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A Gang Bang Sex Story

Bat Girl

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Bat Girl by: Kim © 2000
All rights reserved. No part may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any electronic means, including photocopying, recording or by any information and retrieval system, without the written permission of the author.

Hi, I'm Stephanie, but my friends call me batgirl. It is kinda ironic, because most of them only know the half of it. I'm a batgirl for the Chicago Cubs. You know, I get to chase after foul balls, run up to the batter's box to get the last hitter's bat when he throws it and bring new balls out to the home plate umpire. I have a Cub's uniform and get to be on TV whenever the Cubs are playing at home. It doesn't really pay much, but the chance to be on TV and meet all the players is pay enough! Most of them are married, but there are a few single ones and I sure wouldn't mind chasing their balls.

I seem to have an affection for pitchers and catchers. My favorite pairing to watch is Alan Zinter catching for Kyle Farnsworth. You usually think of catchers as short chubby guys that guard the plate, but Alan is neither! He is a tall 6'2" & lean 200#. It's all muscle. The man is built. And he's not bad to look at either. He has this devilish grin all the time, like the cat that swallowed the canary. I always used to wonder if he would be a monster in bed. He has a long face with a little goatee and mustache. I'd love to feel it scratching my face, not to mention all the other places I'd like to feel it. He is a switch hitter, so both his upper arms are built. And his legs, they are so strong. You should see this guy do squats. It's enough to make me cream my panties. He has this thick Texan drawl and is always calling me "mam," despite him being 6 years older than I am. How he hasn't been "caught" by some beautiful chick amazes me.

Then there's Kyle. He is even taller than Alan at 6'4" and is 215#. He's a true gentleman from the Midwest, Kansas to be exact. He's such a cutie! He is younger than I am and I tend to fall for younger guys. God, I love watching him pitch. I could do it all day long. Just watching him wind up and then lift that leg up, his knee practically hitting his chin and then the lunge forward when he releases the ball. Poetry in motion doesn't even start to describe his fluidity. He has such a long narrow nose and a more heart shaped face. He, too, has a couple of day's growth on his face at all times and it is so sexy. To have either of them in my bed would make me the happiest girl on the face of the earth!!!

I'll bet you are wondering why a few select close friends also call me batgirl with a sly grin on their face. Well, the honest truth is that I can…well, let me tell you the story.

One day after a great game that the Cubs actually won I was talking with Kyle. He was really hyped, as he'd made the game winning run and struck out the last 3 batters in the top of the 9th. He musta been pretty horny because he was making lots of sexual remarks. I was always horny after a game, watching these virile men playing hard and sweating & readjusting their jocks. I figured I couldn't lose and that you only live once, so I asked Kyle if he wanted to go out for a celebratory drink after he showered and changed. He actually said "yes"!!! I couldn't believe it. I was going out with Kyle Farnsworth for a drink! We agree to meet at The Blarney Stone. I took a quick shower myself and then hurried to change into my jean shorts and tee shirt. I headed to the bar, knowing I'd get at least one drink in before Kyle was able to get there due to all the press that would be in the locker room that night and him being the hero.

I found a table towards the back so that I could see the door and ordered a beer. Surprisingly Kyle showed up before I even got halfway through it and I wasn't exactly nursing it. I was a little nervous, wondering if I was going to get stood up so I was guzzling it. Low and behold Kyle wasn't alone! He had Alan with him. I honestly didn't realize that they palled around outside of the ballpark, but how else did they get to be able to read each other so well? I shoulda figured that out. I guess Kyle must have been afraid that I was going to rape him or something, being an older woman that hit on him. I laughed at myself for think that one up. How goofy I can be at times.

The guys got their drinks and we were mobbed. It seems as if everyone recognized them even out of uniform. We got one round of drinks in before they couldn't stand it anymore. I suggested that we go to my place as it was just around the corner. I lived alone in the first floor of a brownstone. Rent was outrageous, but it was worth it to be in the neighborhood of Wrigleyville. We walked over and I let us in with my key. Luckily I had just stocked up on beer the other day when I went grocery shopping. These guys were about to find out how big of a Cubs fan I really was. My living room was wall to wall Cubs memorabilia. My bedroom was done in the same blue as the Cubs uniform. The bathroom and kitchen were in Cubs blue and white. I had a Cubs shower curtain. I really had it bad. I also had both of their autographed pictures in frames with lipstick kisses on their lips and, uhm, groin. I forgot about those, though, in my excitement. I turned on the stereo to play some cool jazz and then went to the kitchen to get some beer. The guys didn't have another game for 4 days, so they could party tonight and not suffer the next day. They still had practice, but it wasn't the same as having a game.

