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A Hot Summer Night

Gang Bang Sex

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Here's the set up...

You had just left the mall and a van pulls up, the side door slides open, and 5 men pull you inside. They drive around for 2 hours and fuck you every way you can think of. When they are finished with you, they stop the van and push you out. You have no idea where you are and you are totally naked. What happens next is written below... the van speeds away with your clothes, you look around and see you are in the "bad" part of town, in the middle of the projects, surrounded by six young black men. They are smiling as they form a circle around you. Then, they move in and are all so close to you that you can feel their hot, heavy breathing on your cool skin. As you try, in vain, to cover your breasts and pussy, you feel twelve hands running up and down your body. Fingers are prying into every nook and cranny of your very well used body. You try to bolt through the circle of men, but they grab you and keep you there. One is kissing you hard and shoving his tongue down your throat; others are squeezing your tits and pinching your very erect nipples, another has two fingers up your pussy, finger fucking you hard, and yet another has two finger deep in your ass. The others all have their huge ebony cocks out and are stroking them furiously.

For fear of being seen, one man leans down and throws you over his shoulder as the men all head for an abandoned warehouse next to the projects. As they enter, there is one dim light and you can see that this is their party hang out. There is an old dirty mattress on the floor, beer and liquor bottles every where. The man puts you down on the mattress and makes you kneel down. All 6 men now surround you again and all have their cocks out, and, sufficiently hard. One after another they force their mammoth tools into your mouth and throat. You have never been able to deep throat even an average size cock before, but, now, you have no choice. The men take turns sliding their cocks all the way back to your tonsils, and, with each one you gag. Their is saliva everywhere and drips from each cock. One man, probably one of the younger and less experienced of the group, has his cock in your throat and just can't hold back. He let's go with a tremendous load of hot cum, right in the back of your throat. Although you feel like gagging again, you swallow it all and notice that the taste was rather sweet. Somewhere in the depths of your mind, you have given up and have decided just to go with the moment.

As you wipe the residual cum from your face, you lay back on the filthy mattress and yell at the motherfuckers to come on and give it to you. Immediately, one man is between your legs and forces his huge cock inside you. You look up and see 3 hard cocks surrounding your head. You suck one deep into your mouth, then another, and then another. The cock in your cunt is pounding you into the mattress. One of the men near your head announces his orgasm and sprays cum all over your face and in your mouth. Then, a second shot of cum, and, a third. Your face is covered with cum and your mouth is filled. Then the man in your pussy launches his hot load deep in your cunt. Now, you've decided to take control and show these young punks what sex is all about. You order one of the other black studs to lay down. He is totally naked and you can see his tight muscles ripple in the dim light. You turn around into a 69 position and squat over his face. You squeeze your tight cunt muscles and push out the load of cum that still resides in your pussy. As the man laps at the folds of your wet pussy, you look down to see the cum dripping from your pussy and onto his lips; into his mouth. His tongue is so far up your cunt it feels like a hard, short cock. You lean forward and take this mans cock deep in your throat and start to suck him like a starved animal. As you move your head up and down at a feverish pace, your right hand strokes his cock in unison with your mouth. The man is licking your pussy so good and you cum, releasing a combination of your juices and the other mans remaining cum. Then the man slides his tongue into your ass, lubricating it for what is to come. As his tongue reams your tight ass hole, still a little sore from the previous fucking in the van, you suck his cock faster, until he feeds you another hot load of white, sticky love juice. You greedily suck him dry.

Now, another man takes his place underneath you. Just as before you start to work his cock out. He inturn is sucking your pussy dry. Then you feel the biggest cock you have ever felt, at the small opening of your ass. This man is not as gentle as the others. he doesn't give you time to get use to his size and just impales you with his weapon. The pain is so bad that you see stars for a moment and feel like you are going to pass out. As he rides you hard, and pumps his cock deep into your ass, you get accustomed to the pain and begin to enjoy the brutal ass fucking you are receiving. So, you go back to the long, thin cock right in front of you. As you take him deep in your throat, you reach under this man and slide a finger into his ass. You match the brutal strokes you are feeling in your ass, with your finger in this guys ass. You can feel his balls tighten as you get yet another load of sweet cream down your throat. Just as this man is filling your mouth, you feel your ass being filled with hot cum. The man pulls out of your ass, and, the man laying beneath you quickly laps up the cum oozing out of your ass. Totally satiated, you are placed on your back and surrounded by the six men, ready to cum again. They are all stroking their cocks hard. Your hand travels down your body to your cunt as you shove three of your fingers up your well fucked pussy. Your other hand rubs and squeezes both of your tits. You take your hard nipples between your fingers and pinch and pull them until it hurts. Your fingers are pumping in and out of your cunt as your other hand leaves your breasts and finds it's way under your ass. Now, with three fingers in your pussy, and two up your ass, you are cumming like you have never cum before. You can't stop cumming. Just as one orgasm subsides, another builds right behind it. All this time, you are watching the six men pumping their cocks in their hands and getting ready to unload on you. You can't wait and tell them to cum for you; to cum all over you. Suddenly, you feel the first drops of hot cum on your tits; then a second on your stomach. Your hand comes up and rubs the hot liquid all over your body. Then, a cock is aimed right at your open and waiting mouth. It explodes!! You drink in all the white love juice and swallow. Then another load of cum hits your cheek and forehead, then another and another. You have never seen so much cum in your life. It is in your eyes, running down your face, in your nose, and, of course, in your mouth. Then, one by one, these cocks are shoved into your mouth so you can get every remaining drop that's dripping from these big balck cocks. You are totally covered and are satisfied beyond your wildest dreams.

Just as you start to think that this nightmare is over, you feel the men lift you to your feet. Your legs are so shaky that you can't stand up by yourself. Then, you feel handcuffs being placed around your wrists. The other end of the cuffs are attached to some low, overhead pipes. You watch as the black men gather their clothes and begin to leave the warehouse. You cry for them not to leave you there; to let you go home. They totally ignore you and you hear them saying to each other that they need to go get the rest of the gang.

As you hang there from the pipes, you are wondering how big this gang really is? How many more men will be using you as their slut? Then you smile and think to yourself that maybe a couple of your girlfriends might like to meet these guys. If you only had your cell phone...


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