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A Gang Bang Sex Story

Native Lust

by: Lacy Lust 2000
All rights reserved. No part may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any electronic means, including photocopying, recording or by any information and retrieval system, without the written permission of the author.

In all the time that I had known Laura I never knew that she was Blackfoot Indian. She was sweet and beautiful and full of life, She asked me to come visit her for a weekend on the Reservation and without her waiting for my answer I jumped and said "Yes." She was pleased and told me that I would have the time of my life and I would never forget it.

As the weekend arrived I was driving all alone to the reservation to stay with Laura, I was so happy and was enjoying the drive as my car started to putter and spit like it had a horrible cold. Pulling over to the side of the road in the middle of know where stopping and turning off the car and getting out to take a look. Opening the hood of my car and I began to wonder what in the world I was looking for. I didn't even know how to add oil to my car what would make me think I could find what was wrong. Hearing a vehicle coming from across a field not far from, where my car had broken down, watching as a red and black truck with four men in the back and two in the cab raced toward me. The excitement in me grew as I felt my stomach jump, they were being very loud and seemed to be having a lot of fun. Slowing down and pulling the truck in front of my car I watched as a little fear came over me.

As all six men got out of the truck and strutted around in front of me with beautiful smiles and long black hair and breath taking dark tans. My heart went pitter patter as they came close to me and saying sounding very cocky and happy tones "WOW, look at what we found on the side of the road." One of the men said as he walked close to me with a wild smile. Giggling at him a smile as so I thought they were playing with me.

"My car broke down. I am not sure what is wrong." I said as he just looked over my shoulder and glanced at it with a smirk on his face shaking his head yes and looking at his friends and laughed. I was beginning to get upset with him but I knew I needed to get to a phone to call Laura and let her know where I was and what was going on. Giving him a sweet smile and asked him "Could you take me to the nearest gas station so I could call a friend and get some help with my car?" He smiled and took a few steps close to me, my heart seemed like it jumped out of my chest, He was so handsome and yet he scared me.

"Sure, we will take you to get some help."He said as he turns side ways to me and extended his arm out toward the truck. Looking at him and his friends and began to walk toward the truck. I had a bad feeling come up all over my body, while one of them opened the door to the truck and offered me the front set. I got in as he fallowed me pushing his cock up against my ass, I turned and looked at him an his friend as they all laughed under their breath and jumped into the back of the truck and one taking the drivers set. I got in and slid next to the driver and the stick shift was between my legs. The other man got in and closed the door, the driver started the truck and shifted it as it went between my legs, driving off into the field heading toward the lavish forest's ahead. When he got the truck moving fast he took his hand off the gear shift and slid it up my bare leg and slid his finger up into my shorts touching my panty's. I jumped with shock and began to pull his hand away when he slowed down and brought the truck to a quick stop. Turning toward me and forced his hand up into my shorts and caressed my cunt that was now getting damp from the excitement, I turned toward him pushing on his arm and his friend grabbed my shoulder's and pressed his body against mine to hold me into place. I looked up into his eye's as he slid his finger into my panty's sliding his warm long finger into my now almost soaking cunt. It felt good as I tried to stop him but in my mind I really didn't want him to. He gave me a sly smile and kept pushing his finger in and out of me as I moved my hips allowing him to touch me even more. Suddenly he pulled his finger out with my juices all over it. He smiled at me and licked his fingers and took me by the back of the neck and stuck his tongue in my mouth giving me a long kiss as I returned it. He held my head and whispered to me "We will give you all the hot fucking your body can handle." Looking at him in shock as I wasn't the type of girl that ever would consent to this but I felt that I was out numbered and had no choice. He turned away from me and began driving toward the tree's that were just a few miles in front of us. I looked down at his crotch and seen he had a large bulge in his jeans. This excited me but I was frightened as well, looking over at his friend next to me, his faces seemed cold and looking directly toward the forest.

Turning and looking at his friends in the back of the truck when one of them with two long braids on each side of his head stuck his tongue out as if he was licking the air. Swiftly turning back around as we drove into the forest a few miles and then stopped in a clearing. They all got out, all but the driver who turned to me and kissed me hard lingering his tongue in my mouth, as he grabbed my breast. He stopped and opened the door and waited for me to get out.