I started to sway to the music, twirling around and got so dizzy that I fell into Kyle's lap. He slid me down between the two of them on the couch and I started kissing Kyle. Kyle kissed me back and Alan started kissing my shoulders and the nape of my neck. I couldn't believe it! My dream was going to cum true. I openly frenched Kyle, darting my tongue into his mouth and licking his lips. I liked feeling his gruff stubble on my chin as we pulled each other closer.

Alan pulled us apart after a minute saying "Enough! My turn" and he turned me towards him.

He ravaged my mouth with his, roughly kissing me, his tongue reaching for my tonsils. He didn't hold back. Kyle reached around me, caressing my breasts, making my nipples stiffen into peaks.

I moaned and pulled back. "Want to go to the bedroom?" I asked.

As I got up Alan pulled my shirt over my head and tossed it to the floor. We tumbled onto my king size waterbed, me in the middle, and started kissing again. Kyle reclaimed my mouth and Alan started to kiss my breasts through the lace of my bra. I was pulling at Kyle's shirt, struggling to get it off of him. Kyle relented and untucked it from his pants, letting me finish unbuttoning it and shucked it onto the floor. Alan was driving me crazy, with his hand on one nipple and his mouth on the other. I had one of my hands in his short dark hair, massaging his skull with my fingers. The other hand was on Kyle's chest, searching out his nipple in the soft brownish-blond chest hair. I was moaning now, never having been done by two guys at once, let alone two Cubs!

Kyle pulled back, leaving my mouth searching for something to kiss. Kyle's head moved down to my other breast. Alan had pulled both breasts out of the constraint of the cups of my bra, and now they worked on the front clasp together, freeing my breasts completely.

"What lovely globes of flesh you have. The perfect size, just like a baseball" Kyle remarked.

They kissed, sucked and nipped on my nipples until I could stand it no more.

"AHHH! Stop!" I heard come out of my mouth. I couldn't believe it.

"Alan, get out of those clothes. You too Kyle. I want you naked, now" I demanded of them.

What the hell was I thinking? I was bossing these powerful men around? Men that could break me in two in a heartbeat, better yet, walk out on me and make me lose my dream job and the butt of a million jokes? Was I insane? Keep reading it gets better.

I slid out of my clothes and lay back down. Kyle went to the kitchen to get more to drinks out of the fridge. That left Alan and I alone. Alan stripped down to nothing and god! What a tight ass. Talk about buns of steel. I wanted to touch them, to caress those perfect cheeks. He was looking intently at my dresser, and I noticed him growing. The pictures! Oh shit, I thought. Then I remembered the third picture that was on my dresser. It was of me in a very compromising position.

Alan stopped Kyle as he walked in to show him the picture. I knew there was nothing I could do to stop them, so I just laid there with my eyes closed hoping they wouldn't run out. Kyle stripped, and his dick sprung up and slapped his stomach as he released it from his shorts. I didn't see it then, but he was as thick as a baseball bat.

"Is this real or is it trick photography?" Alan asked.

"It's real" I replied.

"No way! How?" questioned Kyle.

I figured there was nothing to lose now, so I went out on a limb, "Want to see?" I asked them.

"Hell yeah!" they said in unison.

"It's over there next to the closet. Can you get it? Bring it over here and we'll play ball," I told them.

Alan grabbed it as Kyle came back to the bed, bringing the picture with him. I was starting to get hot. I told them that I had to be really lubed up and it helped if I had cum a couple of times before I tried to replicate the picture. Alan kissed his way down to my already wet pussy and started to show me just how good that goatee feels on my swollen lips. Kyle stayed up top kissing me, fondling my breasts and capturing my moans in his mouth. I took his cock in my hand and could hardly believe what I felt! He was thicker than a can of creamed corn. I couldn't even get my hand around him. I looked down and couldn't believe my eyes. I love the feel of a stiff dick in my hand and this was heaven. I tried to milk it, but the best I could do was fondle his balls in my hand.

