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A Gang Bang Sex Story

Monday Night At The Movies

Bill. 2000
All rights reserved. No part may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any electronic means, including photocopying, recording or by any information and retrieval system, without the written permission of the author.

One night while chatting on IRC, a guy messaged me and asked the usual question M or F. I told him I was M and he said I have to tell someone about what happened tonight. He proceeded to tell me about going to an adult movie theater and having a woman jack him off. My wife walked up while I was chatting with him and started to read. She got really excited and I asked her if she would like to go to the adult theater in the next town. She surprised me by saying yes. That Friday night we decided we would go. She put on a short black skirt, black bikini panties, a white pull over without a bra.

We walked into the theater and took a seat on the next to back row. There were several men there and even another couple. My wife's short skirt rode up her legs and she didn't bother to even try to pull it down. The movie was the usual fucking and sucking but there was a scene with two guys and one woman-our favorite. I started playing with her pussy and a black guy in front of us started to openly play with his dick. It must have been 12 inches long. My wife got off on watching him, but he kind of scared her, so we decided to leave and go home to fuck.

The next week-end we decided to go back. She wore the same short skirt, and top. We sat about the same spot with her showing lots of leg. There was a guy in front of us that was really getting an eyeful and enjoying the view. He dropped his arm behind the seat and let it hang there. My wife said that she thought he wanted to play with her legs but was afraid to. I told her I had to pee anyway and would be back in a few moments. When I got back, he was rubbing her leg, but stopped when he saw me. I smiled at him and he started rubbing her again, working his way up. She helped him out by scooting forward in her seat and spreading her legs. He immediately started playing with her pussy. It didn't take her long to start cumming, but he didn't stop he kept playing with her.

In the meantime, I looked around and realized that my dick wasn't the only one that was hard from watching my wife get her pussy played with. Just about every guy in the place was watching. I decided to see how turned on she was and pulled up her top to play with her tits. She just moaned a little louder and the hands on the dicks started moving faster. I thought I would cum in my pants. Finally she told the guy playing with her pussy that she couldn't take anymore and we got up to leave. I played with her ass as we walked out of the front entrance of the theater. (An exit only). There was a little "foyer" once we walked out of the theater but before we walked outside. I grabbed her and started kissing her and pulled her top back up and started sucking her nipples. All of a sudden the guy that played with her pussy came out the same exit and she stopped me and pulled her top down. He told us how much he enjoyed himself and walked on out. We walked out behind him and went home and fucked like dogs in heat.

Our third trip was the best of all. Ann bought a new outfit to wear just for this trip. A short skirt, black button up top and black high heels. She had on very lacy black bikinis and a black lace bra. She looked so hot and sexy.

When we walked in our usual row had several men sitting in it so we went on down towards the front. The seats we sat in were directly in line with the airconditioning vent and it got pretty cold. A younger guy came in and sat down a couple of seats past my wife. He started talking with us and soon I told him we were moving because it was just to cold there. We went back to our usual row and sat down. In a few moments the same guy followed us back there. After a few moments I looked over at him and he had his dick out playing with it. I told Ann to look. She said that if she did he would want her to play with it for him. I told her it was okay if she wanted to. The next time I looked, she had his dick in her hand and he was rubbing her thighs. It didn't take him long to move right on up to her pussy. They continued to play with each other and she came at least 3 times. I told her I had to pee and she said she would be okay. When I came back, Jimmy had one of her tits out of her bra and was sucking the niipple. A guy sitting behind us had his hand inside her bra playing with the other tit. I started playing with her legs and moved up to feel her pussy. It was so wet and sloshie. I couldn't wait to get her home and fuck. When we left one of the other guys that had been watching invited us to his motel room for a threesome. We were going to go, but when we saw the motel it looked kind of dirty so we passed. I can't wait to go back again.

Again, this really happened and we have gone back once more, but that is another story for another day. Hope you enjoyed it.


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