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General Hospital


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by Clark St. John

It had to happen, and one Saturday night when they were in the back seat of his car parked on a deserted dirt road outside of town, it did. As had been the practice for the past few weeks, Deej was sitting in the back seat, still clothed, with Carole completely undressed, lying on her stomach across the seat giving him a blow job. They had the car radio playing loudly, and Deej was leaning back against the seat with his eyes closed while Carole worked on his dick with her mouth. Suddenly, Deej felt a flash of light hit his eyes, and, turning his head, he opened his eyes, wincing from the bright light coming through the open window. Carole had immediately sat up next to him, one hand over her breasts and the over shielding her eyes. The bright light focused on her, moving from one end of her body to the other and back.

An authoritative voice asked the obvious, "What are you kids doing here?"

Deej could make out a uniform behind the large flashlight as he squinted to see who was asking. He stuttered, "N-n-nothing, sir. We're not doing anything." Deej knew the minute the words had left his mouth that the lie was so obvious and it was useless to try to cover up. There he was, sitting with his dick hanging out of his pants, and a naked girl beside him. Also, there was no telling how long the man behind the flashlight had been standing at the window. But Deej could say no more, merely working to put his dick back in his pants while the light was still focused on Carole. He turned his head toward the rear window of the car and could see another car behind his and slightly to the right without the headlights on. He could make out the "bubble gum machine" on top of the car and finally knew for sure that it was the police.

The light turned to Deej and the voice with authority spoke again. "Okay, son, get out of the car". When Carole made a move to bend over and pick up her clothing from the floor, the voice spoke again. "No, girly. You stay put just as you are". We'll talk to you later".

His words told Deej that there must have been at least one other officer, but Deej couldn't see anyone else. "Must be in the police car", Deej thought, as he pushed himself out of the rear seat, trembling with apprehension, fearful of what was going to happen. The officer held the door open for him as Deej nearly stumbled getting out of the car.

As Deej stood, the headlights of the police car came on, then the officer spoke, "Give me your driver's license, kid", as he shined the light on Deej's face. Deej nervously did as the officer ordered, shakingly fishing the license out of his billfold, wondering what was going to happen. Then the officer turned and stepped toward the police car, speaking over his shoulder, "Come over here, kid". The cop walked to the police car and reached the hand with the license inside, "here's the boy's license, sarge. The girl doesn't look old enough to drive, so I didn't even bother asking". The officer in the car said something that Deej couldn't understand, and the officer standing next to the car replied, "about fifteen or sixteen, I'd say". The unseen officer said something else and the first officer answered, "yeh, very pretty, and built, too". Then he added, "she's completely naked. Not a stitch". Again the voice from inside spoke, and Deej could make out the word "get", but nothing else. The officer turned to him and said "you stay here, kid. Don't move", and walked to the Deej's car. He opened the car door and leaned in, saying something to Carole, then straightened up, holding the aging car's door open. Deej saw Carole's bare leg stick out the door followed by her upper body, her hand reaching out to grasp something to help pull herself out of the rear seat. The officer took her arm and helped her exit the car and as she stood, Deej saw that she was still naked, but had her clothes held in one arm against her chest.

The officer beside her spoke, "leave those clothes here, girl, until I tell you that you can have them". Carole did as she was told, dropping the clothes back into the car, briefly leaving her breasts exposed, then quickly covering them with an arm folded across her chest while her other hand attempted to cover her pussy, looking something like the statue of Venus, her head cast down with her chin resting on her chest in an effort to hide her face. The officer reached out and lifted her chin, directing, "look up, girl. No sense in hiding that pretty face". His remark brought a nervous smile to her face as she looked at the officer. Then he pulled her hand away from her chest, exposing her glorious breasts, and added, "and I've already seen your body, so no use in trying to hide it now". Carole left the other hand covering her genital area and that brought an order from the cop beside her, "just put both hands at your side, girl. Don't be so difficult". Again, Carole did as told, dropping both arms to her sides, standing like a statue, the whiteness of her breasts and belly accentuated by the headlights of the police car and full moon overhead.

The officer took Carole by the arm and guided her to the passenger side of the cop car, standing her about three feet back from the door, facing the officer Deej still had not seen. That officer asked Carole something and she meekly replied "Carole. Carole Ann". Another question, and her soft-spoken answer floated across the car to Deej, "I'm fourteen, sir". Then something else was said and Carole gave another short answer "Yes, sir". Deej didn't know what she was saying "yes" to because he still couldn't hear the officer inside the car.