As Alan brought me closer Kyle moved down to suckle my breasts. I was moaning so much now; Alan had my clit between his lips, sucking strongly on it, driving me crazy. I came hard with a long shout. Alan came up and kissed me, making me taste my own juices, then positioned himself so that his dick was right over my mouth. As I sucked Alan off, Kyle worked his way down to my soaked crotch.

"Do you think you can handle it?" Kyle asked. "No girl has ever been able to, but maybe I've met my match."

I could only nod my head and moan, as my mouth was full of Alan's cock and balls. Kyle spread my legs open wide and pushed my knees back towards my chest. He took his left hand and spread my pussy lips open wide and guided his thick member to my hole with his right hand. He pushed the head in and I had to sigh.

"Mmmmmm, aaahhhh, ooohhhh, yeah" I moaned over and over.

Kyle kept slowly pushing in a little more at a time until I would gasp. Then he would give me a rest for a second, rubbing my clit, getting me wetter so he could slip more in. I couldn't believe how stretched I felt. It was incredible! It was like the picture, but I had only done that once and my girlfriend Susie had helped me, and it took us hours of cumming before I was lubed enough to take it inside. This was a throbbing shaft that continued to expand and grow as it sank deeper to my core. I felt like I was going to rip in two, but it felt sooo good. Whenever it would hurt I would suck hard on Alan's dick, and he would in turn tell Kyle to slow up. It was quite a system we had. Suddenly I felt Kyle's balls hit my ass. He was in! That whole huge throbbing slab of meat was in, filling my pussy, and it didn't hurt anymore. I was stretching to accommodate him. It was starting to feel good. Kyle slowly started to pull out and I started to give Alan a blowjob like he had never had before.

Kyle pistoned in and out of my snatch as Alan pistoned in and out of my mouth. I was getting double dicked and loving it. Alan pulled out of my mouth and asked me if I wanted it in the ass. I didn't even hesitate to give him my answer. Kyle rolled over onto his back and I impaled myself on him again, as Alan rolled a condom down on himself and put a dollop of lube on the tip to penetrate my rosebud. Kyle stopped moving buried deep inside me as Alan slowly made his way into me. I could feel my pussy contracting on Kyle's dick and my sphincter spasming, trying to relax so Alan could make his way inside.

As Alan's dickhead popped into my ass with a slurp Kyle started to move again. Kyle and Alan alternated strokes, one sliding in as the other slid out. It was constant stimulation for me and I knew I couldn't take it very long. I was moaning continuously now, leaning on my palms, rocking back and forth on each of the love wands entering me, the waterbed helping us in our dance. Kyle reached down and found my clit. As he started to rub it I started to weep, it felt so good. This got the guys out of sync and they started to enter and withdraw at the same time. I couldn't hold back anymore. I shouted that I was cumming and I could feel my pussy and ass start to spasm uncontrollably. I must have came more than 5 times in a row, over and over again. As I came I felt Alan shoot his load into my ass, as he buried himself in to the hilt and slumped over me. Kyle pumped once more and then the caressing of my climax and feeling Alan's jism shoot brought him over the edge. He erupted with a shout as well. We were all exhausted and rolled over onto the bed. Alan spooned against me and I spooned against Kyle.

After lying there for about 15 minutes Kyle and Alan asked me if I could show them my "trick" now. I told them that one would have to spread my pussy and the other would have to help guide it in. Alan offered to be the guide if Kyle would hold apart my wet lips. I lay back on the bed; legs spread wide and put the bat to my pussy. Both Alan and Kyle worked it in at the pace I set. They couldn't believe that my pussy could accommodate it. Finally it was in so far that I couldn't take it anymore.

"O.K., stop, that's enough" I told them.

They leaned over me to whisper to each other. Next thing I know Kyle has his face down in my pussy licking my clit as Alan fucks me with the baseball bat. I couldn't believe it. I was going to cum again! They made me cum 3 more times before I passed out from sheer exhaustion.

Now Kyle and I are seeing each other regularly. I think that maybe I will marry him one day. Alan joins us in the bedroom often, and we never stop discovering ways to fill me up. Isn't life a ball?

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