."

She knew when to play it safe, Deej thought, but she gave him an opening. "Yeh, but when we were doing it, there were three of us doing it to you. Did you like that part of it?"

She nodded again, then gave voice to her answer, "mm, hmm. It felt good. I really got excited."

Deej brought up the part he had been wanting to ask, pleased that she had inadvertently given him the opportunity, "oh, then you liked being fucked by a nigger, huh?" He gave her breast a squeeze and smiled at her to let her know he wasn't being critical.

Carole seemed relieved that Deej didn't seem to mind that she had done it with a black and answered truthfully. "Well, yes-s, I did. It wasn't like I thought it would be. I mean, I thought it would be worse, like he would rape me or something."

Deej laughed, further disarming her, "yeh, you liked his big dick, didn't you?"

Carole shot back, "well, it WAS pretty big. Felt good inside of me."

"Inside of you where?", Deej queried, "in your pussy, mouth, or ass?" He was pleased that Carole was willing to talk about it so bluntly as she answered.

"Well-l, in here the most" and she pointed between her legs, "but I liked sucking it, too."

It tickled Deej that she couldn't say pussy' or ass', and he laughed. "You mean you liked that big black dick in your pussy, huh? Say pussy', baby. It won't hurt you," and he laughed again.

Carole said the word, "pussy", and giggled, embarassed by hearing her voice say the word. "So you liked sucking it, too? You mean you didn't like it in your ass?"

Carole shook her head emphatically, "no, no. It hurt too much. It was okay after awhile, but it really hurt me at first and he wouldn't stop."

"That was only because he was so big, baby. It didn't hurt when anyone else did it in your ass, did it?"

She shook her head, but added, "it made me feel like I had to go to the bathroom, though," and she giggled again at the admission.

"Ah, you'll get over that, you'll see. Men like to screw women in the butt, so you need to learn to like it, too." Thinking of the way she had appeared to enjoy sucking dicks that night, Deej felt he had to let her know how proud he was of her. "I saw that you were enjoying taking dicks in your mouth and drinking cum. That made me so proud of you. I'm glad to see that you really like that."

Carole beamed at his words, "well, I didn't care much for it when we did it the first time, but I really love it now. I love the taste of it and how it feels going down my throat." She smacked her lips to emphasize her words, smiling.

Deej squeezed her to him, "makes me love you more than ever, baby." His simple words made Carole ecstatic as she nestled under his arm, her hand on his thigh.

Deej hugged her tightly to him. "That's what I like, a girl who will do anything and loves it. You will do anything I tell you to do, won't you, baby?"

Carole raised up slightly, "you know I'll do anything you want, honey. I love pleasing you, and it doesn't matter what it is, I'll do it."

Deej questioned, "anything? Even like you told Clyde you'd do?"

Carole rubbed his thigh, "even more, Deej. I mean it. . .there's nothing I wouldn't do for you."

Deej patted her ass, thinking of all he would have her do, feeling the rush of power surging through him with the knowledge the beautiful girl was completely his. . .his possession.

The End

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