Finally, the passenger side of the police car opened and a burly officer with a beer belly about the age of Carole's father got out and stood in front of Carole. He took her by the arm and led her to the front of the car where the headlights completely illuminated Carole's sexy body. From his silence and the brazen stares at Carole's body, his desire for the nubile teenager in front of him was conspicuous. He reached out and touched one of Carole's breasts, giving it a squeeze before she pulled away. The officer didn't say anything about her movement but asked, "You say your name is Carole? What's your last name, Carole?"

Carole stuttered a little "R-R-Roth, sir".

The officer was surprised "Roth, you say? Are you Walter Roth's daughter? The one who owns Atlantic Printing?" Carole nodded affirmatively. The officer, apparently a sergeant, voiced his surprise again, "I'll be darned. I know your daddy real well, little girl. Knew he had kids, but didn't know they looked like you". Then he added, "You sure don't look like that big German. Must take after your mother. Now, tell me, what do you think he would say if he knew what you were doing out here tonight?"

The fear in Carole's eyes was instant at the sergeant's last question. Her mouth dropped and she began to plead, "Oh, no, no! Please, please don't tell my daddy. Please!!" Not giving the sarge time to say anything and with tears coming to her eyes, Carole kept begging, "I won't do it again, I swear it! Daddy would be so mad at me if he found out! Please don't tell him". Tears began to run down her cheeks and Carole was visibly shaking with the fear that the police man was going to tell her father.

The sergeant reached out and took her by the shoulders, squeezing her, "stop your crying now, young lady. I didn't SAY I was going to tell him. I only asked what your daddy would say". Those words appeared to give Carole some comfort, as her tears slowed and her trembling stopped. He removed his hands from her shoulders and placed one under her chin, cupping it fatherly. "Come on now, come on. Everything will be okay. Pull yourself together. You're too pretty a girl to be crying over something that may not happen. Whether it does or not is up to you".

Carole was puzzled by that remark, "W-what do you mean, sir?"

The cop smiled, "Well, it's up to you whether your daddy finds out or not. You can cooperate with us and nothing will be said, or you can be difficult and we'll just have to make a report to your daddy".

Carole wasn't sure, in her naive mind, what the officer meant by "cooperate", so she questioned, "Cooperate? I'll cooperate, sir. I won't be difficult. See? I'll answer any questions truthfully", she sniffled.

The officer shook his head, "Naw, I don't mean questions, miss". To demonstrate his meaning to the befuddled girl, he reached out and once again squeezed a tit with one hand and pulled her to him with the other hand around her waist, slipping it to her ass as he explained in clear terms, "By cooperation I mean you do the same for us that you were doing for your boyfriend". As Carole gingerly tried to pull back from him uselessly, the officer, put it bluntly, "I want a blow job from you or your daddy finds out everything". Remembering the other officer, he added "and you do whatever my partner wants, too.

With that, Carole ceased her meek struggling, and the tears began to well up in her blue eyes again with the understanding of what the man wanted. It wouldn't have bothered her if the man wasn't the age of her father and if it was something that Deej wanted, but the knowledge that there was no way out of her predicament but to do as the policeman wanted made her feel so helpless. She looked to Deej for advice, for some sign, but the officer pulled her head back to face him with the warning, "don't look at your boyfriend. He can't get you out of this. You're the only one who can keep your daddy from finding out". Then he sealed Carole's fate, "Besides, your boyfriend has troubles of his own. You're an under-age girl and he was having sex with you. That's against the law and I'll make sure he goes to jail if you don't do as you're told!" That did it for Carole. Her jaw dropped when she heard that Deej could go to jail. More than anything else, she didn't want anything to happen to him. The sergeant was getting impatient, and, dropping his hands to his pants, unzipped and took out his near-hard dick, saying "Well, what's it going to be? We don't have all night! Either this" and he shook his dick at the helpless girl, "or your boyfriend goes to jail and we go to see your daddy".

Carole had already decided before the officer made his final threat and nodded her acquiescence.

The cop wanted to hear her say it, so he pressed "Well? What are you going to do?"

In a resigned tone of voice Carole murmured, "I'll do whatever you say. Just please don't take him to jail".

With that the cop gave a big yellow-tooth, lecherous grin and put a hand on top of each of Carole's shoulders and pushed her to her knees in front of him. He stepped closer and rubbed his hard dick across her lips while he instructed "suck it then, you little whore. And you had better suck it better than you have ever sucked a dick, if you know what's good for you". Carole let the fat dick enter her mouth and Deej could see that she was practicing all that he had taught her about sucking a dick, as she moved her head expertly up and down it's length, her cheeks working in and out as she sucked. The cop reached down with both hands and fondled her breasts while she sucked, twisting each nipple roughly. He turned to his partner and asked "what do you want her to do, Fred?"