Getting out and looked at his friends as one was laying a blanket down on the ground as I knew what that was intended for. Some rock music came on and they began to drink some beer and talked to each other. He grabbed me by the arm and pulled me over to the blanket and left me standing there as he went and got himself a beer. Then turned to me and told me in a direct tone of voice. "Take off all your cloths." I stood there shocked and frightened, he walked to me with his face close to mine almost with our lips touching. "If you don't do it now, I will do it for you!" He yelled as I jumped with fear as he backed away from me and waited. I began to take off my cloths slowly first my shoes and then my T-shirt removing my B cup bra and threw it at him, so he could tell that I was pissed at him. My nipples grew hard being revealed in front of six men. I began to unzip my shorts and took them off flinging them at him as well when they all began to laugh. Then I started to take off my white lace panty's when he yelled "Stop!" He walked over to me and looked at me in my dark blue eye's taking a hold of my long blonde hair and forced me to my knee's, I could see his bulge threw his jeans and he started to unzip his jeans, his cock fell out in front of my face. "Suck it!" he said as anger came over me and I knew that he was in control and I didn't want to get hurt. I felt that if I went along with all that they wanted that it would shock them and they would not harm me. I took his cock into my warm hand and began to stroke him as it grew very large. It was wide and long more then I had ever seen. I heard of black men being hung but never Indian men. I took a long lick of him as he took a drink of his beer and laid his hand on my head and ran his fingers threw my soft blonde hair. I licked and made him nice and wet, then slid him deep in my warm wet mouth as I stroked him. I felt someone come up behind me and began to rub my firm breast and pinch my nipples and then ran one of his hands down my firm stomach down into panties' and sliding his fingers deep inside my hot wet pussy. I sucked on his friend taking him deeper and deeper into my mouth while opening my legs for him to have full access to my pulsing cunt. He shoved his finger deeper in and moved his finger very fast in and out and I moaned sucking this hard nine-inch cock. Faster and deeper in my mouth an he threw down his empty beer bottle and took my head and shoved his cock deeper in my mouth almost as he was fucking my mouth. He said as he pumps my head on his cock "Oh Yea" he pumped me harder and harder and his friend pulled my panty's off and parted my legs wide as he slid his body under me and began to lick my soaking pussy moving his tongue all over my pussy and sucked my hard clitoris that made me twitch with the pleasure of it. I sucked him while moving my hips on this mans face as if I was riding a horse bare back. Sucking and stroking his hard cock as he shoved my head taking all of his nine-inch cock down my throat, he held it there as I could feel him release his hot fluids sliding down my throat. He shot so much of a load that I could not swallow all of it. Some leaked out of my mouth on my chin as he began to twitch with pleasure. My own pussy was pulsing to release my own pleasure all over this mans mouth. He sucked harder on my clit and moving his head as if he was a dog playing with a toy. This made me explode all over his face. My juices flowed and my body moved fast, I suck hard on his friend, as a loud scream with my mouth full of cock came over me. It was something I never thought I would ever want from such strangers.

He pulled his cock out of my mouth as I fell forward onto my hands as his friend still sucked and licked my sweet juices and my body still road his face and he grabbed my firm ass and pulled my ass cheeks apart and stuck his finger in my ass making me twitch and grind his face, I began to cum again as he moved his finger in and out of my ass. It was so strong that my knee's locked his head into place and screamed gripping the blanket in my hands. My teeth grinned together as my scream of lust came loader. As it began to mellow and my body relaxed releasing this man's head.

He moved out from under my body as I fell to the blanket breathing heavy with pleasure. Knowing that this was just the beginning of what was going to be a very long night or weekend.

I lay on the blanket for a brief moment when I sat up and looked over at them standing in a circle talking to each other. Keeping a low voice so I would not hear them. I may have enjoyed what was going on and this was odd for me but these men were so arousing to me that my body is begging for all that they want to give. As the one that I had just got done sucking his cock walked over to the blanket and smiled at me with a bright beautiful smile. His hair was long black, his face smooth and his eyes so dark that they looked black. He told me in a nice voice "We will not harm you, but you have to do all that you are told when you are told for the next three days understand?" I nodded my head yes to him as he reached down and slipped his long finger inside me making me shiver with pleasure of his touch. I wanted him inside of me so bad as I shoved his finger deeper inside my wet pussy. He pulled his hand away and licked my juices off his fingers.

"To make sure you understand, I want you to do something right now to prove that you do understand what our demands are." He told me being polite, I looked into his eyes and knew that he would not harm me even if I didn't, but I was up for this journey of lust and extasy. I nodded at him again and he said "Good, now masturbate, make yourself cum" I was stunned, I had never gotten myself off before so this was something I would learn to due in front of these wild strangers.

