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General Hospital

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Michelle was shown into the examining room and told to disrobe. She was handed a skimpy hospital type gown and was told the doctor would be with her shortly. As she sat on the table, waiting impatiently, her gown barely covered her. Then she heard the door open. In walked her doctor, a tall man, in his 40's, with dark hair and a splash of grey. She knew he worked out as he was in very good shape, for what she could see under his white coat. he was not alone, however, as another man came in with him. He introduced the other man as one of the interns at the hospital. He was there to observe and "learn".

First, they would examin her breasts. The gown was untied in the back and lowered in the front. She felt very exposed and a little uncomfortable in front of the young, but, very handsome intern. The doctor explained the procedure as he placed his right hand on Michelle's back to help her arch it. His left hand, very gently, cupped her left breast, and lifted it ever so slightly. He gently bounced her tit in his hand as he explained that he needed to check the firmness. He told the intern to do the same from the other side. Michelle sat there as she was fondled by both doctors. The the doctor took her very hard nipple between his thumb and index finger and instructed the intern to do the same. He said it was to check her sensitivity and nerve responses. He firmly took the nipple and tugged and slightly twisted it. It hurt Michelle a little, but, she actually liked what the men were doing to her. She could feel her pussy getting wet and squirmed a bit on the table. Then the doctor surprised her by taking the nipple between his lips and had the intern do the same. This, he said, was to check the texture and taste. As both men suckled her tits, Michelle felt the doctors hand slide up under her gown. She could feel his finger probing her cunt. The intern was so enthralled with his "oral" examination of her breast, that he didn't notice what the doctor was up to. Michelle's breath became very heavy and she tried to conceal her pleasure as the doctor inserted a second finger. She was very wet and he had no problem with the "insertion".

He then laid Michelle down on the table and place her feet into the stirrups. He instructed the young intern to continue with his breast exam as he began the internal exam. Michelle had never had an exam like this before and was loving it. She moaned slightly, and the intern lifted his head to see what was going on. He finally caught on and smiled as he unzipped his pants. Michelle immediately saw that the young doctor's cock was responding to the treatment and was very hard. As the intern went back to his breast exam, and, the doctor continued with his three finger internal exam, Michelle's right hand found the instrument she had been longing for. She gently began to stroke the interns cock, making him moan as she did. She could also see that her doctor had his cock out and was stroking it with his free hand as his other hand was working it's magic on her pussy. His finger pumped her faster as his thumb was massaging her engorged clit. No lubrication was necessary for this internal exam, as Michelle provided all that was needed.

The intern now shifted around so his cock was right next to Michelle's head. The precum fluid was leaking as she took him into her mouth and enulfed him in one motion. He gasped as his cock was buried deep in her throat. She had not had such a big cock in over two years and wasn't sure she could handle his length, but, like the pro she was, she took him to the root easily. He began to move his hips and fuck his cock in and out of her mouth in long slow strokes."Take my fucking cock down your throat", he said to her. Every time he slid it in, Michelle was sure she would gag, but she didn't. Her saliva was coating his cock as she massaged his bloated balls while he continued to fuck her face as she lay there. She loved the taste, the feel, the warmth of his rock hard cock. "Fuck my face", she cried. "Faster, deeper, that's it. Come on, baby, make me gag".

Meanwhile, the doctor had begun to eat her pussy while he continued to finger fuck her. He sucked her clit into his mouth as his fingers slid in and out. This drove her absolutely crazy, and she screamed at him to eat her. She lifted her hips off the table to meet his thrusting tongue. Then, his tongue would gently fick her clit rapidly. He alternated these techniques until he could feel her orgasm approaching. Then he removed his fingers and slid his tongue as far up her cunt as it would go. When he did this, she exploded. "I'm cumming" she screamed.OOH, don't stop, don't ever stop" She came all over her face and her juices were racing to his open mouth. She had not experienced such an orgasm in a long time. Her entire body quaked and shook as she came over and over. It was like she was out of control and couldn't stop cumming. The doctor sucked on her clit once more and she came again. Well, this was as much as the young intern could take. Watching her explode made his own approaching orgasm go over the edge. He told her, "Get ready, bitch. Get ready to swallow my load. I'm getting close, oh, so close. Here it cums. Open wide" He fired blast after blast of HOT, WHITE, SYRUPY cum down Michelle's throat. She swallowed some, and, some she let oooz back out of her mouth to coat the intern's cock. Then she swallowed his shaft again capturing the cum that had escaped from her mouth. She licked up one side and down the other to make sure she got every delicious drop. Then, as a bonus, she swallowed his cock one more time and held it in the back of her throat. He was totally spent and sat down in the chair in the corner. he was lazily stroking his semi hard cock as he watched the doctor turn Michelle over on her hands and knees. He lifted the gown and told her to arch her back and stick her ass up in the air. He then stepped up onto the foot stool at the end of the table and impaled Michelle with his huge cock. He was about the same length as the intern, but, twice as thick. She thought he would split her open as he roughly slammed into her. She gasped as he repeatedly, with force, fucked her pussy from behind. "Fuck me, you bastard. Ram it in me...harder...deeper...come on, you can do it harder than that". He pounded into her with such force that she thought he would knock her off the table. His hands, however, had grabbed her hips, and, with each thrust, he would pull her ass back to meet him. With each thrust, he touched her G spot, deep in the depths of her pussy. Over and over and over again he pounded her. He gently took his thumb and slid it into her asshole as he fucked her. He imbedded his thumb all the way in and just held it there as he fucked her faster and faster. "Your ass hole is so tight", he told her. I can't wait to slide my big cock up your tiny little ass".

Michelle turned her head to see what the intern was doing and saw him still sitting in the chair and stroking his, once again, hard cock. He was stroking it faster and faster, matching the doctor's thrusts. She felt another orgasm cumming as the doctor continued his brutal assult on her hot, wet cunt. Then she heard her doctor groan, "I'm cumming", and, with one final thrust, he slammed into her as his hot cum coated the insides of her cunt. One blast then two, then three. He must have unloaded a months worth of cum in her pussy as she could feel it leaking out the sides around his cock. Then she heard the intern moan as she saw his cock shoot cum straight up into the air and all over his white coat and hand. He stood and brought his dripping cock over to michelle so she could clean him up with her mouth. AS she licked the cum off his hand and then his cock, she felt the intern shudder. The tip of his cock was very sensitive now, so, she flicked her tongue at it to tease him. As the doctor withdrew his spent cock, he also came around to Michelle's head so she could taste the mixture of his cum and her cunt juice. She was surprised at how good the combination tasted and greedily lapped up the fluids. Then she tried to take the thick cock into her throat but it was to big.

As both men put their cocks away. Michelle turned over and sat up on the table. She was a mess as she had cum all over her face and cum dripping from her pussy. The doctor took his finger and slid it into her sloppy cunt and told her that he was pronouncing her very health and in great shape. He did say that he wanted to keep a close eye on her and told her to make an appointment in two weeks for a follow up visit. He promised to have another intern with him, but, this intern's was Susan.


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