Fred had stood silently while the sergeant had cowered the girl into obedience, hopefully watching the exchange, but now he came to life. "Mmm, I want some of the tight pussy, sarge", he exclaimed! "Lets both screw her at the same time".

The sergeant liked that idea and, lifting Carole by her tits, making her wince with the pain and his dick flop out of her mouth, he told his fellow cop, "yeh, why don't we? Open both back doors and we'll do her on the back seat". The other officer was a step ahead of his sergeant, rapidly opening one door and then going around to the other side to open the other door. The sergeant kept one hand on a tit and used it to pull Carole to the back of the car, turning her around so her back was to the seat, then roughly pushing her backwards until she fell across the seat, her legs dangling outside the car. He crawled on top of her and straddled her face, reinserting his still-hard dick back into her mouth without a word. The sergeant rested his butt on Carole's chest and put both hands behind her head, pulling her lips tight against his hairs, then proceeded to push and pull her head up and down his dick brutally, fucking Carole's mouth like it was her pussy. The other officer had quickly dropped his pants to his knees and had raised Carole's legs up in the air, resting them against the back of the sergeant, while he guided his dick to her pussy lips. He worked his dick to the hot opening between Carole's raised legs and, then, without any preliminary probing to get the girl's juices flowing, he rammed his long, skinny dick into her dry pussy, causing the defenseless girl to wince with the sudden stretching of her girl vagina. Carole couldn't cry out with the small pain because her mouth was being mercilessly fucked at the same time. It seemed that the two officers enjoyed making her feel pain as they continued to pound her mouth and cunt with hard, sudden strokes, designed to inflict as much discomfort on the hapless girl as they could.

The sergeant was the first to finish, burying Carole's face against his protruding stomach as he held her tightly to him and filled her mouth with cum, ending with a loud groan and "Jesus Christ!" he leaned back on her chest and rested a moment while his rapidly-softening dick slipped out of her mouth to her chin, coming to rest on her neck, dripping it's final life into a slippery, white pool. The sergeant reached in his back pocket and withdrew a handkerchief and began wiping his dick, not offering the still-being-pounded girl anything with which to clean her face and neck. When he finished wiping, he crawled over her face, his ass brushing her forehead, and got out of the squad car.

The younger cop took advantage of the one-on-one situation and bent Carole's knees far over her head, causing her ass to point up to the ceiling of the car. Then he began long, measured strokes of her stretched pussy, almost completely withdrawing his dick before plunging it to it's full length inside Carole. It was obvious that with each downward stroke his dick was hitting the back of her vagina with considerable force, because the immobile girl's body would jerk backwards as if trying to escape the collision of hard skin against soft tissue. In that position Carole couldn't move anything but her arms and head due to the cop's tight grip around her ankles, pinning them to the seat on each side of her tossing head. The ruthless fucking must have seemed like it lasted for an eternity to Carole, but couldn't have been for more than ten minutes, but at last, the young cop withdrew his dick and, perched above her stomach, shot a large load of milky-white cum on her body, some going as far as to her breasts, as it continued to shoot in spasmodic spurts. When he felt there was no more to come, the cop wiped his dick on her pussy hairs, giving her ass two hard smacks before releasing her legs, then backing out the open car door to pull up his pants.

Carole felt like she had been raped, although she had only been told what it was like. She felt that what she had just gone through must be like being raped. She lay there, however, awaiting more orders from the sergeant.

The sergeant had stood at the car door and watched while his partner had screwed the young piece of pussy, and a couple of times had even given words of encouragement, like "slam it to her, Fred" and "make her feel that dick, man". Now that they were finished, he turned from the girl, saying over his shoulder, you can get dressed now, pussy. That's all we want from you tonight". He stepped to Deej, who had seen all that had gone on through the driver's side window of the squad car and bragged to him, "she's got some good mouth-pussy, kid. Damn good. And she saved your ass, too. At least, you won't be going to jail for rape". Deej didn't say anything, his eyes following Carole as she went to his car to get dressed. The sergeant continued, "I'm surprised you watched. Looks like it would have really pissed you off to see some one else get that pussy and mouth." Still no reply from Deej, so the cop added, "well, that's too damn bad. You'll just have to live with it. You oughta know, tho', that I think she loved it from real men. Probably like to have some more good dick".