I sat with my legs under me and spread my legs wide apart as they all watched. I began too slid my finger all over my wet pulsing pussy and played with my clit that was become hard again and shoved one of my fingers inside and slid it out playing with my clit and rubbing hard it felt so good I was feeling the orgasm come and go, I moved my finger faster and faster as I fixed my eyes on him, shoving my finger deep into my wet pussy as the orgasm came on strong as I fucked my pussy hard and my body fell back wards. With hard load moans still fucking my pussy with my finger when it calmed down and I thought to myself why I had never done that before.

I sat up and looked at him when he pulled his pants off and took of his shirt to reveal his firm tan chest. His cock was hard and the tip was swollen, he grabbed my legs and pulled them over his shoulders placing my ass on his bare legs. Leaning over and bending my body he took his hard nine-inch cock and rubbed it all around my pussy then slowly slid it between my wet pussy lips as he was hurting me due to his size I could feel him pushing down hard to get himself deep within me. He grunted with pleasure as he still bared down to get himself in my tight wet pussy that has not had a dick inside for more than three years. He felt so good as he still worked his cock inside and suddenly it slipped in an his balls were right up against my ass. He pulled out and then shoved himself hard into me as I groaned with pleasure of him. He shoved faster and deep in side of me as he pulled my legs down onto his arms and with long hard thrust he shoved deeper inside of me. I arched my body almost to the point of sitting up as it hurt and he knew it and he kept pumping me harder and harder to make me scream with pleasure of him. I began to cum as I screamed so load that it scared some birds in the tree's, this he enjoyed as he pulled all the way out of me and flipped me over onto my hands and knees and shoved himself hard inside of my pulsing pussy. Taking me by the hips and pounded hard as my orgasm made me pump into him as well. I screamed and moaned as he pumped hard and then he released himself inside of me. I could feel his throbbing cock and my juices combine as it felt the best I had ever had in my life.

His thrust's slowed and pulled out of me as I fell to the blanket breathing heavy my body sweaty and still cuming I put my hands between my legs and slipped my finger inside of me to finish the orgasm, they all watched in surprise. Just then one of them walked up to me and pulled my hand away unzipping his jeans as my body begged for me. He pulled his jeans off and took me by the hands wrapping my legs around him as he laid back my body was on him, I grabbed his hard cock and placed it into my cuming pussy shoved my body down hard onto it bouncing up and down hard till his hard cock hit the back of my pussy wall. Slamming my body down harder and hard to feel him completely. He pulled me forward onto his chest and kissed him sliding my tongue in his mouth as he pulled my ass cheeks apart as one of his friends came up behind me and slid his finger in my ass. He puts some lubricant on his hand and then wiped it into my ass. I knew then what he was going to do and this was scaring me. I heard of how much this could hurt the first time. I had stopped fucking his friend and struggled with him as he buried his tongue in my mouth, his friend slide one finger in and then two this felt good and then three. My body jumped with the pressure of three then he stopped and lined up behind me and I could feel the tip of his hard cock in my virgin ass. It didn't hurt just yet and then he slid more and more in as I screamed from the pain. I struggled with them wanting him to stop and take it out as his friend wrapped his arms around me hold me on his chest and thrusted up wards driving his hard cock in my pussy, at the same time his friend shoved his dick in till his balls were right up against my pussy. I screamed as tears rolled up into my eyes, they both moved their cock's in and out at the same time I was in great pain and yet it felt wonderful. They both moved at the same pace and my ass began to calm and enjoy it. The pain slowed as the pleasure of it came over me, My body settled as they both began to pump there hard cock's in my body. This was bring on another orgasm, My body jumped and flinched with awesome pleasure, they moved faster and faster and their trust's came deeper. I could not believe the way my body was reacting to them. My ass stung but the pain was dull, They both moaned and pushed harder and harder as my fluids flowed all over his hard cock and his friend slammed his hard cock into my ass and held it their as I could feel them both release their loads with in my body. All three of us moved our body's together with the delight of the orgasm. Sweat came over my body and I felt so worn out as his friend fell on top of us and kissed my neck and felt my breast as his breath was warm and heavy as he whispered into my ear "I saw a picture of you and I couldn't wait to fuck you." My eye's widened as I pushed him off of me, he pulled his cock out and I got off his friend and stood up as my legs were shaky and felt like jello as I fell to the blanket and glared at him and his friend

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