He was trying to get Deej's goat, but Deej wasn't falling for it and remained silent until the sarge gave up, then he asked him, "can I have my driver's license back now?"

The sergeant grinned that yellow-toothed grin again and gave Deej a snarling answer. "Not yet, kid. I'm going to hold on to it for a few days".

Deej knew he was pushing his luck, but had to ask "why? She did what you wanted".

The sergeant softened a little at that thought and, putting a heavy arm around Deej's shoulders explained, "well, she did what we wanted tonight. But that's not enough, kid. I plan to have lots more fun with that little whore. She's nothing but a young slut, and she's going to give me and my buddies a lot more than she did tonight". He squeezed Deej's shoulder hard and added, "and you don't care, do you, kid?" He squeezed harder, making Deej wince.

Deej gave him the answer he wanted. "No, sir. I don't care, sir".

The sergeant relaxed his grip and said "that's good. I'm glad we understand each other, kid. Now, I tell you Saturday I want you to bring that slut to the police station exactly at six PM. Not a minute sooner or a minute later. You got that?" He waited for Deej's nod, then continued, "when you go in the front door, you'll see a counter with a police officer behind it. You tell him that you're there to see Sgt. Ryan about your driver's license. He'll take care of the rest". To make his point indelible in Deej's mind, he asked "Now, you better show up, and that little bitch better be with you and ready to fuck, or I'll bury you in that jail. Do you understand?" Deej didn't answer fast enough and got another hard squeeze of his shoulder. "DO you understand?", the cop repeated, sending Deej to his knees with the pain.

Deej gasped, "yes, sir, yes. I understand".

The cop released him and after Deej got back to his feet, the cop told him "now, if that cum-drinking bitch does as she is told next Saturday and does it good, then I'll give you back your driver's license".

Deej carefully asked, "what do I do if I get stopped for a ticket?"

The sarge chuckled, "well, you better not get stopped, is all I can say. You better drive careful". Then he ended the talk with "now, get the hell out of here, and tell that bitch what I expect of her. You hear?"

Deej nodded as he quickly turned and went to his car, in a hurry to get as far away as possible. As he drove away from the area, Deej told Carole what the sergeant had said, making sure she understood what the sergeant wanted of her.

Carole cried softly as Deej told her the details, and whined "why can't we just not go there next Saturday? Just don't do what he wants?"

Deej became a little exasperated with the sobbing girl, and answered her gruffly "because he has my driver's license and he'll be able to find us. I could go to jail and he would tell your dad what we were doing. That's why." Carole's sobbing got louder and Deej attempted to quiet her. "No sense in crying about it, honey. I don't see where we have any choice but to do what he says. Besides, you let them screw you tonight, so what would be the difference?"

Carole's crying slowed and she complained, "but they were rough with me, and it hurt. I only let them because I didn't want you to go to jail and I don't want my daddy to find out".

Deej pulled her over against him, trying to comfort her. "Well, maybe they won't be as rough the next time, baby. They were probably just being rough to teach you a lesson. Didn't you enjoy it any at all?" Deej's obsession with the sexual side of what had happened took over his mind and he began to want the lurid details, getting turned on by what he had witnessed, despite the scare he had received. Carole hesitated with her answer, not sure how Deej would take anything she said. Deej pressed for an answer while disarming her fears, "it's okay if you enjoyed it, honey. Fact is, I would prefer it if you did enjoy it some, rather than just suffering through it. I know how much you like it when we do it, so it would be okay if you liked it with others".

His words of assurance let Carole feel she could tell him the truth, so she answered, "well, I liked it some. I liked the young policeman best. That sergeant was too rough, but the other one made me climax".

Deej pushed for more details, "I could see that the sergeant was being rough with you, squeezing your nipples and all, but did you like his dick in your mouth? How did you like his cum? I know you had to swallow it, but did you like it?"

Carole didn't seem to mind his questions making her relive the sex with the two officers, the remembrance beginning to make her pussy juices flow. "Well, I did like the feeling of having two in me at once. And his dick tasted pretty good. Not as good as your's, but I did like the feel of it in my mouth. I couldn't really taste his cum that much, but I remember it was a little salty".

Deej was getting a hard on and was wanting to finish what he had Carole doing when the cops showed up. He had been driving towards the beach as they talked, which was only about three miles from the deserted road where they had been parked. Deej turned left on Atlantic when he reached the beach and headed for the deserted part of Ft. Lauderdale's lengthy beach, north of the many hotels and homes located between Sunrise and Las Olas. When he spotted a place where a trail ran between the palmetto bushes and sea oats off of the highway, Deej pulled off the road and carefully wound his way on the trail, hearing the bushes scrape against his car as he made his way to a small clearing hidden from the traffic on the highway. As soon as he had turned off the car, Deej began to remove Carole's clothing, tossing each piece in the back seat as it was removed. When he had stripped her, without a word or permission, Deej grasped her legs and pulled her further down in the seat until her head was resting in about the middle of the seat back. He then straddled her legs and took his dick out of his pants and placed it on her lips. Carole's mouth opened and Deej began to fuck her mouth, his hands grasping the seat back as he forcefully moved his hips back and forth, driving his completely hard dick to it's limit into her mouth with every forward stroke.

While Deej fucked her mouth, Carole had spread her legs and was finger-fucking herself, her body now aching for more sex after Deej caused her to think about the night's events. She felt herself cum in wave after wave while she thought of the pleasure she had experienced along with the pain earlier that night. With Deej fucking her mouth and her fingers working on her pussy, it was almost a repeat performance. Almost...but not quite, and suddenly, she began to wish for a repeat performance, forgetting the rough treatment she had received. Deej shot his load in her mouth and, while she continued to finger herself, she used her now-expert tongue to wipe all traces of cum off of his dick.

Deej sat down beside Carole and grinned at the little girl working feverishly with her fingers, then he volunteered, "hey, baby, want my help?"

Carole only nodded, moving her sticky fingers to her mouth and spreading her legs even wider, beseeching Deej's fingers to enter her throbbing pussy. Deej hadn't taught Carole to lick and suck her fingers after fingering herself and it really took him by surprise that she would do it without him ordering her to do such a thing. But, it pleased him to no end to see that the once-innocent girl was becoming a real slut, and she was enjoying it immensely. Before Deej could stick his fingers in her pussy, delayed by his enthralled watching of her actions, Carole had placed the fingers of her other hand in her pussy and was obviously trying to coat them with her flowing pussy juices. Once her fingers were covered with her juice, she quickly put them in her mouth, sucking each finger like she was sampling a delicacy, smacking her lips noisily. Deej got into her act, and began fingering her hot hole, first inserting his middle finger, and then his index finger, working them in an d out and around, loosening her tight pussy with each stroke. Then he managed to get his ring finger in her along with the other two fingers and began to fist fuck her pussy, slamming his knuckles against her pubic bone with each stroke, his thumb hitting her clit first. Deej pounded her pussy with hand faster and faster, delighting in the way Carole began to squirm on the car seat, moaning and clawing at the seat, feverishly sucking on her fingers, squeezing her breasts so hard that it had to hurt. Deej had never seen her like this and was wondering what had made this cunt so hot. Whatever it was, he knew he had to find out for future reference. His three fingers were dripping with her vaginal fluids, so Deej removed his fingers from her pussy and quickly moved them to her lips. Carole instantly drew his fingers into her mouth and began to suck on them while she returned her fingers to her pussy and began to finger her clit rapidly, almost in a frenzy. It was just seconds until she arched her back and let out a small scream, her legs shaking convulsively, her eyes rolling backwards in her head.

"Whew!", Deej thought, "this bitch really had a climax! Better than any he had given her before." After Carole had recovered, Deej asked what he was dying to know. "What in the world brought that on, baby? I've never seen you so hot."

Carole grinned her little-girl grin, "I'm not sure, but I think it was because we were talking about what happened tonight and now that it's over, it got me excited to think about it. All I know is that I wanted a dick in my mouth and one in my pussy again." Thinking of how she had used the p-word, Carole suddenly regained her modesty and looked downward demurely. "I mean, I mean...inside of me".

Deej laughed and hugged her. "That's okay, sexy. You don't have to be embarrassed around me about using those words. It IS your pussy, and you should call a spade a spade. From what you're saying, it sounds like you're all for going to the police station Saturday. Are you okay with it now?"

Carole nodded affirmatively, "I feel better about it now. I'm still a little nervous about it, but like you said, we really don't have any choice. How do you feel, about it, honey? Do you mind me doing it with them again?" Carole looked at him for reassurance, still not sure how Deej felt about her having sex with others.

"I'm okay with it, babe. I love you even more for being willing to do it to keep me from going to jail. It doesn't mean anything to me that they have sex with you, because I have your love, and all they'll get is your body." That was what Carole needed to hear and she put her arms around him, squeezing him tightly to her as she put her head on his shoulder. "Oh, Deej, I love you so-o-o much. I don't know what I would do without you. I'm so happy to be your girl."

The End

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